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Hiya every one. Welcome to my site. If you don't know me, here are a few things about me. I have "come out of the closet" if you know what I mean. And I am a huge HUGE peach fanatic. ^^ You know, Princess Peach Toadstool from the Mario bros? Yeah, her. Well I really think she is cool. And so is the rest of the Mario series. I might be a little obbsesed. =P

Oh, and just to tell you, I am a GUY, my peachy-ness is always confusing people. =P Oh, and I am not really girly either, don't let my site confuse you! =D You really just have to get to know me first.

And the music you hear is Princess Peach's theme tune. Its her Castle song. This perticular version is from the game Mario 64, which is really good. ^^ And the Mushroom borders on my posts, well I have to thank Ittoshi for helping me make them, look at the bottom of my page for more info. :)

So please sign my guest book if you happen to be reading this much on my site, and please fell free to coment. And I also love getting PMs too, so if you want to talk, I am your person! I just love hearing from all you guys! :D

Peach out!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


hey guys XD lol. long time no talk? I am sorry I dont post here very offten, I have like three or four blogs lol. but I still love you all. and here I am poping in to say hi again. hmm, so how is every one? I am suprised that after all the time I have been away I still have a high ranking lol. I am like 700 and something. hehe. but aaanyways. not to much has been up with me. just this and that.... yes I know I am boring. but I am more interested in hearing from you guys. and omg BlackFrost is going to leap off his chair and tackle me when he finds out I posted here again lol. hes always bugging me XD "Peach, go back to Myotaku" "PEACH GO POST THERE NOW" lol. I guess I needed a push like that. XP


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Thursday, November 24, 2005


lol, hey guys. I like don't come here any more XD aww, I miss all you guys ^^ but sadly this is just a quick stop by my site =) I wont be posting again for a while =/ but I thought I would just have a quick HIIIIII to all you guys ^^ and sorry about the people that signed my guest book and I didn't yours.... and right now I really don't know whos I have signed and which ones are new XD LOL well I hope you guys are ok. things are good with me ^^ I had a boyfriend not to long ago, but he dumped me for his ex ;_; but I am over that now, ^^ see you guys around I hope ^^


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Friday, May 20, 2005

   Just a quick post!!

hehe, I can't talk long, my aunt will be here ANY second. so I have to make this quick!

but this weekend will be so fun, my aunt is really cool, though I am not in the best of moves, my step dad has been acting all cruddy, he was threatening me with stuff and I just don't like him at all. >.> so hopefully my aunt cheers me up. and I wont be able to post until like monday night, because of you know, my aunt. ^^ but I'll talk to you guys soon ok? I'll still look at my PMs :)


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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   I just had to post

Hey guys! I just had to post right now :D its great to be back... becuase I kind of left as you can tell... o.O and I am all mad at my self I left you guys like that. -_-

but its great to talk to you guys again. :) nothing big happened today, but last night I was watching Angel with my mom, I am watching the 1st season over again, =P but its my mom's first time, then, I am going to watching it with my buddy frost. theeeeen, I am going to watch it again by myself.... again. XD like I said. I am too much of a fan. and I am still waiting for that sound track... >.> its taking to long, although I only ordered it like a day ago XD hmm, maybe I should make some Angel smilies, like my Peach ones XD eeee, although I didn't make my Peach ones >.>

but aaaaanyway, I'll talk you guys later!

Peach out


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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

   Just Peachy

Hi guys, ^^ I am not dead or anything, heh heh, sorry for the long silence, but this little peach has been busy, and I think I can start posting here again :D I missed you all ^^

but I guess I can tell you some things that have happened. first off I AM GETTING THE ANGEL SOUNDTRACK!!!! woo! it came out yesterday, and I ordered it off Amazon.ca I sooo can not wait to get it. hehe, I am such a die hard fan =P

Oh, and my aunt and her family is coming over this weekend, they are staying at my house and I can't wait to see them. my aunt is really cool. =D so we will have a lot of fun :)

but yeah, I missed you guys. ^^ and sorry for not being here.


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