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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I can't think of a tittle lol
Current Mood: i can't describe what mood i'm in -_-
Caused by: packing for a trip to vegas

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Hi everyone^_^
well not much to post today...except that my fam & i are Packing our lugagges...opps did i forgot to mention that i'm Going to Vegas on the 10th of July...
sorry if i didn't mention it before *head down in shame*
Well that's what we're doing now. i'm gonna miss you guys *big hug* i still got like *checks calendar* 2 weeks left here in my comp visiting your sites...omg i'm really gonna miss you guys *hugs again*

Check out my results^_^

Create-An-Anime-Character (Girls)
by 66onyx99
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY)
Character NameShameeka
Character Age23
Hair ColourBlack with a red bandana
Weapon of ChoiceHands and feet
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What do the full metal alchemist characters think of you by diamonddust
EdWants to see you in a minskirt
AlYour a great person
RoyLikes you as a friend
Armstrongis going to marry you
MayesYour just plain anonying
scarWonders if your taken
Overall they like you this much: 87%
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Some gifs

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