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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Your Lil' Anime Character
Real Name:
Fav. Color:
You are... an angelic warrior
Your hair & eye color is... Hair is dark blue n eyes are purple
Your special characteristic about you is... you are kind
You are known as... a Lord/Lady
And your weapon is a/an... boomerang
This cool quiz by Krazi_Kitsune - Taken 86 Times.
New - Help with love and dating!

the studious student. You are definitely pressured
and suffer from side effects from built up
stress. You are constantly occupying yourself
with books, studies, or some other hobby. You
feel squeezed in place and have litte movement.
Most of the time you are busy with work and
family, and would love to spread your wings and
relax. One like you needs to find a certain
time of the day to just sit and release the
tension. However, you are doing fairly well in
school, but that does not mean that you can
continue stressing yourself out. Take a
breather and head out with some friends.

You can consider going into a field like
librarian, polotician, journalist,
Archeologist, scientist, or lawyer. You have a
brain...NOW USE IT....but please...spare
yourself the pressure and create some down time
for yourself. Or develop a hobby that releases
tension, such as knitting (it worked wonders
for me)

What type of teenager are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
In your eyes, people see shards of ice
everywhere... You are cold and distant, pushing
away people that love you and truely care for
you! You want to be able to reach out and love
them but... You can't for some reason... You're
just too.... You :P Underneath that cold
exterior lies a warm, happy soul that wants to
let loose and have fun! Your sanctuary would
probably be anywhere up high where you can look
down on life below you, like the roof of an
apartment building... Your eyes resemble a
saddened, crestfallen person seeking out
attention, but doesn't know how to handle it.
However, you do find comfort from your friends,
they're always there for you, and they know the
REAL you :) Even though you do seem rather
cold, you can be very protective over something
you truely believe in or love. Let go of that
"tough" rep and just be you! It's
impossible to live life without some fun and
love ^-^

What Lies Behind Your Eyes? (With Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla
Hmmm... interesting... Do I come across as cold? I don't think I'm that smart, either...

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Manga mood:Um, hmmm... Clamp something or another. Probably Tsubasa.
Music: Some random awsome techno song. ^_^
OK, so much for updating on my life last night! -_- Stupid family movies... anyway, I'm sorry about confusing you guys (not sure what you were confused on, so that kinda left me confused, but, hey! we can all be confused together!!) and I sorry that the worksheet didn't show up! At least, it didn't show up to me. Did it show up for you guys? I'll post it again if it didn't! Well, I've gotten in contact (FINALLY!) with the Japan people, and I'm filling out my application! Weee!! I can't wait! I really think this is gonna happen, so I'm really excited right now. ^_^ Oh, and I finished painting my art project box, and it's really pretty! It's coved with sakura blossoms, and it says 'sakura' in kanji on the top. It makes me happy...
Q1: What do you think of when you see this word? Styraphom.
Q2: Where do you keep your money?
AQ1: Fire. >:D
AQ2: No, I won't steal it. Promise. Usually in my wallet, in the band, or ing my gold bath tub on my dresser. Don't ask.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


OK, I'm in a pretty good mood. I'm gonna post the lesson now, and update on my life tonight.

~*Japanese Lessons*~
with kataryu-sensei
Lesson 6
Ka: the spoken question mark

OK, did we go over this?? Well, never mind, we'll do it again! ^_^
Whenever you see or hear 'ka' at the end of a sentence, it is saying that someone is asking a question. Example: Soo desu ka? (Is that so?) -or- Kataryu desu ka? (Are you Kateryu?). Usually, you will hear a little bit of inflecion when they say this, but you might not. Homework: memorize worksheet, practice writing katakana and hirogama, read a manga written in Japanese and attempt to recongnize hirogama. (You usually won't see katakana, and the hirogama is always written next to the kanji, when there are kanji.) Any question? PM me! ^_^ I'll be happy to help! All older lessions can be found in my arcives, and there is an address at the top of my page that will send you to the worksheets. Oh, and please note: there will be a test at some point, so you can see how well you've been doing. Details will be posted later.

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Monday, January 17, 2005


Yes, I used the c-r-a-p word. (I don't do that unless extreemly fustrated- it's just not my persolity.) I'm really sorry I haven't been on all week, that was the mouse's falt. Thankfully, we got it replaced. However, mom decided to cancel my evening plans of finally checking my email and updating and doing general internet needs that I haven't been able to accomplish, JUST SO SHE COULD HAVE SOMEONE TO TALK TO AT MY BROTHERS'S STUPID BBGAME. As if there wasn't anyone there to talk to- she just didn't want to be social. So in other words, I'll get to as many sites tonight as I can in a half an hour's time, and tomorrow will consist of a very lengthy Japanese lession as well as an account of my past week. And it will get done if I have to lock my family out of the house in 0 degree weather. Doesn't sound too bad at the moment, actually! Well, thanks guys for being patiant with me, and I'll be by soon, I promise!

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


I HATE MY MOUSE!!!! First the moniter, now the mouse!! And unfortunately, the mouse is a lot more difficult to deal with, as it continuesly closes my internet explorer. We'll see how long this thing stays open. grrr.... Yesterday was a good day, though. I got Furuba vol. 4, some body splash, a light-up paper star for my bedroom, and a new hair cut!! It's layered and it's all flippy. The girl gave me bangs, too, which I haven't had in years. Their long bangs, and they look kinda funny, like an anime character. All of that and I beat Kingdom Hears: Chain of Mememories for GBA this morning.
Oh, but that's not the best part: my parents went out of town and left us on our own overnight. Yeah, I know, one night isn't very impressive. But it's a start for my mom. ^_^ So I guess other than the computer, everything else is going great! I will be attempting to get to other people's sites, but I'm not sure if the stupid mouse is gonna let me.

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Monday, January 10, 2005


STUPID COMPUTER!!!! *$%@#!!! It went and change the resolution from 600 by 800 or whatever to it's lowest setting, and it won't change it back!!! Which means I can't get into photoedit. And the moniter is giving me a headach, 'cause it'll only show 16 colors!!! And I don't know enough about computers to figure out how to change it back!!! Some thing complicated with the moniter's maker or whatever.... grrrr.... sorry, folks; no Japanese lesson 'cause kataryu has to go through a bowling ball at her totally UN-l337 b0x!!!!

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Sunday, January 9, 2005

   Sorry yet again!

OK, my dad has this new hobby: kicking me offline after only ten minutes. It takes about ten minutes for my computer to load myO. Which means that I can't update properly. So I'll update now, and check up on everyone tomorrow- as well as have a Japanese lesson ready. ^_^ I g2g now, before he realises where I am. Ja ne!

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Thursday, January 6, 2005


OK, we were without a phone line for 4 days!! 4 DAYS!!!! It totally sucked. No internet. No phoneline. I made me mad. But now that it's back, I can finally update, and hopefully get to everyone's siteS!! Yay!! ^_^ What else happened... lets see... I proved that I could play DDR and talk on the phone at the same time! That was interesting. Oh, and I got Inu-Yasha movie 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memeories the other day. I was greatly dissapointed by the Inu-Yasha movie- it was pretty bad. :'( Bu the game is good; I've almost beaten it already. Other than that, my life has been dull. Oh, tell HeartofSword happy half-birthday, as she doesn't really get to celabrate her regular birthday. Ja ne!
Q1: Have you seen Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Extended Version? And if you have, what did you think of it?
Q2: Milk: Skim, 1%, 2%, or whole?
AQ1: Yes, we have it. And it was better than the not extended version.
AQ2: 2% or whole- anything else is white water!! Ugh! :P

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Monday, January 3, 2005


My computer's being a butt. And so is my phoneline. So that means I can't talk long in this post, and I won't make it to people's sites. I'm really sorry!! Here's a quick lesson and a quiz for right now, hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Where do YOU belong?

*Japanese with kataryu-sensei*
Lesson 5
I really should change that to sempei... anyway, here's your sheet for today! A little note for you guys: when you're reading Japanese, sometimes you will see a -- thing after a character. This is one way of holding out the sound. Example: Ruu. I can write out an extra character, or I can put a dash after it, but it means the same thing, and you will probably see it written both ways.

Ja matta ne!

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Saturday, January 1, 2005


Happy New Year!! How is everyone? Not much happened since the new year started... I went to a party tonight at a friends house, and earned the right to call myself Soul Calibar II Queen!! Hehehehehee.... kicked all of my friends' butts, guys and brother (who also plays at home) included. ^_^ Ah, it does feel good to beat up on guys accationally... Sorry, guys! Anyway...
Q1: The big questions come out today: What did you get for Christmas??
Q2: What is your New Year's resolution?
AQ1: A stuffed Kyo!!!! ^_^ One of the last two in Cincinnati, thank you very much! And Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 for Xbox and the dance pad- that one made me really happy too. Other than that, Hello Kitty PJs, a hope chest (I wanted one), a sketch book and pencils, and money. Lots of if. ^_^
AQ2: To finish my geometry, graduate from high school, and make it to Japan. ^_^
Ja ne!!

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