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Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm at it again...

If you remembers almost a year from now I was posting on the same restraurant's computer.... well maybe ya dont but I dont really care. I'd answer your questions but none were asked so please remember to type random questions that make me happy to answer. I also wanna se Pulse todya, it doesnt look that bad...... Anyway, I'll see it. Ask Questions!!! Cuz I gotta go.

1. Do you like cats or dogs? (PY's Answer: CATS)

2. Doi you like animals? (PY's Answer: SURE)

3. Do you like pets? (PY's Answer: YESSUR)

That ends my post!!

Warm Regards,
Atsuko Loneidokai

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Sunday, July 16, 2006


I'm back!!!! I'm back home, yay! Anywho I now have 1000 visits!!! So I have 100 guestbook signings and 1000 visits to my site!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right....on to the question answers, and by popular demand, the questions I will ask you. Well, uhhh, this is awkward, I have 1 question to answer. Hazaa54 asked "ps3 is expensive ru gonna get one?" A: Yea, Im gonna get a PS3 and a Nintendo Wii (revolution) for sure!!!! (ONCE I HAVE THE MONEY...) yea and PS3 will be expensive... around $450... i think and rev will be under 250. That'll be all.

Warm Regards,
Atsuko Loneidokai

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I'm 4 visits from 1000!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Well anyway *COUGH* some cards would be cool to host up about it (hint hint) *COUGH* So...on to the questions: Hazaa54 asked "How is Final Fantasy VII going and what other games are you playing?" A: Well, I'm almost to the 2nd Disc (of 3) for FFVII and I'm not really playing any other games at the moment. Next xanth reborn asked "How was your 4th of July, and how did you celbrate it?" A:Well, at our camp we went to see the fireworks at Vassar. That was fun, but real short. She also asked "If you could design your own anime, what would it be about?" A: Thad be a tough one, it would have a guy who obtains a supernatural power and goes on a quest with his best friend and some girl, but I'd have to get back to you on that. Then she questioned: "In that anime, what would your main character be like?" Refering to the anime she asked me about. A: He would be real nice and skille dwith his power, he'd also believe in his friends and believe he could always overcome his adventure. He would have an attraction to the girl but hide it, as would the girl. Very optomistic, hed also eat really fast and alot and never be serious. Always joking around. "If your favorite character in that is not the main character, what would he/she be like?" A: Everyone who knows me well enough knows that i always choose the main character as my favortie, I'd like the girl too though cuz shed be cool as well. And lastly: "What would your favorite character look like?" Hed have spikey hair and hed be averagely tall (not too tall, but not short). Thats it for the ?s, and keep asking me, I love to answer them!!

On to another topic SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL, the sequel to melee, its gonna rule! There are certain charcters (pure Nintendo) I wanna see in it for Nintendo Wii (revolution):

Pharoh Yami's List:

Bomberman (Bomerman)
*Ike (Fire Emblem)
King Dedede (Kirby)
Gooey (Kirby)
*Geno (Super Mario RPG)
*Mallow (Super Mario RPG)
ShyGuy (Mario)
Waluigi (Mario)
Banjo & Kazooie (Rareware)
Diddy Kong (DK)
Captian Olimar (Pikmin)

An Link should be able to go fierce diety and wolf form, or make the firece diety mask an item. They should also keep Young Link and just completely change his moves by giving him the masks from Mojora's Mask.

Swift's List:

Black Bull (F Zero)
Soren (Fire Emblem)
+ More

Of coarse I dont want them all in it, but maybe 5. The stared charcters are the ones I really wanna see.

Post your list in the comments!

Warm Regards,
Atsuko Loneidokai

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Friday, July 7, 2006

Sorry for the delay, but the answers are in!

The camps a sleep away so I wont post often, But i have a chance now. I really wanna get around to answering all of your questions os here it goes. Pharoh Yami's First ever Q&A. And keep the Q's rolling. Hazaa54 asked "How was the tourney?" refering to the Regional YuGIOh Tournament on July 1st. Answer: It went well, The guys were tough duelists. Each match was 40minutes and there were 9 matches. Zakku and I got 1 win and 2 losses, while Swift and DarthCallahan got 3 losses. If you didnt guess we bailed after the first 3. The trading went real well too. Next Chibi Koneko Girl asked "how was your time at sleep away camp?" Welll...the first week went well so far. I made a game on the comp, short but fun, and I got a week to go till I get home. Then she asked "if you could have any job in the world what would it be?", I'd say either an anime designer or a game designer or somethin else...i really dunno at the momment. Lastly she also questioned "if you could have any type of spirit residing within you what would it be?" I dunno that one either....sorry Ambi-chan.... Next Gold Rodger 15 stated that "Have u joined the straw hat pirates if so what postion are u? musican cook etc.?" I cant really say. I joined them but I dont know my rank. I guess I should check. LucyGilbert said "Have you seen any of the Ghibli films, and if yes, which is your favourite??" I'm not familiar with Ghibli....give me an example and I'll let ya know if i saw it. GeorgieEviHarri asked to finish my post off," [What is your] favourite candy? [What is your favourite] colour of bedroom? [And] r u single?" Well as you said they are random questions.... But to let ya know I love food in general, but I'd have to say Skittles. I like green or blue bedroom, nice calm colors. And yes, I am single. I'm a freeman. Welll...that concludes my post, nice ta talk to all ya again! (Remember, ask ?s)

Warm Regards,
Atsuko Loneidokai

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

I gotta run!

I'm leaving at four for the camp and its three tirty (3:30). This is my final hour! Or...half and hour...but still. I had to get a quick post in before I left. I think that they will let post there thou. So if ya see a post here, ya know I can post!

Oh and check out my awesome button:

I TOLD YOU ALL TO ASK ME QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to host my cool button whenever, whereever.

And now questions!

1. Do you belong to a/have you made an OTaku club? (the luffy club! check above for the list of clubs i've joined)

2. Is Rock Lee cool? (Heck yes!)

3. What are your summer plans? (And the boring question that everyone hates answering....well I plan to go to camp.)

Warm Regards,
Atsuko Loneidokai

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