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Sunday, July 3, 2005

No tittle ^_^'

Current mood: soso
Caused by: the heat

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hi everyone...*bows* sorry i didn't get to your sites yesterday, nor did i update *head down in shame* you don't hate me right-_-?!?

Well yesterday my friend invited me to her house to spend sometime (before i leave to Vegas on the 10th). It was fun. We played volleyball (her fave sport) & basketball (my fave sport hehe) after that we watched Resident Evil Appocalypse (it happened to be on so we watched it^^...i love RE movies & games^_^.
i got home around 7:20pm & my lil sis wanted me to do her hair -_-...i was kinda tired, but i did it anyway since i promised her (i never break my promisses)
Well that's how my day went...I'll go visit your sites now^_^ *hugs*

My dog Luna^^

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Friday, July 1, 2005

   late post
Current mood:

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Caused by: late post

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Hi ppls *hugs*
Right now it's 12:10am. i have now idea why i'm posting this late lol. well my bro's been debating on if i should post a pic of me or not....actually i'm not to sure...i mean i'm a really shy person, i guess it's not hard to miss that *anime sweatdrop* lol.
anyway I found this really funny thing...here check it out lol^^

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes....Ok read the english meaning and then OUTLOUD say the chinese words (You MUST read them out loud or it doesnt make as much sence)

1) Thats not right....................................... Sum Ting Wong

2) Are you harboring a fugitive................... Hu Yu Hai Ding

3) See me ASAP.......................................... Kum Hia Nao

4) Stupid Man............................................. Dum Fuk

5) Small horse............................................ Tia Ni Po Ni

6) Did you go to the beach?....................... Wai Yu So Tan

7) I bumped in to a coffee table................. Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni

8) I think you need a face lift...................... Chin Tu Fat

9) It's very dark in here.............................. Wao So Dim

10) I thought you were on a diet............... Wai Yu Mun Ching

11) This is a tow away zone....................... No Pah King

12) staying out of sight.............................. Lei Ying Lo

13) He's cleaning his automobile................ Wa Shing Ka

14) Your body odor is offensive.................. Yu Stin Ki Pu

15)Great..................................................... Fa Kin Su Pah

*yawns* i'm going to bed now, since i have to wake up early today.. night night^^

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I can't think of a tittle lol
Current Mood: i can't describe what mood i'm in -_-
Caused by: packing for a trip to vegas

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Hi everyone^_^
well not much to post today...except that my fam & i are Packing our lugagges...opps did i forgot to mention that i'm Going to Vegas on the 10th of July...
sorry if i didn't mention it before *head down in shame*
Well that's what we're doing now. i'm gonna miss you guys *big hug* i still got like *checks calendar* 2 weeks left here in my comp visiting your sites...omg i'm really gonna miss you guys *hugs again*

Check out my results^_^

Create-An-Anime-Character (Girls)
by 66onyx99
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)
Character NameShameeka
Character Age23
Hair ColourBlack with a red bandana
Weapon of ChoiceHands and feet
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What do the full metal alchemist characters think of you by diamonddust
EdWants to see you in a minskirt
AlYour a great person
RoyLikes you as a friend
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MayesYour just plain anonying
scarWonders if your taken
Overall they like you this much: 87%
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Some gifs

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

busy day -_-
Current mood: Rejuvinated
Caused by: not so busy

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*waves* hi everyone^^
Well yesterday was kinda busy for me. 1st i was stuck babysitting my lil cousin from 8am-12pm.
2nd my dad & i had to go to the bank (cash my check $_$) w00t!! lol, and go to the grossery store (was kinda borring -_-.
Then we had to take my Lab to the vet (take the shot)...i had to hold him down so he wouldn't bite the veterenarian lol.
As a treat we went to Taco bell^_^.
Hope your guys' day was much better than mine *hugs u all*

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A trim^^
Current mood: Wierd
Caused by: my haircut

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Hi *waves*^^
Okay i did the Unthinkable lol.... I know it's hard to believe, but This was my 1st attempt to get a haircut (since 1992) yes it's been that long since i got it done profecionaly lol. Well first i was worried of how i'd look...have you ever said something like "but what if i look wierd or what if my hair doesn't turn out the way i expect"...those thoughts were running through my mind.

Well i got through it and everyone seems to like the "new" me^^...and guess whos hair mine resembles lol^^........okay i'll tell you
my hair looks sorta like Rukia (Bleach)...i guess i'm happy w/ the results ^_^
hope you guys are having a good tuesday *hugs u all*^^

Fun Question: Whos hair style do you want to take (choose from any anime)?

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Monday, June 27, 2005

Fun weekend^_^
Current mood: Cool^^
Caused by: fun weekend on the road

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Hi everyone...I know it sounds kinda corny, but i have to thank everyone for being concerned about me *gives you all a BIG hug* you guys are the greatest^_^. i'm doing good, kinda scared that that'll happen again, but this time i'm prepared *shows off muscles* & ready to kick ass...well if they ask for it anyway^_^. Oh & i'm never wearing a skirt again this was the first & last time lol. If you have no Idea what i'm talking about, read the post befor this one!!

Anyway this weekend my friend invited me over to celebrate her cousins (who is 1yrs old now) bday. He's so cute *hugles* It was fun btw...as a present for him i gave him some cute clothes ^_^.

Sunday today (well it's 10:22pm) my bro, sis & me went to best buy & target... he needed a new cd player -_-;; I bought myself new jeans (1) & a shirt...
ooh i bout myself a magazine (SPIN)with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE on the cover w00t!! *hugs the magazine*

well have a great rest of the night ^_^

Please no yaoi bashing!!

P.S. Sorry for not getting to all your sites, i'll get to them this week^_^

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Current Mood: not good
Caused by: sort of abused...if that's what you call it

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Okay remember how i said me & my fam were taking my cousin out to eat after he graduated...well once we were in the restaurant ready to get our meal my dad asks me to go out to the car & get the camcorder & digital cam so we can...you know remember this or whatever. So i go out to get it and this guy (notcute btw)i don't know...he was like "hey baby, were are you going?" ::he said something like that:: >.< i don't really like that kind of attention so i said "tah...no where near your ass!!" and kept on walking
Then i got scared because he walked towards me & grabed my arm. I wanted to kick him but i was wearing a skirt...so i slapped him....& he had the nerve to slap me back >_< & said "no pretty girl is allowed to touch the face" I got so pissed & scared at the sametime...i didn't know what else to do....But I was so glad that my brother came out of the restaurant when he did (i think he thought that i was in trouble because i was taking so long to get the cam) & he took care of that stupid guy. My brother (17yrs btw) messed him up (i was sooo glad) You have no idea how shocked & scared i felt...this has never happened to me!!
I think he wanted to get his way w/ me. if only i wasen't wearing a skirt!! >.<

anyway sorry for the long post & i'm okay now in case you were wondering *hugs all friends*

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Current mood: Proud^^
Caused by:cousin graduating

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Well again i had to help my aunt in her store and yet again it was fun^_^.
My cousin is graduating from his high School today. I guess we're gonna take him out to a restaurant & celebrate his accomplishment of 4 yrs lol. I'm so proud of him *hugs* Anyway i only have time to visit the ones who comment on my site, hope you guys have a great Thursday ^_^ *hugs*

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ready for anything^_^
Current Mood: energized^^ ready to do anything
Caused by: good sleep

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Well it's now 11:13am...(when i posted this anyway lol) i just came back from my aunts work...no i'm not exhausted or tired or anything like that...actually i still have energy left for what ever i encounter ^_^::i'm ready for whatever's comming my way lol::. Well she works at Avon & i just helped her with putting the products on the shelves and what not...it was actually kinda fun lol.....well because she makes things that usually seem boring fun^^. w00t i just received my check *smiles* i'm not gonna spend it on anything i don't really need...my sis goes overboard with money & i'm not gonna do the same lol.

Oh i just joined the Anime Animal club^_^ I'm a fox...

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pm Supergal16 to join

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyway enough about me, hope you guys are having a good day^_^ *hugs u all*

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

just ranting ^_^
Current Mood: Happy
Caused by: Unknown lol

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Hi guys^_^, well i don't know why but i'm in really good mood lol..it's one of those days when you're happy & you just wanna let the whole world know...well i'm not going to the extreem lol. anyway...oh yeah i forgot to mention...I'm free of cavities!! ^_^. Right now I'm so obsessed with Samurai Shamploo it's such an awesome anime!! here's one of my fave clips:

You might have to download it to view.


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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

what's your current anime obsession?
I'll try to get to all of your sites*hugs*

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