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Monday, June 27, 2005

Fun weekend^_^
Current mood: Cool^^
Caused by: fun weekend on the road

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Hi everyone...I know it sounds kinda corny, but i have to thank everyone for being concerned about me *gives you all a BIG hug* you guys are the greatest^_^. i'm doing good, kinda scared that that'll happen again, but this time i'm prepared *shows off muscles* & ready to kick ass...well if they ask for it anyway^_^. Oh & i'm never wearing a skirt again this was the first & last time lol. If you have no Idea what i'm talking about, read the post befor this one!!

Anyway this weekend my friend invited me over to celebrate her cousins (who is 1yrs old now) bday. He's so cute *hugles* It was fun btw...as a present for him i gave him some cute clothes ^_^.

Sunday today (well it's 10:22pm) my bro, sis & me went to best buy & target... he needed a new cd player -_-;; I bought myself new jeans (1) & a shirt...
ooh i bout myself a magazine (SPIN)with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE on the cover w00t!! *hugs the magazine*

well have a great rest of the night ^_^

Please no yaoi bashing!!

P.S. Sorry for not getting to all your sites, i'll get to them this week^_^

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