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Thursday, February 10, 2005

We've got Shinzo pics!

Zeo: But first, here's Horo Horo for beyblader.

Mushra: Now onto Shinzo pics.

Me: Well, I'll leave you with this Shinzo animation I found. See ya!

Zeo & Mushra: See ya!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

I don't have the next chapter because I was brain-dead when I tried typing it.

Luffy: Oh well! We got two requests of bishies yesterday!

Mushra: So let's start with Shaman Girl's request!

Chaud: It's me!

Luffy: And here's beyblader's request.

Zolo: It's me!

Mushra: Remember folks! Keep requesting bishies!

Me: If anyone can provide me with any good pics of Mushra & Sago from Shino, that would be great!

Sago: Well, see ya!

Me & the others: Bye!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Chapter 6! Hooray!


Allison & Patamon went back to her house so she could change out of her pajamas. She walked into her room, closed the door, & put Patamon on her bed.

A few minutes later, Allison was in regular clothes. She then sat down on her bed. “That was cool how we all digivolved!” Patamon said.

“Maybe soon, we’ll be able to show Yoh & the others how to biomerge.” Allison said. “Yeah, I can’t wait to become Seraphimon with you again!” Patamon said, smiling.

Allison laughed & began to tickle Patamon. Patamon started giggling.

---------------------------- Meanwhile --------------------------

Yoh was sitting in the closet with Gabumon. His mom & dad had to go run errands, and his grandma & grandpa weren’t visiting this week.

“Yoh, if no one else is home, why are we sitting in the closet?” Gabumon asked. “I don’t know. Just because, I guess.” Yoh replied, shrugging.

“Well, do you want to go see Allison & Patamon?” the digimon asked. “Sounds good.” Yoh replied, picking up the digimon.

He wrote a note for his parents saying he went to Allison’s house & taped it on the front door.

--------------------------------- Later ---------------------------------

Allison heard knocking on the front door. “Oh man! Don’t tell me mom & dad are back early!” She said. “Why would they? They said they wouldn’t be back from their trip until two weeks from now.” Patamon said.

Allison picked up the digimon, put him on her head, & went to the door. She opened it to see Yoh & Gabumon standing there. “Oh, hi guys!” she said, smiling.

They came in & they went into the kitchen. “Yoh, do you want something to eat?” Allison asked. “How about a peanut butter sandwich?” He replied. “Yeah! Peanut butter!” Patamon said.

Allison made four sandwiches. One for herself, one for Patamon, one for Yoh, & one for Gabumon.

As they ate, Yoh looked at Allison. “Allison, why do you think Hao kidnapped you this morning?” He asked. “I’m not sure, Yoh.” She replied.

“All that matters is she’s safe now!” Gabumon said. “Yeah, what Gabumon said!” Patamon said.

Yoh & Allison smiled. “Are all digimon this funny?” Yoh asked. “It depends. Henry’s Terriermon is really funny, & Lyserg’s Terriermon is picking up on that funny trait.” Allison replied. “I see.” He said.

After they finished, they went to Allison’s bedroom. It was filled with a lot of Digimon related stuff.

“You really like Digimon, don’t you?” Yoh asked. Allison smiled & nodded.


Me: Hope you liked it!

Kouji: Allison's doing a request a bishie thing all month!

Kouichi: So you can request a bishie each day!

Me: Well, I'll leave you with pics of my bishie, Zeo. See ya!

Kouji & Kouichi: See ya!

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Monday, February 7, 2005

Chapter 5! Yeah!


Yoh & the others arrived in Allison’s backyard. Yoh looked in her window & saw no one there. He opened the window & motioned for Biyomon to fly in.

She flew in, grabbed the deck of cards, & flew back out. She then handed the cards to Yoh, who put them in his pocket.

“I didn’t see her D-Power in there.” Biyomon said. “It’s ok. Allison has it with her.” Patamon said. “Ok, Patamon. Lead the way to Allison.” Guilmon said.

Patamon nodded & flew towards the forest. Everyone followed him.

--------------------------- Meanwhile ------------------------------

Allison had fallen asleep in the cave. Just then, her D-Power started beeping. “Huh?” she said, lifting it up. It showed Patamon with Takato, Rika, Henry, Yoh, & the others following him. They were already in the forest.

“Yes!” She shouted, but quickly covered her mouth. “What are you shouting about, brat?” Hao said, walking into the cave.

Allison hid her D-Power behind her back, but Hao had already seen what it had showed her. “So, you’re digimon has found Yoh & the rest of your pathetic friends. This should be fun.” He said, pulling out his black & purple D-Power.

“You hurt Patamon, Yoh, or any of my other friends, and I’ll make you regret it!” She said. “Please, your pathetic.” Hao replied.

At that moment, Allison felt something fly into her arms. She looked down & saw Patamon there. “Allison!” Jeri’s voice came from outside.

Allison ran outside. “Hi guys!” She said. “Good, you’re all here.” Hao said from behind them. Dorumon appeared beside him. “Should I digivolve, Master?” He asked. “Yes. Good idea, Dorumon.” Hao said, pulling out a blue card.

Yoh handed Allison her cards. “You might need these.” He told her. “Thanks, Yoh.” She said, then she turned to the others. Let’s make our digimon digivolve too.” She told them.

Everyone nodded & pulled out their blue cards. Yoh, Lyserg, Ren, Manta, Anna, Tamao, Horo Horo, & Pirika watched & did the same.

Hao swiped his card first. “Digi-modify! Digivoloution activate!” “Dorumon digivolve to….Dorugamon!”

“Our turn!” Henry said. Everyone but Kenta & Jeri swiped their cards. “Digi-modify! Digivoloution activate!”

Henry, Takato, Rika, & Allison’s digimon went first.

“Patamon digivolve to….Angemon!” “Guilmon digivolve to….Growlmon!” “Terriermon digivolve to….Gargomon!” “Renamon digivolve to….Kyubimon!”

Next were Ryo, Kazu, & Suzie’s digimon.

“Monodramon digivolve to…Cyberdramon!” “Guardromon digivolve to…Andromon!” “Lopmon digivolve to…Antylamon!”

Then Yoh, Ren, Manta, Horo Horo, & Lyserg’s digimon digivolved.

“Gabumon digivolve to…Garurumon!” “Impmon digivolve to…Beelzemon!” “Tentomon digivolve to…Kabuterimon!” “Gomamon digivolve to…Ikakumon!” “Terriermon digivolve to…Gargomon!”

Finally, Anna, Tamao, & Pirika’s digimon digivolved.

“Renamon digivolve to…Kyubimon!” “Salamon digivolve to…Gatomon!” “Biyomon digivolve to…Birdramon!”

“Oh, man! They look so cool!” Yoh said. “Attack guys!” Kazu said.

All the digimon attacked Dorugamon.

“Dragon Wheel!” Both Anna & Rika’s Kyubimon said. “Gargo Laser!” Both Henry & Lyserg’s Gargomon said. “Hand of Fate!” Angemon said.

Dorugamon got hit by the attacks but attacked all the digimon himself. “Power Metal Cannonball!” He said.

Some of the digimon were able to dodge it.

“Lightning Paw!” Gatomon said. “Howling Blaster!” Garurumon said. “Electro Shocker!” Said Kabuterimon.

All the digimon attacked Dorugamon & he de-digivolved back to Dorumon. Hao got irritated, picked up Dorumon, & disappeared.

“That guy is a sore loser.” Angemon said before de-digivolving back to Patamon. “Oh, Angemon.” Allison said, rolling her eyes.


Hope you liked it! I submitted four new pics yesterday, so go vote on them!

Estee, Rei, & Sen: Yeah! Please go vote on them!

Mushra: Hyper kittens, aren't they?

Yakumo: Be nice, Mushra.

Mushra: I was being nice!

Rei & Sen: Hey Mushra, we have something to tell you!

Mushra: What's that?

Estee: Rei & Sen say you're a runt.

Mushra: Hey!

Kutal: Now, kittens, be nice to Mushra.

Sago: Well, See ya!

Me, Mushra, Kutal, Yakumo, Estee, Rei, & Sen: Bye!

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

It's time for Chapter 4! Yayness!^^


“So, Yoh & Anna have met up again, and Yoh & his pathetic friends got they’re partners. This should be fun. Don’t agree, Dorumon?” Hao asked, watching from a distance. “Yes, Master Hao. Do you want me to attack them?” Dorumon asked.

“Not really. But tomorrow, I want you to capture that girl & her Patamon. I shall leave a note for Yoh to find.” Hao said, while pointing to Allison and her digimon.

------------------------ The Next Morning ------------------------------

It was early in the morning & Allison and Patamon were asleep in bed. The sound of movement in her room made Allison wake up & look around. She grabbed her flashlight, since it was still dark, & shined the light around her room.

She saw nothing & turned off the flashlight. She lay back down, not trying to wake Patamon up. But Patamon smelled something & woke up instantly. “I smell a Digimon.” He said. “Patamon, I already checked and there’s nothing in here.” Allison said, adjusting her D-Power, which was hanging from a ribbon around her neck.

Suddenly, something grabbed Allison & Patamon. They looked to see what had grabbed them. It was Dorumon! Dorumon kept his grip on them & disappeared.

------------------------------ Meanwhile -----------------------------------

Yoh & Gabumon were asleep. Actually, Gabumon was asleep in Yoh’s closet since it was his hiding place from Yoh’s family.

At that moment, Hao appeared in Yoh’s room. He left a letter by Yoh’s D-Power, where he was sure Yoh would find it. He then smirked & disappeared.

Yoh then woke with a start, screaming. Gabumon woke up & started to get out of the closet, but stopped when he heard Yoh’s parents coming.

Mikihisa & Keiko burst into Yoh’s room. “What is it, son? Mikihisa asked. “I had a bad dream involving Hao.” Yoh said. “It must have been a bad dream, you’re sweating.” Keiko said.

“What was the dream about, Yoh?” Mikihisa asked Yoh. “Well first off, Hao was in my room. And second, it turns out he kidnapped one of my closet friends.” Yoh explained.

“Yoh, I don’t think it was a dream.” Keiko said. “What do you mean, mom?” Yoh asked. Keiko held out a piece of paper that she found by Yoh’s stuff.

Yoh took the paper & read it. “Oh no.” He said, his eyes widening.

“What is it, honey?” Keiko asked. “Hao’s kidnapped Allison!” Yoh said, “I have to tell the others!” “Not until later. It’s still early in the morning.” Mikihisa said.

---------------------------- Meanwhile ---------------------------------

“Wake up, brat.” Hao said to the burnette girl on the ground. Allison woke up & saw Hao staring at her. She gasped. “What do you want?” She asked. “Nothing really. You’re bait.” Hao told her. “Bait for what?” She asked. “You’ll see.” He replied.

--------------------------- Later that morning -----------------------------

Yoh ran into the park with Gabumon behind him. He arrived where Rika, Takato, Henry, Jeri, Suzie, Kazu, Ryo, Kenta, Manta, Ren, Horo Horo, Pirika, Lyserg, Tamao, & Anna were.

“What’s the big deal, Yoh?” Takato asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Yeah, we were sleeping.” Henry & Lyserg said in unison. “Not to mention snoring.” Their Terriermon said.

“Look what I found this morning.” Yoh said, holding up the note. “It’s just a piece of paper, Yoh.” Anna said. “No, it’s a note from Hao.” Gabumon said.

That’s what got everyone to wake up completely. “It’s what?!” They all said. “Hao’s kidnapped Allison & Patamon.” Yoh said.

“If that’s true, then why is Patamon flying this way?” Lopmon said, pointing towards the little orange digimon. “What’s he doing flying in broad daylight?” Rika’s Renamon asked, jumping up catch Patamon.

“Hey little guy,” Biyomon said, “where’s Allison?” “He’s in real bad condition. Look at those bruises.” Pirika said.

“Let’s take him to my dad. He should be able to hep us.” Henry said. “But I thought that the adults didn’t know about digimon.” Manta said.

“They don’t, but our parents do.” Takato said. “I see.” Manta replied.

----------------------------- Meanwhile ------------------------------

“I hope Patamon found the others.” Allison said. She sat in a cave with Dorumon keeping a close on her. “You better be right, for your sake.” Hao said, who was sitting in a tree outside the cave.

----------------------- Later at Henry’s house -------------------------

Mr. Wong walked out of a room with Patamon in his arms. “Dad, is Patamon going to be ok?” Henry asked. “Yeah, he is. He must have a bad encounter with something.” Mr. Wong replied, handing Patamon to Henry.

“Thanks, Dad. Come in to my room guys. Maybe Patamon can tell us where to find Allison.” Henry said. Everyone agreed & followed Henry into his room.

Patamon woke up to see he was with the other Tamers. “Where’s Allison? We got to save her!” Patamon started. “Chill out! We’ll find her as soon as you tell us where she is.” Gomamon said.

“Alright, I tell you. Hao’s holding her captive in the forest not far from here. But Allison didn’t have her digi-modify cards when Dorumon captured us.” Patamon said.

“So we’ll have to go by her house & have one of sneak in to grab her cards.” Anna said.

“I’ll do it.” Biyomon said. “You sure, Biyomon?” Pirika asked. “Yeah. She keeps them on the shelf by her bed, right Patamon?” Biyomon asked.

Patamon nodded. “So, then it’s settled! Let’s go get Allison.” Yoh said. Everyone nodded & made sure they had they’re cards also. Then, they got they’re digimon, left Henry’s house, & headed for Allison’s house to grab her cards.


Hope you liked it!^^

Mushra: Right now, she's trying to draw the three Kittens from Shinzo.

Me: Yep! I'm almost done with the one Rei & Sen(the two boy kittens) & then I'll move onto the one of Estee(the girl kitten).

Yoh: I think Estee may be little harder than the boys.

Me: Maybe, Yoh-kun. Maybe. Who knows?

Kouji: I'm not all to sure, are you Takuya?

Takuya: Not a clue!

Me: Well, I'll leave you with some Shaman King GIF's I found(four of them are in my intro if you haven't noticed). See ya!

Mushra, Yoh, Kouji, & Takuya: Bye!

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Saturday, February 5, 2005

We have Chapter 3! Hooray! ^^


“You guys got D-Powers! That must mean you’re Tamers!” Allison exclaimed. They each had different colored D-Powers. Yoh was holding a light orange colored one, Ren held a navy colored one, Pirika had light purple, Horo Horo had azure, Manta had dark yellow, & Lyserg had light green.

Henry, Rika, Jeri, Ryo, Takato, Suzie, Kazu, Kenta, & the digimon came over to see Allison was talking about.

“It’s true! They are Tamers!” Jeri said. “But where are their partners?” Kenta asked.

Allison shrugged. At that moment, Yoh, Lyserg, Horo Horo, Ren, Manta, & Pirika’s D-Powers started beeping & a compass like thing appeared on each of them.

“It knows where you’re partners are!” Takato exclaimed. “Ok, here’s what we’ll do. We’re going to split up to find their partners.” Henry said.

“Exactly! I’ll go with Yoh, Henry you go with Lyserg, Ryo you go with Ren, Rika you go with Pirika, Jeri you go with Manta, & Takato you with Horo Horo. The others will stay here in the park.” Allison said. Everyone agreed & did what they were told.

------------------------- Meanwhile ----------------------------

Two girls wandered around the streets together. One had blonde hair & the other had pink hair. The girl with pink hair’s name was Tamao & the blonde was Anna. Tamao was carrying what looked like a small dog in her arms. “Miss Anna, where are we going?” Tamao asked. “We’re going to the park. My D-Power says there are digimon there & I’m sure Renamon is dying to fight.” Anna replied. “Where is Renamon?” Tamao asked. “She’s already at the park. Now come on.” Anna said sternly.

------------------------- Meanwhile ---------------------------

Yoh & Allison were wandering around the area where his D-Power had led them. “It says this is where you’re partner is, but I don’t see it.” Allison said, looking around. Patamon, who was on her head, was sniffing the air. “I smell a digimon.” Patamon told them, pointing in the direction of the scent. Yoh & Allison walked over to the area.

Suddenly, a digimon came out & pounced on Yoh. It leaned down & started licking his face. “Hello Yoh. I’ve been waiting for you!” The digimon said.

Allison pulled out her D-Power & held it towards the digimon. Its info came up on her screen. “Gabumon. Rookie level. Reptile type digimon. He must be your partner, Yoh!”

“That’s right. I’m his partner.” Gabumon said, smiling. “Really? Awesome!” Yoh said, getting up. “Come on! Let’s go back to the park!” Patamon said.

------------------------ Meanwhile --------------------------

Anna’s Renamon sat in a tree in the park looking at Kazu, Kenta, Suzie, Guardromon, MarineAngemon, & Lopmon who stayed in the park. Suzie spotted her sitting in the tree.

“Hey look! It’s Renamon!” Suzie exclaimed. “She’s right. But where’s Rika & Pirika?” Kazu asked.

“For you information stupid, she’s my partner.” Anna said, arriving in the park with Tamao. “Ok, I’m confused.” Kenta said. MarineAngemon nodded. At that moment, Allison, Yoh, & the others returned.

Yoh spotted Anna & Tamao. “Anna? Tamao? You guys are Tamers, too?” He asked. “Yeah, so what?” Anna replied.

“Then who are your partners?” Jeri asked.

Tamao held out the dog in her arms. “Salamon’s my partner.” “And Renamon’s mine.” Anna replied as her Renamon appeared next to her.

“You have a Renamon, too?!” Rika asked, her Renamon appearing beside her. “So, what?” Anna replied.

“What color are your D-Powers?” Ryo asked.

Anna & Tamao held theirs up. Anna held a dark red on & Tamao held a dark pink one. “So, Yoh, you, Ren, Lyserg, Pirika, Horo Horo, & Manta have partners?”

Yoh nodded. “I have Gabumon, Ren has Impmon, Horo Horo has Gomamon, Pirika has Biyomon, Lyserg has Terriermon, & Manta has Tentomon.”

“I see, Lyserg & that blue haired boy both have the same digimon, just like Anna & that orange haired girl both have a Renamon.” Tamao said.

“The name’s Henry.” Henry replied, annoyed. “And the name’s Rika, not ‘that orange haired girl.’” Rika replied, also annoyed.

“Strange, huh?” Lyserg & Henry’s Terriermon said. “Terriermon.” Henry & Lyserg scolded.


Hope you liked it!^^

Kouji: Not bad. I liked it.

Takuya: Yeah! It was cool!

Me: Well, see ya! ^^

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Friday, February 4, 2005

We have Chapter 2 of my Digimon/Shaman King story. If you missed the first chapter yesterday, it's in my archives. Now, onto Ch. 2!


Somewhere in a forest not far from Yoh’s house, sat Hao Asakura. “I think it would be fun cause a little mayhem for those annoying Tamers. Don’t you agree, Dorumon?” Hao said, looking at his partner digimon. “Yes, Master Hao.” Dorumon replied. Then, he disappeared.

----------------------- Meanwhile ------------------------

Suddenly, Allison’s D-Power began to beep. “Oh, great.” She said to herself, rolling her eyes. “Where is that annoying beeping coming from?” Ren asked. “I have to go do some thing.” Allison said, grabbing Patamon, putting him in her backpack, & heading for Yoh’s window. “Allison, you know you can use the door.” Yoh said. But it was too late; she had already climbed out through the window.

“Let’s go follow her.” Manta said, heading for the door. “Yeah.” Everyone agreed & followed after him.

Meanwhile, Allison had unclipped her orange D-Power from her backpack. It said the digimon was in the park. “It figures.” She mumbled to herself. She also took out her sunglasses.

When she had reached the park, she looked around & saw the other Tamers. What she didn’t know was Yoh & the others had followed her. “Okay, Patamon. Come out of my backpack.”

“Why she’s telling her stuffed animal to come out on it’s own?” Horo Horo whispered. The others just shrugged.

Patamon came out of the backpack gasping for air. “It’s hot in there! You need to put air vents or something in there.” The orange digimon said. “Oh, stop it.” Allison replied.

Seeing that Patamon was a real digimon made Yoh, Ren, Horo Horo, Pirika, Lyserg, & Manta to freak out. “That’s a real digimon!” Lyserg said in a whisper. “That must mean those one standing with her friends over there are real ones also!” Yoh replied in a whisper, pointing at the other Tamers.

Takato & the other Tamers ran over to Allison. “Where’s the digimon?” Rika asked. “Over there!” Henry said, pointing to over by the slide. Allison held out her D-Power & the info on the digimon came up.

“It’s Dorumon. Rookie level. Beast type digimon.” She said, reading the info off her D-Power. “Rookie level? We should be able to beat that!” Kazu said.

“But my D-Power says it’s a digimon with a Tamer.” Allison said. “Say what?” Everyone asked.

“That’s right.” A voice said, “I’m his Tamer.” Said Hao, appearing beside Dorumon. This made Yoh’s eyes grow wide.

“Hao! What are you doing here?!” Yoh yelled. “Good job, Yoh. You blew our cover!” Pirika said.

Allison looked at them. “What are you guys doing here? And how do you know him, Yoh?”

“It’s because…” Yoh started. “It’s because he’s my little brother.” Hao finished. “Well, that doesn’t stop us from kicking your digimon’s butt!” Ryo said.

That’s when their partners got ready & attacked Dorumon.

“Diamond Storm!” Renamon said. “Boom Bubble!” Patamon shouted.

“Pyro Sphere!” Guilmon said. “Terrier Tornado!” Terriermon shouted.

Dorumon dodged their attacks. “Hao, I need more speed.” He said. Hao smirked & pulled out his black & purple D-Power along with a speed card. “Digi-modify!” He shouted swiping the card through it, “Speed activate!” Dorumon then moved at top speed towards the digimon. “Quick! Use the speed card too!” Henry said, and everyone repeated what Hao did.

“Wow, look at them! They’re moving so fast!” Pirika commented. Then, some thing appeared in front of her, Yoh, Horo Horo, Manta, Lyserg, & Ren. They were D-Powers!

Hao saw the D-Powers appear in front of Yoh & his friends. “So, Yoh & his friends are Tamers to. How fun.” He said. Then, he looked at Dorumon. “Come, Dorumon. We’re going.” “Yes, Hao.” And with that, they disappeared.

“They ran off with their tails between their legs. Or in Hao’s case, his really long hair.” Terriermon said. “Terriermon.” Henry scolded.

Allison walked over to Yoh & the others. “Why did you guys follow me?” She asked them. “We wanted to know what you were doing.” Lyserg said. “Now, do you mind explaining why we have these?” Yoh asked, & everyone held up the D-Powers they had just received. Allison gasped.


What did you think? Next Chapter will see Anna & Tamao & Yoh, Lyserg, Ren, Horo Horo, Pirika, & Manta get their partners! ^^

Takuya: That chapter was great! But not as good as seeing Allison pounce on Kouji earlier.

Me & Kouji: Don't bring that up!

Tommy: Apparently, when Allison first met Kouji, she thought he was cute! ^o^

Me: I told you not to tell!

JP: And when Allison first spirit evolved, Kouji thought Angelmon, her spirit was hot. ^_^

Kouji: *cheeks are red* So what?

Zoe & Kouichi: Stop you three! You're embarassing Allison & Kouji!

Me & Kouji: Exactly!

Takuya, Tommy, & JP: Oh fine.

Me: Well, see ya!

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Thursday, February 3, 2005

We have the first chapter of my Digimon/ Shaman King Crossover story! Yay!


It was a clear day in the park. Suddenly, a fog appeared. But, it wasn’t an ordinary fog. It was a digital fog. And the Digimon that came out of it was a Tyranomon. “Stop right there, buddy!” a voice said. Nine kids came out of the fog, each wearing different colored sunglasses. They were about the age of twelve except for two of them. One boy was about fourteen & one girl was about eight or nine years old.

“Where do you think you’re going?” An orange-haired girl said (she wore blue tinted glasses). Her partner was Renamon.

The Tyranomon growled at them & attacked the kids. But they’re partners were quick to defend them.

“Boom bubble!” said one digimon. Its attack hit Tyranomon dead on.

“All right, Patamon!” One of the twelve-year old girls said. She had light brown hair and wore orange tinted glasses.

With an attack from the other digimon, the Tyranomon dissolved into data.

“Good job guys!” A blue-haired boy commented. He wore green tinted glasses. His partner was Terriermon.

“We did it, big brother!” the youngest girl said to him. Her partner was Lopmon.

“You mean we did it. You guys just did the digi-modifying.” Monodramon said, the oldest boy’s partner.

“Oh Monodramon.” The oldest boy said, rolling his eyes.

“Well, I got to go, guys. I promised friend I would come over to his house today.” The girl wearing orange glasses said, picking up Patamon.

“Bye Allison.” They said as she ran out of the park.

------------------------ Meanwhile ---------------------------

Yoh Asakura sat in his room with his best friends. He had invited them over to hang out. His friends were Ren Tao, Horo Horo & his sister, Pirika, Manta Oyamada, & Lyserg Diethel. They were watching their favorite show, Digimon, while waiting for their other friend, Allison, to come over.

“Hey man,” Horo Horo said to Yoh, “where’s Allison?”

“She’ll be here soon. She said she had to do something in the park.” Yoh replied. At that moment, they heard a knock on the door. “Come in!” Yoh said.

The door slid open & there stood Yoh’s mom, Keiko, with Allison beside her. Patamon was in Allison’s arms, acting like a stuffed animal. “Your friend, Allison, is here.”

“Come on in, Allison! We’re watching Digimon.” Yoh said to her. She walked in & Keiko closed the door.

“You know, Allison, it’s strange how you’re stuffed animal looks like the digimon, Patamon.” Manta said to her.

“I made it to look like Patmaon, that’s why.” Allison lied.

“It’s also strange how you carry it with you all the time.” Ren said. “I have my reasons, Ren.” She replied, looking slightly annoyed.


I hope you liked it!^^

Yoh: It was great!

Takato: Yeah!

Me: Well, i'll leave you with something I made for my Digimon/Shaman King story! Ja ne!

Takato & Yoh: See ya!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

We have the last chapter of my Beyblade story today! Tomorrow I'll start on my Digimon/Shaman King crossover. Hooray! Now onto Ch. 15!


~Two weeks later~

Max: I can't believe you guys are leaving tomorrow.

Allison: We can't believe it either, Max. *looking through her suitcase* Has anyone seen my pink bandanna?

Mariah: Here it is. I was wondering why I had two pink bandanna's! *smiles*

Allison: Thanks, Mariah! *smiles back*

~Next day at the airport~

Hiro: Well, we're here.

Kevin: So everyone, it's agreed that we'll all write to each other? Everyone has the addresses of everyone else?

*everyone nods*

Lee: Then, it's settled.

Judy: You all better hurry! You're flights will be boarding soon.

Max: Bye guys! Don't forget to keep in touch!

Everyone: We won't! Bye Max! Bye Mrs. Tate!

~In the terminals~

Rei: Well, this is where we all part. We'll miss you!

Mariah, kevin, Lee, & Gary: Ditto!

Kai: Yeah.

Tyson, Allison, Kenny, Hilary, & Hiro: Bye guys!

Allison: *kisses Zeo on the cheek* Bye Zeo.

Zeo: *kisses back* Bye Allison.

~At the area where Tyson, Allison, Hilary, Kenny, Hiro, & Zeo's flight boards~

Hiro: *looks behind him to see Zeo following them* Hey, Allison. Look who followed you.

Allison: Quit fooling around, Hiro. *turns to see Zeo & chheks turn pink* Zeo, what are you doing here?

Tyson: Did you have to say bye to us one more time?

Zeo: *shakes his head* No, this is my flight.

Kenny: Really?! You're on Flight A also?

Zeo: Yeah! I'm in seat 22E.

Allison: I'm in 22D!

Tyson: Darn, I'm behind you guys. 23E.

Hiro: I'm in 23D.

Hilary: 24E is my seat.

Kenny: And 24D is mine. I was wondering why it seemed Allison was sitting by herself. Mrs. Tate must have arranged it to where Zeo was on the same flight as us & was sitting next to Allison.

Allison, Tyson, & Zeo: *all nod*

~On the plane~

*Tyson, Hilary, Kenny, & Hiro are asleep*

Allison: *is listening to her CD player while trying to stay awake*

Zeo: *moves her head phones out of the way* Allison, if you want to sleep propped up on my shoulder, you can if you want.

Allison: *turns off her CD player* You sure?

Zeo: *blushing* Yeah, I'm sure.

Allison: *leans against him & whispers* I love you, Zeo. *falls asleep*

Zeo: *whispers* I love you too, Allison. *also falls asleep*



I hope you enjoyed it! ^^ That was probably one of my favorite stories that I've done!

Rei, Tyson, & Max: What a happy ending!

Me: Well, tomorrow I'll start on my Digimon/Shaman King crossover story! Ja ne!

Rei, Tyson, & Max: See ya!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Well, I've decided to do a Digimon/Shaman King crossover. Here's the sumary:

Just to let you know, the Shaman King Charcters aren't shamans in this story. They're digidestined, but they don't know this until they meet the Tamers(Takato, Rika, Henry, etc). Not long after they meet they meet the Tamers, Yoh & gang find out they're also Tamers & quickly meet they're partners. Everyone figures out that Yoh's brother, Hao, is also a Tamer & is also they're biggest threat. So all the Tamers team up to stop Hao.

Sound good? Now onto Ch. 14!


~At BBA headquarters~

*Max is sitting in his mom's office talking with her*

Max: I can't believe everyone's leaving soon.

Judy: Don't worry Max. You'll see them again soon. And I have a secret that I want to be kept between you & me.

Max: Ok, mom. What is it?

Judy: I was able to put Zeo in the same flight as Allison, Tyson, Kenny, Hilary, & Hiro because I knew he really likes Allison.

Max: Really? That's awesome! Wait a minute, how'd you know about Zeo liking Allison?

Judy: Zeo told me. *smiles*

Max: *smiles back*

Judy: Just to remember to keep the flight information to yourself, ok?

Max: Got it, mom!


Sorry if that was short. I'll try to make Ch. 15 longer since it will be the last one.

Henry: Allison, don't you want to give them an idea of the Tamers & their partners?

Me: Good idea, Henry! Ok, here's how it will work. The tamer's name will be on the left & their partner digimon's names are on the right(i.e. Takato = Guilmon). So, here's the list!

Henry = Terriermon
Takato = Guilmon
Rika = Renamon
Suzie = Lopmon
Jeri = Leomon
Ryo = Monodramon
Kazu = Guardromon
Kenta = MarineAngemon
Allison = Patamon
Ren = Impmon
Manta = Tentomon
Horo Horo = Gomamon
Pirika = Biyomon
Yoh = Gabumon
Anna = Renamon
Lyserg = Terriermon
Tamao = Salamon
Hao = Dorumon

Yes, I know. Rika & Anna have the same digimon & so do Lyserg & Henry. Well, see ya!

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