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Friday, July 20, 2007

Conclusion to my last post

He loved my surprise!!!!! I'm so happy! He said my steak was the best XD lol I acctually cooked sumthing good lol!!! im sorry im just really happy he like my surprise. Oh and thts not all! The sparkling grape juice and cocktail (nonalcholic) topped it all off! And he also got me a really soft blue teddy bear!!! I'm cuddling it right now lol! Plus he bought me my fav box of chocolate^^ well ne ways here is the poem i gave to him!
.:A Thousand Different Ways, Not Enough Time:.

Through my eyes, the world spins like a ball.
Stars light up and they fall.

So then what is a girl supposed to do?
When sheís found the perfect man just like you?

If she gave you the world, would u see
That sheís right beside you, just like me?

A thousand different ways and not enough time
A thousand different days to show that your mine

A thousand words, a thousand days and nights
Isnít enough to show how I feel, not even a slight

Not even forever is enough thereof
Because I canít hold back the feelings of my love

And if angels came Iíd fight them for all of time
Just to show them that youíre mine

A thousand different ways and not enough time
A thousand different days to show that your mine

To me, youíre the light that illuminates the evening sky
A flame that wonít burn out, let me tell you why

For this love stands true, this love stands strong
A heartwarming feeling that Iíve felt all along

Take my hand and I will never let you down
And in this love we will drown

Come with me, I wonít let you fall
Iíll be your wings through it all

I would do anything, this is true
Your love means everything, this I promise you

My heart wonít lie, it speaks true
Reach out for me and Iíll be right beside you

A thousand different ways and not enough time
A thousand different days to show that your mine

A thousand different hues in the evening sky above
But never enough time to show my feelings for my love

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Big Surprise (Read read read)

OK as some of you know I've been planning a huge surprise for my bf. well here it is^^ Ok this weekend wen my bf comes over I'll tak ehim outside to my gazebo and there he will see a steak dinner with potatoes, complimented with sparkling grape juice, candles and roses, a poem and drawing the i hav made for him, along with a box of mint chocolates, and a box of krispy cream doughnuts^^ lol i cant wait XD!!! so wat do u guys think?

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New wallpapers

Hey everyone!^^ New Wallpapers r up if u wanna check them out^^
Ja ne!!!

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Join my bfs club

Visit Miko of Life to join his club.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Help me with this

I'm trying to give my bf the prefect romatic gift. So girls, if u had a guy wat would u give him? And guys, what would u hope to receive???

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Mood: Cranky-ish

Hey everyone I need ur help with sumthing! I wanna give my bf the greatest (romatic) surprise ever! hav any ideas?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thank you!!!

Yesterday was my bday and I thought it would suck as usual and I'd end up locked up in my room, but you guys made it all better^^ All your happy birthdays cheered me up. Plus not only tht but I got to see a movie with me bf. He also plans on taking me out to eat sometime this week.
Oh and btw thank you everyone for the 5000 visits^^
ja ne!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

True Love

Whatís this feeling, this thumping of my heart?
Itís the feeling happiness and never being apart

I close my eyes and lay in bed
Only to find I still canít get you out of my head

If I close my eyes and I see you everywhere
Then maybe youíre supposed to be there

I rest my eyes and enter a dream so happily
A dream of a life, a life of you and me

Alas the worst thing about dreaming of your only one
Is realizing when you wake up youíre still alone

Yet the winds always bring me to your kiss
Into your arms, Oh what bliss!

One thing better than a kiss itself is the moment before
When he looks in your eyes and leaves you breathless forevermore

Whatís this feeling, this thumping of my heart?
Itís true love that Iíve felt from the very start

[Hey everyone how's it going? I'm not going to be on much today cuz it's my bday and my family wont let me sleep (sigh) well ja ne!]

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Back from Vaca

Im back from Florida and my brithdays coming up on July 10th cant wait lol^^
Ja Ne!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

i hope everyone is having a great fourth of july. I'm still in florida but ill bbs. ttyl^^

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