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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Yu Gi Oh The Next Generation GX update - from BlackMagicianGrl
Thanks to BlackMagicianGrl for letting me post this and credit goes to Janime for the pictures.

Yugi: "This isn't the legend of a special Pharaoh. Everybody has his own story....the story complete in the light. My legend has just started."

It will be airing in Japan on Oct. 6. Anyways, I haven't found those pics yet, or the site, but here are other ones [note] I'm only going to post the ones with pictures of the character:

Yuki Juudai, Dorm: Osiris Red, Age: 15

Asuka Tenjyoin, Dorm: Obelisk Blue, Age: 15

This new academy (Duelist Yousei School) is made by..KAIBA.

Here are some other pics that you can see resemblences from (these are NOT all of the characters they have):

Summary: So Yugi DOES appear in the first episode, which was when Yuki ran into him and received Hane Kuribo from "the Legendary Duelist" Yugi. Isn't it weird how Asuka is a genius and looks like Kaiba, but isn't related? (Different last name)

See cool pics? Go to official site? Click


*NOTICE* If you plan to copy and paste this post that I have written, feel free to as long as you credit my site, and Janime.

More information can be found at Janime.

Estimated date to air in U.S.: about 2+ years

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Sunday, October 3, 2004

   The Limo Conspiracy: Part 2
Me: *sitting in passenger’s seat in Limo* Well, this is a set back.

Bakura: *leans head against steering wheel* Shut up.

Me: Five thousand years old and you never learned how to drive a car.


Me: Nether was stake sauce….

Bakura: *gets out of car* Fine you drive!

Me: Can’t. Don’t get my learners permit for another six months.

Bakura: Yes, but you are failure with these kind of things. You know what all the buttons do.

Me: *thinks for a moment* Well, I did drive my mom’s van in the desert not too long ago.

Bakura: *throws keys to Maki*

Me: *Jumps in drivers seat* YEEHAAY!!!! LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!!!

to be continued....

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Friday, October 1, 2004

   Princes of the Universe
Well, I really do listen to the request and ideas that people give me on my background and background music. Last week I was flooded with request for more music by Queen, and a member signed my guest book saying that I should have more pictures of Bakura and Marik. So that is what this theme is. Bakura and Marik looking hott in there tuxedos as smirking at you, it go so well with the music, you would think Queen wrote it for them. Well, actually, they wrote it for the Highland Movie and Series, but it fits them like a glove. I even had to make a Thief Bakura avatar to go with it!
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   The Limo Conspiracy. Part 1

Bakura: *reading magazine* Got what?

Me: *Falls onto couch next to him* The perfect plan to get the Pharaoh!

Bakura: *tosses magazine aside and listens intently* Ok spill, Maki.

Me: Ok, we got Kaiba’s Limo right?

Bakura: *nods head*

Me: Well, we take Kaiba’s limo, run over the pharoh, take the Millennium Puzzle and blame it on Kaiba!! Sure he has enough money to get bail, but he will have to go through all that legal crud and he will have a bad police record for the rest of his life!

Bakua: Kaiba will probably pay the police department to forget everything that has happened.

Me: Yes, but the pharaoh will be road kill and we will be one step closer to ruling the world.

Bakura: *kisses Maki on cheek* I will drive.

To be continued….

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Thursday, September 30, 2004

For all those that are having fun with the new auto approve greeting system, don't use the back button. You greeting will be added twice.
I learned this the hard way. Just thought that I would let you know.
Poor Yami...he has to have that embarrassing greeting of him submitted twice.... XD

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   Blackmailing Kaiba
Bakura: *sitting at kitchen table cursing under his breath.*

Me: Bad day at work, hun?

Bakura: Stupid, fudging Pharaoh, with his stupid fudging friends….

Me: Maybe this will cheer you up. *Drops some pictures onto the table in front of Bakura*

Bakura: *looks through pictures then busts up laughing*

Me: So…you wanna go make fun of Kaiba’s hair?

Bakura: *gets up and kisses Maki on the cheek* I love the way you think!

~Later at Kaiba’s Office~

Butler: Mr. Kaiba, Ms. Maki and Mr. Bakura are here to see you sir.

Mokuba: Humm…I wonder what they want?

Kaiba: Fine. Send them in.

Me: *comes bouncing in with Bakura* Hello, Kaiba! Did you miss us?

Kaiba: *still busy on his laptop* No and what are you and your dead husband doing here?

Me: *puts pictures on the laptop in front of Kaiba* I just thought you would like to see these before we put them on the internet.

Kaiba:*Eyes get really wide*

Mokuba: *Laughs* Seto! You look funny!

Bakura: *smirks* Don’t worry little Mokuba. We did not forget you ether. *hands Mokuba a picture*

Mokuba: *pouts* That’s not funny!

Kaiba: You woudn’t put these out on the internet.

Me: *leans over Kaiba’s desk and looks him in the eye* Of course I would.

Kaiba: *Glares at Maki*

~Later that Evening~

Me: *eating chocolate covered strawberries.* You know, Darling, I was very nice of Kaiba to give us his limo. I must really remember to send him a thank you card.

Bakura: *Lounging in Limo seat* You know, you could have done better.

Me: Don’t worry, Honey. This is only the beginning of our reign of terror. Plus….
*pulls pictures out of backpack* I still plan to post the pictures on the internet!!

Me and Bakura: *evil laughter all the way home*

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

   I know what you where....
Me: *sites down next to Yami*: Hello.

Yami: Hello.

Me: *evil smile* I found a very interesting photo of you from the first season. You know, the one that never made it into dub. I know what you where.

Yami: *smirks* I was the same then as I am now.

Me: *pulls out picture and shows it to Yami*

Yami: *blushes a little bit* Where did you get that? No matter. I am not going to let that phase me.

Me. *frown. Digs in pocket for another photo.* Alright then. I think I have a better one of you in here some where. Ah, here it is! *shows new picture to Yami.*

Yami: *turns bright red*

Me: You know what, Yami? I think that our myOtkau friends would be very interested in knowing how you looked in the first season.

Yami: *gabs at the picure but fails to get it* Give that to me!

Me: *Smiles and runs off with picture* NO! *Laughs* YAMI WAS A DEMON! YAMI WAS A DEMON!!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

   Too tired...
...will post tomorrow.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

   I have to hand it to these people.
Check out these pictures from The Anime Expo 2003 and the Otakcon 2003.

Anime Expo 2003


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Sunday, September 26, 2004

   Site Back Up
Well, my site is back up again. I guess it just went down because of all the updates that are happening to the MyO site. Anyways, when it came back up, I added some fire GFX buttons to the site. I like them better then the old ones. Tell me what you think of them.
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