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Hello you all, my name is Links lil faerie Aka michiko (i used to be kyoko but things change no?^^). i guess you've already figured out that i love faeries^^
Those of you who'se visited my page before, you notice i changed it^^ simply because it was time for a change.^^
Here in Myo i will be posting whenever i can about whatever occurs in my life and such^^.

this would be me & my sweetbaby Kaisen^^

Sunday, August 28, 2011

   New Comeback!
Hello everyone, i know it's been half a century, if not a whole century since i last visited MyO. Gosh it's been a long time, so much has happened in my life now, i have so much to say lol.

Ok *takes a breath* lol well if yall didn't know, i did Graduated communiti college back in 2008 (long time ago huh lol) and earned my AA yay!! so i moved on to University right after (no break) and just recently graduated again lol with My Bachelor's in Art with focus in Illustration (like i planned) *exited* I have to say, im very proud of my accomplishments so far^^
Though i am currenly seeking employment, i'm not gonna lie, it has been hard, but im not giving up at all! **BTW i apologies if it sounds like im bragging, it's not my intentions at all, im just letting you guys know what ive been up to & what's been going on these past years lol** Well, other than that, modeling agencies have been calling me like crazy as well..now, normally i wouldn't go for it, but after a few calls, i just decided to give it a shot...what's the worst that can happen right? (to cut it short lol) the modeling interview went fantastic, they loved me & wanted to sign me up...at the end, i just couldn't go for it, so i turned it down for personal reasons & there was something in the agreement clause i just couldn't do. Well..there will be other opportunities i guess lol..

on another note, MyO has changed a LOT!! ...well i think it's now called The Otaku.com lol, anyway it's all good, i'll have to get used to it (if i get the chance to log in more often) I DID MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!! <3
well heres a question for you guys: What's your summer been like so far? ^_^

I'll ttysoon!!

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Friday, January 9, 2009

long time no see!!^_^
sorry everyone, i know it's been a century since ive been on & posted about my life. i have been really busy with school, hey i finally got my degree & graduated from college recently w00t!!! now im concentrating University & that job thing yeah lol^^ im doing much better with that part & just loving my dear boyfriend who you all know to be (Kaisen, used to be Akayo)member, you member!!^^ yeah we have been through so much & our love is still strong!! im so blessed!^^ well i gotta get going now so i'll try to be on as often as i can. if you would like to reach me im on gaia most of the time

Username: michiko natsume

that's if you have a Gaia account or would like to reach me.^^ i haven't forgotten you all!!^_^

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

   Busy day!
Hey everyone^^ well 2day it was sort of a busy day for me. sighs* im not fond of days like this. I'll cut it short, i don't want to bore you with such info lol. ok, i woke up early to do my daily work out, i was soar (it deffinately pays off^^ i'm seriuos), then i had to go to the bank & deposite my check^_^ YAY MONEY!!!! i then i had to go to the mall & do some exchanging. (my sister got me a size too big lol^^ but it's ok) i also got myself a lil something, W00T I ALSO GOT SOME MANGA!!! i got FUSHIGI YUGI Genbu Kaiden (what started the whole fushigi yugi series) & I GOT KINGDOM HEARTS^^!! THE BEST PART OF THE DAY (EVERYDAY) IS WHEN I GET TO TALK TO MY BABY *KAISEN* I LOVE YOU BABY!! MWAHS*

well that was my day lol^^ I hope you all had a wonderfull happy hollyday & happy new year^_^ take care^_^ *Hugs you all*

~Links lil faerie

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

just chillin
Hey you guys i'm here & i'm jsut chilling now, it's almost christmas time & im just gonna finish wraping the gifts^_^ & i guess i'm gonna chill & play my zelda game^_^ well i gotta go now i hope you all have a great weekend, i'll try to get to you all. *hugs* take care you all


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