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Sunday, July 3, 2005

No tittle ^_^'
Current mood: soso
Caused by: the heat

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hi everyone...*bows* sorry i didn't get to your sites yesterday, nor did i update *head down in shame* you don't hate me right-_-?!?

Well yesterday my friend invited me to her house to spend sometime (before i leave to Vegas on the 10th). It was fun. We played volleyball (her fave sport) & basketball (my fave sport hehe) after that we watched Resident Evil Appocalypse (it happened to be on so we watched it^^...i love RE movies & games^_^.
i got home around 7:20pm & my lil sis wanted me to do her hair -_-...i was kinda tired, but i did it anyway since i promised her (i never break my promisses)
Well that's how my day went...I'll go visit your sites now^_^ *hugs*

My dog Luna^^

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