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Wednesday, December 15, 2004


OK, yes, this is a long post, but it's a true story. I hope you enjoy it!! ^_^ I'm soooo sorry about the pic for the lesson!! I've added it to the previous post.
My Crazy Monday Evening

kataryu= Kates
HeartofSword= Blaise

Sunday afternoon
Kates: Hey, what are you doing tomorrow night?
Blaise: Nothin', why?
Kates: Wanna go to Matt & Dan's basketball game?
Blaise: YES!!!!

Monday evening
Blaise's house
Kates: Blaise, where the heck are you?!?!
Blaise: Sorry 'bout that. Trever and Ethen and I were throwing caps into a fire in the garage!!
Kates: o.O Your mom let you start a fire in the garage?
Blaise: Nope, but I put it out, so it's ok.
Ethen's caps: popopopop
Ethen: Tell Matt to forget about Blaise's Polermerization!!! I want it!!!!
Kates: Whatever....

In the car
Mom: Hey, we're like, 20 mins earily! I'll just turn around here and- oops!! That's a cemetary!!
Kates: O.O You're not going in there, are you?!?!
Mom: Sure, why not? Cemetaries are fun to look around in!
Blaise: Sweet!!!!! Let's go for it!!!
Kates: Does anyone else in this car think that there's something just WRONG with this idea???
Matt: I do! I have a game to get to!! Besides, graveyards are creepy...
Mom: Hey, this is soooo cool!!!! It's so old!! Hey, look! That one's from the 1800's!! Let's read the tombstone!!
Kates: How 'bout not? (Has been creeped out by graveyard since Grampa died 8 years ago and she had to go

to a Catholic mass)
Blaise: Awsome!!
Dan: What does it say?
Mom: Oh, how sweet! The parents wrote a lament to their two dead children who died on the same day!!
Kates: Yes, touching. Now can we go?! (Only dead things she likes are mummies)
Blaise: What does it say??
Mom: *reads lament* Oh, it's so sad and sweet!
Matt: I think the car's right over their grave....
Mom: Alright, I think we need to try and find this place. Time to go!
Blaise: Phoowy.

At the game
Dan: Is that a warehouse?
Mom: Yeah. I wonder where the game is?
Coach: Right in there.
Matt: The warehouse????
Coach: Yup. Get inside you two, and start warming up.
Matt & Dan: *run inside*
Mom: K, we might as well go in
Kates: Blaise, can I take my new MegaTokyo books?!?! (Got them from Blaise for Christmas) Please???
Blaise: Not if you want to have a conversation.
Kates: Fine

Inside warehouse
Matt: No way. We have to play on cement? AND in our warmups????
Blaise: Your warmups?
Kates: Yeah. Someone from the school called up earlier and said they had to wear their warmups, 'cause the

opposing team is offended by men who show their legs.
Blaise: Oh, my.
Kates: Yup.
Blaise: What's the name of this school?
Kates: Temple Baptist
Blaise: Oh. Hey, where are we supposed to sit? There's no bleachers!
Mom: Um, I think the pews....
Kates: Pews? What kind of game is this?
Mom: One weird one.
Kates: The pews sit on the boundary line!!
Mom: Well, we'll just have to be careful!
Blaise & Kates: *talking about MegaTokyo*
Kates: Yeah, you know, the girl who throws the coffee pot at Piro's head?
Basketball: Wam!!!
Kates: O.O
Blaise: Ow, that was my head!!! Hey, I'm gonna count how many I get hit in the head with a basketball!!
Kates: OK...
Blaise: Um, is that the other team? They look like football players.
Kates: Yup.
Blaise: Why is he wearing a lite pink shirt?
Kates: Maybe he's gay.
Blaise: He's Baptist, he can't be gay!
Kates: Well, he's offended by seeing other guy's legs. Maybe he is gay.
Blaise: True.

Start of game
Teams: *come running out*
Kates: Why the heck do they have lite pink headbands?!?!?!?!?
Blaise: That's it, they're gay.
Kates: I've never seen a gay Baptist in my life.
Blaise: Me neither
Reff: Start game!!

Some short time later
Kates: What's with Bill?
Blaise: OMYGOSH, HE LOST HIS PANTS!!! At least he has his shorts on underneath...
Temple Baptist Wife: AAAHHHHH!!!!
TB Husband: SHEALD YOUR EYES!!!! It'll be ok, it'll be ok....
TB bench: *all look the other way*
Kates: I bet it's because the our team's pant snap up the sides. They come off easily.
Game: *starts back up*
Reff: Foul! Blue's ball!! No, other Blue!
Mars Hill player that Kates didn't know: *stands literally right infront of Blaise*
Blaise: Oh, what a veiw... hey, now I can count how many people's butts endup right in my face!!

Not a game minute later
Kates: Holy crud, James lost his pants in mid air!!!
Blaise: Oh, my...
Kates: Bill lost his pants again!!!
Blaise: Wow, this is one interesting game. They don't even score the points right. And that one tall reff is

Kates: Tommy lost his pants too!
Blaise: Hey, another butt in my face!!!
Kates: Yeah, and now that kid lost his pants too....

Second quarter
Kates: OK, the only people on our team who haven't lost their pants are Luke and Taylor....
Blaise: Hey, that's funny!! Luke and Taylor... you know, Luke Taylor...
Kates: Yeah, I know....... OK, I take that back, Luke just lost his pants.
Blaise: Why is everyone on that one side of the line but Taylor?
Mom: I think they've called a technical foul!!
Kates: Wow, I've never seen one of those! (Has been to many homeschooled/Christian school games)
Mom: Yeah, that means that one of the TB kids did something offencive.
Blaise & Kates: O.O
Blaise: The all holy TB kid did it?????
Mom: Yup.
Game: *starts*
Kates: James lost his pants again...

Third quarter
Blaise: Is that ANOTHER technical foul?!?!?!
Kates: It would appear so.
Blaise: Hey, how come Matt and Dan aren't playing?
Kates: Well, they're not starters, and I think Coach is scared for the little guys against the football sized gay guys.
Blaise: Good point. Why do you think their offended by guys' legs?
Kates: It must be a modisty issue. Maybe they think guys' legs can turn a girl on.
Blaise: o.O Don't know much about guys and girls, do they?
Kates: Nope. Um, that's a butt in my face.
Blaise: Hah!! Your turn!!

Fourth quarter
Kates: Hey, no one lost their paints!!
Blaise: Nope. Why didn't Taylor lose his pants?
Kates: Different brand. Not offical pants.
Blaise: Oh.
Mom: Hey, they're putting in Dan!!
Kates: Yeah, for the last 13 secs.
Blaise: Well, that's better than nothing.

End of game
Kates & Blaise: O.O
Dan: That was totally bizare.
Mom: At least you won!
Matt: I couldn't live with myself if we had lost. I'd have to commit suiside or something.
Kates: Oh, you wouldn't have had to do that. I would have killed you. ^_^
Blaise: I had one ball hit my head, and four butts in my face. You only had three. Hey, next time you're going to a

basketball game, call me, ok?
Kates: Are you sure of that?
Blaise Yep. I always need something interesting to post on myOtaku. ^_^

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I'm sooooo sorry guys!! T_T I haven't actually been home long enough in the past three or four days to get on. I'm really sorry!!
Of course, that means I have a lot to update you guys on!! And a new Japanese lesson for you, too! hehehe...
Well, the concert on Friday was ok, but I messed up a lot. Thankfully, it was only for a bunch of really old people who probably couldn't hear me anyway. :) The rest of these past few days has been spent going to practices, bball games, church, and Christmas parties. Blah, I made me kinda mad to not get on for so long... Oh, and I'll have to tell you abou the world's craziest basketball game that HeartofSword and I went to yesterday... but I think I'll save that for tomorrow. ^_^ I don't want to bore you.
Q1: Do have any Christmas traditions?
Q2: What is the top thing on your Christmas list?
AQ1: Well, not really serious ones, but we do go to Christmas Eve service at church every year, and we open one present on Christmas Eve. Oh, and when mom wakes us up at 5:30 :P on Christmas morning, we read the passage on Christ's birth before opening gifts. Kinda lame, traditions, but we do them anyway. ^_^
AQ2: Well, it's between DDR for Xbox and the stuffed Kyo cat I saw at Suncoast... I WANT THAT CAT SOOOOOO BAD!!! T_T
Ja ne!

*Japanese with kataryu-sensei*
Alright, starting this week, we're getting serious!! ^_^ From now on, you will get a list of sounds with their katakana and hirogama to memorize, as well as some vocab words that corrispond with the things that you learn that day.
Today, we're doing the vowals (can't spell English). I guess I should quickly go over how to pernounce double vowals and conconents. If you see a vowal with a line over it or if you see two vowals in a row, it's a double vowal. Hold out the vowal a second longer than usual. If you see two conconents in a row, pernounce them both seprately. Homework: find something writting in Japanese (can be a manga, manga scan, anything, really) and look for hirogama that you know. Say the sound out load when you see it. Alright, here's your worksheet!

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Thursday, December 9, 2004

   Once again...

My dad kicked me off last night!!!!! I can't take it!!!! But he can't tonight! Muhahahahahaha!!! OK, now that that's over... Yep, so practice went ok yesterday, but just ok... AND I PERFORM ON SAT!! Ugh. Anyway... about the wallpapers, you guys must be physicic or something with the MKR stuff, 'cause, I just did a couple (and I have a couple on the way) without looking at the last set of posts... o.O Bizzaro. OK, so here's my list for suggestions: MKR, Furuba, Inu-Yasha, Yu-Gi-OH!, and xxxHolic. The only reason I don't do more Inu-Yasha is 'cause there's soooo many on myOtaku that there's no way I can really compete... but I'll do it for you guys. ^_^
Q1: Do you listen to anime soundtracks? (Stupid question... 'course you do...)
Q2: What is your favorite class in school?
AQ1: Yes.
AQ2: Hmmmm... Music or English/Comp./Lit. I like history, Japanese, and art as well. ^_^

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Wednesday, December 8, 2004


Manga mood: Magic Knights: Rayearth
I'm sorry I didn't get around agian! :( I really ment to last night, but once again, my dad kicked me off for no reason... grrrrr..... So, I have harp and flute practice with my friend Hope this afternoon, for our performance on Sat. Another two hours of standing and nothing to drink! >_< Those who play the flute can relate... Anyway, I posted a new wallpaper, and I have a bunch on the way, too, for anyone interested. Well, that's it for the moment, I should be on agian this evening.
Q: What kind of wallpapers would you like me to make? (I'm a little low on ideas at the moment.)

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Tuesday, December 7, 2004


Sorry I didn't update Sunday or yesterday!!! I didn't get time. Actually, it's probably safe to assume that I won't update on Sundays... And yesterday, I was in the middle of updating, and my dad kicked me off!! >:( OK, not much has happened since Sat; we decorated the tree, and I went to Christmas in Killarny, a Christmas program my old dance studio puts on every year. It really made me miss Irish dance. :'( Yes, that's the same kind of stuff as River dance... Then tonight, my bros had a basketball game against their long-time rivals. Unfortunately, they were creamated. :( Oh, well, you can't win them all, can you?
No Q's today- my brian's dead!! Hey, why don't you guys suggest some? ^_^

*Japanese with kataryu-sensei*
Lesson 3 Hard Pernunciations

OK, these are the un-normal pernunciations in Japanese. The hardest ones are the ones dealing with 'R.' My suggestion: save the worksheet, practice saying things as described on it, then watch your fave anime in Japanese, and try saying things after they do. Or, which would work even better if you can do it, look in your media player for Japanese radio stations, and listen to them. The talkshow hosts are a little easier to understand then the actors sometimes. ^_^ Questions? PM or post! Ja ne!

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Saturday, December 4, 2004


I'm sorry I didn't get out yesterday: we had a pretty long day! So that means this will be a pretty long post....
OK, I have updates on both the job and Japan! Yay! The other day, my parents went to watch a friend sing at a pub (don't ask), and they ran into some old friends from our chruch (that haven't been there in years) who used to be missionaries in Japan!! They said they would get us in touch with some people from MTW (Mission to the World) to get the examination prossese going. It makes living in Japan so much more real to me. ^_^ I can't wait!
As for the job, I went to Borders today, talked with the manager some, and he said he'd look over my applicaiton. I hope it works out...
Last night, we went to our friend Issac's school performance of Much Ado About Nothing- my fave Shakespeare play! Of course, I had to sit with his little sister, Abby, who talked through the whole thing. And I had to sit behind this reaking hairy old dude who had his head right in my line of vision. *sigh* It took away from the experience. But the play was still good.
Q1: What's your favorite kind of weather?
Q2: Are you on medication of any sort. (Don't worry, I lost it a while ago....)
AQ1: Thunderstorms are my fave, though I really like all weather. I think I asked this already...
AQ2: I'm on an inhailer, though I don't think that counts.

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Thursday, December 2, 2004


Manga mood: Inu-Yasha
I'm just happy!! ^_^ No reason. Or maybe it's my music- Here We Go by Jason Gochin. Digimon soundtrack-- believe it or not, that sound track rocks. It's well worth it. No word yet about the job. I did get a phone call from one of the colloges, though. o.O They can be kinda freaky...
I'm wearing my new happy shirt... um... I played Shenmue 2 for like 2 hours... not much else happened today.
Q1: Do you ever write your own songs? And if you do, do you write the music to go with it?
Q2: What's the best game type?
AQ1: Yes, and yes. Though I'm not to good at it yet... ^_^
Q2: RPG, all the way, baby!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2004


Manga mood: CCS
I'm really sorry about the lame post yesterday and not getting to everyone's sites!! :( I was on a wallpaper craze, and submitted a couple new ones, including some Tsubasa papers. I know, I know, there's no Tsubasa catagory, but I was getting tired of waiting, so they're in the Crossover Anime section for anyone interested. ^_^ I also set a new record for myself as far as total downloads for a single paper in one day: 24 on the first day!! K, that may not be a lot, but it seamed like it for me... Anyway, I followed up on the aplication at Borders, and though I wasn't in the system (I did an online application), the manager was sooo sweet and said she would get someone to look for my name, and see if she could find an opening for me. I'm so happy!! ^_^ That was my first choice in jobs anyway.
Q1: Do you have a job, and if you do, where do you work?
Q2: What is your fave forum?
AQ1: Nope, but as you can see, I'm really trying!!
AQ2: I'm not sure; I'm registered at quite a few. Megatokyo, Go-Gaia, Fruity Group (if that counts), Zelda Zutto, Otaku.... It's hard for me to keep up at all of them and my myotaku site!! >_<

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hey, check out yesterday's post for some meat, if you haven't already!

What Video Game Type Are You?

What Shoujo Cutie Are You?
What Shoujo Cutie Are You?

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Monday, November 29, 2004


Well, I don't feel quite as bad as I did yesterday, or earlier, but that's probably because I have a Mountain Dew right next to me and I got the third Furuba on my desk... This is a short post, because I have a bunch of collage applications as stuff to fill out online. >_< I do have a Japanese lesson, though. Just no questions today. Sorry.

*Japanese With kataryu-sensei*
Lesson 2
Pernunciation Part 1
Japanese pernuciation (exscuse my spelling) is rather strait forward, though there are some things that can be hard for an English speaker (at least) to get their lips around. Today's lesson will just go over the easier stuff; next week will be some of the more challenging sounds. Homework this week: print out your worksheet, practice the sounds from worksheet 1 with the pernuciations described on sheet2; watch your favorite anime in Japanese, and try to say some of the words after them. You'd be suprised how much that can help! If you need worksheet 1, I've put a link ^_^ Any questions? PM me or post! Ja ne!

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