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Sunday, April 16, 2006


hey guys XD lol. long time no talk? I am sorry I dont post here very offten, I have like three or four blogs lol. but I still love you all. and here I am poping in to say hi again. hmm, so how is every one? I am suprised that after all the time I have been away I still have a high ranking lol. I am like 700 and something. hehe. but aaanyways. not to much has been up with me. just this and that.... yes I know I am boring. but I am more interested in hearing from you guys. and omg BlackFrost is going to leap off his chair and tackle me when he finds out I posted here again lol. hes always bugging me XD "Peach, go back to Myotaku" "PEACH GO POST THERE NOW" lol. I guess I needed a push like that. XP


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