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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Mornin my name is nicola, and im a big fan of anime... so check my page out and leave a comment please...

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Well now i havent been on in ages let me see then...
i have watched all the fruitsbasket now and will sonn read the 5th book... so bear with me im getting there...
im happy because film4 r showing anime movies... they last showed laputa and before was my neighbour toroto so yay!!
ok so in town today me and the wife went to town and some guys were lookin right over at us and i wanted to go talk to them cose they were hot but we had to walk Tammy bk to work... these 3 guys sat behind us and was talkin to us 'heya sexi watu doin' chavvy guys so we were like hell no my reaction 'sitting on a bench talkin' then they said to some guy 'these r our new girlfriends' again my reaction 'in ur dreams and my nightmares' lol then some drunken chavvy guy goes and says to me 'hey hey sexi can i have ur number' all i said was 'sorry love but ur not my type' but i wanted to say 'sorry love ur not my type u have a dick' way to bring a man... wats with these chavvy people gehs!
oo ok tht mark stuff yer i dont actually care but it turns out he was messing me about nicki and Katie arent happy but i dont actually care lol...
hanged out with Sam and Heather abit today which was cool cose i havent seen then in some time...
we get our GCSE results next thursday the only thing im worried and annoyed about is i have to go bk to skool to get them which sucks!
im gettin so pissed of with friends i mean geh!!! Matt is being all annoyin the world doesnt evolve road him.. he wont admit tht he thinks like tht but its so true and jason OGEH hes pissin me of by talkin to me and repeating mine or katies jokes which isnt funny and u can tell he has a crush on katie which is actually funny lol soz wifey
but i think thts it for now... well theres more but to much lol... so bye im of to listen to 'u give me something' by James Morrison

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