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Thursday, December 30, 2004


I'm really sorry I haven't updated this week, or looked at any of your sites. I probably won't get very far today, either. But you can expect a long, informative post on Saterday (hopefully) when I home again. Where am I you ask? TN, at my great aunt's house. She didn't die that night when my mom was sad (I'm soooo thankful), my mom was just worried about her parents commiting suicide. Don't ask. Her family's messed up.
Anyway, I hope you guys had a happy Christmas and are looking forward to a happy New Year too!

No questions for today, and Japanese lessions will start back up on Monday.

Don't click if you're busy!!
Ja ne!!
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Monday, December 27, 2004

I am Firey! Who are you? Find out HERE!

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas!!! ^_^

Merry Christmas!! Here's your present! I hope you guys like it! Oh, and I won't be checking many sites (if any) tonight or tomorrow, but Sunday or Monday I'll be updating from Alabama. God bless us, everyone!! ^_^

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Sorry I haven't updated!! Or checked out anyone's sites!! We got snowed in at our house for the past two days, and with my parents here, I wasn't able to get online for any length of time. Your Christmas present is almost done, and will be posted today or tomorrow. ^_^ I decided to take a Christmas break and not do a Japanese lesson; those things take about one to two hours to make, now that we're up to hiragama and katakana, so we probably won't be starting up till Jan again. Well, I g2g and finish this report that's due tomorrow, so I'll talk to you later! Merry Christmas!! ^_^

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Ok, what did I do today? Hmmm.... I made some of my Christmas presents for my friends and fam, I got half of my Brit. Lit. midterm done and sent off to my teacher, I sent in my poem to the Eragon poetry contest, I got Matt's present, I painted my box... Wow, I actually accomplished stuff today!! ^_^ I'm proud of myself. Oh, and I sent in a new wallpaper.
Unfortunately, I don't have enough avitars to do my Christmas present for you guys, so I'm gonna start it, and I'll finish it tomorrow, when more of you consent to my request. ^_^ Don't I sound evil? lol, I'm just kidding. Except I'm not. So if you want to be a part of my large myO Christmas present, I need your avitar! And thanks to all of you who have already consented to my request!
Q1:About how large is your personal CD library?
Q2:OMG, I forgot Japanese lesson on Monday, didn't I????? I AM SOOOOO SORRY!! I will have a lesson for you guys tomorrow!! I'm sorry!!!! Oh, question 2! Do you know anyone who's into this scrapbooking trend?
AQ1: Somewhere between 32 and 50. Most of those are burned. >_<
AQ2: Yes, my mom, aunt, and grandma are obsested. It's sick.
Ja ne!
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For more interesting content, check yesterday's post!

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Monday, December 20, 2004


Manga mood: Not sure: something
depressing. Maybe Escaflowne, maybe not.
Song of the moment: Stranded by Plumb (fits the mood a little bit, too. Or maybe not. Man, I'm indesisive...)
OK, this house is NOT big enough for three adults anymore. I need to breathe. I need freedom. And freash air. And time to myself. My Dad is driving me up a wall!! Grrr....
Anyway, I'm collecting avitars (see post below), and if I haven't gotten yours by the time I'm off the comp tonight, I can't include you. There may be some of you that I just take an inititive for, but you are few and far between, as I really don't want to offend anyone, and I'm better off just giving a warning. ^_^
Q1: Does Christmas shopping stress you out?
Q2: Are you done shopping yet?
Q3: Homemade gifts or bought?
AQ1: Yes. I have mental breakdowns because of Christmas shopping. To much to think about @_@
AQ2: Nope. I still have Mom, Dad, and Matt to buy for, and about 15-20 people's to finish making.
AQ3: Homemade gifts. ^_^ I think they have more meaning. My friend Heidi thinks its cheap to make them, so I do know the other side of it.
Ja matt ne!

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Sunday, December 19, 2004


Man, I wish this wouldn't keep being the topic of my posts!! X_X My life has been so darn busy, I can't believe that I even mangaged to get on tonight. And I own a lot of you BIG for not getting to all of your sites on Friday... my stupid brother got my mom to kick me off for him, and he didn't even really need to be on!!! Grrrr... OK, yeah, that sound selfish, but whatever. So, I want to make a Christmas present for you guys, but I'll need your help!! ^_^ I need you guys's permition to use your avitars for something. I won't use them if you don't want me to, But please say so in your post. If you do, I really need you to post and put up the avitars you want be to use. I will *hopefully* be collecting them tomorrow evening, so post if you want to be a part!
Q1: What flavor candycanes do you like?
AQ1: Fruit punch!! Yummy...

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Friday, December 17, 2004


Manga mood: MegaTokyo
Song of the moment: Your a God by Vertical Horizon (I know, another old song. I like living in the 90's.)
I'm sorry for the really lame post yesterday and not getting to your site!! >_< I've been really bad lately... I spent all of yesterday at my co-op at church, and over three hour practicing with my friends Hope and Stephan. And I though lessons with Hope's harp teach was bad!! At least this time I had Coke...
Yeah, so the performance was tonight, and it went really well. A lot better than at the nursing home. Which was good, 'cause the people at the church can actually hear you.
As for wallpapers, in the past few days I've put up a two new Inu-Yasha ones (one's the cherry tree one for inuyasha311 ;), a couple Magic Knights: Rayearth papers, and a MegaTokyo, 'cause I couldn't resist. I haven't gotten a new Furuba one up, but hopefully I will soon.I just need some insparation. ^_^
Q1: I can't remember what I have and haven't asked, so I'm asking you this: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Q2:Hot Chocolate, coffee, or tea?
AQ1: A musician, a novalist ;), or a missonary.
AQ2: Oh, why do I ask such questions of myself?? Coffee. Prefurably a mocha. But I love a three.
PS Oh, I forgot!!! They posted my art report on Clamp!! Didn't even tell me they were actually gonna put it up. Thanks to all of you who read it and liked it. ^_^ For those of you who haven't read it, if you have a moment, please do! Ja ne!

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Thursday, December 16, 2004


Congrats! You're the Hero of Time! You have a strong sense of justice and go out of your way to right a wrong. You are very patient and treat everyone with respect...no matter how much they annoy you. It's obvious you can hold your own in a fight, but because of your quiet nature, people tend to underestimate you.

Take the Which OoT Character are You? Quiz!

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