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Friday, June 24, 2005

Current Mood: not good
Caused by: sort of abused...if that's what you call it

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Okay remember how i said me & my fam were taking my cousin out to eat after he graduated...well once we were in the restaurant ready to get our meal my dad asks me to go out to the car & get the camcorder & digital cam so we can...you know remember this or whatever. So i go out to get it and this guy (notcute btw)i don't know...he was like "hey baby, were are you going?" ::he said something like that:: >.< i don't really like that kind of attention so i said "tah...no where near your ass!!" and kept on walking
Then i got scared because he walked towards me & grabed my arm. I wanted to kick him but i was wearing a skirt...so i slapped him....& he had the nerve to slap me back >_< & said "no pretty girl is allowed to touch the face" I got so pissed & scared at the sametime...i didn't know what else to do....But I was so glad that my brother came out of the restaurant when he did (i think he thought that i was in trouble because i was taking so long to get the cam) & he took care of that stupid guy. My brother (17yrs btw) messed him up (i was sooo glad) You have no idea how shocked & scared i felt...this has never happened to me!!
I think he wanted to get his way w/ me. if only i wasen't wearing a skirt!! >.<

anyway sorry for the long post & i'm okay now in case you were wondering *hugs all friends*

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