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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Well, I haven't started my story yet, but I will! ^^ I hope you like my theme for May. It's Rei and the White Tigers! My second fave team next to the BladeBreakers! ^^

Rei: It's awesome!

Mariah: I like how you made the enter sign! ^_^

Kevin: How come all you can see of me it hat is half of my face?

Me: Sorry Kevin, my mistake! ^^'

Kevin: It's ok.

Gary: Allison, Don't you have something to say?

Me: Oh yeah! Yesterday, i joined Shamangirl6593 and YuukiChan's Bishounen Club(for girls only). Ask them if you want to join.

Lee: Can we just get this over with?

Rei: Oh Lee.

Me: Well, see ya!

Rei, Lee, Mariah, Kevin, & Gary: Bye!

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Hi people! I've decided to discontinue my Megaman story until I can get around to updating it.

Yoh: She decided to do a Shaman King one in the meantime.

Me: I'll start it tomorrow.

Momiji: Here's some gifs from ElvesAteMyRamen-san!

Me: Well, see ya!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Momij & Tohru: We got Fruits Basket pics today!

Kyo: Do you we have to show these damn pictures?

Yuki: Yes, you stupid cat.

Kyo: *mumbles* Damn rat.

Me: Well, I'm posting some pics from the first 10 episodes.

Kagura: *is hanging on Kyo's arm* She'll post more tomorrow!

Kyo: *pulse mark* Get off of me, Kagura!!!!!!!!!!

Me, Tohru, & Momiji: See ya, tomorrow!

Yuki: *posts pictures*

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm back! Sorry for not posting yesterday like I had promised and sorry for not having the next chapter of my Megaman story.

Momiji: Take a look at ElvesAteMyRamen-san made!

Me: You're awesome, ElvesAteMyRamen!

Yoh: Take a look at Kyo's expression in this shot! ^^

Me: *snort* Kyo-kun's hilarious!

Tohru: Yeah!

Kyo: Ah, shut up.

Yuki: Allison also got a new avatar.

Me: Yep. Thanks Shamangirl6593!

Yoh: Well, see ya!

Me, Yuki, & Tohru: Bye!

Kyo: And good ridance.

Me: *pulse mark* Kyo!

Kyo: *pulse mark* What?!

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Monday, April 4, 2005

Sorry I don't have the next chapter. I just cam on to tell you guys I won't be updating until 4/9.

Momiji: It's because she's going to science camp.

Pudding: So, see you on the 9th!

Me: Bye!

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

Here's Chapter 3!


Chapter 3: Bowling Anyone?

The gang soon arrived at the DenTech City Virtual Bowling Alley. “Woah! I didn’t know DenTech City had one of these too!” Trisha said. “So, there was one in the previous place that you lived?” Maylu asked. “Yep, we even have our own gloves.” Allison replied, and both girls held up a bowling glove. Tisha’s glove was yellow and Allison’s was light purple. “Come on! Let’s go inside!” Chisao said.

They all walked inside and signed up for a bowling lane. As they were getting ready, Tory was looking around. He then spotted a boy not much older than himself, Lan, Maylu, and Allison with white a black hair had just walked in the door. “Hey guys, Chaud’s here.” He said to Lan and Maylu. “Seriously?” they asked and looked in the direction of the door. They motioned him over. “Hey guys. I didn’t know you would be here.” Chaud said.

“Same here.” Tory replied. “Who are your new friends?” Chaud asked, looking at Allison and Trisha. Trisha’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink when Chaud looked at her. “This is Allison and her younger sister, Trisha.” Maylu said. “Nice to meet you.” Chaud said, reaching out to shake their hands. “Nice to meet you too, Chaud.” Allison replied, shaking his hand. Trisha’s cheeks were pink as she shook Chaud’s hand, and, even though nobody noticed, Chaud was blushing too.

“Hey, Chaud. You wanna join us for a game of bowling?” Lan asked. “Sure, why not?” Chaud replied. “Can I watch? Because I’m not good at bowling.” Chisao asked. “Sure. In fact, I’ll show you how to set up the monitor.” Allison said.

Soon they were ready to go. “Ok, it’s Allison, Trisha, and Chaud against Lan, Maylu, and Tory.” Chisao announced. “Chaud, you go first.” Allison said. Chaud nodded. Allison leaned over to Trisha. “You’ve been quiet. Something wrong?” she whispered. “He’s so cute!” Trisha replied in a whisper. “Who? Chaud?” Allison asked, still whispering. Trisha nodded.

“Allison, it’s your turn.” Lan said. “Ok!” she replied. Chaud glanced over at Trisha. “Is something wrong, Master Chaud?” the voice of Chaud’s NetNavi, ProtoMan, asked. Chaud held up his PET. “Nope. Not at all, ProtoMan.”


Hope you liked it! Well, I got to get back to watching the 2005 Kid's Choice Awards. See ya!

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Saturday, April 2, 2005

Here's Chapter 2!


Chapter 2: A Visit to SciLab

The next morning, Allison and Trisha woke up and got dressed quickly. When they were done, both girls grabbed their PETs and ran downstairs. They saw their mom had made pancakes for breakfast. “Yum! Pancakes!” Trisha said. Their mom laughed. “Hurry up and eat, girls. Your father’s waiting for you.” She told them. The girls nodded and ate quickly.

After they finished eating, Allison put their plates in the sink and ran after Trisha out to the car. Soon, their dad pulled the van out of the driveway. “Hey, I heard my boss has a son about your age, Allison.” He said. “Really? Cool!” Allison said. “Maybe he’s a good netbattler like you.” Trisha commented. “Who knows. He could be better.” Allison replied.

Soon, they arrived at SciLab. They parked the van and walked in through big sliding doors. Once inside, a tall man with brown hair and glasses greeted them. “Hello, you must be Mr. Niwa. I’m Dr. Hikari, your new boss. And these must be your daughters.” Dr. Hikari said, smiling.

“Yes, this is my oldest, Allison, she’s twelve, and my youngest, Trisha, she’s eleven.” Mr. Niwa said. “Nice to meet you.” The girls said in unison. “You remind me of my son, Lan.” Dr. Hikari told Allison. “Now, I’ll give you a tour of SciLab.” Dr. Hikari led them through several rooms filled with machines and computers. Allison was amazed with all of it.

“Hey Dad! We were wondering where you went!” a boy’s voice said. “Sorry, Lan. I went to go meet my new employee and his daughters. Allison, Trisha, this is my son, Lan, and his friends Maylu, Tory, and Chisao.” Dr. Hikari said. “Nice to meet you!” Trisha said. “Ditto.” Tory replied. “Hey Lan, how about you and the others show Allison and Trisha around DenTech City?” Dr. Hikari asked. Lan nodded and the kids left.

“So, do you guys have NetNavis?” Maylu asked. “Yep! This is my NetNavi, Artemus.” Trisha said, holding up her PET. “And this is mine, Musa.” Allison added, also holding up her PET. “They were both designed and programmed by my sister.” Trisha commented.

Maylu, Lan, and Tory smiled and held up their PETs. “This is my NetNavi, Roll.” Maylu said. “And my NetNavi, IceMan.” Tory said. “And, last but not least, my NetNavi, MegaMan.” Lan said. “I don’t have one, but my big brother, Dex, has one. His NetNavi is GutsMan!” Chisao said smiling. Allison and Trisha laughed. “Hey, do you guys like bowling?” Lan asked.


Hope you enjoyed it! Here's an idea of the pairings in my story:


That's it so far! ^^

Momiji: See ya!

Me: Bye!

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Friday, April 1, 2005

Here's the first chapter of my Megaman NT Warrior story!


The New Kids In DenTech City

Chapter 1: Moving In

It was a warm, breezy day in DenTech City, but it was even hotter in side the moving truck in which two girls sat. One girl, who looked like she was twelve years old, had blue eyes and short brown hair. She wore a light purple band of cloth tied around her forehead. The girl sitting next to her, who looked like she was at the age of eleven, had dark brown eyes and short black hair.

“How much longer do we have to stay in here?” Trisha, the youngest one, asked. “I don’t know, sis.” Allison, the oldest, replied. Suddenly, the door flew open and sunlight and a cool breeze came in. “We’re here, girls. Welcome to our new home.” Their father said. Allison and Trisha jumped out of the moving truck and allowed the breeze to cool them off.

Once they were cool, they grabbed some boxes and carried them into the house. After half an hour of bringing in boxes, Allison and Trisha began to unpack their things in their new room.

They both pulled out their PETs, or personal terminals, and held them up. “Finally! I was so dark in there!” Allison’s NetNavi, Musa, complained. “Musa’s right! It was dark!” Trisha’s NetNavi, Artemus, added. “Oh, quit complaining!” Allison and Trisha said together.

Just then, the girl’s dad came in. “I’m glad to see the unpacking is coming along great.” He said, smiling. “I came to tell you girls that I’m bringing you with me to SciLab tomorrow.” “Awesome! Does that mean we’ll get to meet your new boss, dad?” Trisha asked. “And see all the computers and things they do there?” Allison added.

“Yes, you will get to meet my boss, Trisha.” He said to Trisha. “And yes, you will get to see the computers and things the do at SciLab, my little computer genius.” He told Allison.

He always called Allison the computer genius because she was good with computers and technology. The girls high-fived each other as the Navi’s did a silent cheer.


Me: Hope you liked it! See ya!

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Here's the final chapter of my story!


Chapter 9: One Month Later

“Guys, I got an e-mail from Allison!” Kenny said excitedly as he ran into Tyson’s backyard. “What is it about Chief?” Tyson asked. “She’s sent me her new address!” Kenny replied. “Awesome!” Zeo, Ray, and Max cheered.

They followed Kenny out of the backyard. Soon they reached the address and found themselves at a house not much bigger than Zeo’s. “Whoa! I forgot how much Allison’s dad’s job paid.” Ray exclaimed. Max then spotted Allison’s younger sister playing in the front yard. “Hey Katie, is Allison home?” he called to her. “Sure, Max. Come on in!” Katie replied as she motioned for them to follow.

The gang followed the small blonde girl in the house and up the stairs. Katie then opened a door. “Allie, your friends are here!” she called in. “Come on in guys!” Allison called.

Tyson and the others walked into the room. Allison had arranged it to fit her personality. On her dresser was a picture of all them together. Allison’s brown hair had grown longer in the past month and now reached to the middle of her back. Around her neck she wore the locket Zeo gave her.

“I’m so glad you guys could come and visit.” She said smiling. “Same here.” Kai replied. Zeo went up to her and kissed her on the lips. “Welcome back to Japan, Allison.”


Hope you enjoyed it! And just so you won't be confused, I don't have a little sister named Katie in real life. I have a little brother named Ryan who's also blond.

Momiji: Well, Allie-chan decided to do a Megaman story, then a Tokyo Mew Mew story, and then Fruits Basket.

Pudding: So her writing schedule is going to be busy for a while, na no da!

Me: I submitted a new fan art. Go vote on it. See ya!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Here's Ch. 8!


Chapter 8: Saying good bye but not for long

A few weeks later, it was time for Allison to return to America. The whole gang was at the airport. “I can’t believe your leaving already.” Ray said. “Yeah, we’ll miss you.” Max added. Allison sighed but then smiled. “Well, I won’t be gone for long.” She said cheerfully. Everyone looked confused. “What do you mean by that?” Kai and Zeo asked together.

“My dad’s boss is transferring him back here to Tokyo, so that’ll mean I get to move back here and be with you guys!” Allison said proudly. “That’s awesome! So when will you move here?” Tyson asked. “In one month!” She replied, holding up her fingers in a victory sign.

Zeo blushed as he stepped forward. “Allison, until you get back, I got you this.” He said, holding out a small box. Allison took it in her hands and gasped when she opened it. It was a beautiful gold locket. Everyone else also gasped softly when he or she saw it. The locket had two small doves and a small heart engraved on it.

Allison opened it up and saw that on one side was a picture of Zeo blushing and smiling at the same time and on the opposite side was a picture of Allison doing the same thing.

“This is the picture we took at the amusement park last week.” Allison said. “Yeah, I kept it and put it in that locket. So that way, it will seem like a little piece of me is always with you.” Zeo replied before kissing her on the cheek. Allison kissed him back.

“We’re now boarding flight 6593 to New York City, New York.” A female’s voice said over the intercom. “I’ve got to go guys. That’s my flight.” Allison said, turning towards the gate. “Say hi to my mom for me!” Max called. “See you in a month!” Ray, Tyson, Hilary, Kenny, and Zeo said. Allison smiled and waved to them with one hand, while clutching her new locket in the other.

They all waved back as she disappeared into the Jet Bridge. “I can’t wait for next month.” Zeo said as they headed out of the airport. “Neither can we.” Kai said.


*sniff* I'm almost at the end! Tomorrow will be the last chapter.

Momiji: Allie-chan's doing a poll on what anime she should do her next story about!

Pudding: So please vote, na no da!

Me: Here's the choices!

1) Megaman NT Warrior
2) Fruits Basket
3) Shaman King
4) Full Metal Alchemist
5) Digimon
6) Tokyo Mew Mew

Zeo: Like Pudding said, please vote.

Me: See ya!

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