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Monday, May 2, 2005

Sorry for not updating! ^_^' I just wanted to post the Battle B-Daman pics.

Yamato: Awesome!

Gray: *gets pictures*

Mostly all of the characters/

The main character, Yamato.





Bull: Great pictures.

Yamato: They were purrrr-fect!

Me & Gray: -_- Enough with the cat puns, Yamato.

Yamato: T_T

Me: Well, see ya!

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Sorry I don't have the next chapter. I didn't do much yesterday but fish on Gaia with my friends.

Yoh: She mostly caught trash, though.

Me: Aw, stick it! I caught quite a few fish.

Kyo: Can we just get this over with and post those damn pictures?

Yuki: Shut up you stupid cat.

Yoh: Let's post some pics from Spring Break first!

Me: Yeah!

Here's my mom and my bro at the airport.

Me and my bro at the aquarium, giving each other bunny ears.

My cousin(left) and my brother(right). My cousin doesn't like his picture taken, so that's why he looks like that.

My friend, Angelica, and my grandma. They were sticking their tounges out at me for the fun of it.

Angelica's sister, Heather, my other friend.

And, last but not least, Kyo in my hat at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport! Isn't he cute? ^.~

Yoh: Awesome pics!

Me: Here's one of the Rafe pics! I couldn't upload the others at the moment. See ya!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Here's the next chapter! Enjoy!


Chapter 7

Eventually, the gang left the ice rink. They had already decided to go to the indoor swimming pool. Everyone went in to the designated changing rooms and changed into swimsuits. They all came out wearing different colored swimsuits, except Allison and Katherine, who were both wearing orange swimsuits.

The girls jumped in to the pool first, and then the boys hopped right behind them. Audrey, Katherine, Tory, and Max started splashing each other and splashing.

Allison put her goggles on and dove underwater. Rafe saw her go under and grinned as he dove right after her. Rebecca sighed. “No doubt about it. Rafe’s in love with Allison.” “Just like I’m in love with you, May.” Sid said. May sighed. Audrey and Katherine giggled.

Rafe swam after Allison and eventually caught up with her. Allison saw him and blushed. They both came up above the water and took a good breath of air. “You really do like me don’t you?” Allison asked. “Ok, I admit it. I do like you.” Rafe replied, his cheeks turning pink. “I’ve liked you ever since we met at the Battle Tower. I didn’t really want you to lose in our battle but I ended up beating you.” “Wow.” Allison said. “But don’t tell the others about it.” Rafe said. “I think they’ve already figured it out.” She replied, pointing at their friends.


Me: Hope you liked that! Here's some pics of Rafe for you, again. I'll try get the other one I took to you guys tomorrow. See ya!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Here's the next chapter!


Chapter 6

“Man, that food was great!” Ash exclaimed. “No kidding, you had five servings.” Allison, May, and Max said together. The gang had just eaten lunch at one of the local restaurants and they had just finished. A block robot floated over to their table. “Payment please.” It said. “I’ll pay, guys.” Tory said, presenting his passport to it.

A few minutes later, everyone left the restaurant. “Hey, Tory, let’s go to ice skating rink.” Rafe said. “Good idea, Rafe!” Tory replied. Allison gulped. “Did you say ice skating rink?” she asked in a nervous voice. “Yeah, what’s wrong? Can’t you skate?” Rebecca asked. “No, I can’t skate at all.” Allison said, turning red. Rafe leaned over to her and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.” He said. A light shade of pink appeared across the bridge of Allison’s nose.

Pretty soon, they arrived at the skating rink and got ready. Everyone stepped on to the ice except Allison. “Come on, Allison. Take my hand.” Rafe said. Allison cautiously reached for his hand and stepped on to the ice. She slipped and slid around on the ice, keeping a tight grip on Rafe’s hand. Rafe laughed and put his arm around her waist and helped her glide across the ice.

Ash, Audrey, Brock, Katherine, Max, May, Sid, Tory, and Rebecca stopped and watched Allison and Rafe skate around with each other, Rafe with his arm still around Allison’s waist. “Audrey, Katherine, what makes you think your brother likes Allison?” Ash asked. “A lot of things.” The twins replied. “And it looks like Allison likes him back.” May said.


Me: Hope you enjoyed it! Well, see ya!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sorry for not having the next chapter. I'm finishing science homework at the moment. I can't believe we have standardized testing next week! I'm so stressed!

Kyo: So go watch your Fruits Basket DVD or something.

Me: *sticks tounge out at Kyo*

Yuki: Could you guys do Allison-san a favor and visit her friend, lee~lan?

Tohru: She just started and so far, only Allison and Shamangirl6593 have signed lee~lan's guestbook. Please go sign her guest book and add her as a friend!

Me: Thanks, guys! ^^

Yoh: Hey, look what Allison found!

Me: See ya!

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Here's the next chapter!


Chapter 5

“Allison, wake up!” Allison heard Rafe say as he shook her slightly. “Five more minutes.” She mumbled into her pillow. “I know how get her up.” Ash said. “Hey Allison, we got chocolate cake.” “Chocolate cake? Where?!” Allison asked as she sat up in bed. Everyone laughed. “See? Told you.” Ash said. Allison just grumbled as she went into the bathroom to change. After a few minutes, Allison came out of the bathroom, fully dressed, and threw her pajamas on her bed. “I’m going to kill you for that trick, Ash.” She mumbled. “Could you brush your hair first?” Ash asked, laughing. Allison shot a glare at Ash while she brushed her hair and put hat on.

“Is she always like this?” Tory asked as they left the building. “Only in the morning.” Brock replied. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that, Brock. Where are we going, anyway?” Allison said. “We’re going to introduce you to my dad and Yuko.” Tory replied. “Oh.” Allison said.

Pretty soon, they were inside Professor Lund’s lab. “Daddy, we want you to meet our new friend.” Tory said, calling his dad and Yuko over. “This is Ash’s friend, Allison.” Rebecca said, introducing her to them. “It’s nice to meet you.” Allison said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Yuko said, smiling. “Yes, we’ve heard so much about you from Ash, May, Max, & Brock.” Professor Lund said. “Tory, have you kids showed Allison around LaRousse?” Yuko asked. “Nope. Let’s go do that now!” Tory said. “Don’t forget these two.” Prof. Lund as a Plusle and a Minun jumped onto Tory’s shoulders. “Right. Now, let’s go!” Tory said, leading the gang out of the lab.

“How cute! You have a Plusle and Minun!” Allison said, petting Plusle. “Yep! They’re the best!” Tory replied. “Allison, have you told anyone about the kiss last night?” Rafe asked in a whisper so no one else heard him. Allison shook her head no. “That good.” Rafe whispered. “Is it just me, or do you like me?” Allison whispered. “Maybe.” Rafe replied, still whispering.


Me: Hope you liked it! ^^ I submitted some new e-cards today and yesterday, so go check them out. See ya!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Me: Here's the next chapter! Enjoy!


Chapter 4

Later that night, Allison, Ash, Max, May, and Brock were at the Pokemon Center. Brock and Ash were leaning against the wall while Allison, May, & Max stood at the balcony. Then, Rafe, Audrey, Katherine, Sid, and Rebecca came outside. “Well, well, well. Look who’s still in town.” Rafe said as he came up behind Allison. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Allison asked angrily as she turned towards him. “Oh nothing. I just thought you might be embarrassed to show your face around here after losing in our battle.” He replied. “Why you!” Allison said, holding her fist up. “Relax, Allison. He said the exact same thing to me after our first battle.” Ash said, looking annoyed at Rafe.

“Hey guys, look at the sky!” Katherine said, pointing at the sky. Everyone looked up and saw an aurora. “It must be Deoxys!” they heard Tory’s say. “Hey Tory. Do really think that’s Deoxys?” May asked. “No doubt about it. They must be saying hi!” Tory replied. “What’s Deoxys?” Allison asked. “We’ll tell you later.” Brock said. “Hey guys, I just thought of an idea! Let’s release our Pokemon and let them play around like last time!” Max said. “Good idea!” everyone replied.

Everyone threw their pokeballs and released their Pokemon. They played around on the playground there for a few hours. After a few hours, everyone was tired. Everyone said good-bye to each other and left to go to bed. When nobody was looking, Rafe stayed behind real quick with Allison. “Don’t tell anyone about this.” He whispered in her ear. Before Allison could react, Rafe kissed her on the cheek and then ran off to catch up with Sid, Rebecca, Tory, Audrey, & Katherine. Allison just stood there, speechless and blushing.

“Come on, Allison! It’s time to go to bed!” Max and May called. Allison snapped back in to reality and caught up with the others. “What’s took you so long?” Ash asked. “Oh nothing.” Allison replied.


Me: Hope you enjoyed that! Hey, could you guys do me a favor? Go visit my friend, lee~lan. She just joined yesterday. Go sign her guestbook and add her as a friend. See ya!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Me: Here's the next chapter, enjoy!


Chapter 3

“Come on! We need to go through here!” Ash said, stepping out of an elevator. “Um, ok.” Allison replied. “Welcome, step through here & good luck.” A man said, ushering them into another room. Then, Allison and Ash were on another moving sidewalk. A light scanned them and their pictures appeared on a screen. “Passports confirmed. Two youth level participants.” A computer voice said.

Then Ash and Allison stepped into a room with a giant blue pokeball on the floor. “We need to step on here.” Ash said, ushering her on to it. Allison nodded and stepped on to it. Then, it began to rise. “Here we go!” Ash exclaimed.

“Welcome to the LaRousse City Battle Tower! Today we have a tag team battle! Be sure to cheer for your favorites!” the announcer said. At that moment, Rafe and Sid rose up on a red pokeball. “In the red corner, we have Rafe and Sid, two trainers from South City.” The announcer announced. Rafe and Sid waved. Then, the blue pokeball appeared with Allison and Ash on it, waving. “And in the blue corner, we have Allison and Ash, two trainers all the way from Pallet Town.” “Hey, Ash, Allison, don’t expect us to go easy on you.” Rafe said. “Funny, we should be saying that to you two.” Allison replied, turning her hat around.

“Ok, trainers, begin your battle!” the announcer said. “Here we go!” Rafe and Sid said as they threw their pokeballs. A Blaziken and a Blastoise appeared out of the balls. “Blaze!” “Blastoise!” “Pikachu, I choose you!” Ash said. Pikachu jumped off Ash’s shoulder on to the field. “Go Arcanine!” Allison said as she threw her pokeball. “Arcanine!” the pokemon said as it appeared from the ball.

“Blaziken, use Blaze Kick!” Rafe commanded. “Blastoise, use Skull Bash!” Sid told his Pokemon. Blaziken and Blastoise obeyed and Blaziken attacked Pikachu while Blastoise attacked Arcanine. “Pikachu, dodge and use thunderbolt!” Ash commanded. “Arcanine, use Flame-thrower!” Allison said. The pokemon obeyed and counter-attacked. But Blaziken and Blastoise eventually beat them. “Pikachu and Arcanine are unable to battle. Rafe and Sid are the winners!” the announcer said. Allison and Ash disappeared as the pokeball went back down.


Me: I got the first Fruits Basket DVD yesterday! Yay! Well see ya!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Me: Here's the next chapter! Enjoy!


Chapter 2

Pretty soon, the gang stepped off the moving sidewalk and was standing in front of the Battle Tower. Allison looked up & gasped. “It’s huge!” she said. Ash, May, Max, Brock, & Pikachu laughed. “Come on! Let’s go inside. The others are waiting for us.” Brock said. Ash, Allison, May, & Max nodded and followed Brock inside. “It’s amazing!” Allison exclaimed once they were inside the Battle Tower. “We’re going to be hearing this a lot.” Max commented.

“Hey, Ash! We’re over here!” A boy’s voice said. Ash looked in the direction of the voice and saw their friends Rafe, Sid, Audrey, Katherine, Rebecca, & Tory. “Hey guys!” Ash said as he, Allison, Max, May, and Brock ran over. “Allison, these are our friends. Meet Rafe, Audrey, Katherine, Sid, Rebecca, and Tory.” Brock said. “Nice to finally meet all of you.” Allison said, shaking their hands. “It’s nice finally meet you too, Allison.” Rebecca replied. When Allison shook Rafe’s hand her cheeks and his both turned pink.

“So Ash, are you and Allison ready for that Pokemon battle?” Rafe asked. “You bet we are!” Ash replied. “Wait a second! I don’t recall anything about a battle!” Allison said, really confused. “Well, Ash was telling us about how your such a great Pokemon battler and Rafe and I thought it would be a good idea if he and I battled you and Ash here in the Battle Tower.” Sid explained. “Ok! Sounds great!” Allison said. “See on the battle field, guys!” Rafe said as he ran off with Sid. “We’re heading to our seats. Good luck guys!” Audrey and Katherine said together.

“We better get going too.” Ash said. “Pika!” Pikachu added, which meant something like “We don’t want to keep Rafe and Sid waiting!” “Yeah, but where do we go?” Allison asked. “Just follow me!” Ash said as he started heading towards an escalator. Allison nodded and followed him up the escalator.


Hope you liked it! See ya!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Me: Well, I decided that instead of writing a Shaman King story, I'll write a story using the characters of Pokemon Destiny Deoxys! ^^

Yoh: So here's the first chapter!


Chapter 1

“Hey Ash, are we almost there yet?” a girl asked. “We’re almost there, Allison.” Ash replied. Five kids sat in a train, which was taking them to LaRousse City. Ash, May, Max, and Brock had thought it would be a great idea if they had brought their friend, Allison, to visit LaRousse.

“May, tell me what it’s like again.” Allison pleaded. “It’s cool! LaRousse is this high-tech city. Instead of paying for things with money, people have passports with which they can buy things with.” Said May. “And the passports can do other things too.” Ash added. “We can’t wait to introduce you to our friends.” Max said. “I can’t wait to meet them!” Allison replied. “Pikachu!” Ash’s Pikachu said. It meant something like “Your going to like them!”

“Hey, guys! We’re here!” Brock said. Pretty soon, the gang was standing in the train station. They headed down the escalators and were greeted by a block robot. “Welcome to LaRousse!” it said. Then a camera came out of it. “Smile!” it said before it took a picture of them. Meanwhile, in another building, Allison, Ash, Brock, Max, & May’s pictures appeared on a screen. “Visitor data confirmed.” A computer voice said.

Then, the robot handed them each a passport, explained what they could be used for, & left. “So, these are passports?” Allison asked looking at hers. “Yep. Don’t lose it.” Brock said. “Come on! We said we were meeting everyone at the Battle Tower!” Ash said, stepping onto a moving sidewalk which led to the Battle Tower. “Battle Tower? Sounds neat!” Allison said. “Believe me. It is.” Ash replied.


Hope you liked it!

Yoh: Well, see ya!

Me: Bye!

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