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Thursday, January 20, 2005

(Rei pic drawn by Shamangirl6593)

Me: Well, before I get onto to Chapter 2, I've got a few things to say. First off, if you missed Chapter 1 yeasterday, PM me for it. Second, I have a list of all the name changes made by 4Kids on Mew Mew Power(Tokyo Mew Mew). Here it is!

Ichigo-Zoey Hanson
Pudding-Kikki Benjamin
Lettuce-Bridget Verdant
Zakuro-Renee Roberts
Mint-Corina Bucksworth
Ryou-Elliott Grant
Keiichiro-Wesley W. Coolridge
Masha-Mini Mew

Deep Blue's name is the same, & I think the girls mew form names are the same.

Max: Can we get on with the story?

Me: Yes, we can!^^


Allison: What's the message about Kenny?

Kenny: It's hard to say. It's definately a video e-mail.

Tyson: Let's see it then!

Kenny: Ok, ok! *pulls out laptop & plays the video clip*

Max: Hi Allison, Tyson, & Kenny! My mom & I have something to tell you!

Judy(Max's mom): We would like the three of you to come out to New York. Your friends, Hilary & Hiro, are also invited. We would really like it if you accepted our offer.

Max: So, please say yes. See ya!

Allison: Should we?

Tyson: Heck yeah.

Kenny: I'll send a reply saying yes.

~3 days later at the airport~

Hilary: We're going to New York! Allison, do you know what this means?

Allison: Uh, we get to see Max?

Hilary: Not just that! Lot's of shopping.

Allison: Oh, yeah. *sweatdrop*

Tyson: Come on you two! Our plane's boarding!

Allison & Hilary: Coming!

~On the plane~

Allison: *pokes Tyson in the back of his head with a pencil* Tyson quit snoring so loud!

Tyson: Oh, sorry!

Allison: *goes back to drawing*

Hiro: She's right you know. You snore to loud.

Tyson: Whose side are you on?

~At the airport in New York~

Max: *sees Tyson, Allison, Kenny, Hilary, & Hiro get off the plane* Guys! You're here!

Allison: Hey Max! Long time no see!

Tyson: Ditto!

Max: Come see who else is here!

Tyson, Hilary, Allison, Kenny, & Hiro: Who?

Max: Hey guys! Come over here!

Rei: Hey guys!

Mariah: Hiya!

Lee: Ditto!

Allison: *smiles* If it isn't Rei & the White Tigers team!

Kevin: We're not the only one's here.

Kenny: Who else is here?


Me: That's it for Chapter two! Mwahahaha! Fear the cliffie!

Max: Calm down Allison!

Me: Ok. Well, I'll shall leave you with piccies of some of the characters! Ja ne!







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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

(I really love this pic, so that's why it's back)

Hiya ppl! I'm really stressed about mid-term finals this week.

Max: You said that yesterday.

Me: So?

Max: Nevermind.

Me: Anywho, here's a preview for a Beyblade story I'm planning on doing. Tell me if you like it.


Tyson: *hears his alarm clock go off late* Oh man! I late again! *dashes out of the room after getting dressed*

Hiro: *watches Tyson run by* Better hurry, Tyson.

Tyson: Yeah, yeah. See ya later, Hiro!

~later at school~

*the bell rings*

Allison: Kenny, did you notice that Tyson's late, again?

Kenny: Yep. Let's hope he can escape cleaning the classroom.

Allison: *nods*

Tyson: *dashes in* Whew! I made it!

Hilary: Think again, Tyson!

Tyson: Aw man!

Hilary: This means you're cleaning the classroom after school, again!

Tyson: Aw man! *sits down sulking*

~After school~

Allison: Hurry Tyson! You promised me a Beyblade match after school!

Tyson: I'm coming! Let's go before Hilary finds out!

*They both start to walk off*

Hilary: Come back here, Tyson!

Tyson & Allison: Run! *start running*

Hilary: *Chases after him but then gives up* I'll make him do it eventually.

~At the park~

Allison & Tyson: Let it Rip!

*their Beyblades go into the dish*

Tyson: Go Dragoon!

Allison: Go Kid Dragoon!

Kenny: *comes running up to the both of them* There you guys are! I've been looking everywhere for you.

Tyson: Hey Kenny! What's up?

Kenny: We got a message from Max & his mom!

Tyson & Allison: Really?!


Me: Well, did you like it? If you did, I'll definately continue it!^^

Max: I liked it!

Tyson: Me too!

Rei: Ditto to that! When do me & Kai come in?

Me: Eventually, Rei. And the rest of the White Tigers will too. And Zeo, the Saint Shields, & nmany other familiar faces.

All three of them: Awesome!

Me: And just to let you know, my character's beyblade is Kid Dragoon. Tyson gave it to her. Well, see ya! *goes to play with Lobomon figure*

P.S. I put a new midi on my site. I'll be switching between this one & Oversoul. So go click the play button under my avi. It's the English Beyblade theme song!^^

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I'm very sorry for my absence! I'm really stressed because we have finals this week!

Max: Scary!

Tyson: Very scary!

Me: Well anyways, I'm thinking about trying to convince my dad into letting me use the scanner to scan some of my drawings. I'm going to try!

Yoh: Let's hope he says yes.

Max & Tyson: Exactly!

Me: Wanna know something scary?

Max, Tyson, & Yoh: What?

Me: I've got my site theme's planned out for the rest of this year & half of next year!

All three boys: Weird.

Me: Oh well. I'm going back to drawing Max. See ya!

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Friday, January 7, 2005

Nami's awesome! ^^

Yoh: Well, Allison's got all of the bishies. There will be some characters with the same name by them, because people nominated two bishies.

Me: Well, here's the list.

Yoh for inukid & cardcaptorryoko

InuYasha for inu-neko-yasha

Kouichi for Shamangirl6593

Nokoru for Shamangirl6593

Vash the Stampede for Kayago

Horo Horo for beyblader

Zolo for beyblader

Me: There's everyone's bishies!^_^ Hope you enjoyed them.

Yoh: Well, we got to go. See ya!

Me: See ya!

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

I'm beginning to like Fruits Basket.

Yesterday, I went shopping. I didn't get the InuYasha bag because it cost more than I had. So I bought a Fruits Basket Hat. I got one with the little grey mouse(I believe Yuki is his name) & I think it's cute.

Yoh: Yeah, you're cute in it. ^_^

Me: Thanks. *blush* Well, since I'm bored, I'm going to use an idea that LiL AnimE AngeL used one time.

Yoh: She's going to have everyone nominate a bishie & tomorrow, she'll post a picture of your bishie with your name by it. If your bishie is taken by someone else, I'll put your name by it also.

Me: Remember to tell me who the character is & what show they're from(even if I know). Well, maybe If I can, I'll try to post a picture of me in my new Fruits Basket hat sometime.

Yoh: Well, see ya!

Me: See ya!

P.S. Don't forget what I said about nominating a bishie!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

I like this pic of Bakura!^^

Sorry for my absence. I got caught up in homework.

Bakura: It's a real bother that we all had to go back to school already.

Me: Yeah. -_-'

Yoh: Yeah, but Allisons going shopping tomorrow & by an InuYasha schoolbag.

Me: Yeah! I can't wait. I submitted 3 new greetings yesterday, so go check them out.

Yoh: Yep. Hey, Shobu! Come say something!

Shobu: Like what? That I'm spending the night with Allison?

Yoh: There. You said something.

Shobu: Darn, I got tricked. -_-'

Me: It's ok Shobu!^^

Bakura: Well, that's all for tonight. We shall leave with some pics. Ja ne!

Me, Yoh, & Shobu: Bye!

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

Yoh: Happy New Year!

Zoe: Let's have some fun!

Me: Yeah! Let's have some fun to welcome 2005!

Yoh: *brings in the Shaman King gang*

Zoe: *brings in all the digidestined*

Mokuba: *brings in the Yu-Gi-Oh! gang*

Me: *invites all my other anime friends*

Pan & Goku: Let have some fun!

Shippo: Yay!

InuYasha: I smell Koga.

Koga: What are you going to do about it, mutt face? I came to see Kagome!

InuYasha: Why you!

Me & Kagome: Sit boy!

InuYasha: *slams into the floor*

Sonic: Poor guy.

Luffy: Come on! Let's start the fun!

Horo Horo: Let's play Pin the tail on Hao!

Hao: You better re-think that!

Horo Horo: Ok, fine!

Me: So let's party!

Tyson: Just find your favorite anime character here & party with them!

Lyserg: Don't forget, there's fun games like Pin the tail on Marco & video games.

Marco: *is atatched to the wall* Guys, get me down.

Yugi: There's also anime movies & shows. And don't worry. They're uncut & in english & japenese.

Me: Yeah, english for those who hardly understand japenese. *points to self*

Ichigo: Have fun & Happy New Year!

Sango: *plays music*

Everyone: *starts to have fun at the party*

Edit: I almost forgot! Today is Ren/Len's birthday! Happy birthdayb to Ren/Len!

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Friday, December 31, 2004

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories!

I got Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories esterday! It's an awesome game!

Kouji: She also got InuYasha the Movie 2 & the InuYasha Season 1 Box Set.

Takuya: Yeah, & she invited me, Kouji, & Kouichi to see A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Kouichi: It was awesome!

Me: Well, we've got to go.

Takuya: Yeah, she going to try & draw Sora(Kingdom Hearts Sora, not Digimon Sora).

Me, Kouji, Kouichi, & Takuya: See ya!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Nuffin' much to say

Three Digi-greetings I made.

Hiya! I learned how to make & submit e-cards yesterday. I submitted about six of them, including the three above, & one of them has been accepted(last I checked). So be on a lookout for more!^_^

Yoh: Don't forget to make some Shaman King ones!

Mokuba: And Yu-Gi-Oh!

Edward: And FMA!

Me: Yeah, yeah. I will, don't worry.

Hao: *tries sneaking up behind Yoh*

Me: *punches him in the face* Don't even think about it, Hao Asakura.

Hao: *rubs face* Ouch, okay! I won't!

Me: Well, ja ne everyone!

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Anime shopping!^_^

Gotta love Digimon.

Well, I spent my Christmas money yester day. I bought a Sesshomaru wall scroll, an InuYasha t-shirt(which I'm wearing as a night shirt since it's big), Shaman King manga vol. 3 & 4, pre-ordered InuYasha Season 1 box set(Suncoast was out of stock), & a Marik figure.

Yoh: So she can say bye-bye to bordem for a while.

Me: I also learned how to make graphics with pics off the internet. So if anyone wants one, PM me telling me which anime character you want in it.

Yoh: And once she's done, she'll e-mail it to you right away.

Me: Well, see ya!

P.S. I hope you like my new InuYasha theme!^_^

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