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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 11/03/07:

Result Posted on 10/07/07:

Result Posted on 10/07/07:

Gifs From Friends
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Result Posted on 11/27/05:
Yes I could so totally go with a guy who cares about me more than himself =^^=

Your boyfriend should be gentle
Caring boyfriend...he is gentle and always
concerned about you...gotta love him! ^___^

What's Your Perfect Anime Boyfriend?!
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Result Posted on 09/23/05:
Yeah totally true=^^=

Anime Angel
You are an Anime Angel. You enjoy helping others
and making peace. Everybody comes before
yourself and you like it that way.

What Kind of Anime Babe are You?
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Result Posted on 09/23/05:
I'm not too happy am I?

Beginning Life
You represent the beginning of life. You are light
and very kind to everything. You are bearly
ever unhappy and love to be around humans.
Though, sometimes, you can be concidered too
happy too much of the time...Keep in mind that
it's not a bad thing to be upset some of the

What part of life do you represent? (Anime Pictures)
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Result Posted on 09/07/05:
Yeah that's totally me^-^

Your anime expression is content!

What's Your Anime Expression?
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Result Posted on 08/03/05:

a warrior lies within and u life for a good
battle. U will always fight fairly but belive
that the weak need to get strong.

What lies within? (Anime pics.)
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Result Posted on 08/01/05:

You are a peaceful sleeper. You recognize that
sleep is a necessary part of life, and
understand that there is no way for you to
fully appreciate everything around you if you
dont give yourself a break once in a while.
You are a very calm and collected person who
seems to have all of their ducks in a row, so
to speak. You enjoy life without getting
over-enthusiastic and appreciate harmony in all

How do you Sleep? (Anime Pics)
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Result Posted on 08/01/05:
I guess^^

You are a Happy person. You love life, and just
exist to make everyone else happy as well as
yourself. You are the kind of person who would
never think about doing anything morally wrong,
or something sad. When you're sad, the world is
sad with you. You are a bright light in the

What kind of person are you? (Great Anime Pictures.)
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