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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   I just had to post

Hey guys! I just had to post right now :D its great to be back... becuase I kind of left as you can tell... o.O and I am all mad at my self I left you guys like that. -_-

but its great to talk to you guys again. :) nothing big happened today, but last night I was watching Angel with my mom, I am watching the 1st season over again, =P but its my mom's first time, then, I am going to watching it with my buddy frost. theeeeen, I am going to watch it again by myself.... again. XD like I said. I am too much of a fan. and I am still waiting for that sound track... >.> its taking to long, although I only ordered it like a day ago XD hmm, maybe I should make some Angel smilies, like my Peach ones XD eeee, although I didn't make my Peach ones >.>

but aaaaanyway, I'll talk you guys later!

Peach out


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