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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, the final two performances were good- the last one being the best^^ I was really tearful afterwards though since I'd been working on this play for 6 months and now it's all over. Also, I hadn't seen my parents in 2 weeks and they were cheering me when I was on stage so burst into tears when I got off.

Well, I recieved a letter today from my old drama teacher commenting on how I did in the play. She said that I had taken on the role of Rooster really well and she loved the play. he also wished me good luck with my upcoming exams and for everything in the future. Yet more tears were floating around, but I was good and resisted this time^^

Well, I've got my DNAngel piccy up finally so feel free to mooch at it, comment on it etc. I haven't done the Kingdom Hearts one because the idea isn't as strong as it was before so its a really basic sketch. Maybe one day I'll finish it. I can tell you what the idea was, I don't really mind if anyone steal the idea. It was Sora in his Halloween outfit getting yelled at by Jing from King of Bandits Jing 'cos Jing was angry that Sora had stolen his fashion statement of having a mask over one eye. For those who have seen the animeof Jing (not me but watched AMVs^^) they will know that there is one point in it when Jing wears a mask to the side, that mask looking almost exactly the same as Sora's. Here's a little image comparison... I'm sure everyone can tell which one is Sora.

Now, I'm not gonna start an argument on whether KH was created before Jing, but I think Jing would be the more fashionable one and come up with the mask before Sora- actually this is a FACT since Donald made Sora's outfit^^

Well, that'sabout it from me. Just a little something for you lot to think about^^


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