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Monday, August 30, 2004

   Back to school
Ahhh, the first day of school. You got to love it. Yeah right. But it is a whole lot better then trying to think of something to post in this diary all day. I have been so board, I am ready to go make to school just for something to do. But if some of you (i seem to like the word 'some' today) are felling down, here is a funny picture to bring you back up and put a smile on your face.

I wanna be like my big bro!
Go ahead Mokuba, Summon that Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.
Mokie looks cute in his big brothers clothes. ^^

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

   Nothing to do....
There is nothing to do. Just looking in my computer folders for something good to post....

Here's a good one. A comic I got off some site. Can't remember which one thought. It's really funny.

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Saturday, August 28, 2004

   New YGO Episodes.
I just say the two new Yu-Gi-Oh episodes and they were great. I got to see the final battle with Marik and Yugi and Marik had his shirt off for about a half a minute! It was sweet and Marik was so innocent it the end. If you did not see it, I think that they may have an encore of the two new episodes on next Thursday and Friday, but I really don’t know but that is what they have did in the past. Here are some clips from the new episodes.

First Episode:

Second Episode:


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   Millennium Conspiracy
Note: I have a very vague idea where this story is going so I am letting the words take me. I might change the title later, I don’t know. Depends on what happens in the story.

Millennium Conspiracy
By Master Marik

Chapter One
Something’s aren’t meant to be found.

“Ha! I win again!”
“You cheated!” they eight year-old boy yelled at his dueling friend.
“Did not,” The other boy yelled. “Sis, tell Lance that I didn’t cheat.”
The boy’s teenage sister came out the kitchen and looked at the duel monster cards laid out on the living room floor.
“Lance is right, Davy. You did cheated.” The girl said.
Davy stuck out his tongue at his older sister. “What do you know. Your just a sister and you suck.”
The sister got an annoying look in her eye and lucky for Davy the phone rang ending the sibling’s bickering. The girl ran into the kitchen and answered the cordless phone.
“Jones Residents. Maki speaking.”
“Hey Maki!” a female voice said on the other end.
“Hey Lindsay. What’s up?
Lindsay sounded excited. “The Battle City Finals are on TV. Are you watching it?”
Maki sighed. “No I’m not. I have an extra credit essay I’m working on for school. I’m recording it though.”
“Good because the cable at my house is busted and I can’t watch it.” Lindsay laughed. “So what are you doing for your essay? You know, if you when it Domino High, you wouldn’t have to do extra credit.” She teased Maki.
“I am going to do and essay on Ancient Egypt. And no thank you. If I went to Domino High then I would have to ware that cheeky uniform that would make me look like I fell in a vat of pink dye.”
Lindsay laughed. “Yeah I know. Anyways, call me later and tell me about the Finals. Tell me if any of the guys look hot.”
“Ok…I will call you later then. Bye.”
After hanging up the phone, Maki planed herself in front of the computer and did a google search on ‘Ancient Egypt.’ Hundreds of sites popped up. To make things easier, Maki click on the first link on the page called “Egyptian History Link Data Base.” A new site came up with more links then on the google search.
“100,000,000 Links!” Maki exclaimed looking at the large, daunting, link data base. Not wanting to spend all night on this stupid essay, Maki clicked on the “Random Link” button. Soon a strange looking webpage came up.

Legend of the Shadow Games. The tile read in large letters. Maki contained to read down the page.

Back in ancient times,
The page read.
It is said a dark game was played by members of high Egyptian social status. This game was play both for land, wealth, and some times to decide the fate of the world. It is believed that the dark powers that were used to play this game got out of control and was trapped in artifacts. Although it is just a myth and most likely never existed, the seven artifacts that holds this dark power is said to be called The Millennium Items.

The webpage then continues on telling the myths of each of the Millennium Items along with pictures of what the artifacts might have looked like.
Maki leaned back in here chair. “Cursed mummies and ancient artifacts totally rock, but know one would believe me if I wrote about some kind of “Millennium Items” or whatever. Cool site thought.” Maki added the site to here Favorites Folder and printed out a copy for herself.

Tired and brain dead from spending an hour and a half on her essay, Maki flopped down on her bed and popped the Battle City Finals video into her VCR. She accidentally missed the paring up of the duelist so the tape started just as the first duel of the Finals begun. Maki watched the video half asleep until she noticed some kind of ring-necklace that was being worn by one of the duelists. She looked at the paper that she had printed off the internet and then quickly grabbed her phone on the night stand and called her friend.
“Lindsay” she said staring at her TV with wide eyes. “I think you might want to come over and see this.”

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Friday, August 27, 2004

   That so sucks.
MyOtaku did not post my 'Darkness' wallpaper. I know it was cryptic, but it was really cool. Oh well, this just means I have to give it you to you guys myself. Here is the link. Enjoy!


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   New Music
Well, with my new Thief Bakura background I needed some new music to go with it so I found 'Abracadabra' by Steve Miller Band. If they ever make another YGO sound track, they should have Yami Bakura sing this song. It reminds me so much of him. I like to listen to this song and just stare at the background.
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   Wallpaper Frenzy
I spent about any hour and a half last night making some new wallpapers to submit to myOtaku.com. I used some of the pictures that I found yesterday, so they are fresh and new looking. They should approved some time tomorrow, so when they come out, please reply to this post telling me what you think of them. And just for fun, I am going to give you some spoilers.

So far we have:

Knights of the Rose: simple yet elegant wallpaper. Yami is wearing a giant cap surrounded by red roses and Kaiba is warning his blue-eyes surrounded by white roses.

Darkness: Rather cryptic but extremely cool looking.

Thief Bakura: a revise of the background you see here.

Dueling Champions: the three duel monster champions, Marik, Kaiba and Yugi.

That is all for now, but I plan to get some more pictures and make some new wallpaper today. Tell me what you think of my wallpaper when they come out. ^^


Dang I forgot one. I aslo have a wallpaper call 'Falling Cards.'Simple but pretty cool.

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   Someone jap out my eyes…PLEASE!
I went on a YGO picture frenzy yesterday. I need some new material for my backgrounds and stuff and I wanted some high quality images. Well I found a great msn album page that was like a candy store for me. But I am shock about how much some people are obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh yoai. I mean, I have nothing against yoai, some pictures are cool looking, but I never knew that there was so much YGO yoai, albums full of it. I never looked at any of the hard core pics, but they have thumb nails so you can really not look.

Some people may reply to this saying a ‘little yoai never hurt anyone’ and your right, but I SAW KAIBA AND JOEY KISSING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! Now I am going to be dreaming about that for the rest of the week. How disturbing.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

   Indiana Jones Wannabe
Any way I found this site with pics from the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh shows. I don't want to show to much because I don't wont to spoil it for you, so I am only going to post a few pictues at a time and only pictues that don't give much away. Here are some clips when Solomon Moto was younger and traveling in Egypt. He looks like an Indiana Jones Wannabe, the pictues are really cool thought. And I must say, he doesn't look half bad. ^^

It's cool how in these pics that you can see the resemblances between Solomon and Yugi.

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Protest going strong.
Well, my protest group is going strong. I am getting quite a few members, not so many from Otaku, but mostly from the Yugioh Club forum. PM me if you want more info. Any one how helps will get that cool "Don't Cross Us" Kaiba Picture with your name on it. I can also make smaller pictues.

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