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Sunday, April 24, 2005

   I'm sick :P

Manga mood: Don't know, and honestly, don't care
Music: Jpop of various types
Yep, I'm sick. More like allergies than anything else, but still, I feel like crap. Ugh. Anyway...
Thanks sooo much all of you guys for worrying about me! Not that I meant to make you worry, but it makes me feel loved. ^_^ And HeartofSword isn't mad at me (thank goodness!!!), we just kept missing eachother, and my bro Matt didn't give me my messages. -_-
Q1: Pick an anime soundtrack.
Q2: What's your favorite kind of cake?
AQ1: Why do I ask myself questions that I can't answer? (Or demand statements... whatever.) Probably .hack//SIGN, 'cause it's really Irishy. ^_^ But I really like Inu-Yasha and Fruits Basket...
AQ2: Either carrot cake (looove cream cheese frosting) or chocolate. Can't go wrong with chocolate.
Ja ne!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Manga mood: None, so shoot me.
Music: J pop
OK, short post! ^_^ Sorry I, once again, haven't been by! This week is sooo packed.
Sunday- gone all day for church
Monday- gone all day for co-op
Tuesday- gone all day for friend's dad's surgery
Wendsay- gone most of afternoon for flute
Thursday- gone all day for co-op
Friday- HOME ALL DAY!!!
Saterday- gone all afternoon for Senior Pics(yay!)
So goes the story of my life, and why I haven't been on for a week or more....
Bad news, I think HeartofSword is mad at me!!! :'( She won't call or answer my pms.
One question (sorry peoples!)
Q1: If you were to put something in a box with a key, what would it be?
AQ1: My heart. ^_^ (not the beating one, mind you)
Ja ne!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

   It's final!

Manga mood: Good question- probably Tsubasa, again.
Music: Random techno, with an emphisis on DDR Ultramix 2 songs.
It's offical: I'M GOING TO JAPAN!!!!!!!!! w007!!!! All I have to do is raise the funds. So why do I not have a happy mood? My heart's drowning at the moment, and the water's too cold at the moment for me to stick my hand in there and pull it out. It kinda just hit me- I'll be living in another country for a YEAR. Japan, at that!! So weird...
I saw Millenium Actress yesterday, and thought it was one of the absolute BEST animes I've ever, ever seen. Even better than Spirited Away (though I really do love Spirited Away!). Anyway...
Q1: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read/hear this word: blink?
Q2: If you could learn a forein language (other than Japanese ^_^) what would it be?
AQ1: 182
AQ2: Gaelic- it sounds sooooo cool, and it's less phonetic than English, if that's even possible!!! ^_^

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Saturday, April 9, 2005


Manga mood: Tokyo Mew Mew (I just finished the series- so cute!)
Music: Techno remix of Hikari (Kingdom Hearts Song)
Hey! This is a really quick hey, and I'm hoping to get on later tonight to check up on everyone. Well, I can safely say not much has happened today- it was a nice, lazy Saterday. ^_^ I really needed one, too!
Q1: Final Fantasy or Zelda?
Q2: An argument (not heated) on my favorite forum: which would win in a fight: Link or Inu-Yasha?
AQ1: Zelda, all the way. ^_^ I really do love FF, but I have a HUGE crush on Link. hehehe...
AQ2: Though I love Link, I think Inu-Yasha would probably win. I mean, Testaiga updates every other week, while the Mastor never updates, and Link's had that thing for a few ages.

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Friday, April 8, 2005


Manga mood: Megatokyo
Music: Techno
I'm sooooo sorry. I know, most of you have probably deleted me off your friends lists, and I don't blam you. ;_; I've been busy, and have actually had a little bit of a social life these past few weeks, or my Dad has been sending me to bed at 9:30 for no reason, like I'm ten or something (but I don't actually go to sleep till 12). Ugh, life can be sooo weird. Well, Japan is looking like it really will happen! My Dad's just pocrastinating for no reason. Other interesting news: we have two little mice living in our basement!!! They're so cute!! But my Mom's trying to kill them- she hates mice. It makes me sad.
No questions today- hopefully tomorrow! Ja ne!

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Saturday, April 2, 2005


Manga mood: Furuba (it's been a while!)
Music: Where Have All the Cowboys' gone?
OK, how weird can moms' get? My mom, at the last minute, popped a TON of schoolwork on me before I could go to Heartof Sword's house (bless her heart) for band practice, and then, like, takes more than half the load off of me after she blows up at me. I know none of that made any sense to you guys, but I guess it's kinda hard to explain. Anyway, thanks to all of you who stopped by and posted!!! ^_^ It means the world to me.
On a happier note, the Nagoya mission team in Japan already has a place for me to stay and a job for me, and my parents haven't even given the final yes!! I'm so excited! They really want me!! I might get to go to Japan for a year!!!!! Weee!!! ^_^ Anyway, please pray for me, that this might happen. Thank's guys!!
Q1: If you were to make a quiz for otaku, what would it be about?
Q2: I'm sure I've asked this, but coffee, hot chocolate, or tea?
AQ1: A Fruits Basket quiz. I've technecally already made one, but I need to resubmit it, due to a lack of information.
AQ2: Coffee. Though I totally love hot cocoa and tea. ^_^

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

HeartOfSword reporting for Kataryu

Hi, HeartOfSword here. Kates called me and asked me to leave you all a note from her because she's not able to update tonight. Here's what she had to say:
Guys, I'm sorry I can't get on. I will update Saturday hopefully. Please don't delete me from your friends' list! I will try to come by all your sites as soon as possible!
Or, that's the jist of what she said. Make sure you leave comments for her and she'll feel special. Wow, this is a weird post...

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Sorry I haven't been on! I'm soooooo peeved at my mom! Errrr- I just want to scream!!! *sigh* I'll explain later. I promise to update at some point today! And check everyone's sites! Ja.

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Friday, March 25, 2005


Manga mood: Canidate for Goddess (Very good, if you've never read it.)
Music: Techno. Any techno.
OK, I'm reeeeally sorry I haven't updated this week!! I've just been out of the mood. Not sure why, but I have. Maybe I need to find some new images for wallpapers, and I'll actually want to sit at the computer for two hours while it tries to load otaku. -_- Stupid dial-up. Anyway... Pokemon has, for some unknown reason, managed to resurect itself in our circle. Which really creeps me out. I mean, the Gameboy game's alright (especially since I've betten all of my other RPGs like, ten times over), so I guess I can stand it. But it's still creepy.
Q1: Do you have emulaters and roms on your computer? (I think I've asked this, but it's been a while.)
Q2: Which smiley do you use the most?
AQ1: Yes, a SNES, and visualboyadvance. I know, they're illigal, but hey... and yes, I DO own some of the games I have on the vba. Some. And at one point, I did own a SNES. OK, I'll shut up now, so you can't turn me in. ^_^
AQ2: ^_^. For some reason, it always pops up in whatever I type!
Ja ne!

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Monday, March 21, 2005


Manga mood: Tokyo Mew Mew (Don't ask- I just read volume 5 first.)
Music: Well, I was hoping for some Techno, but my computer's being a butt. :(
OK, not much to report. Dan. Matt and I have been playing Samurai Warriors nonstop, and it's awsome. ^_^ Too bad we had to take it back to Family Video. My friend Jamie just broke up with Austin the jerk, and I'm not sure weither or not to be happy or sad. She's taking it pretty hard, 'cause he's making it hard for her on purpose, but she's done some things in the relationship that weren't right either- like hacking into his Xanga site. -_- Oh, Jamie. Unfortunately, he's trying to break her using tactices that he's seen other guys use on her before in the past. It's really not fair, for either of them. I guess I'm siding with Jamie, though, because she's been my friend much longer, and I know from experience that Austin is a jerk. (He's the one who played me last year.) Anyway... it's pretty sad that my life's so boring that I have to resort to the lives of my friends for something to talk about. Oh, well. I'm too tired for questions tonignt, so ja ne!

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