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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I submitted lots of new greetings yesterday & I just sent in a fan art of Kai. Go check them out!

Kai: Yeah, it's not bad for you first attempt at drawing me.

Me: Yep, wellI just got finished watching the first InuYasha movie in Japenese & boy do I have a headache! It's probably because I've really only watched it in English.

Yoh: I love the part at the end whe InuYasha says something & makes Kagome really mad. Then, Kagome's all 'InuYasha, SIT!'

Me: Yeah, that's funny!

InuYasha: Funny for who exactly?

Kagome: Sit boy.

InuYasha: *slams into the ground* Why do you do this to me?

Rafe: Well, we'll leave you with some pics of Kai. See ya!

InuYasha, kageome, Yoh, & me: Bye!

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Well, I was practically bored all day yesterday.

Yoh: No kidding.

Me: *looks over at Ash & the others*(sidenote: the following characters are from Pokemon Destiny Deoxys) What are you guys doing?

Audrey: We're remembering our trip to Larousse City.

Kathryn: Not the first one, but the one where Ash & the others brought you & your little brother with them.

Me: Oh yeah, I remember that!^^

Tory: I remember when Ash introduced you to Rafe, Max, Ryan(my bro), & I saw your cheeks turn pink when Rafe & you shok hands.

Audrey & Kathryn: Don't forget Rafe. His cheeks turned pink, too.

May: It would make sense. There's only a one year age difference between them.

Max: Yeah, Rafe's 13 & Allison's 12.

Me: I'm two years older than you, May! *smiles*

May: Shuddup. -_-

Sid: Don't worry May! I love you!

May: *sigh*

Everyone: *laughs*

Ash: Well, let's post some pics & leave!

Everyone: Yeah! See ya!

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

I finally got the pics of Rafe-kun! Unfortuantly, I have to wait until the next time my dad downloads them off the camera again.

Rafe: Oh well!^^

Yoh: Well, her main goal right now is to draw Lyserg as a little kid.

Me: Yep!^^

Rafe: Well, we don't have anything else to say.

Yoh: So we'll post some Full Metal Alchemist pictures.

Me: See ya!

Rafe & Yoh: Bye!

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Me: Hiya! Sorry about not typing the post yesterday!^_^

Yoh: We managed!^_^ *kisses Allison on the cheek*

Rafe: *kisses Allison on the other cheek*

Me: *cheeks turn pink*

Ash: Well, Allison submitted her Misty pic yesterday!

Misty: Go check it out! ^_^

Me: Well, there's a party at KrazyAnime's site! It lasts until Sunday night! Go there!^_^

Yoh: She's about to go get some pics of Rafe!

Me: You bet!

Rafe: So, we'll post some pics & leave you.

Me, Misty, Ash, & Yoh: See ya!

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Ash: Well, Yoh & I are stuck typing this post right now.

Yoh: Yep, Allison's battling Rafe again.

Ash: She's been trying to get some pics of Rafe. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday. *shrugs*

Misty: Hey guys! Why'd I find this pic someone drew of me?

Yoh: That's easy! Allison did it! ^_^

Misty: She's good. She should submit this on here.

Ash: She said she will once she colors it.


Rafe: Blaziken, I choose you!

Me: Go Swampert!

*Blaziken & Swampert come out of their balls*

Blaziken: Blaze!

Swampert: Swampert!

Rafe: Blaziken, Overheat!

Me: Swampert, use Surf!

~Back inside~

Yoh: *sigh* They're still at it.

Misty: Yoh, are you jealous about Allison hanging out with Rafe?

Yoh: Kind of! *smiles & laughs* But I'm not that worried!

Ash: Well, let's post some pics & end this post! ^_^

Misty & Yoh: Yeah!

All three of them: Bye!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Well, nothing much happened yesterday. I submitted alot of new e-card though!^_^ Go check them out!

Yoh: She started on Chapter 7 of her Shaman King/Digimon crossover, but didn't finish it.

Me: Sssh! I'm trying to watch Pokemon Destiny Deoxys!

Yoh: Ok. *goes into another room*

Rafe(from Pokemon Destiny Deoxys): Hey Yoh. What are you doing here?

Yoh: Still trying to figure out why you sound just like me. Just kidding! *laughs*

Rafe: Same here!

Ash: Let me guess, you came in here because Allison's trying to watch the movie.

Yoh: *nods*

Rafe: Well, let's post some pics!^^

Yoh & Ash: Yeah!

Pikachu: Pikachu! ^_^

Rafe: Too bad we couldn't find any pics of me. -_-

Yoh: I'm sure Allison can fix that!

Ash: Seeing that your her newest bishie, Rafe.

Yoh: No kidding! I think it's because you kinda remind her of me! *laughs*

Tory(also from Destiny Deoxys): Guys, Allison said you can come back now!

Rafe, Yoh, & Ash: Coming!

Me: Hi guys!

Rafe: Allison, wanna go have a Pokemon battle?

Me: Sure Rafe! *blush* C'mon Yoh-kun! C'mon Ash!

Rafe: *motions for her to follow him outside*

Me: *follows*

Yoh: Let me come watch!

Ash: Well, see ya! *goes to watch with Yoh*

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hiya! I sumitted two new fan art pics! Go check them out!

Yoh: Allison's got a few pics from the Shaman Tournment when Hao killed me. *glares at Hao*

Hao: What?!

Me: The first one of Yoh & Anna was so touching! ToT Anna was actually showing some concern for him!

Yoh: That was totally unexpected from her. Who knew she could be so caring? *gets slapped by Anna* Ouch!

Anna: Shuddup! Don't ever bring that up again!

Me & Yoh: Yes ma'am!

Anna: Well, see ya!

Me & Yoh: Bye!

Anna: You two! Get to training!

Me: *gulps & goes to practice karate*

Yoh: *gulps & goes train*

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I was bored yesterday, so here's some individual valentines I made!

Well, I hope you liked those!^^ If you didn't get one but you want one, tell me who you want in it & I'll make it for you. And for those whom I did make one for, hope you liked them!

Yoh: Here's one that you recieved, Allison!

Me: Yeah. Thanks, ShamanGirl6593!^^

Yoh: Well, see ya!

Me: Ja ne!

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sorry for not updating yesterday! I had to go to a sleepover!^^

Yoh: Anywho, she got the one of the newest Shaman king GBA games, 'Shaman King Legacy of Spirits: Sprinting Wolf'. It's awesome!

Me: Anywho, here's something I made for everyone of my friends here on myO!^^

Me: I hope you like it!

Yoh: Well, see ya!

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Nothing much happened today. I'm trying to draw Salima from Team Psykick.

Salima: I'm sure you'll do a good job.

Kane: Exactly.

Me: Well, I submitted two new greetings yesterday. Go check them out!

Kane: Let's leave them with some Beyblade things.

Salima & Me: *nod & go to get Beyblade pics*

Kane: *waits*

~5 minutes later~

Jim: We got them!

Kane: Goki, Jim, where'd you guys come from?

Salima: Doesn't matter.

Goki: Here they are!

Me: Well, see ya!

Jim, Kane, Salima, & Goki: Bye!

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