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Saturday, May 7, 2005

   It's the day!
Well... *throws confetti* ^__^
Anyways, today Momma went to Burger King, but be wary. They forgot Momma's order >< idiots
Today Daddy and I played catch! ^_^ It was fun!
Tomorrow Momma and I are getting my nails done, then Daddy's taking me to San Jose and we're gonna go to the Mac store. I'll try to find something for Momma for Mother's Day! my nephew's birthday is Mother's day too!the day after mine! hmph! heh ^_^ joking
*looks at you all* where are your presents? ^^;; joking! anyways, got to go watch the series finale of Third Watch ;-; oh well. ^^
Lots of Love!

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Friday, May 6, 2005

I'm so tiered, I didn't even realize it was 9 oclock
Today... in Science we were designing fantasy rollar coasters. I finished mine ^_^ it wasn't very creative, but I was spacing out.
Today I went to our Honor Roll thingy. I got all A's ^.~ 4.1670 GPA, the highest I think you can get at our school ^_^ all A's for the first time this year! *sparkly eyes*

Cali time: 3 days I think ^^;;
Otaku time: 2 days

well... let's see...

You could have ONE anime character brought to life. Who would it be?

A picture today too!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyways, yes I am still sick. but *happy tears* thank you all for your support. You guys are such good friends... a total of 6 cards and so many wishes that I can't count *huggles all of you* *more happy tears* thank you. I pomise to be the BEST friend I can

Lots of Love! Love ya all!

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Thursday, May 5, 2005

   heya! ^_^
I just watched my presious Lost ^^ it was really scary at times! we thought Locke would die, but he didn't! he only got hurt! this episode was really funny too! Sawyer's voice made Claire's baby stop crying, so Charlie was following Sawyer around. ^^ funny
Well you all know my birthday!
Cali time: 4 days
Otaku time: 3 days

oh boy... I'm still sick... coughing until my stomach hurts so bad I want to throw up... it's actually hacking but still ;-;
Not much to say... I guess... tomorrow's Thursday! wheeeeeeeee! ^_^;; and the day after that is Friday! And the day after that is my birthday!
oh! Daddy and I are going to the Mac store! he's gonna get me an iSight camera! but he's gonna get himself one too -.-; but then I'll have someone other then my brother to talkie to ^__^ that'll be so awesome!!
what are you all gonna get me for my birthday? *raises eyebrow* XD I'm joking, I'm joking! just your wishes will be great ^_^
Lots of Love!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

   ^_^ heya!
Hi everyone!
missed school AGAIN >< that's so odd of me! but I'm going tomorrow! no matter if I throw up in the middle of the night!
Inuyasha: riiight...
me: anyways, today's been real weird, yet kinda cool ^_^
I won't go into detail though ^_^;;
I've been forgetting my countdown *gasp*
Cali time: 5 days!
Otaku time: 4 days ^_^
I EXPECT EVERYONE TO SING TO ME! ^^;; just kidding!

When is your birthday?

For your birthday, I'll make you a nice little card ^_^ especially if it's close
state tests on math tomorrow... ;-; I've missed a day of notes (today we had double sience, so no math) I'll make it up *determined eyes* but I should go and read right now... stupid King Arthur book. I hope my teacher will understand that I was taking like 3 naps a day and excuse me from the questions... but I bet she won't ;-;
oh well ^_^

Lots of Love!
P.S. oh! look at what I found! ^_^

and thank you SOOOOOO much for ALL your get well soons! you guys are the best *happy tears*

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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Hi everyone!
I missed school today cuz I was sick ;-; how could I?
But I'll go back tomorrow I hope ^_^
The Lost club is official! If you want to join, PM me and I'll ask if you know the show or not! if you do, tell me which characters you want on your banner ^_^ If not, I'll explain and ask if you have a favorite character afterwards! If not, you can have a group banner ^^

~Things Hotaru wants to do before she kicks the bucket~
Go to Japan, Ireland, England and other places ^^
Learn Japanese
Find true love
Write at least one book
Be happy when I do die ^_^

And, I'm SOOOOO grateful to all of you for all your get well soon wishes. I wanna give an ultra special thanks to Masami and Kaza, who went out of their way and sent me "Get Well Soon!" cards ^_^ I got one from Kaza-chan and 5 from Masami-chan *hugs you al* 6, I feel special ^_^;;

Lots of Love!

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Monday, May 2, 2005

   More Lost banners!
I've decided to make this club official!
Forty-eight people have survived a horrific plane crash in the South Pacific -- but they were 1,000 miles off course when it happened, so no one knows where they are. What's more the remote island is home to some mysterious things lurking in its interior.

That's the official description from ABC.com

Lost Banners:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you like the TV show, please join. If you want to find out about the show, PM me and I'll give you a detailed explaination! ^_^;;
Lots of Love!

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   Lost banner
I meant the TV shoow Lost so you guys know!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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   same as always
not much is going on, still sick
I've been thinking... think I can create a Lost fanclub?

I don't have any time!
Lots of Love!

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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   Just as sick as ever >>;;
Thanks you guys, but I wanna give a special thanks to Masami and Kaza, who sent me "Get well soon" cards via e-mail. ^_^
Today... I did absolutly nothing... wait... Tohru went insane. she was sugar high and... *shudders* it was so scary...
I want to write... but I can't! o.o NOOO!
Anyways... I have to go find my story, so I'll put something up to disfract you ^^

~Things Hotaru will NEVER do~
do drugs
drink alcohol
become Nathan's evil demon assistant (and I do mean Nathan from our story Chika)
hate Kouga... again

Here is my story! enjoy ^^

~**Chapter Two**~
*the wolf demons return with herbs about an hour after
the group arives*
One wolf demon: Who are they?
Kouga: they're Hotaru's friends. Don't touch em
Wolf demon: yes sir
Another wolf demon: here are the herbs you asked for
Kouga: *takes them and walks over to Hotaru*
Kaza: *watches them* he better not do anything to her
Tohru: oh relax. Kouga won't do nothing
Chika: *whispers* he's a baka. Too stupid to do
anything extreme
the rest of the girls: *giggle*
Inuyasha: *watches them*
Chika: care to join?
Inuyasha: sure, why not
Kaza: okay, what do you not like about Kouga?
Inuyasha: He flirts with my- I mean Kagome
Girls: *giggle*
Inuyasha: oh shut up
Chibi: I read this one fanfic and a child pulled down
his skirt
girls: EWWWWWW!
Chibi: he wears a skirt, honestly. Women wear skirts
Chika: yeah, that's really disgusting
Hotaru: shut it Midori! *blushing*
Midori: *smirks*
Ami: >> this is weird guys. We got a cross dresser on
our team now
Tohru: why did he have to be on the list?
Chibi: don't look at me. I don't make the list
Hotaru: *to Kouga* thank you... for everything
Kouga: anytime babe
Hotaru: *blush*
Kouga: *smirks*
*~*The next day*~*
Kouga: Alright! We're heading out
wolf demons: BYE KOUGA!
*the group leaves the wolf den*
Chibi: what's next?
Hotaru: *pulls out list* O.O!!!!!!!!!
the rest of the girls: what??
Hotaru: one of Kaugura's feathers
Midori: as soon as we find her, I can do it
Tohru: can we go out of order on this list
Chibi: as long as you get everything, sure
Tohru: then what else is there?
Hotaru: does anyone have a box of crackers?
Ami: I do *pulls out a box of crackers*
Hotaru: keep it safe, we'll need it
Tohru: what else?
Hotaru: I have to sing a song in a forest
Kouga: there's a forest near here. You can do it there
Hotaru: let's go do that! ^^
*they all walk to the forest*
Hotaru: well... now I have to sing
Kaza: what are you singing?
Hotaru: I have no clue
Kaza: hmm...
Tohru: how about an Inu theme song?
Hotaru: In english? *looks at list* T-T in Japanese
Kaza: *gives Hotaru lyrics to use* there! ^^
Hotaru: I can do this song! ^^ *starts singing I Am*
everyone else: *listen*

~Things that make Hotaru smile~
good music
shirtless Kouga
and did I mention e-mails and Kouga?

Lots of Love!

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Thanks everyone for your ďGet well soonĒ wishes! ^_^ It twas very thoughtful of you guys!
Iíve been feeling horrible ALL day! My group, who I was TRYING to help, didnít care about how freaking sick I was! One of our group members refuses to do ANYTHING! God >< but Iím out of that group now and into a better one! ^_^ one that will actually work!
Time: 9:00PM here in Cali ^^
So technecly, itís 8 days til my b-day in Cali, but on Otaku time, itís 7 days ^_^
Iíd posy some of my story, but Iím on the laptop, meaning I donít have it on this comp ^^;;
AnywaysÖ umÖ o.o;;
News Flash: good news for hell, it didnít freeze over!

^_^ I should go now, go blow my nose until the trash can fills up with tissues ><;
Lots of Love! Thanks again!

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