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Monday, January 31, 2005

I submitted two more pics! Go vote on them along with my other art! Now onto Chapter 13!


Kevin & Joseph: *both grab the table cloth*

Mariah & Mariam: *both panic & try to stop them*

Ozuma: Is there something under there that you're trying to keep a secret?

Allison, Mariah: & Mariam: You could say that. *sweatdrop*

Ozuma & Lee: *also grab the table cloth & pull it up to see Zeo*

Zeo: *sneezes again* Hi guys! *smiles nervously*

Dunga & Gary: What are you doing under there?

Zeo: *climbs back into his chair* I was having lunch with Allison.

Lee: Why?

Rei: Because they like each other.

Kevin: Say what? Rei, you knew about this?

Mariah: Yeah, he did. And so did Mariam & I.

Mariam: *nods*

Rei: We promised these two we wouldn't tell anyone. So that's why we didn't tell you.

Allison: You might as well tell the others.

Zeo: Yeah. You might as well do it.

Kevin: You guys sure?

Zeo & Allison: *both smile & nod*


Kai: I thought you guys weren't ever going to tell anyone about your relationship.

Allison: We figured why keep it locked up inside since we've liked each other for two years.

Zeo: Yeah. I'm still thankful to Tyson for introducing me to Allison two years ago.

Tyson: No problem! *smiles*

Max: Unfortuantly, you guys have to leave in about three weeks.

Everyone: *nods*

Hilary: But, it's not so bad for Zeo & Allison. Zeo doesn't live far from us.

Tyson: Hilary's right. Wait a minute, did I just say Hilary's right? Aah! I'm going insane!

Hilary: *gets mad & starts chasing Tyson*

Tyson: Yikes! *runs for his life*

Everyone: *is laughing relly hard*


Hope you liked it! Just to let you know, there's only two more chapters left of this story. Okay? ^^

Rei: So we would like everyone to vote on which anime they want the story to be about.

Me: Here's the choices!

A) Digimon
B) Shaman King
C) InuYasha
D) Shaman king & Digimon crossover (I like this idea!^^)

Rei: So, please vote!

Me: Yeah! We'll now leave you with something I made & the two pics I used to make it with. See ya!

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Yesterday, I submitted two Yoh drawings! Go vote on them!^^ Now onto Ch. 12!


Zeo: Wanna go have lunch, Allison? *blushing*

Allison: *is also blushing* Sure!

~At a restrant~

Allison: Wow! This food is good! *smiles*

Zeo: Thanks! Mrs. Tate recomended this place! *smiles*

Allison: *looks out the door & sees the White Tigers & Saint Shields Teams walking towards the restrant* Uh-oh! *ducks under the table & pulls Zeo under also*

Zeo: What is it?

Allison: The Saint Shields & White Tigers are coming.

Zeo: So?

Allison: Duh! Rei, Mariah, & Mariam are the only ones who know about our relationship.

Zeo: Wait a minute. Who told Mariam & Mariah?

Allison: *rubs the back of her head* I did! *smiles*

Zeo: I thought so. So, who's going to go up above the table?

Allison: I will. You stay down here.

Zeo: *nods*

Allison: *goes back into her chair*

Joseph: Hey, Allison! What were you doing under there?

Allison: *sweatdrops* I dropped something!

Ozuma: Ok...

Zeo: *sneezes*

Lee: Who or what is under that table?

Allison: Nothing! *smiles & lightly kicks Zeo as a sign to keep quiet*

Rei, Mariah, & Mariam: *thinking: Uh oh, they're going to find out!*

Kevin: *starts to reach for the tablecloth*


Fear the cilfhanger! Muhahaha!

Rei: You need to calm down.

Me: Ok! Sorry! ^^'

Rei: Well, see ya!

Me: Ja ne!

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Chapter 11! Yeah!


Allison: *is getting dressed & humming to herself*

Mariam: What are you doing today Allison?

Allison: I'm going for a walk in the park with Zeo.

Mariam: I see.

Allison: can you reach in my suitcase & hand me my pink bandanna?

Mariam: Sure! *pulls it out & hands it to her* Here you go!

Allison: Thanks! *puts it on her head*

~Later at the park~

Zeo: You look great Allison. *blush*

Allison: *is wearing blue capri pants, a light purple t-shirt, & her pink bandanna* You think so? *blush*

Zeo: *nods while blushing* C'mon. Let's go on a walk.

Allison: Ok! *smiles*


Sorry if that chapter seemed so short. I'm just happy right now! ^_^

Shobu: Yeah. She just kicked her brother's butt at a Duel Masters card match.

Me: Yeah! ^^ I think it was because I was wearing my purple sweatshirt & it made me feel like Shobu! *puts arm around Shobu's shoulders* After all, Shobu's a future Kaijudo master! ^_^

Shobu: *puts one arm around Allison's shoulders & holds up a victory sign with his other arm* Yeah! You bet I will!

Me: Well, we'll leave you with a picture of Lopmon & one of Terriermon that I colored myself! See ya!

Shobu: See ya!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Chapter 9! Hooray!


~The Next Day~

*the gang is visiting the BBA headquarters & are scattered through out the building*

Allison: *is in the Beyblade trainig room with Max* Max, why'd you're mom call us in here?

Max: Probably because she wants to see us battle.

Judy: Close enough, Max. I want to see how well your blades & bitbeasts do against each other in battle. I already know Draciel is powerful, but I'm not sure about Kid Dragoon. I know it has about the same power as Dragoon, but I'd like to see for myself.

Max & Allison: *both nod, walk over to the dish, & set up their launchers*

Judy: Ok, I'm going to give the countdown. Are you two ready?

Max & Allison: We're ready!

Judy: 3...2...1...

Max & Allison: Let it rip!

*their blades fly into the dish*

Max: Go Draciel!

Allison: Attack Kid Dragoon!

Judy: *to herself* Interesting...*writes down some notes*

Max: It's time to unleash our best attacks!

Allison: Yeah!

Max: Gravity Control!

Allison: Kid Dragoon Galaxy Twister!

*their attacks clash & once the smoke clears, Max & Allison are left panting for breath & Draciel by Max's feet & Kid Dragoon still spinning in the dish*

Judy: Amazing! Kid Dragoon does have about the same power level as Dragoon.

Max: It's not surprising, mom. After all, Tyson gave her Kid Dragoon when were 13.(They're 16 in this story)

Judy: I see. Well, that's all, you two.

Max: Bye, mom! *walks out*

Allison: Bye, Mrs. Tate! *follows him*


As you all may have figured out, this takes place during Season 3(Beyblade G Revoloution) so they're 16, including my character(yes, she's older than I am in real life. I had to bring Season 2(Beyblade V-Force) just for the fun of it. Well, see ya!

Max: We'll leave you with pics! See ya!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

We have Chapter 8! Yay!


~The Next Day~

Allison: *walks in the boys room* Tyson, have you seen Zeo?

Tyson: Not since earlier. I wonder where he is.

Hiro: If you're wondering where Zeo is, he went to Central Park.

Tyson & Allison: *both look at each other confused*

~At Central Park~

Zeo: *is dozing off under a tree*

Tyson & Allison: *running towards him*

Allison: Zeo, there you are!

Zeo: *wakes up* Huh?

Tyson: Why didn't you tell us you left?

Zeo: Sorry. *rubs the back of his head*

Allison: Well, come back to the hotel with us. It's starting to rain.

*Allison & Tyson open the umbrellas they brought*

Allison: Zeo, you can share my umbrella with me.

Zeo: *stands under it with her, blushing* Thanks.

Allison: *blushing* No problem.

*they follow Tyson back while blushing*


Sorry if that Chapter seemed short! ^_^

Shobu: Good news! The Duel Masters DVD came out yesterday! Hooray!

Me: Yeah! My mom said she'll look for it today!

Shobu: So, in honnor of the DVD coming out, we'll leave you with some Duel Masters pics! See ya!

Me: Ja ne!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

We have Chapter 7! Just to let you know, there will be mentions of songs from FoxBox(or should I say 4Kids TV) like Winx Club because there's this one song from Winx Club that fits in perfectly.


Allison: *is sitting in the room alone, since Mariah, Mariam, & Hilary went somewhere, listening to mp3's on her laptop* Here's my favorite song! *clicks play & begins singing along*

Dunno what came over me.
Got all lost in a fantasy.
(With you and Me)
My Broken heart is gonna heal.
Can't believe the way I feel.
(Is this for me?)
I'm caught up in your spell.
(Under your spell)
And there's jsut no way to tell,
How I'm gonna break free...
Gotta find an answer.
All the places we've been.
That we'd last forever,
I won't stop seaching for you,
Till we're together agian...

Kai: *walks in just as the song finishes* Cool song. What is it?

Allison: It's called "Searchin'". It's from Winx Club.

Kai: Zeo's told me, Max, & Rei about how you both like eachother.

Allison: I'm not surprised. He told Tyson. It's because he trusts the four of you.

Kai: Yeah. Just for laughs, do you remember how you & I first met?

Allison: *laughs* Yeah!


Allison: *at age 10* Let it rip!

*her blade flies past the dish*

Allison: Oh man! I can never seem to do it right!

Kai: *is watching her from the bushes**whispering to himself* I think I've seen her with Tyson before. *walks over to her Beyblade & picks it up*

Allison: *sees him pick it up & hand it to her* Thanks! What's your name?

Kai: I'm Kai Hiwatari. You must be Allison, right?

Allison: Yep, but how do you know my name?

Kai: I know through Tyson.

Allison: Oh that's right! Your friends with him.

Kai: Here let me help you with your launching.

Allison: Ok. *sets up her launcher*

Kai: *stands behind her & oputs his hands on her wrists* Ok, first you need to relax. When I pull your right arm, you pull hard on the ripcord. Got it?

Allison: Got it. Are you sure about this?

Kai: Possitive. Let's do it. *pulls on her right arm*

Allison: *pulls back hard, not knowing her elbow accidentaly nailed Kai in the chest* I did it! Thanks Kai! *looks around* Kai?

Kai: Down here.

Allison: Are you ok? Did I hit you too hard with my elbow?

Kai: No, it's ok.

~*end flashback*~

Allison: Do you still have those bruises?

Kai: Believe it or not, I still do.

*they both laugh*

Kai: And we've friends for life since then.

Allison: Yep! *smiles*


Well, I hope you got my Winx Club song mention. I really like that song she sang.

Kai: In case you wondering, that was exactly how Allison(Me) & I met. And I really do still have the bruise.

Me: I hope you enjoyed that KaixAllison friendship moment. Well, I shall leave you with two pics I scanned from Beckett Anime Collecter. See ya!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Hiya people! I got a photobucket account! I've also changed my site theme! I just need to put up the welcome sign later. Now onto Chapter 6!


Allison: Just because I like you does not mean I'll go easy on you. Got it, Zeo?

Zeo: Got it. Same goes to you!

Allison & Zeo: *set up their launchers* Let it Rip!

*their blades go into the dish*

Allison: Go Kid Dragoon!

Zeo: Go Cerburus!

*their blades attack each other*

~Over at another dish~

Tyson: Let's go, Hiro!

Hiro: You got it, little brother!

Tyson & Hiro: Let it rip!

*their blades fly into the dish*

Hiro: Go Metal Drigger!

Tyson: Go Dragoon!

~Later at the hotel~

Tyson: So, who one the battles? I know I beat Hiro.

Zeo: Allison, beat me.

Rei: Surprisingly, Mariah won.

Ozuma: Mariam won.

All the girls: Girls kick butt!

All the boys: *sweatdrop*

~Later that night~

Mariah, Mariam, & Hilary: *all see Allison sketching* Who you drawing, Allison?

Allison: *cheeks turn light pink* No one specific.

Mariam: *grabs the sketchbook out of her hands* Why are you sketching Zeo?

Allison: *cheeks turn a darker shade of pink* No real reason!

Hilary: You & Zeo like each other, don't you?

Mariah: That would explain why they've been spending so much time together!

Allison: Don't tell anyone! Tyson's the only other one who knows!

Hilary: How'd Tyson know?

Allison: Zeo told him!

Mariah: But isn't Zeo really an android?

Allison: So? In my opinion, he's human. He has the emotions of a human.

Mariah: I didn't mean that to be offensive.

Allison: It's ok, Mariah. Now, do you three promise to keep Zeo & I liking each other a secret?

Hilary, Mariah, & Mariam: We promise!


Me: It's almost like everyone is easily finding out that Allison & Zeo like eachother.

Zeo: Exactly!

Yoh: Well, we got to go. We shall leave you with a picture like always! Ja ne!

Me & Zeo: Ja ne!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

A pic of Allison drawn by me.

I finally scanned & submited my art. I don't know if it'll be accepted though. Now onto a updated screennames list & Chapter 5.

Tyson: dragoonboy88
Rei: catboy70
Yoh: ShamanBoy7823
Ichigo: MewIchigo11
Zakuro: MewZakuro22
Mint: MewMint33
Pudding: MewPudding44 or monkeygirlnanoda
Lettuce: MewLettuce55
Kai: dranzer4141
Kenny: computerboy5456
Max: beybladingblonde9494
Allison: mewmewgirl5689
Anna: ShamanQueen14
Kyo: Neko333
Inuyaha: BadInu444
Shippou: Iluvcandy7
Kagome: Shikongirl15
Lynn-chan: LittleLimechan337
Shirogane: HotBlond15
Keiichiro: PastryKing21
Yuki: MousePrince045
Tohru: Onigirigirl1527
Momiji: Usagiboy782
Miroku: PervertedHoushi665
Kikyou: MikoofDeath50
Kisa: Tigergirl12
Zeo: burningcerberus8421
Mariah: nekogirl951
Daichi: stratadragoon1
Ozuma: flashlepordboy74

Now onto Chapter 5!


Zeo: *is laying in bed & thinking* Is it possible that someone like Allison could love a person who's really an android like me?

~Next morning~

Max: Everyone, wake up!

Allison: *is rubbing her eyes* What is it Max?

Tyson & everyone else: Yeah.

Max: My mom wants us to test out the new Beyblade arena they made at BBA headquarters!

Everyone: Awesome!

Max: Get dressed & let's go!

~Later at BBA headquarters~

Judy: *leads everyone into a room* Here's the arena!

Tyson: It's huge!

*everyone goes to Beyblade each other*

Hiro: Good luck Allison!

Allison: I hope so!

Zeo: *blushing* Allison, wanna Beyblade each other?

Allison: *also blushing* Ok.


Sorry for the short chapter! I shall leave you with previews of a few of the pics I drew. Ja ne!

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Today, I drew my character, Alllison, from my story. I even got my dad's permission to use the scanner, so I'll be able to submit my drawing on myO! Yay! But, before we start with Chapter 4, I got an updated list of screennames & 2 TMM Chibi pics.

Tyson: dragoonboy88
Rei: catboy70
Yoh: ShamanBoy7823
Ichigo: MewIchigo11
Zakuro: MewZakuro22
Mint: MewMint33
Pudding: MewPudding44 or monkeygirlnanoda
Lettuce: MewLettuce55
Kai: dranzer4141
Kenny: computerboy5456
Max: beybladingblonde9494
Allison: mewmewgirl5689
Anna: ShamanQueen14
Kyo: Neko333
Inuyaha: BadInu444
Shippou: Iluvcandy7
Kagome: Shikongirl15
Lynn-chan: LittleLimechan337
Shirogane: HotBlond15
Keiichiro: PastryKing21
Yuki: MousePrince045
Tohru: Onigirigirl1527
Momiji: Usagiboy782
Miroku: PervertedHoushi665
Kikyou: MikoofDeath50
Kisa: Tigergirl12

Now onto Chapter 4.


~At Central Park~

Allison: *is sitting under a tree drawing Zeo*

*all the boys are beyblading in the distance*

Zeo: *walks over to Allison & sits down next to her while blushing* Hiya Allison.

Allison: *blushing* Hiya Zeo.

Zeo: You know, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a long time.

Allison: What is it, Zeo?

Zeo: *is really blushing as he whispers in her ear* I love you.

Allison: *cheeks turn dark red* I love you, too.

~Later that night~

Joseph: So, Allison & Zeo, what were you two doing by the tree earlier in the park?

Zeo & Allison: *start blushing* Nothing! Just talking!

Dunga: Then, why are your faces red?

Mariam: Quit it you guys! You're embarassing them!

Dunga & Joseph: So?

Ozuma: Mariam's right. Stop it, you two.

Dunga & Joseph: Okay.

Tyson: Zeo, can I talk to you alone?

Zeo: Um, ok, Tyson.


Tyson: Is there something going on between you & Allison?

Zeo: *blushing* What? No way?

Tyson: But, your face is red.

Zeo: Okay, promise to keep a secret? You know, between friends?

Tyson: Sure, man. What is it?

Zeo: *whispers in his ear* Allison & I like each other.

Tyson: No way!

Zeo: *puts his hand over Tyson's mouth* Shh! Keep it quiet!

Tyson: Sorry! *sweatdrop*

~Back inside~

Zeo & Tyson: *walk in & look around to see Allison alone in the room* Where'd everyone go?

Allison: Downtown real quick. They'll be back later tonight.

Zeo: Um, Allison? I kinda told Tyson about how you & I liked each other.

Allison: It's ok. He's your best friend & you can trust him.

Tyson: Well, we better be getting to bed.

Allison: Ok, but no pulling us out of bed in the morning. Got it?

Tyson & Zeo: Got it! Good night!

Zeo: *kisses Allison on the cheek*

Tyson: *rolls his eyes*


Me: That's Chapter 4! Can't you feel the romance between Allison & Zeo?

Tyson: Allison & Zeo sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Me: *pulse mark* Tyson!

Tyson: O.O; *runs*

Me: Anywho, Yoh. Would you like to post the comic strip I found?

Yoh: Ok. Remember, people. It reads right to left. Ja ne!

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Before I start, here's some thing I thought up with the help of KarzyAnime. It's a list of screennames for my fave anime characters. Here it is,

Tyson: dragoonboy88
Rei: catboy70
Yoh: ShamanBoy7823
Ichigo: MewIchigo11
Zakuro: MewZakuro22
Mint: MewMint33
Pudding: MewPudding44 or monkeygirlnanoda
Lettuce: MewLettuce55
Kai: dranzer4141
Kenny: computerboy5456
Max: beybladingblonde9494
Allison(Me): mewmewgirl5689
Anna: ShamanQueen14
Kyo: Neko333
Inuyaha: BadInu444
Shippou: Iluvcandy7
Kagome: Shikongirl15
Lynn-chan(KrazyAnime): LittleLimechan337
Shirogane: HotBlond15
Keiichiro: PastryKing21

Funny names huh?

Max: I like mine! Beybladingblonde9494.

Tyson: I'm dragoonboy88

Rei: catboy70 is mine.

Me: Mine's mewmew5689. Now onto chapter three!


Kai: I'm also here.

Tyson & Kenny: Kai!

Zeo: Me too.

Allison: *blushing lightly* Zeo!

Zeo: *also blushing lightly* Hiya.

Ozuma: So are me & my team!

Kenny: The Saint Shields Team!

Max: Come on! I'll show you guys to you hotel!

~At the hotel~

Bellboy: *to Hilary, Mariah, Mariam, & Allison* Here's you're room ladies.

*All the girls are gaping*

Mariah: Look how big this room is!

Allison: Exactly!

Hilary: Ok, here's the plan. Mariam & I will share one bed, & Mariah and Allison share the other.

Mariah, Mariam, & Allison: Sounds good to us!

~Later at dinner~

Tyson: Wow, this is a great resturant.

Max: Thank my mom. She says it the best place in Mew York.

Judy: Oh, it was nothing.

Allison: Thanks for bringing us here, Mrs. Tate!

Mariah: Ditto!

Judy: No problem! Now eat up everyone!

~Later that night~

Allison: *whispering* Hey Mariah. You awake?

Mariah: *also whispering* Yep.

Allison: Why do you think Max & his mom asked us to come to New York?

Mariah: I'm not sure. But, I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Allison: Yeah. Good night.

Mariah: Good night.

~Next morning~

Ozuma: Girls, time to wake up!

All the girls: *groaning* Five more minutes!

Ozuma: Ok, guys come on!

Tyson: *nods & grabs Hilary's ankles*

Rei: *grabs Mariah's ankles*

Zeo: *grabs Allison's ankles*

Ozuma: *grabs Mariam's ankles*

All four boys: One, two, three, PULL! *they all pull the girls out of bed*

All the girls: Aaah! *they fall on the floor*

Mariam: What was that for?!

Hilary, Mariah, & Allison: Yeah!

*the boys just laugh & leave the room*

All the girls: Boys!


Me: Well, that's Chapter 3. Here's a few pics of Allison to get a better idea of what she looks like.

-Allison in her pajamas

-Allison without her baseball cap on

Max: Allison, don't you want to mention something else?

Me: Oh yeah! A defiante pairing in this story is ZeoxAllison. There will be slight mentions of ReixMariah, TysonxHilary, & OzumaxMariam.

Max: Well, that about it. Now, to leave you with some pics of more of the characters in this story. See ya!

Me: Ja ne!







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