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Thursday, March 17, 2005


What Does Your Guardian Angel Look Like::guys and girls:: by angel_drifter
Favorite Colors:
What Your Angel Looks Like:
Why Has Your Angel Been Guarding You:to help you find peace witin yourself
How Long Have You Been Guarded(years):2
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Got this one from Forlorn Hope. And yes, you need to read the other post too. ^_^

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Manga mood: MegaTokyo
Music: None. I'm in the library. Shhh!
OK, you guys can kill me, but please don't take me off of your friends lists!! :'( I promise I'll be better! My evenings and comp time have just dissapeared as of late, so I really haven't had the chance. And all of you people who signed my guestbook: I'll get to you too, I promise!
Hhmmmm, nothing new lately. I got the latest MegaTokyo book, but that's it. Well, I g2g for now and check out your sites! Ja ne!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005


Manga mood: None. DDR, if that counts.
Music: Heh, whatever's playing on anyone's sites. ^_^
OK, Japan update! I had my phone interview last week, and I've been approved!! That means I can go, if I just raise the funds. Other than that, not much else is going on around here. My bro's have their b-day party tomorrow, which means 17 sweaty teen-age guys monopolising my house, eating pizza and playing Halo 2. What could make them happier and me more desprite to get out?! Oh, well.
Q1: I'll be posting other's questions tomorrow; some questions from myself tonight. What was your first anime?
Q2: You can paint your room any color: what is it?
AQ1: Ummmm... Transformers, Beast Wars, Pokemon, or Samuri Pizza Cats. Can't remember which I watched first!
AQ2: White. Everything goes with it!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   I'm back...

Manga mood: Canidate for Goddess (I just got hooked this past week or so.)
OK, I'm back from htmling- and it was pointless. Yes, I figured it out for the most part, and technically the code is ready to go up, but stupid GEOCITES won't post it right. >:( Which means that I either have to completely redo it, or I have to use a different site. I have an angelfire acount, but I don't use it. I may do that if I can remember the password...
Anyway, I promise to do check-ups, questions, and my Japan trip follow-up tomorrow when my dad isn't kicking me off. ^_^ Thanks for understanding, guys! Ja ne!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005


I'm gonna have to take a week-long break from Otaku so that I can pull my site together. At the moment, I'm attempting to teach myself some basic html, so that my site can look as professional as possible. ^_^ But I promise to be back asap, and I'll absolutely be back next week. Thanks guys for understanding! Ja matta ne, and take care!

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Saturday, February 26, 2005


Anime mood: .hack//sign. Even though I've only seen it like, twice, and that was about 2 years ago; I just got the soundtrack out of the library, and it totally ROCKS!!! Hooked now. And for some reason, the music makes me want to play Sudeki...
Music: Vanity by Yuki Kajiura
Well, I guess I do have a bit of a social life! I went to IHop with a bunch of my preppy/jocky friends (who all hate/lack interest in anime/mangas), and while we were there, a group of girls walked in, and the one who was wearing the Cowboy Bebop shirt pulled out a Trigun manga from her Neko-sama bag!! I was going nuts! I just wanted to run over there and ask her were she got her bag, what volume she was reading, and where she got her shirt. But the peer pressure was just too much. Oh, well; it looked like volume 3 (the little series: not the new big ones), I saw the same bag at Suncoast, and she probably got the shirt online.
After the IHop insodent, we went to the mall, and at Media play I found the Yuki rat hats with the cute little ears, and found MegaTokyo volume 3!!! WEeeee!! It's out!! :3 After that, we went to see Series of Unfortunate Events at the cheap theatre, and loved it!
Now for my lack of a social life update: as of 2:00 pm yesterday afternoon, I have not seen a living human soul, and it's now 10:35 am today! I'm going nuts!! That's why this post is so darn long!!! AHHH!! I should probably go call someone...
Q1: From Pockystix: what's your favorite Clamp manga?
Q2: From Nikorasu: what's your favorite online comic, and if it's MegaTokyo, what your other favorite?
AQ1: Tsubasa, defenately. It rolls all of them in together!! ^_^
AQ2: Well, it is MegaTokyo, and I haven't read another web comic in, like, three years. The other one that I started but got intimidated by was this awsome FF comic where the guy took screenshots from FF3 or something and made the comics fromt the screenshots. It was totally awsome!
If you guys have anyother questions for later weeks, feel free to post them! Ja ne!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Manga mood: MegaTokyo
Music: Whole New You ~ Shawn Colvin
Sorry I haven't been by!! :( I really don't mean to neglect you guys. Things just tend to get busy when I don't want them to. Anyway...
Not much has been going on. I've been working on my new site, but that's about it. :/ Sorry to not have anything more interesting to say! Been on a MegaTokyo string lately... Largo so totally rocks. ^_^
Questions from you guys!! (I think I like this new system!)
Q1: This question is from Sailor Firestar! What CLAMP character would you most like to see in Tsubasa and why?
Q2: From inuyasha311: What's your favorite anime?
AQ1: Hikaru from Magic Knights Rayearth, because they seem to be pulling a lot of paralles between her and Syouran. I want to see the two of them work together. ^_^
AQ2: AHHHHH!!! I can't choose!!
:( Um... at the moment, I think it's Wolf's Rain. Weird, huh?
Well, ja matta ne! I'll check sites tonight when I get on!

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Monday, February 21, 2005


Manga mood: None
Music: 3 Doors Down Landing in London
I'm kind of blah today, and I can't spend much time online, so this will be another short post. Hey, I know I just did this recently, but why don't you guys come up with some interesting questions for me? ^_^ I'll post them throughout the week for you guys to answer. Well, I g2g, ja ne!

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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Sorry this will have to be short and sweet today!
You are a flute. You are social and like to take
your chances. You like to spread your wings and
expirience new things. You are high in spirit.
You also like to talk to many people about your

(BEAUTIFUL anime pics) What is your soft toned intrument?
brought to you by Quizilla
Here is the link for my site (see post below), if you want to check it out:
Ja matta ne!

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Friday, February 18, 2005


Manga mood: None at the moment!! Can't believe it...
Music: 3 Doors Down: Leave Me (Just got the CD today!!! ^_^)
What did I do today? I spent the day shoe shopping!! What did I buy? Nothing!! Well, nothing shoe related. And now I'm magerly behind in my schoolwork, but hey! I had a good time. :) I'm really sorry I haven't been around this week; I haven't had much time online, and what little time I've had has been put to the production of my new web page! That's right, I'm endevering to make my own site, bringing together all of the best manga translation sites on the web. Heh, wish me luck. I'll try to get to as many sites as possible tonignt, but I'm not sure I'll get to everybody. Sumimasen!
:( Anyway...
Q1: Do you have your own site, other than myO?
AQ1: Well, now I do. :)
Answers to your questions:
Shinigami: Hmmm, either in Fairfield, Morrow, Virginia, or Oklahoma. (I live in Ohio, and Fairfield and Morrow are kind of around where I live.)
Faroe: Nope, but you can be my belated Valintine! ^_^
Ja matta ne!

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