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Saturday, December 4, 2004

I just saw the first episode of DN Angel on a promo dvd that I got with NewType Mag. It was sooo good; I’m going to buy the other dvds. Oooo! Dark is soo hott!!!

Me: *drools*

Dark: *side glances at Maki* What is this creature and why is it staring at me?

Daisuke: *looks at Maki* I don’t know. It looks like a girl, but I have never seen a girl drool so much.

Bakura: *to Dark* She his drooling, because she thinks you’re a bishie. *goes to get ice cream from ice cream truck*

Daisuke: I think it’s dead.

Dark: Well, poke at it Daisuke and find out.

Daisuke: reaches over to poke Maki*

Bakura: *calls over from ice cream truck* I wouldn’t do that if I where you. She has been known it bite off people’s hands.

Daisuke: *jerks his hand back* I’ll be right back, Dark. I’m going to get some ice cream. You want some?

Dark: *glances at Maki leaning on the bench next to him* Yeah. Get me a ice cream bar and try to hurry up, I don’t want to be lone too long with this thing.

Me: *drools*

Dark: *scoots further down the bench*

Me: *scoots down too and drools*

Dark: That’s it, I’m outta here. *leaves to fly off*

Me: NO DARK!!!! COME BACK!!!!! *grabs Darks legs as he tries to fly off*

Dark: NO! NO! LET GO!!! YOUR TOO HEAVY!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! *Dark falls out of the sky*

*Bakura and Daisuke walks over to Dark and Maki while eating ice cream. Maki is happily playing with the black feathers on Darks wings*

Dark: Some one save me.

Bakura: If you are having fun now, just wait. Maki’s friends will be here soon.

Dark: 0_0

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Friday, December 3, 2004

My Darling Cecelia
If any of you read this poem and still think that Pegasus is an evil nutcase, I will smack you up the side of the head.

I love this poem!

My Darling Cecelia
By Maki Bakura

I still see your face in the paintings I made for you.

In my every thought, my every dream, I am holding you in my arms,
Rejoicing over your safe return.

Do you remember the life we shared?
Everything was perfect and our hearts were filled with joy.
Nothing could go wrong.

But it did.

Disaster struck and we were parted for all entirety.

A life of happiness and hope was turned into
A life of bitterness and despair.

I searched the world with so may questions and by
Taking a step into the past, I found my answers.

I promise you, My Love, we will be reunited
Again at last…

…My Darling Cecelia.

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Thursday, December 2, 2004

   Seto in the Snow.
After many excited replies I got from MyO friends yesterday that just couldn’t wait to see this weeks hott Seto Christmas background. Well, here it is “Seto In The Snow”, avy and all with Slivertrump’s “Carol of the Bells” as background music.

Oh, I also finished my Mai & Joey background. Please go see it and comment.

Me: *slaps Joey on the back of the head*

Joey: Ow! What did you do that for?

Me: *scowls* Because if you would have kissed Mai at the end of Battle City like you were suppose to you baka, then she would not have turned into a psycho freak!!!

Joey: *grins* Yeah well, It was all part of my master plan.

Seto: HAHAHAH!!! Yeah! Like you have a master plan!!!

Joey: Alright. So I didn’t. How am I supposed to know what women want.

Me: Everyone knows that she likes you and was just waiting for you to kiss her.

Seto: Even I knew that.

Joey: *gets mad* Well I didn’t know!!!

Seto: That doesn’t surprise me.

Me: She practically had it written all over her.

Seto: Yeap.

Joey: Will you two shut up!!!!

Me & Seto: *sight*

Enjoy the music and the background! Merry X-Mass!!!

P.S. I have not forgotten about Battle of the Bishies. It is still going, just postponed for a while, because I really don’t feel like doing it right now XD. I promise it will start up again after the holidays.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004

   bla bla bla
What? I have to post something. Ok. Christmas theme tomorrow with a very hott background with Seto in it. Be here. I will also post a poem if I have time and I am working on a Joey & Mai background just so you know. Well, that’s it for me. Will post more stuff later.
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Sunday, November 28, 2004

   Dukie, Seth and Chibi Thief Bakura!!! *drool*
I had an inserting dream last night. I dreamt that I kissed Duke, but it was the “real life” version. It was fun, because he was very hott. XD It was one of the best dreams I have had in a while.

Thanks for BlackMagicianGrl for this card. I love the animation. O_O Ohh, Priest Seth *drools* Very nice BMG. heheeh it looks like the text is dancing to the music. Very cool.


Thanks to Brooke142004 for the Chibi Thief Bakura card!!! *glumbs Bakura Chibi* MINE!!!

Thanks again to both of you. ^^

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

   Lost in Translation.
Lost in Translation.

For all those who are wondering what the Italian text on the background says, it translates to Bakura, King of Thieves. I have made sure of this since the first version of the background that as been up most of the day was mistranslated and ended up saying King Bakura of the Bacon. For some reason, AltaVista would not translate the word “lardo” so I thought that it was “thief” until I looked it up in a dictionary and it was bacon. Lol!

Hope you all like the new theme. The Italian YGO Theme Song is my favorite from all the YGO songs. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I translated some of the words using my dictionary so I have an idea of what part of the chorus is. Note: This may be completely wrong, but it makes sense.

vivere presente, magic of incantare superante Yu-Gi-Oh
live to present the magic of enchantment overcoming Yu-gi-Oh

Well, enjoy the music and the sexy Bakura background.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

   1000 HITS!!!
I have been to busy to post much. I was going to write a fan fic for the 1000 hits party, but instead, I am just giving some thank yous, congrates and posting some intresting pictures.

THANKS FOR 1000 HITS!!!!! w00t w00t

Thanks to BlackMagicianGrl for making this card for my birthday. It is so cool. I love how she got my name on the cake. I love it!!! Good job.

Congrats to wolvesruel91 for making it to the Yu-gi-oh Club High Record List. list for 90 posts in one day. I think I created a RPG monster….

Goku162002 requested that I post some more pics from the time that Yami played the Seal of Orcicalcos and became “evil” so here they are. After then are some interesting, pictures that were cut out from the YGO episodes or will be cut out.

Yugi trying to stop Yami from playing The Seal.

Opps. Too late.

I love this pic. This is right after Yami plays The Seal and Raphael asks him “So Pharaoh, How do you feel?” Too cool.

Poor little Yugi is trapped away from Yami because of The Seal and all he can do is watch.

Yami begging for forgiveness from his monsters that are being used against him. I really like this pic. XD

Right after Yami loses. I love this one. This is one of the few times he looks hott.

Now for the interesting pics.

You all know you love this pic. You just won’t admit it.

This one might not be cut out, but it might be edited. Not only has all of Yami’s hair dye washed out, but I doubt that he is warring a swim suit. Lol!

By the way, this is a dude. Funny, The maids look like this happened before….

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

   Eh...I can't my buttons right.....
I can't seem to get my new Layout buttons right. *sigh* I have been working on them all morning... Oh well, I will fix them later. I am so sick of them now I will have to do it later. Well, the layout is not done yet. Trust me, It will be much better.

Me: *pokes Bakura* So...What did you get me for my birthday?

Bakura: *0_0* Today's your birthday?

Me: Yeeesss.

Bakura: uh...yeah...I got you something. Let me go to the store and get it.

Me: *<_<* Hummm. *grins* You know...You can just take off your shirt and I will be happy.

Bakura: *takes off shirt*

Me: *screams. Grabs Bakura* This is the best Birthday ever!!!!!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am getting ready to put of a wicked background tomorrow in not only in honor of my birthday (it’s tomorrows :P) but also to persuade some of you to NOMINATE ME for BlackMagicianGrl coolest MyO.com contest. I have proved you a link to her site for you convenience. Yes, I know I am being very devious by posting this. XD heheheh

Anyways, It is going to be Muisca themed with Uranium 235’s remix of “You spin me round (like a record)” and I am going to nuke off some HTML Code from SetoKaibaFreak’s site. I added some new Master Marik buttons too.

Also, make sure you are here tomorrow for the Tie Breaker Round between Haru Glory and Valon in our Battle of the Bishies contest. I am going to dig up all the juicy info I can on our Bishies. Hopefully, Haru will win. ^^

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