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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I got bored so I thought I would post this.

theOtaku.com: What is Your Super Smash Bros. Fighting Style?

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   Bakura background in the works
Ok nothing much happening today but a new Bakura Background I am making. It is mostly going to have a bunch of Thief Bakura Pictures but I have added the picture of Yami Bakura and the hourglass. You have not see that pic, here it is:

I'm not going to tell you everything about the background now, because I would not want to spoil the fun of surprise. XD

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

   Minor (yet annoying) YVD bug solution.
Ok, some of you have been pming me about the program not opening or it opened but won’t open again. This is just a minor bug that is in the works. It has no permanent fix to it, but you can get the program to open again.

Problem: YVD (Yu-gi-oh Virtual Desktop) won’t open.

Solution: If you have closed out of YVD in this computer session (i.e with out turning off your computer) then you can’t reopen the program with out restarting you computer. Just restart your computer and it will run again.

I really hate this bug, but there is no real fix to it so I hope that this Q&A helps you out.

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   Chibi Bakura Forever!
Yhaaay ! myOtaku.com accepted my Chibi Bakura background! It looks good, but since I had to submit it in .JPEG format, the text did not turn out as clear as this background you see here. It still looks wickedly awesome thought. Go check it out.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

   YVD (Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual DeskTop)
If you have ever tried text dueling over the internet then you know that there is lots and lots (and dare I say it) lots of typeing and the fact that someone can cheat. Well froget text duel (or real life duling) because this program is better then both. Its called YVD (Yu-Gi-Oh Virtual Desktop) and it is just like real life dueling but on the computer and over the internet.

Whats cool about this progarm is that when you duel, you can make your deck to match your real life deck, use a premade deck or if your real life deck really sucks and you don't want to use a premade one then you can make your deck from any (yes any!) of the cards in the database. When you connect to you opponent, the dueling field is looks and works just like a real field, but you can see what cards your opponent plays face up.

Not sure yet if it is worth your time? Here is all the info you need.

Basic requirements
+ Windows 95 or Higher
+ 16 mb RAM or higher
+ 100 MHz processor or higher
+ Internet connection (for online play, recommended 56 k or higher)

Current version key features (8.2 C/D)
+ Enable timestamps to the mini-chats
+ A 2nd layer encryption (to avoid cheating)
+ Autoupdate to download new sets and fix old ones when needed.
+ Mass card movements
+ Drag-able items in Deck Garage.
+ Wild Card Searching (Using %)
+ Click-able phase change
+ Create Sticky Notes
+ Tokens
+ Easy LP manipulation using trigger codes (/sub amount & /add amount)
+ Built-in calculator to deal with Life Points
+ Skin Support
+ Duel Logging capability
+ Dock able and un-dock able mini-chat
+ And more...


Once you download it and you need help learning the program, I will be happy to play a test duel with you. Or if you have already learned it, I am always looking for someone to duel.

PM me for both a test duel and a real one and we will set up a time.

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

The new episode of Yu-gi-Oh was great. The best they ever had but, NOOOO!! I just found out that my Bakura is not going to come back for another 53 episodes! (Yes, I counted them.) *Grabs Bakura* They can't do this to me! First they take Marik and now they take away my hubby!!! *Cries even more*

Anywas, we don't get to see him again untill after the KC Grand Prix. At least he has his black trenchcoat that makes him look really hott. It sucks that we have to what soooo long. And I have Pictues too! I am going to stare at these pictures forever. *sniffle* At least I still have my Bakura on this site.

Oh and for everone that is still crying about marik leaving (yes, I am upset about that too) Marik comes back shorty after Bakura does, so we get both our YGO Hotties back at the same time. YHAAA!!

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   KaibaCorp Tower myOtaku Listings.
Ok, a big reason that I have not been posting is that I have been setting up The Duel Tower website, KaibaCorp Tower. I have also start a litte affiliate program for KaibaCorp Tower and myOtaku members called "myOtaku Listings."
It is like a phone book for myOtaku Sites. How it works is you PM me or email me your Name, Site URL, and button. I will then review your site and when I see one of the KC Tower Buttons (don't worry, they are really cool) I will add your site to the listings. Once a month, I also pick two sites to be highlighted on The KC Tower front page, so it is a good way to get more hits to your diary. Here are the KC Tower Buttons. If you want to be on the listings, you can use which ever one you want as long as you link back to my site. More info about the myOtaku Listings can be found here:

KaibaCorp Tower

And please sign the KaibaCorp Tower Guest Book if you get a chance. Thanks.

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   Everythink for the week.
Ok, since I haven't posted much this week, I am going to put everthing that happend (almost everything) in one post.

"Destiny" T-shirt an Taiko update.
I haven't had time to work on my YGO t-shirt, but I found out the other day that says something very very close to the quote that I was going to use. I was going to have my shirt say "You can not escape destiny" well, obi-wan-kenobi (I have no idea how to spell his name) said to Luke Skywalker (I think it was him) "You can not escape your destiny."
Oh, well, I still like my quote and I still am going to use it. I will post the final picture for my shirt when it is done.

As for my Taiko lessons, I found out that I will have to wait a few months for there to be an opening in the class. Dang, I was look forward for it all week too.

New Background, quicker loading music
I know that I have posted about my new background, but thanks to a tip from Seto Kaiba Freak, I was able to fix the music in Windows Movie Maker so it would load faster.

New YGO Season!
The New Yu-gi-oh season starts today so don't forget to watch it. Wow, I can't believe that Battle City is over, and Marik is GONE! *Grabs Marik* NO No MARIK! PLEASE DON'T GO!! *Yami Bakura looks at Maki**Maki lets go of Marik and grabs Bakura.* At least my Bakura comes back in the next season. ^_^

I am a Rare Hunter!
About time. How would it look that Master Marik was not a Rare Hunter. Well, at last I am, so I'm happy now. :D

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Friday, September 10, 2004

   Haven't see much of me, eh?
Sorry I haven't been posting or taking a look at everyones sites. I have been very buzy with school this week and trying to get my new site, KaibaCorp Tower, up and running. I will give you the link later and posts everything that happend this week on Saterday.

So, you all like the site change? It when from fairy-like Yami to evil Chibi Bakura. I also submitted a wallpaper like this to Otaku, but I don't know if they will take it since it has chibi blood.
It may take a minute for the music to load, but when it does, it is "Surrender" by Evanescence. I thought it would go good with the background. ^^

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Monday, September 6, 2004

   “You can not escape destiny....
I don't know why I put that in the subject. It just sounded good. :P

Today I am finally going to get around designing a YGO picture to go onto the back of this black T-shirt that I have. I originally wanted to have a picture of Ra along with the Ra Chant, (you know, the one Yami Marik says to unlock Ra from that ball of light) but I couldn’t find a cool enough picture, so I am going to go with King Yami. The pic is going to look really good when it is done. It is going to have this really cool pic of Yami with the words “You can not escape destiny.” I will post the final picture for you guys tomorrow if I can get it done today.

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