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Monday, February 14, 2005


Manga mood: Don't know... does DDR count? Guess not...
Music: Um, whatever; I just listened to Avril, and now I'm on 3 Doors Down...
Not much is up. Nothing down, really, but not much up. I'm Valentineless, but I'm not upset or depressed or anything. I guess I'm just in a 'la' mood. Which means I ramble. Just like I'm doing. Heh. No one took the quiz. -_- Guess that was a mager waste of time. Got out a new manga today, something 'Ai' (not Ailoveyou), and it was strange. Loved the art, but the main character was basically a hooker, and I didn't like her much. I did submit some new wallpapers, but nothing else really happened. Well, I'll stop rambling for now. ^_^ Sorry for wasting your time!! Ja ne!
Q1: Can't think of one.
Q2: Is it raining where you are?
AQ1: Make one up! ^_^
AQ2: Yep, on and off. I like the rain, but the gray clouds are starting to get to me. I need chocolate.

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Friday, February 11, 2005


Manga mood: Fushigi Yugi
Music: Um, yeah, um, still Echo Image ^^' Addicted.
Yes, they got the application, but I forgot somethings on the refrences!!! AAAHHHH!! Now I look like an idiot. *o.o* Anyway, I went through all of my books today, and found I had quite a few extra copies of Weithering Hights, Jane Eyre, Alice in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass than I though! Alice in Wonderland was my favorite book when I was little. Happy memories!
Oh, and thank you sooooo much Cherri!!! I abosolutely loove it!! *Jumps around the room*
Q1: What was your fave book when you were little?
Q2: What was your fave movie when you were little?
AQ1: Um, well, I just said it. Though I liked Secret Garden too. And I had a strange obbsession with Animorphs...
AQ2: Sadly, Aladin. I hate it now; I've watched it too much.

*Japanese With kataryu-sensei*
Test 1
Finally, here it is!! Rules: no cheating! You've had more than enough time to study, I want you guys to do it by memory. Now, I will give you a grade, but because this isn't a really class, it can't go on you transcript, sorry! The grade is simply for your own benefit, so you can know how you are doing. ^_^ Just PM me your answers next the the question number, and I PM what you got wrong/right and your grade back to you!

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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Manga mood: Something Shonen Jumpish...
Music: Skulk by Echo Image (again!)
Well, here I am. Not much has happened; co-op didn't get canceled, and I got my application sent off. I can't wait to hear back!! ^_^ My pastor's wife, who went to Japan for a summer, gave me some Japanese Rosetta Stone curriculum to use, and if you know anything about Rosetta Stone, it's the best of the best forign language stuff out there, and it's very expencive. Speaking of which, I still owe you guys a quiz, don't I? I'm sorry!!! Anyway...
Q1: Take your pic: take out the trash or do up dishes. Which would you rather do?
Q2: How often do you play Dance Dance Revolution?
AQ1: Dishes. I don't have to go out in the snow. >_<
AQ2: As often as possible! About once a day or so. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
Ja ne!

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   Sumimasen! Again!

I'm so sorry for not getting on eariler! I promise I'll get on this evening and tomorrow and make sure to check up on everybody. :( Please forgive me! Good news: the application for Japan just went out! Yay! And I just now realized I spelled 'application' wrong on the email... shoot...

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Saturday, February 5, 2005


Manga mood: Tsubasa (I found a great manga translation site!!)
Music: The new 3 Doors down song!! Um, what's it called...
Heh, um, yeah, I, once again, owe you guys a HUGE apology for not updating. And checking everyone's sites. And not posting the test (heh, well, you can study more *evil grin*). I really tried the other night, but my internet service wasn't loading myO properly. In fact, it's still not. Thankfully, my mom is talking about getting Zoomtown!! (High speed in our area.) So it should be easier to get online, and more often, and without getting caught!! ^_^ Anyway... I've kinda gone on a writting-songs-playing-guitar run, which hasn't happened in, what, four years? So it's been kind of interesting. HeartofSword and I are kind of starting a band (I mean, um, HER band), and I think between her and my brother, they managed to get me playing again. Unfortunately, that means my flute suffers, and my friends Hope, Erin, and Steve want me to play flute with them. @.@ Oh, well, I guess I can't please everyone. ^_^
Q1: If you could play any interement, what would it be? (If you already play something, pick another insterment you would want to play.)
Q2: Shojo or Shonen? Anime or manga?
AQ1: Well, I have a whole bunch, but the two tops are harp and violin. It would rock to play the violin. And I have a fantesy book trilogy that I love in which harps play a HUGE, cool roll. And they sound pretty.
AQ2: Hmmmm, I really love them both!! I think I tend to like Shojo more, but I love a TON of Shonen too. I preffer mangas to animes, 'cause I can read them in my room. Not that I don't loooove animes, it's just easier to enjoy mangas privately. ^_^

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005


They're gone!! *dances around the room* OK, ok, that's pretty mean, I know, but I can get online! And I have my room back! And no one's asking me what to wear and then ignoring my opinion! ^_^ It makes me happy... Anyway, thanks sooo much you guys that stopped by when I didn't get to your sites! I'll be doing sites tonight sometime, after I go apply to Starbucks. Test shall be Thursday, for those of you interested in the Japanese lessons.
On a totally different note: (ok, that was all on totally different notes) I got two really cute pleated skirts from Forever 21! One's black and one's gray, and now I can use them to cosplay! OK, that wasn't supposed to rhyme... I'm also thinking about submitting an articale on MegaTokyo, in hopes of bring up the fan numbers on myO. ^_^ Should be fun... All right, I'll shut up for now.
Q1: About how many mangas do you have?
Q2: How many cousins do you have?
AQ1: About 10 or so. I only paid full price for, like, 3 of them. ^_^
AQ2: Four, but I've never met them, and they're not blood relations. Very confusing.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

   House Guests

Yeah, that about says it. We have three extra kids right now staying with us for five days, and it's driving me up a wall. One of them is a 13 year old girl whom thinks that she must talk to me about how she looks every waking hour of the day. ARRRGGGGEEE!!! This will probably be the only time I'll get to update till they leave, and my dad has limited my time on the comp to 45 mins, so I won't be able to get to peoples sites today! Sumimasen!! :'( I have a Japenese lesson, though for those of you interested. Good news: I got Tsubasa 4!! ^_^ So I had a ton of fun reading it and finding the Clamp School Detectives in it. Well, I g2g, so here's your lesson, and ja matta ne!
with kataryu-sensei
OK, this week, memorize the worksheet, try writing the katakana and hirogama from this week and the past weeks, watch an anime in Japanese, and try reading a manga in Japanese (it's ok if you don't know quite what they're saying, as long as you can recognize some of the symbols). Next week will be a test covering the past four lessons. If you have any questions, pm me! I'm here to help!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Manga mood: Wolf's Rain, again.
Music: Skulk by Echo Image
Sorry, no lesson today, either. Dad forgot to pay the water bill, and so we were without water. Most of the day was spent out of the house, shopping, so that if we had to go to the bathroom, we could. Sorry for that image. ^_^ Anyway, I'm working hard on my Japan application, but it's ten pages long, and that's without the three or four page-long essay questions they ask you. >_< It may take a while...
Q1: Do you like where you live?
Q2: Do you download music from the internet? (sorry for the lame questions! My mind's not working...)
AQ1: Yeah, I like where I live, but I'm not too fond of my overall scocial group, so a change in location might be good.
AQ2: Sometimes, but not often. If I got caught by my dad, I wouldn't be talking to you guys again. ^_^ Ja ne!

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Monday, January 24, 2005


Manga mood: Wolf's Rain (the sky is so clear, and the full moon over the crystel-white snow calls for a wolf's cry...)(sorry about that- I can get poetic every now and again)
Music: Shw Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
Yeah, so I submitted my wallpapers, only to have over half of them deleted due to plagarism. Not that I stole anyone's ideas or wallpapers: my guess is that someone else had a simalar picture in theirs, and therefore mine was void. Oh, well. At least my fave was left up. So my co-op started up again, and therefore school is getting heavy again. The benefit: I'll be able to get updated more often! Oh, and I found out that my band won't be meeting this simester. which makes me really sad. :'(
Q1: Alright, I want to make a wallpaper baised on She Will Be Loved, but I need a good anime for it. And one that has a scene with a guy in the rain. Any suggestions? (Sorry if you've never heard the song before!)
Q2: The power question: what kind of powers would you have if you had any?
Q2: I think I would want to fly. Angel-like wings would be preferable. ^_^
P.S. Japanese will be tomorrow. Sorry!!

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Thursday, January 20, 2005


Manga mood: Magic Knights: Rayearth (I made a whole bunch of wallpapers for it today, but I can't put them up till tomorrow! Grrr...
Music: My mello music playlist
Not much happened today. We got snowed in, so that was pretty good. The snow is pretty, and thankfully, I was actually in the mood for it. Ususally by this time I'm dying for Spring. The downside: it's cold. Very, very cold. Brrr.... Feet freezing...
Q1: What's your fave season?
Q2: What's your fave food?
AQ1: Once again, some really lame questions. Fall/autumn. I was born in November, and I like the colorful leaves. ^_^
AQ2: Why do I ask myself these stupid questions??? Um... Probably either Cincinnati style chili (Skyline- if you've never had it, believe me, it's an experience!) or Chocolate.

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