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Konnichiwa minna! How do you like my new theme Ocean Dream ? I thought this would be sorta a tribute to the end of summer. *sigh* I love the effect that the water gives, it is so peacful and fun looking. Makes you just wanna jump right in!
If you want to know more about me there is a box down the below somewhere that says " All about me" Kinda hard not to miss. Well one thing for sure is maybe you've seen my Banners somewhere advertising "Ittoshi's Delievery Service" You've come to the right place. I love to make avatars, buttons, -those are my specialtys- and update boxes. I can also find anything that you might need exp. Pics, buttons, stuff like that. Im just now getting into layout making. So if your at a loss on what to do next, please contact me and we will work something out!
So do me and you both a favor and ask me to make something for you. Below are some of my buttons, feel free to take one of my buttons that way I can take one of yours and put it on my site. Oh yeah, please sign my Gbook, and I'll return the favor, not sure when I will but you can take my word for it that I will..heh *sweatdrop* Oh! And please do not add me as a friend unless you truly mean it. Thanx!



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Hi! *waves*
My name is Bek. (short for my real name, I don"t like it so just call me Bek, ok?) Through this site you can read about my life -as boring as it is..-
I have multiple personalitys, so my site will ALWAYS be changing with my moods.
I'm also very out spoken sometimes, and rebellious. But maybe, if my parents don't kill me for my smart mouth, you will be able *hopefully* to watch me grow up and go to college...if I survive High School.....and maybe someday I"ll even make a name for my self as a famous voice actress.
But heres a little about my personality :
I'm opinionated,
MoOdy ,
VERY random,
16 year old girl.

Now heres a little of what I look like :
Eyes : I've got big hazel eyes, but it mostly depends on what I wear, for instance, Black shirt they look black, brown shirt, it looks brown, green, they look a deep green. etc etc.
Hair Color : My hair...can't decide what color it is. I've never died, streaked it anything with it. It just won"t decide what color Some days it's brown, others blonde, but mostly it's golden. And its almost to the small of my back.
Freckles? : Yes I have freckles, right across my nose. Whenever I get a tan they stand out. >. Foot size? : I can wear size 6 to 7 1/2

My favorite bands of the moment are : LINKIN PARK *woot!*, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin Bowling for soup, Relient K, U2, The Killers, System of a Down (they're funny), and then there"s the guy who isn't a band, John Mayer.
Ok.. well if you like stories.. Me and my friend write them back and forth, so hang around and read one, -if its my turn- and who knows...maybe you"ll like it!
*sAyOnArA.* ..::Ittoshi::..

P.S. - I like to make buttons so if you need or want one feel free to ask me! *I won't bite...most of the time... ^_~* The only thing that you need to do is gimme a idea of what you want & give me some credit that's it! Also, if you don't kno what you want thats fine to I can pick you out something. ^^
Notice : Please do not add me as a friend unless you mean it and are going to be one in return. Thanks!

Monday, September 19, 2005

   I'mm back baby!!!

Time is 4:13 P.M.
My overall mood puff of the day is :
My mood puff of the moment is :
Konichiwa Minna! I'm back!
I decided I just needed a break. lol And it was a niiiicce break. lol But... I sorta missed making avatars for everyone! Not to mention I missed all my anime friends. So how does everyone like my new theme Ocean Dream? *hah! I made a rhyme!* lol Took me long enuf to put it up .

Oh yeah! New change in Ittoshi's Delievery Service!! I've decided to start making layouts for ppl. What does everyone think of that? So if anyone is at a loss at what to do on your site.. I can help! I don't havta do a whole layout.. if you don't need one... I can always do partials. A really good layout helper of mine is Mitzy! She totally lets me have free rein on her site. *BIG SMILES* lol She just picks out the pic, and tells me to get to it. lol
Ok on to more mundane subjects. How has everyones summer been??? Mine was good. I didn't get to shave my cat, Stony though.. pooey maybe next summer. I got my hair cut some.. It's not really waist lenghth anymore.. its more chest lenghth. I miss my hair.... *wink* It does look alot healthier though.
Okidoke! Thats it! I gotta go cook now....... Kisses!

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