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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   My party!

Hey guys. ^^ Today has been a long day, let me start off from say, yesterday(saturday) morning. well first my buddy Frost phones me at like 9:00 in the morning. >.< he loves to wake me up on week ends. XD sheesh, well any way, we were talking for a bit, just waiting for the party and such, random talk. and after he had to go, about an hour later, I went back to bed. hehe, I usually get up at 11:00 so I needed some sleep! but then at like 10:30 my friend Julia phones! XD ahh. well she just phoned asking a few questions about the party. so we talked for a bit too. then after she had to go, I decided to get up. -_-

so I just cleaned up the basement and my room and stuff again, getting everything ready and then at about 2:30 me and Frost went to get Julia and went to go rent some games from block buster for the party! =P so we were at block buster for a while, got some games, and Frost rented the anime X so that we could watch it. he really likes it. I think its cool too :) and I learned how to play a song of there on my key board. thats what I do all the time after I hear a song enough times =P

so anyway, at 5:00 Ju came to the party abd we were all there. ^^ we had a blast! and you have to hear this!!! Ju got me an awsome card, it had an orange bandana in side and a gay pride bracelet that she made! XD I was soooooo happy, it matches my wrist band and belt. hehe. and also, $20, but I tried to give it back to her >.> I don't like taking money from people! but I ended up taking it. ^^ aaaaand, Ju got me something else but she forgot to bring it >.< she downloaded all the eppisodes of Angel for me! OMG I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN SHE TOLD ME THAT! I own my life to her now! but also, in the card she gave me, she had a pic of harley in it, glued into the card, Harley is from the comics, Boy meets boy, she loves them too. and then a personal message, which was very touching. ^^

so yeah, we just played games, and talked all night, and every one went home at about 10 and Frost stayed the night. and we didn't do to much, but it was fun. ^^

so then today I just had to baby sit and clean up the shed in the back yard, I have to do a lot of cleaning huh? and my weight tranning starts in a few days! I can not wait, like I said before. I hope I meet some one. :) *is starting to feel a little lonely* :(

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Friday, April 29, 2005

   Getting ready

hey guys. ^^ today has been fine. I am doing a lot of cleaning today and just getting ready for the party tomorrow. :) so I have to clean up my room and basement so that every one is not wading though junk =P hehe, so yeah, ^^

hmm, well I still have some school to do today. bleh, so I guess I had better go and do that... -_- but I hope every one had a great day! and I'll talk to you guys later :)

peach out!


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Thursday, April 28, 2005


hehe, hey guys. ^^ now first, a few things, Vamp, don't you steal my cake XD and monkeyOrange, *hands her a piece of cake* there. ^^ its strawberry shortcake. yum. :D and Frost, *hands him a crum* =P I ate the rest, sorry XD and to Ju, hmm, thats what I need at my party, a dancer =P hehe, I wonder what my mum would say XD

heh, but today has been SO awsome so far. :D ok, first, my mum said that I can skip school today!! how cool is that? =D and I got some gifts too, a new computer moniter, its from Dell and is really cool looking!!!!! my old one was broken so I kind of needed it =P and I got a new keyboard for my comp too. hehe, the old one was sooooo dirty. >.< bleck. also, I got a NES and a bunch of games!!!! I am collecting old games like that so it really helped my progress. ^^ and I also got some DVDs. :)

and one last thing to top it off. my magazine came in the mail today! XD what are the chanses of that? hehe, Today has been ubershibby. :)


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   o/~ Happy Brithday to me o/~

hehe. :) today is my birthday!! woo! I am 16 today and wow, took long enough, heh.

So today I am eagerly waiting for some gifts from my parents, and then later tonight... CAKE!!!! O.O hehehe.

and I'll be sure to let you all know what I get :) and then on saturday my party :D

but nothing had really happened yet today so not much to post! but expect to hear something from me later!!!! peach out!


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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   Grrrrrr @ computers!

hehe, sorry I couldn't post until now! =/ my comp has been having troubles. >.< so I got on as soon as I could. :) so how is every one today? things have been just fine for me, though I have been kind of tired today, heh. and I went out woth Frost today and we were looking at kittens and stuff becuase he is going to get one! that will be so cool. though we didn't see any kittens becuse every one was out >.> great huh? but we still had fun. :D

I also went out with my step dad becuase my mum wanted some time alone, so we all went out, even my little brother, who is the reason my mum wanted to be alone XD but yeah, se we all just went to hang around the mall.

Oh, and now that I have set up my basement and such for a game room, my mum is starting to play video games again! woo! though she likes to stick to the sega games. heh. shes an old schooler. she cant play the "new" 3D games, oh well.

but thats all I have to say! peach out!


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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

   Hehe Angel

heh, I couldn't think of anything else to put as a title XD

but anywho, I'll try and get a post on here every day again :) and they wont be as long as last times, I promise, I was so sick of typing after that. wooo. so yeah, I don't even know what I can say right now. I out talked myself o.O

hehe, well nothing really happened yet today, I cleaned up my basement a bit today for my party, its all set up as a game room! hehe, it will be so fun :)

well, I think thats all I will say right now, I'll give you all a brake after yesterday. XD peach out!


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Monday, April 25, 2005

   I AM BACK!!!!!!

HI GUYS! IT IS SO AWSOME TO BE BACK! and we must thank Ittoshi for helping me make these borders!! aren't they like soo cool! :D *hugs them to death* hehe, well anyway, prepare your self for the longest post in my site history hehe, becuase I have A LOT to say right now! :D

Ok, so lets start on Friday. On friday night I went out with John(my step dad) and we went out and got that huge TV, its 32" and wow it looks huge o.o wow. so thats now set up in my house and I love that to death too *hugs it* hehe. But we are not getting that fo-ton thing, (couch bed) becuase my parents ran out oh money... whoops huh? but thats ok. ^^ the tv is awsome.

Ok, so then I slept over at my friend's house (Glacial Drake's) and we rented a game for his X-box, which is called "unreal championship 2" and wow is it ever awsome! XD I love the character Brock. he is so cool. hehe. but yeah, we were playing it all night, when we were not watching the anime X though, which we also rented. XD X is a greay anime. so we watched the second disk, or eppisodes 4-6. and yeah, it was great! though we are still getting into it and learning all the names and such. =P but thats ok.

Now then, after I woke up and played Unreal championship with Frost(glacial Drake) I had yo go home. but on the way home I bumped into a group of people I knew from "scouts" >.< though I avoided them, it was still odd seeing them o.O so yeah, I got home and rested a littlw while, becuase my parents left for the day, so I just lounged around and such, but then at three my grandpa came to pick me up, becuase him and Karen(my step grandma) were going to a wedding. ^^ so I had to babysit my little cousin Jordan, though now technacly he is my uncle >.> well enough of the weirdness...

So I was babysitting Jordan and all we really do is watch TV and play video games. so its pretty easy. and wow, they have this HUGE tv, its this huge wide screen flat plasma thing. O.O but we went out for pizza, becuase there is a "little ceasers" right by their house so yeah, we went for pizza and slurpies. BUT, on the way there there was this little old lady walking this HUMUNGO dog... and it had this little teeny tiny musle on, but that didn't stop it from bitting. Oh no. so yeah, we walked by the dog and as soon as it saw us it attacked us!!! I was pretty freaked out, but it was paying more attension to Jordan and bit his leg. sooooo. after getting away from the dog, we went back to the house and I washed up his wound and put disinfectant on it and such. but it was a pretty freaky experience for him =/ he is only like 10 you know. but yeah, after my grandparents got back from the wedding at like 12:00 I had to stay the night though I didn't want to because I was going out tommorow in the morning. >.< but I had to. so I slept in "robert's" room, which is karens son, so I guess he would be like my uncle, but what ever, he was away. but before I went to sleep Karen gave me this present she had lost and was going to give me on my last birthday =P it was just a necklace and keychain. but they are pretty cool.

Sooooo, after I got up, about 8:00, I was driven home and I had to phone Frost becuase we were going out with Ju to the womens show. so we quickly made plans and ran out of the house, and I barely got to see my parents before I was off again, but Frost and I took a bus and train and yada yada yada and we met Ju after a little weight down town. and I don't think we will ever meet there again, since there was a bunch of homeless people and crack heads where we were o.o *hides*

but yeah, so then we took annother train and made it to the womans show! but guess what, Frost stared to chicken out. -_- but I dragged him in after like 10 mins. so then we started to make out way around. The show was just a bunch of booths and shows and stuff but it was so much fun! we got a ton of samples and free stuff and watched people dance and there was a fashion show and just so many booths. oh, and I entered a couple draws. hehe. ^^ but when we were watching the dancing. there was this really cool guy. :D and he acctually looked at me a couple of times, and even smiled at me. XD hehe, I was so happy!!!! I was going to go talk to him but I couldn't find him again >.> *sobs* he was so cool. :) oh, and did I mension he was around my age and pretty good looking. =P

well, after spending a few hours in the show, we went to a mall near by and just hung out and I bought that game I wanted, Mario Sunshine. ^^ so I am finishing off that game. Oh! and I also got that silver coloured controller I wanted too a few days ago! so I am all ready for the party! yay!

but yeah, after the long day I made it home and I was POOPED! I was to tired and my feet hurt and I was just going to collapse. o.O but it was so fun.

Oh, and I think it was yesterday, my mom went out and she bought me a GIFT! yay, and you know what it is? ITS AN ANGEL MAGAZINE! THERE IS AN ANGEL MAGAZINE!!! AND ITS STILL BEING MADE!!!!!!!! hehe, I sooo have to subscribe! I love it soooooooo much! *hugs it to death too* hehehe, and it came with a poster!! yay!

well thats about it. and can you say WOW? that was such a loooooooooooooooong post. but if you leave a comment and say the word peachy-poo, so I know you read this far. hehe, I WILL SO LOVE YOU FOR EVER! (yes I know that sounds fammilier doesn't it mitz? =P) but yeah! I am happy to be back, and I'll make sure my next posts are not as big XD so peach out!


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Friday, April 22, 2005

   I will be gone for a little bit

Hey guys. ^^ don't mind the emoticon, I am not really "crying" sad, but I am sad.

I will be gone until monday or tuesday. becuase I have a reall really really busy schedule right now. ^^ I said most of the things I am doing in my last post, but I found something esle I am doing now XD hehe

Well I am going to be sleeping over at Glacial Drakes house tonight, and then I have to be back at my house early so I can get all washed up and stuff, so that I can go to my grand parents house to babysit for the day, and possibly the night, so I might sleep over there. and then I have to be back at my house again, early because I am going to that womans show with Ju and Glacial Drake. ^^ so then I will be back home in the early evening so I will take my rest, but theeeeeeeen. on monday I have school and have to go out with my step dad to go around town and pick up some new funiture we bought. O.O

so yeah, pretty busy, but thats the new thing I found out! FURNITURE! we bought a new 32" TV and are getting a fo-ton(I think thats how you spell it), those couches that turn into a bed, well yeah. ^^ and now my basement will be like a tv room with games and stuff. :D woo, just in time for my party! so that will be so much fun!

but I will miss you guys. ^^ I might be able to get back here for PMs and stuff, but I wont have any time for annother update until Tuesday!! So I'll see you all then! *big huggles* bye :D and peach out ;)


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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   I am a busy busy man.

Hey there guys! I know I missed a post yesterday, but thats ok, some times I just have nothing to say. =P but I do now. :D

Like I said, I am a busy busy man, or at least I am going to be one for the next little while. XD ok, first off, my friend Ju, wants me and Glacial Drake to go to the womens show thats going to be on, on april 24th. so we are going to that, :D and it will be pretty funny, me being a guy, going to a womens convention, but hey, its the only thing fun to go to right now, and spending some time with Ju is something you just have to do. hehe.

Also, other than that, this saturday and I babysiting my cousin for my grandparents, who are going to a wedding. =/ but meh, I get paid and all me and my cousin(who is like 8) do is play video games. ^^ yay.

aaaaaaand, like you should all know by now, is I am having my B-day party next saturday. like I don't talk about that enough. XD

But yeah, oh, and I have school. that always makes me a little busy =P so yup, I will be a busy busy man, but that wont stop me from comming here, don't worry. :D

peach out!


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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   I went out a bit last night

Hey guys. ^^ its nice to know that I have been here for like, over a year now. XD maybe I'll make it annother year, wouldn't that be cool? Oh, and thank you sooooo much guys for all the great comments on my last post. ^^ you guys are great! :D hehe.

well anyway, I had some fun last night! :D I went out to wal-mart with my step dad, John, and we went there becuase I am doing this project for school. Its all about what I need to do when I move out and such. so I went to wal-mart to look at prices of stuff to see what I need to live in my own house and such, so that was fun. ^^

and while I was there, I went into the electronics, like I always do, and I "was" going to get a game for my Gamecube. I was going to get Mario Sunshine, becuase its cheap, but I beat that already and I didn't get it. =/ but now I think I'll go get it some time soon. oh, and also, I was thinking about getting a platnum coloured controller, but they WERE OUT! nooo. I need another controller for my party which is pretty soon. >.< so I need to find one.

aaaaaand, also, since I acctually had some money, I went and had a look in the clothes department and I bought some new Jeans. ^^ hehe, I love them, and since my favorite pair of jeans now has these HUGE holes in them, I kind of look like a hobo. >.< so these new jeans are just awsome and they are a style I have never tried before. ^^ aaaand, they were really cheap. I got them for about 14 dollers, canadain. ^^ go me!

well, thats all I really have to say right now! but I'll talk to you guys later! peach out!


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