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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   Yo all
Hi ^_^ well, last night I was watching Brat Camp and Lost, so I didn't have time to post
Geez... this really stinks... sorry, I'll not bug you with that, only AU ^^

~Hotaru's POV~
"Thanks," I heard Kouga say. I looked up into his eyes. His eyes and his smile were both so beautiful, even better together. I found myself blushing.
I felt Kouga's warm hand on my chin. That made me more red.
'What is he doing...?'
Kouga started leaning in.
He was getting closer and closer to my face. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact of his lips on mine.
'This'll be my first kiss! Oh! this is exciting!'
I felt his lips touch mine. The kiss was sweet and quick. Before I had time to react, I heard the door open.
~Kouga's POV~
Without realizing it, I said "Thanks."
Hotaru looked up at me, and I saw her blush. I never noticed until now how beautiful her turquoise eyes were.
'Who am I kidding? Everything about her is beautiful.'
I moved my hand to her chin and placed it there softly. Her face got even more red.
'I really do like her... I'll tell her... right now...'
I leaned in slowly. She looked very shocked and confused. I hoped I was doing the right thing by showing her. I saw her close her eyes. I guess I was then.
I placed my lips on her soft ones and closed my eyes. A few seconds later, I heard the door open.
~Normal POV~
Kiyomi walked up the stairs with the cordless phone in hand. Harumi was at the top of the stairs, with a camera hanging around her neck.
"What's with the phone?" Harumi asked.
"It's for Kouga to call home. What's with the camera?" Kiyomi asked.
"Nothing much, I was bored," Harumi answered with a shrug.
"Well, can you give this to Kouga? He's in Hotaru's room," Kiyomi asked.
"Sure!" Harumi said with a slight smirk. "Could you put this back in my room?" She took off her camera and gave it to Kiyomi
"Of course," Kiyomi said. She took the camera and gave Harumi the phone.
"Thanks!" Harumi said and ran to Hotaru's room. She opened the door and her mouth fell open.
Kouga and Hotaru were kissing. They both pulled away and looked at Harumi, shocked and blushing.
"MOM!!!!!!!" Harumi yelled. "KOUGA AND HOTARU ARE MAKING OUT!"
Both Kouga and Hotaru's faces were red now. Harumi smirked as Kiyomi looked in the room with a shocked face.
"WE WEREN'T!" Kouga and Hotaru both exclaimed at the same time.
Kiyomi just smiled and exited. Harumi tossed Hotaru the phone, which she caught, and followed Kiyomi out of the room.
Hotaru, still red, gave Kouga the phone. Kouga dialed his number and waited. Hotaru got up and, remembering the note Riniko had given her, picked up her backpack. She dug in it and found the note.
Hotaru looked at Kouga, who was talking with someone, more then likely his mother. Hotaru opened up the note, Inside, it said, 'Call me. I have to tell you something important.' Then it said Riniko's phone number.
Kouga hung up the phone. "Do you think you guys can take me home?" he asked. "I have to make my mom dinner."
"No problem. I'll ask after I make a phone call," Hotaru answered.
Kouga handed her the phone. Hotaru dialed Riniko's number and waited. Eventually, she answered the phone.
"Hello?" Riniko's voice answered.
"Riniko? It's Hotaru," Hotaru replied.
"Hotaru! I was wondering when you'd call!" Riniko exclaimed.
"Sorry, Kouga's over."
'Ow, that hurt,' Hotaru thought.
"I'll tell you later. What did you need to talk about?"
"Umm... You know Shippo?"
"Duh. What about him?"
"I think I like him..."
There was silence for a moment. Kouga looked at Hotaru.
"Ow, don't yell like that Hotaru."
Hotaru laughed. "Sorry."
"Well, I'll let you get back to Koooooooougaaaaaaa."
Hotaru blushed. "Fine. See you tomorrow."
Hotaru hung up. Then she looked at Kouga and smiled. "Hey Kouga?"
"Yes Hotaru?" he replied.
"Why did you... uh..."
Both Hotaru and Kouga's faces turned red again.
"Do you not feel that way about me?" Kouga asked, sounding very sad, as though Hotaru had already said no.
"No... I do feel that way... about you..." Hotaru whispered.
"What did you say?" Kouga asked.
"Yes! I like you Kouga!" Hotaru exclaimed, blushing again.
Kouga blushed slightly.
~Kouga's POV~
'She likes me! SHE LIKES ME! YEEEES!!!'
'Ask her to be your girlfriend! Do it! You're on a roll!'
"Then... uh... will you... do you want to go out sometime?"
'Close enough'
~Hotaru's POV~
'Oh my gosh! HE JUST ASKED ME ON A DATE!!!!'
'Told you you wanted it'
"Um... sure."
"Do you like scary movies?" he asked me with a smile.
'What? Just because you don't like them doesn't mean you should turn him down. It'll be a chance for you two to get closer.'
"Um... They're okay."
"Do you want to come over to my house sometime and watch one?"
'Not the most romantic first date, but sure, it works.'
"That would be fun."
"Great! But... what about your father?"
~Normal POV~
"Oh... right... he'll never allow us to go out..." Hotaru said with a frown.
"Study date!"
Hotaru looked at him. "Oh! Yes! I see! Good idea Kouga!"
Kouga smiled. She sounded just like an excited child at Christmas.
Hotaru sat down next to him. "You know what I think?" Hotaru asked.
"That I'm brilliant?" Kouga asked in a joking tone.
"That too," Hotaru said with a smile. "And also that you're the best."
Hotaru blushed slightly and kissed his cheek. Kouga smiled.
"Guess I should get home. Mom was worried," Kouga said, a hint of guilt in his voice.
"Oh, yes," Hotaru said in a small voice.
There was silence for a moment. The radio was still on and it was on some commercials.
"Come on, let's go," Hotaru said with a smile, getting up. Kouga got up too and took Hotaru's hand. Together they walked downstairs, hand-in-hand.

That's all for now! ^_~ I'll be leaving Friday morning, so I'll post ONCE more, then I'll be back Sunday! I may post then or Monday!
Lot's of Love!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Okay, so anyways, we're celebrating three things.
1. I GOT MUSIC ON MY SITE!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Go listen please ^_^

So anyways, I got some AU story(I'm breaking up chapter 3 into smaller parts so I have more time to finish chapter 4 XD) and some pics/cards for the big 800 XD

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**~Chapter Three~**
Hotaru and Kouga were in Hotaru's room. They were waiting for Kiyomi and Hotaru's father to come up to help Kouga. Hotaru had turned the radio on and they were listening to Hotaru's favorite station.
The station finished one of Hotaru's favorite songs and put on 'I Won't Say(I'm In Love)'.

If there's a prize for rotten judgement
I guess I've already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That's ancient history - been there, done that!

Hotaru looked at Kouga. He had laid back on Hotaru's bed and closed his eyes.

Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'
He's the Earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden
Honey, we can see right through you
Girl, you can't conceal it
We know how ya feel and
Who you're thinking of

No chance, no way
I won't say it, no, no
You swoon, you sigh, why deny it, uh-oh!
It's too cliché
I won't say I'm in love

Hotaru could have sighed happily. This song was so her. Maybe this song was like the little arguments she had with herself.

I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming get a grip, girl
Unless you're dying to cry your heart out

You keep on denying
Who you are and how you're feeling
Baby, we're not buying
Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When ya gonna own up
That ya got, got, got it bad

'I do have it bad...' Hotaru thought. 'Even my other little voice says that...'

No-chance, no-way
I won't say it, no no
Give up, give in
Check the grin, you're in love
This scene won't play
I won't say I'm in love
You're doin' flips read our lips
You're in love

You're way off base
I won't say it (she won't say it, no)
Get off my case
I won't say it
Girl, don't be proud
It's okay you're in love

At least out loud
I won't say I'm in love

The song finished and Hotaru looked back at Kouga. 'He looks so peaceful... Like he's sleeping. I wonder if he is...'
Hotaru leaned over Kouga. He sure LOOKED asleep. She leaned in a little closer. He looked so cute.
Kouga suddenly opened his eyes. Hotaru was so surprised, that she fell right on top of Kouga.
"I'm sorry!" she said, quickly getting off him with a red face.
Kouga sat up a little and smiled. "It's okay," he said. "You sure do blush easily though." He laughed a little.
"Is that a compliment or are you mocking me?" Hotaru asked with a fake frown, crossing her arms.
"Neither," he said with a small smile. "But I will admit, your blush makes you cuter."
Hotaru turned bright red again and Kouga smirked.
At that moment, Kiyomi and Hotaru's father entered.
"Hotaru, you're red again!" Kiyomi pointed out. "Are you getting sick?"
"No, I'm fine Mom," Hotaru said, though her blush remained.
"Well, I suppose you are Kouga," Hotaru's father stated.
"Yes Mr. Suzuki," Kouga said politely, sitting up all the way.
"I didn't suspect you'd be such an ordinary fellow," Mr. Suzuki said.
Kouga gave him a confused look. "What do you mean Mr. Suzuki?"
"Hotaru is very picky about her boyfriends," He explained as Hotaru blushed.
"Father! He's not my boyfriend!" Hotaru exclaimed.
"Good," Mr. Suzuki said sternly. Hotaru quieted down. Kouga looked at her, confused, but he dropped the look.
"Now we're gonna patch you up!" Kiyomi said in a cheerful voice. "Where are your bruises Kouga?"
"Um... Well, this one," Kouga said bluntly, pointing at the bruise on his left cheek. "A couple on both arms and one on my right shoulder I'm pretty sure."
"Take off your shirt," Kiyomi said.
Hotaru turned as red as a cherry. Kouga blushed slightly as well.
"MOM!!!" Hotaru squeaked.
"Hotaru, we need to SEE if he has any he doesn't know about."
"Then don't say it like that!' Hotaru squeaked in the same voice.
"Then leave the room," Kiyomi pointed out.
~Hotaru's POV~
'Shoot! Why did I say that? Kouga's gonna think I'm a pervert!'
'That would be something you don't see everyday...'
'I AM your mind, so it wouldn't be just me you know'
~Kouga's POV~
'WHAT????? She wants to stay here? Why?'
'Maybe she just cares about you.'
'True... but...'
'No buts! I'm sure her father won't let her see anything anyways!'
~Normal POV~
"Fine Hotaru," Kiyomi said, admitting defeat.
"But you must turn around," Mr. Suzuki said sternly and Hotaru turned around.
*~*A Little While Later*~*
"That must have been one hell of a fight to get into Kouga," Kiyomi said, finishing with Kouga's last bruise.
Mr. Suzuki had left to go back to work, and Hotaru still had her back turned.
Kouga put his shirt back on and Kiyomi proudly proclaimed, "Done!"
Hotaru turned around to see that Kiyomi was indeed done. She walked over to Kouga.
"Feel better?" she asked in a shy voice.
"A little," Kouga answered with a smile.
"Why don't you use our phone to call your parents?" Kiyomi asked. "I'm sure they're worried."
"Thank you Kiyomi," Kouga said.
Kiyomi left to bring up the cordless phone.
"So... umm..." Hotaru was lost for words.
Hotaru looked up. Kouga was smiling. Hotaru blushed slightly. Kouga's hand found it's way to Hotaru's chin. Hotaru was getting more red. Kouga leaned in slightly.


Lot's of Love!

P.S. Like the new theme?

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Monday, August 15, 2005

More of my AU story is coming up! I just want to ask:
How was the first chapter? Too long? Not good enough?

Here's chapter 2:

**~Chapter Two~**
Hotaru waved to Kouga as they left him. Hotaru's mom had just dropped him off at the store and now Hotaru, Hotaru's mom and Hotaru's sister were heading home.
"So..." Hotaru's sister, Harumi, started with a smirk. Hotaru already knew it was about Kouga. "Who is he? How did you guys meet? Come on! Tell me! Don't leave anything out!"
"His name is Kouga," Hotaru stated. "We met at lunch when he helped me."
"Did you trip over your feet again?" Harumi asked with a smile and before Hotaru could answer, she added, "Clumsy girl."
Hotaru blushed. "No! I didn't trip!" she exclaimed. "It was Naraku again."
"Naraku? Again? You should report him to a teacher," Hotaru's mother, Kiyomi, piped in.
"It's not that easy," Hotaru said with a slight sigh.
*~*The Next Week After Lunch*~*
All four girls headed off to P.E. with smile on their faces. They changed into their P.E. uniforms quickly and headed out to class.
"Today, we find out if Miroku has the same P.E. as us," Sango said with a slight frown.
"Let's hope he isn't..." Kagome said.
All four of the girls began to look around.
"So far so good," Riniko said. She knew about Miroku and his perverted ways, because she had a few classes with him.
"OH NO! THERE HE IS!" Hotaru exclaimed, pointing towards the field.
The other girls looked there and groaned. Miroku was there, walking toward them too.
"Hey girls," Miroku said as he reached them. "How are you guys?"
"Fine," Sango lied.
"Yeah," agreed Kagome and Riniko.
"I'm tiered..." Hotaru said, yawning. "I was up late writing another story."
"Really?" Sango asked. "Which one? Or did you start a new one AGAIN?"
"It was that one original love story," Hotaru said with a smile.
"An original love story?" Riniko asked excitedly. "You HAVE to let me read it sometime."
Hotaru blushed. "It's not very good though..." she said in a small, shy voice.
"I bet it is!" Riniko exclaimed.
"Hey look! It's Shippo!" Kagome exclaimed.
They all looked to see little Shippo running toward them. He stopped in front of Riniko and their eyes met. Riniko blushed and so did Shippo. The rest of the girls giggled.
"Hi... my name's Shippo," Shippo said in a shy voice.
"I'm Riniko," Riniko introduced, blushing a bit still.
"What's the hold up?" a voice asked.
Everyone turned to see that it had been the voice of Inuyasha. Hotaru and Kagome looked at one another, then Inuyasha spoke again.
"Hey Kagome," he said with a small smirk.
"Um, hi Inuyasha," Kagome said, quite a bit shocked that Inuyasha was being nice to them, much less saying hello to HER.
Inuyasha nodded at the others and carried on his way.
"What class do you have with HIM?" Hotaru asked, her voice a little sly and very demanding.
"Math," Kagome said, keeping her voice as monotone as she could manage.
Hotaru and Riniko shrugged.
"Hey! It's Kouga!" Kagome said, looking over past Riniko and Hotaru. Indeed, there Kouga stood. He didn't notice them though. Hotaru ran over to Kouga and they talked for a short while, before coming to the group.
"Hi you guys," Kouga said with a smirk.
"Hi Kouga," Riniko and Sango said, the same hint of bitterness in their voices.
"Hello Kouga," Kagome said with a smile.
"Kouga, this is-" Hotaru started.
"Miroku and Shippo. Don't worry, I know," Kouga interrupted.
"Hey! Don't interrupt her!" Sango snarled angrily.
"Sorry, it's a bad habit of mine..." Kouga said.
"It's okay, I don't mind," Hotaru said with a big smile.
*~*After Class*~*
Everyone began to go their separate ways. Riniko and Shippo went off to Biology, Sango and Kagome went off to French, Miroku went off to Math and Hotaru and Kouga went to Writing.
"So, is today a good day?" Hotaru asked for the fifteenth time.
"Yes, It is," Kouga answered for the fifteenth time.
"I can't wait! Mom said it was okay and my sister is inviting her boyfriend over, so she'll leave us alone!" Hotaru said excitedly.
"That's good," Kouga said. "I think..."
Hotaru laughed. "But Harumi, my sister, will probably be weird in the car," Hotaru warned. "She likes to make fun of me. And her boyfriend won't be over until 15 minutes after we get home. So prepare for sister hell."
With that, the two of them burst out laughing.
"That's my sister for you," Hotaru said with a wink as they reached their classroom.
*~*After School*~*
"Thank you for inviting me over Mrs. Suzuki," Kouga said in the car as the Suzuki family(and Kouga) were going home.
"Please, Mrs. Suzuki is too formal, call me Kiyomi," Hotaru's mother said with a smile. "And it's no problem. I'm glad Hotaru has someone to study with."
"YEEAAAAAH, but I bet you two'll be together in no time," Harumi said with a smirk. "Just think, little Hotaru, having a boyfriend." She snickered when she was the blush on her sister's face.
"Harumi! Don't scare our guest!" Hotaru said loudly, trying to cover her blush with her hands.
"Me? Scare? I would never..." Harumi said with a smirk. "Embarrass you in front of guests? Yes, that I would do."
"We're home!" Kiyomi called to the two arguing sisters and the silent Kouga as they reached a house that had a big welcoming environment.
"And this is home!" Harumi said, getting out of the car. "Make yourself at home! You'll need to know the house when you take Hotaru out on dates."
"HARUMI!!" Hotaru exclaimed loudly with a big blush on her face. Kouga was blushing as well.
"You know... you're right! She's too ugly to date!" Harumi said with a smirk.
Before Hotaru could say anything, Kouga spoke up. "You shouldn't call your own sister ugly!" Kouga said with a glare.
"Oh you think she's pretty?" Harumi asked.
"Yes! I'm amazed she doesn't have a boyfriend already!" Kouga said, getting very annoyed with Harumi, while Hotaru was turning red from blushing.
"Do you feel alright Hotaru?" Kiyomi asked, oblivious to the argument Kouga and Harumi were having.
Kouga turned to look at Hotaru, but when he saw she was blushing, he blushed too.
"Like I said, Hotaru and Kouga, boyfriend and girlfriend," Harumi said as a car drove up.
"Is that Kenshin?" Kiyomi asked.
A man with red hair stepped out of the car. "Hello Harumi," he said with a smile.
"KENSHIN!!!!!" Harumi yelled, hugging him.
"Well it IS Kenshin!" Kiyomi said, walking over to the couple hugging.
"That's Harumi's boyfriend, Kenshin," Hotaru whispered to Kouga, finally getting her voice back. "He's nice, way nicer then my sister."
Kenshin walked over to them. "Hello Hotaru. Who's this?" he asked, being polite.
"Hello Kenshin," Hotaru greeted. "This is my friend, Kouga. Kouga, this is Kenshin."
"Nice to meet you," Kenshin said, reaching out his hand to shake Kouga's.
"Likewise," Kouga replied, shaking Kenshin's hand.
"GUYS! GET YOUR BUTTS IN THE HOUSE!" Kiyomi yelled from inside.
All four of them walked inside the house. Kiyomi stood smiling in the kitchen right to the right of where they came in.
"Make your self comfortable Kouga!" Kiyomi said with a smile.
"Thank you Kiyomi," Kouga said.
"YEAH! You'll be here a lot to pick Hotaru up on dates!" Harumi said, running away when she saw Hotaru turn red. Kenshin quickly followed her.
"Come on, I'll show you to my room," Hotaru said with a slight smile. Kouga returned it as they walked up the stairs and into a room.
The room was kinda girly. It's walls were pink and it's white carpet was covered by a dark blue rug. There was a desk next to a closed door with a Macintosh(YAY! MAC!) computer on it. There was a bed against the right was and a bookshelf on the other side of the desk. There was also a dresser that was next to the bed.
"Sorry. It's a little crowded," Hotaru said, blushing and looking down.
Kouga walked up to the desk. "You got a Mac?" he asked, observing the Mac.
"Yeah," Hotaru said, looking up.
"Dad used to hate Macs," he said, laughing as though he was remembering something. "One time, we walked into a computer store. He thought they sold Windows, but it was a Mac store. We both just laughed and tried to find a Windows store."
"Sounds like you guys had fun together," Hotaru said with a smile.
"Yeah, he was like one of my best friends," Kouga said, a hint of sadness in his voice Hotaru could detect.
Hotaru put a hand on Kouga's shoulder. He looked at her and smiled.
"We should get working on that homework," Kouga said. "You said you needed help, right?"
*~*About an hour later*~*
Kouga and Hotaru were working on their homework peacefully. That is... until Hotaru asked Kouga one question.
"Did you really mean it?"
Kouga looked up from his english homework. "What do you mean?" he asked.
"Did you really mean... that I was pretty?"
Kouga's face turned beat red, and he looked at the floor, as though it were the most interesting thing in the world.
"Yeah," Kouga said. "I meant it."
"Well... that's a first," Hotaru said, her voice having a dark hint to it. "No one ever thinks I'M pretty. I'm just Hotaru. Just Hotaru, the average girl no one cares about. Naraku's hell to deal with every day, Kikyo's a pain to look at, and Inuyasha's mean to me at times. Most people just don't seem to care... not about me."
Kouga was silent for a moment, taking in Hotaru's words.
"Well then," he started. "Those people are stupid. Naraku, Kikyo, Inuyasha, and everyone who doesn't care about you." Hotaru looked up a little. "You're nice, sweet, smart, and pretty, not to mention the best writer I know. What's not to care about?"
Without warning, he felt two arms wrap around him. Hotaru was... crying? Kouga wrapped his arms around the crying girl. He comforted her until she had stopped crying.
"Thank you..." Hotaru whispered.
*~*The Next Week*~*
Kagome entered math class. Once again, only Inuyasha was there.
"Hello Inuyasha," Kagome said to him.
Inuyasha looked up from a piece of paper. "Yo Kagome. What's up?"
"Nothing," Kagome answer, then noticed the paper. "What's that?"
Inuyasha looked at the paper. "I don't know. Someone left it here."
Kagome looked at it. "Do you know who wrote it?"
"No, why would I say 'someone' if I knew who it was?" Inuyasha asked kinda annoyed.
"I was just ASKING!" Kagome exclaimed. "Gosh." She sat down in her regular seat. Inuyasha sent her a glare and she returned it.
*~*Art Class*~*
Shippo and Riniko were already there when Hotaru entered. Since Riniko was at Shippo's seat, Hotaru sat down in her own seat. She looked around at everyone. They had got to keep their seats with minor adjustments.
Then, Naraku entered the classroom. 'Oh yeah...' Hotaru thought, 'He's in this class... and worse... he sits across from me. UGH! And I was ENJOYING this class.'
Naraku sat down across from Hotaru and she pretended to be getting something out of her backpack.
"Why hello Hotaru..." Naraku said with a small evil smile.
Hotaru looked up from her backpack. Inwardly, she groaned. But on the outside, she remained emotionless.
"Hello Naraku," Hotaru said, with no feeling.
"Hotaru..." Naraku said in a menacing voice that sent shivers down Hotaru's spine.
"What?" she asked harshly.
"My... why so harsh today?" He asked.
Hotaru resisted the urge to say, "You, as always", but instead stayed silent.
'Riniko, get over her, NOW!' Hotaru thought bitterly, surprising a glare that threatened to release itself.
Naraku gave her another evil smile before going silent. Hotaru wondered why he wasn't bugging her. A second later, Riniko came and sat next to Hotaru.
"Hi Hotaru!" Riniko said with a smile.
"Hi..." Hotaru said in a small voice. She didn't want Naraku to listen in to their conversation.
Riniko searched her backpack for a piece of paper. When she found it, she wrote something down, then folded it up and gave it to Hotaru. On the front, it said 'Do not open until you get home.' Hotaru nodded and put the paper away, right as the teacher came in.
*~*After school*~*
Hotaru said goodbye to Kouga, but she had no smile on her face. Kouga had asked her all through writing class if she was okay. Hotaru didn't want to tell him it was Naraku again, so she stayed silent. She had only said two words all of writing class, which were "Hello Kouga". Today, Kiyomi was busy, so Hotaru had to walk home. Of course, Harumi would be with her, but she wanted to be alone for a while. And the path they took home, would cross Kouga's path too.
*~*A Little While Later*~*
Harumi was babbling on about how her day was, but Hotaru was in her own world and not listening. Harumi suddenly stopped and Hotaru bumped into her.
"Ouch, what is it?" she asked, even though it didn't really hurt.
"I see your boooooooooooooooooyfriiiiiiiiiiiend," Harumi mocked.
Hotaru's eyes widened, and she looked around Harumi. Kouga was indeed there, but he looked stressed, even beat up from this distance. He was drooping a bit and hadn't seemed to notice the two sisters.
"Kouga..." Hotaru whispered.
"He can't hear you stupid," Harumi pointed out, "You have to do this." She took a small intake of breath. "KOUGA!!"
Kouga looked up a little. When he saw the two sisters(Harumi waving and Hotaru looking at him worriedly from behind Harumi), he began to walk toward them. Hotaru ran towards him. Harumi followed her.
"Kouga!" Hotaru said as she reached him. He looked horrible. He had bruises on his arms and one of his left cheek. He looked exhausted as well.
Harumi reached him a second later. "Geez, what happened to you?" she asked.
Kouga said nothing. His head drooped and landed on Hotaru's shoulder.
"Kouga... Kouga! You have to tell me what's wrong! I can help!" Hotaru exclaimed. "Please, I want to help."
Kouga was silent for a minute or two, before he said, in a very small voice, "I just got into a fight, that's all..."
"What did he say?" Harumi asked, but Hotaru didn't hear her.
"You got into a fight?!" she asked loudly. Kouga looked up at her. "You need help! Come home with us, okay? I'll call Mom, and she can come get us! We'll take care of you Kouga."
Hotaru could feel the tears brimming in her eyes, but she ignored them. Kouga gave her a weak smile. "I'll be okay. This happens a lot. I'm used to it by now. It's ok-"
"No! It's not okay Kouga!" Hotaru exclaimed. "You shouldn't be used to it! Harumi, call Mom, okay?"
Harumi, who was usually a pain in the but, simply nodded and got out her cell phone. She dialed their number and waited.
"I'm okay Hotaru," Kouga said in a slightly stronger voice. He lifted his head off Hotaru's shoulder and looked her straight in the eye. Hotaru's vision was blurred with tears, but she could still see those beautiful blue eyes she loved. "I'm okay Hotaru," he repeated. He began to walk away, until Harumi tripped him. Kouga fell onto the concrete. Then he and Hotaru looked at Harumi, who was now off the phone.
"I already told Mom, so you stay here," she said in an annoyed voice. "Besides, you're injured and Hotaru OBVIOUSLY likes you, so I won't make Hotaru sad by letting you get away. Can't you see she's already hurt by the fact that you got in a fight?"
Kouga looked at Hotaru. A tear was running down her cheek. Kouga gave her a sorry look and got up off the concrete. "If it means that much to you, I'll stay..." Kouga said in a weak voice.
Hotaru hugged Kouga. He winced a little, but he was the only one who noticed. Tears were flooding Hotaru's beautiful face and Harumi was smiling proudly at her work.
"Hotaru..." Kouga whispered to her, wrapping both arms around the crying teen.
By the time Kiyomi had arrived, Hotaru's tears were gone, but Kouga was still holding her. Harumi and Kiyomi helped Kouga into the car, since they were strongest. Hotaru sat down next to him and Harumi sat in the front, giving them a bit more privacy.
"Do..." Hotaru began in a shy voice as Kiyomi started the car. "Do you want us to... help you... o-or just..." Hotaru trailed off.
Before Kouga could answer the question, Harumi butted in, "He's coming home with us! We'll patch him up and he'll be on his way before you know it!"
"I think you should stay home from school tomorrow Kouga," Kiyomi said from the driver's seat.
"Nah, I'll make it," Kouga said with a slightly painful shrug. "Thank you for your concern though."
"You're such a polite boy," Kiyomi pointed out. "Your parents must have raised you right."
Kouga cringed, but Hotaru was the only one who noticed. Kouga didn't answer Kiyomi, so he went silent, watching the scenery pass by outside the car.
I saw Kouga cringe at my mother's comment about his parents raising him right. Then he went silent, looking out the window. I wondered why he had cringed like that. Was his mother a bad mother? Was his father a bad father? It could have been either. But Kouga had said his father was like a best friend! And he said his mother was very nice. Could he... possibly be lying?!
'Why do I care so much? I mean... it's not like we're boyfriend and girlfriend.'
'You wish it was that way'
'Well... I like him, but... it's probably just a crush...'
'You should show him some affection. See how he reacts.'
'But he'll hate me if he doesn't like me!'
'Fine, don't use my idea, dumb ass...'
I sighed and stopped arguing with my self, before turning my full attention to Kouga. I couldn't keep my eyes off him. Damn... why though?!
He looked at me.
He gave me a quizzical look and asked, "What are you staring at Hotaru?" He had said it politely, but that didn't matter to me at the moment.
"Ah... T-that big bruise on your left cheek." That was blunt, I had to add something. "Does it hurt?" That's better.
"A bit," he said, putting his hand on his left cheek and wincing a little.
"I-I'm sorry."
'For what?'
'You, shut up!'
Kouga gave me another quizzical look.
'He's cute when he does that...'
'He's cute all the time.'
'Yeah, he is- HEY!'
'Hah, you admitted it!'
'I hate you!'
On the outside, my face was burning red and I was pissed at myself for admitting that he was cute.
'Now just say he's hot, and I'll drop the subject for now.'
'I already said it when I first saw him! SO HAH!'
'So he is hot?'
"Gr... I did NOT just admit that," I muttered to myself.
"What?" Harumi asked. "That you love Kouga?"
Damn, she was getting annoying again.
"NO!" I exclaimed loudly, my face entirely red.
'You know you do'
'SHUT UP! I DON'T NEED THIS RIGHT NOW! There's a little voice in my head, and I'm going insane! GEEZ!'
"Then what did you 'not just admit'?" Harumi asked me, being as annoying as ever.
Shoot. Better think of something.
'Tell the truth'
"That... I almost failed my last test?" I stated, but it became more of a question then anything.
"Which one?" all there of them asked at once. Kiyomi was worried, Harumi just wanted to make fun of me and Kouga either wanted to know, or wanted to help.
"The math one..." I said, making sure to not turn my statement into a question again.
"Well, I'll help you study if you want," Kouga offered.
I found my face turning red. "No! T-That's not necessary! I can do fine on my own. I-I don't need help."
'Stop denying that you don't want to spend time with him.'
"We're home!" Kiyomi said from the front.
I could have sighed in relief. I noticed another car was here, and I recognized it as my father's.
"Mom, Dad's home. He's never home this early."
"I called him, and he's over for a break."
'She called him to help Kouga! Shoot!'
'He didn't meet Kouga before. This could be bad...'
My father was pretty scrict. He wouldn't tolerate if I become Kouga's boyfriend.
'Which you want to become'
I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt a hand go around my waist. I nearly jumped and looked at who it was. Expecting to see one of my parents, I was very surprised to see it was Kouga. He gave me a smile and I got very confused.
'Are these... signs of affection?!'
My face went red and I looked at the house. My mother had gone in, but Harumi was smirking at the two of us. I felt Kouga's arm leave my waist.
'No! Keep it there!'
'You're admitting it!'
'No, it's just... he's so warm... I just want to be with him in his arms... with his warmth'
'Girl, you're in love'
"Come on," I heard Kouga whisper into my ear. He was so close, I could feel his warm breath on my neck.
"Yeah let's go," I said with a smile as we both walked into the house, absorbed in each other, not caring what my father would say.
**~End Chapter Two~**

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

So, I'm back and stuff ^_^ and ya'll get yer surprise XD XD XD

It's my AU(alternate Universe) story ^-^

Lot's of Love!
P.S. It has no title, so please help me and try to think of one fer me! Thanks!!!!

A girl, the age of 16, walked up to school with her two best friends, Kagome and Sango. The girl's name was Hotaru. She had long dark brown hair and turquoise eyes. The three of them all went to the same high school. It was the first day of their sophomore year. They all got their schedules and compared them.
"Oh!" said Sango.
"What is it Sango?" Kagome asked.
"All three of us only have one class together," Sango said sadly.
"Well, what about with one of us?" Hotaru asked. "And what class do we have together?"
"We all have P.E. together," Sango said. "I have French with Kagome. Hotaru and I have Math together. Kagome and Hotaru have History together... and I think that's it. But we all have the same lunch."
"Oh my... that's not a lot of classes," Kagome said.
"Well we're forgetting Miroku and Shippo," Sango said. "I hope we have a different P.E. then Miroku."
"Same," Hotaru said. "I can't believe I may need to make new friends..."
"It'll be alright Hotaru," Kagome said.
"Yeah, you'll see," Sango said cheerfully. Hotaru just nodded.
Hotaru and Kagome said their separate ways as Hotaru headed off to Art, while Kagome went to Math. This was the first time she wasn't with any of her friends. She walked to her classroom and went inside. Other student were arriving steadily. Hotaru read the board. It said: 'Sit wherever you want for today.' Hotaru looked around. She spotted an empty table in the middle of the classroom and sat down at it. She put her stuff on the floor and waited for class to start. A girl came up to Hotaru.
"May I sit here?" she asked, a smile planted on her face. Hotaru nodded and the girl sat down next to Hotaru. "Hi, my name's Riniko! What's yours?"
"Hi Riniko, I'm Hotaru. It's nice to meet you," Hotaru said. "You new here?"
"Yep, I moved here over the summer," Riniko said.
"Cool," Hotaru said. "I should tell you some stuff about our school. One, watch out for Naraku, the school bully. He's mean to EVERYONE unless you're part of "his crowd". And watch out for Kikyo. She's a bit of a slut. And don't forget about Inuyasha. He's not part of Naraku's group, but he's just as mean."
"Thanks, I'll remember it," Riniko said smiling.
The art teacher came in and settled everyone down. Ms. Hanson, the teacher, told them that depending on how well they did with their current position, they might be able to stay there. Then she assigned their first assignment; to draw the person next to them. She handed out paper and told them it was due by the end of class. Riniko and Hotaru got to work, drawing each other, not really paying attention to who had sat across from them. Hotaru looked up and so did Riniko.
"This is fun," Riniko said smiling.
"Yeah, it is," Hotaru said. "Can I see your drawing?"
"Sure," Riniko said, handing it to Hotaru so she could see it.
The picture was absolutely beautiful. Riniko had only gotten the basic face, but it looked perfect.
"Wow, you're a great artist," Hotaru said, handing back the picture.
"Can I see yours?" Riniko asked.
"Its not very good, mind you," Hotaru said, handing Riniko the picture. Riniko studied it for a while, before giving it back.
"It's really great!" Riniko said smiling.
"Thanks," Hotaru said, and they began to work on their pictures again.
Both girls were done with 15 minutes to spare, so they talked for awhile, finding out each other's interests. They found out they had a lot in common.
"Hey, let me see your schedule!" Hotaru said. Riniko pulled out her schedule and gave it to Hotaru. "We have P.E. together! You can meet my friends! And lunch too!" Hotaru gave back Riniko's schedule and the bell rang.
"I'll see you at lunch," Riniko said smiling. Hotaru and Riniko said goodbye and Hotaru headed off for History. But, even though she didn't know it, someone was following her. Whoever it was, took one last look at Hotaru before reluctantly turning the corner to get to class.
*~*Math with Kagome*~*
As Hotaru went off to art, Kagome went off to math class. It was the one class no one was in with her, but she could make friends easily. She entered the math room, but no one except for a boy was there.
"Um, do I have the wrong classroom?" Kagome asked. Then she recognized the boy.
"If you're looking for math, this is it," he said.
"Inuyasha... I didn't know you had this class," Kagome said. Inuyasha looked up at her.
"You're Kagome, aren't you?" Inuyasha asked.
"Yes, I am," she said.
"Feh," Inuyasha muttered, sitting down at a desk and putting his feet up on it.
Kagome felt like telling him not to do that, but kept her mouth shut and sat down in the desk five desks away from Inuyasha, but still at the front of the class.
*~*Lunch later*~*
Kagome and Sango came out of French and went to the field where some students ate lunch. Hotaru wandered around, looking for Riniko. She spotted Riniko and lead her to Sango and Kagome.
"Hi Sango! Hi Kagome!" Hotaru said. "This is Riniko. I met her in art and she has P.E. with us."
"Hi Riniko, I'm Kagome," Kagome introduced.
"I'm Sango," Sango said, smiling.
"Hi Sango and Kagome. It's nice to meet you," Riniko said, sitting down next to Hotaru.
Halfway through lunch, a disturbance arouse.
"Well well well, if it isn't Hotaru and her little friends."
All of the girls turned and saw Naraku.
"Go away Naraku," Hotaru said, growling.
"No, why should I?" Naraku said smirking. "Why should I leave pathetic things like you alone. You don't DESERVE to be alone. Being alone is a privilege you know. Why give that privilege to YOU of all people. Even the nerd Rin deserves it more then you."
Hotaru's angry look had faded and her friends could tell she might cry if someone didn't help her.
"Hey, don't you think it's pathetic to pick on girls?" a voice asked.
The girls and Naraku turned to look at the person who said that. There stood a boy with long black hair tied into a ponytail and amazing blue eyes. He was quite tall, but only a little taller then Naraku.
"Who the hell are you?" Naraku asked. The boy smirked.
"That's not important, what is important is how badly you're treating these girls," he said and Hotaru got the impression that he was somewhat like Kagome about rule breaking.
"Why do you care?" Naraku asked and the boy went silent for a moment.
"Because your ways are wrong. I've only been here one day, but I already know you are an idiot and treat people badly," he said, and he looked at Hotaru with his beautiful blue eyes.
"What are you, the pope?!"
"No, just trying to help. I suggest you get out of here before I seriously beat you up," the boy said, his fist already in a ball.
Naraku sneered and walked off.
"Thank you so much..." Hotaru said barely above a whisper.
"It's no problem," he said, "You should try sticking up for yourself."
"Hey, what's your name?" Riniko said, already not liking this guy.
"It's Kouga, I'm new to this school this year, but it's already a great school. Except for scum like Naraku, Kikyo and Inuyasha, plus those who are with one of them."
Sango too did not like Kouga. "Well thank you for helping Hotaru," she said, a little cruelty in her voice.
"No big," Kouga said shrugging and began to walk away.
Hotaru wanted to tell him to stop, that he could have lunch with them, but her words were stuck in her throat. As soon as Kouga was gone, the girls started talking.
"I don't really like him..." Sango said.
"Same here," Riniko said.
"I think he's nice," Kagome said. "What do you think Hotaru?"
Hotaru was out of it. She never heard Kagome. Her heart had been pierced by Kouga's beauty and kindness.
"Hotaruuuuuu? Earth to Hotaru!"
Hotaru shook her head, snapping out of her daze. "Yeah, what?"
"Kagome asked you what you thought about Kouga," Sango said.
"Hot," Hotaru said subconsciously. Then, realizing what she said, she blushed.
"Oh my, does little Hotaru have a CRUSH on Kouga?" Kagome asked, giggling. This made Hotaru blush more.
"So?" she asked. "What if I do?"
The rest of the girls giggled.
"Hey, what do we have next? Lunch is almost over!" Kagome said. Everyone pulled out their schedules.
"Sango and I have Math," Hotaru said.
"Riniko has... ADVANCED MATH?!" Sango exclaimed as she read Riniko's schedule. Riniko blushed.
"Yeah... I have Advanced math," Riniko said.
"I had that last year. It was so hard..." Sango said, shaking her head.
"I wanted to stay in Advanced math, but my grades slipped at the end of the year from stress, so they put me in normal math. I'll see how easy it is," Hotaru said grinning.
"You're so lucky Hotaru," Kagome said. "Everything comes easy for you." Kagome sighed a little.
"Not true," Hotaru said. "What do we have after that?"
"Hotaru, you have a writing class?" Riniko said, looking at Hotaru's schedule. "And it's after math for you."
"Yeah, I write," Hotaru said beaming. "But it's not good."
"Yes it is! Riniko, you have to read her stories! They are amazing!" Kagome said and Hotaru blushed once again.
"Let's head to class everyone," Hotaru said.
*~*Writing class with Hotaru*~*
Hotaru said goodbye to Sango as she went to writing class. After writing class, school was over for the day. Hotaru walked to the classroom and walked in. Some students were there, including Shippo. Hotaru said hello to Shippo and then sat down in her assigned seat. After a little while, Hotaru saw Kouga come in. Kouga looked at his assigned seat and sat down next to Hotaru. Hotaru was pretending not to notice him.
"Hey," Kouga said to Hotaru. Hotaru looked at him.
"Um... hi," Hotaru said shyly.
"You're Hotaru right?" he asked with a smirk. Hotaru simply nodded. "Good, I'm glad I got your name right. So, you like to write?"
"Oh yes!" Hotaru exclaimed, looking him in the eye. "I love it! It's so calming and the only way I can express myself."
Kouga nodded. "I don't really like to write, but my Mom says I'm good," Kouga said. "So she made me take this class."
"That's unfair!" Hotaru said. "After all who wants to be forced to do something they don't want to do?"
"Those are my thoughts exactly!" Kouga said.
Hotaru smiled slightly.
Hotaru was writing, as was the rest of the class. Their assignment was to write a short poem that rhymed. Hotaru was very bad at rhyming, but she tried her best. She managed to write the beginning of a poem about love, but was now having trouble. Then, Hotaru began to think of Kouga, and the words came like magic.

In love I trust
The love and the lust
No matter what the difference is
It's what he feels; one is his

The matter isn't important
But love is not unimportant
The love I have for him
Is about to reach the brim.

It's about to spill
It almost makes me ill
I don't want to think; only to love
I wish I'd be given a little shove

No matter what I do
Love will come through
He doesn't know, but he will soon
I'll tell him under the full moon

Hotaru smiled. The poem was perfect. Hotaru looked at Kouga, who was writing furiously. She wondered if he remembered that it was a SMALL poem. Kouga looked up at Hotaru and smiled.
"How's your poem?" he asked in a whisper.
"Done," Hotaru proclaimed smiling.
"May I read it?" Kouga asked.
"Um... if you want to," Hotaru said, handing her poem to Kouga.
Kouga read it smiling.
"It's very good," he said, giving back Hotaru's poem. Hotaru blushed.
"It's how I feel," she said. "I just met this boy, and he's so amazing..." Hotaru blushed more.
"Really?" Kouga asked, not as happy as before.
"Yeah," Hotaru said, calming down. She looked up at the clock. "Oh! Only 5 minutes until we get out. How's your poem coming?"
"It sucks," Kouga said. "But it's almost done."
"Can I help?" Hotaru asked.
"No, I got it," Kouga said with a small smile.
Hotaru turned in her poem and waited for the bell. 3 minutes... Kouga was almost done. 2 minutes... Kouga finished. 1 minute... Kouga turned in his poem and waited with Hotaru. 30 seconds... Silence between Kouga and Hotaru. 20 seconds... still no talking, though most others were talking. 10 seconds... everyone in the class was done. 5 seconds... Kouga smiled at Hotaru and said, "Almost time." 3 seconds... Hotaru wondered vaguely if he meant the time or something else.
The bell rang and everyone got up.
"I'll see you tomorrow then?" Kouga asked.
"Yeah, tomorrow," Hotaru said, smiling.
Kouga walked out the door with a quick "Bye." Hotaru then thought of something. She quickly went after Kouga and caught up with him.
"Hey Kouga, do you walk home?" Hotaru asked Kouga after she had caught up with him.
"Huh? Yeah, I do," Kouga replied.
"Want a ride? I'm sure mom would love to give you a ride," Hotaru said.
"That's nice of you, but I have to stop at the store on my way home," Kouga said.
"We can drop you off there if you want," Hotaru offered.
"Sure, that's nice of you Hotaru," Kouga said with a smile.
"Um, do you mind me asking why you need to go to the store?"
"Oh, I cook for my mom," Kouga said.
"Oh, that's nice of you," Hotaru said, but she had the feeling it was something else.
"She'll only eat what I cook, and she can't cook herself," Kouga said, with a hint of sadness in his voice.
"Oh, I'm sorry..." Hotaru said, hanging her head slightly.
"No, it's okay, Maybe you could meet my Mom sometime," Kouga said with a smile. "She's very nice."
"I'd love to meet her," Hotaru exclaimed. "Is your Dad as nice?"
As soon as Kouga said nothing, Hotaru knew something was wrong.
"I'm sorry!" Hotaru said. "I didn't realize! I-I..."
"No, it's alright," Kouga said, lifting his head up and looking at Hotaru. "Even though he's dead, I've learned to cope."
Hotaru looked at Kouga. "My... reminds me of my uncle... but I haven't learned to cope yet. No one knows... except my family and now you. But I don't want them to worry about me... I don't want to burden them even more..."
"It'll be okay Hotaru," Kouga said in a kind voice. Hotaru smiled slightly.
"Thank you..." Hotaru whispered.
**~End Chapter One~**

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Friday, August 12, 2005

So... a lot has happened and stuff, that's why I haven't been on. So... I'll tell you bout my vacation, and then that

First we woke up at 4:30 AM on Sunday, July 24. Dang, that was too early @.@
Then Daddy drove us to the airport(us=Mom, Stepdad, Trev, and me).
Our plane left at 7:00 AM. I got the window seat with my Mom on my right, Step dad next to her and Trev sitting in the row across from us.
So, it was a long flight and all. There was a movie called Fever Pitch playing, but I just watched it, I didn't listen XD
Then we arrived in Housten, TX. And we had an hour to kill, so we got some food(the plane had only served us breakfast) and I saw a guy in line with a Suncoast bag. I'm like, "I wish I had time to find out where the Suncoast is..." XD
So then it was back on the plane for us after lunch. The plane was pretty empty, so Mom got to sit next to my stepdad in the row across, but I stayed next to Trev. He didn't talk much, and it was only and hour flight
When we arived, we went to Baggage Claim and saw my aunt(acctually, she's my stepdad's sister, but she's still my aunt)! So we got our baggage and started heading to her house(which was like an hour away). I fell alseep in the car, but I woke up in time to see a storm roll in. It was amazing! There was thunder and lightning! and lots of rain! When we got to her house, we went out to hr screened patio and sat and listened to the rain. My cousin and her boyfriend were there too! I luv my cousin, and her boyfriend's cool too
So, anyways, we watched thunder and the rain stopped and my cousin and I went next door to see all the teens(if you would call them that) next door. Trev was already there.
So then, me, my cousin and this girl(we'll call her MA XD) went to the store and bought WATER BALLONS! XD ya know, since it was now sunny.
So a couple of us people joined in on the water fight and it was fun! Luckily, I was in my swim suit, cuz I got SOAKED XD XD
So, blah blah blah, while we were playin, the adults were doin the Shrimp and Crab boil. YUM! it was the first time I had crab in my life and the first time I had PEELED a shrimp
so nothing happened the next day. I was being ignored, so I became anti-social
The next day, Trev, my step dad, my cousin and a neighbor all went fishing and they caught 125 trout. I was still anti-social that day
Then, Wed, my aunt, mom, stepdad and I pilled into her car. My cousin, her bf, Trev and MA pilled into MA's car and we all drove to New Orleans(at the time, we were in Houma)
IT WAS SO FUN! we went to the Freanch Market, ate beignets(They're like funnel cakes if you've never had one), went around Jackson square, rode a ferry, went to Mardi Gras World, went to the 7 sisters, went to my Aunts apartment, ate dinner/lunch XD, went to Central Park, then we all went back to Houma.
Then... I'll report the rest later, I'm tiered of typing XD

Lot's of Love!

P.S. I promise, I will EVENTUALLY get to your sites XD

P.S.S. Do any of you have MSN?

P.S.S.S. I have a special treat for you tomorrow! ^_~

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Sunday, August 7, 2005

   Guess who's back!
ME! That's who! XD
Yes, I am back, but I'm tiered and will not talk about my vacation. instead, I'll put something up here XD
eventually... >>

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is one of my characters ^^ her name is Jen, and this is the older version of her ^-^

Love you all Lot's!
P.S. Too... tiered... be back tomorrow...

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   Guess who's making a post on her vacaaaaaaaaaaatiooooooooooon?
Hi ^^ I'm making a post on my vacation! XD cool, ne?
Well, anyways, vacation's been pretty good. Lousiana was great and I got lots of souviners there! I also caught TWO fish! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! XD and I also ate crab. Yum ^^ the shrimp was good too.
We got a cool rental car. It's actually a van(we got a free upgrade) and it's soo coooooool! ^-^
It took a day in a half to drive from Lousiana to Missouri, but we stopped in Little Rock to see Daddy's cousin, Steve. He's really nice ^-^ I wanna see him again one day.
Now I'm in Missouri ^^ and we left Trevor in LA(Lousiana)! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! me and my cuz don't like him. Ooooh, did I mention they have a pool in their backyard? well they do! I've been in it everyday ^_^
Trevor will be here later today -_-; so not cool man XD
well, I'd check how many comments I had on my last post, but I'm afraid I'll kill the comp or give it a virus(stupid Window comp *grr*) but I'll be home the 6th, so I'll check then ^-^ I hope you all are having as much fun as I am. I'll give you a better description of what I did on Vacation when I get home(that'll be the next time I post for sure)
Lot's of Love!

P.S. It's 2 hours ahead here XD XD I'm already used to it... I think XD maybe I'm still on Cali time, I don't know XD

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   Mkay ^_^ Yo all
So I'm going on vacation in like... a few hours. So... I'll try to get on once in those two weeks.
I return August 6th ^^

What I've done recently:
Remade some characters from a fanfic(which I can no longer do)
Finished Harry Potter and cried because Dumbledore died(I hope that didn't spoil anything for you peoples) (I mean, I was seriously crying! I had started in the middle of the chappie when Malfoy said he thought someone was dead. And I cried until I finished the chapter. By then, I was crying too much and had to stop readin for a while. I must have cried for a half an hour or more!)
Got a new swim suit ^^ it's blue and it's a one peice and it's REALLY pretty ^^ I love it!
Have NOT finished packin -_-(I will finish after I post this)
Trev(step bro) came over -.-

Anyways ^^ Nothing much to say. I hope you have a great two weeks while I'm gone. But I want to leave you something. One thing for Harry Potter fans who hate Snape. And one for all people.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

For his crapy behaviour and what he did to Dumbledore, you just HAVE to agree with this.

This is a piece of work I'm working on (XD that sounded weird) I hope you like what I have of it!

A girl stepped out onto the field. She was tall for her age of 9. Her hair was long and dark, and her eyes were bright, but not curious. She looked around at the other children. They were playing, most in groups of 5 or something close to that. This girl however, was alone. She was usually alone, being as she had only had two friends in her entire life. One was an adult, and one a boy her age. They boy, however, was nowhere near the girl. They had been separated 3 years ago.

Lots of Love! Have lots of fun and stay safe!
-Hotaru ^.~
P.S. See you in two weeks or sooner!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

   Okay all
Gosh, I'm tiered. I don't feel well. -_- be kinda ironic if I'm sick, since I'm leaving for vacation Sunday morning. Yup, so I'll be gone two weeks starting Sunday. Don't expect me on -.-
Um... let's see... what have I done since Sunday? Well, on Monday I went to the Boardwalk with my bro, sister-in-law, their 3 kids(my nieces and nephew) and their friend, her husband and two kids. So that was fun ^-^ I got them to go on some fun rides, but alas, I will never convince Dash(my bro) to go on the Giant Dipper -_- so sad, too bad
now my kitty's on my lap ^_^ hee hee(that was so randomly true XD)
Anyways, Tuesday I went to the mall with dad and he bought lots of stuff for himself XD and one manga for me, but I ain't complaining. I got Fruits Basket 11! YAAAAAY ^_^ But it was only at Suncoast, they didn't have it at Boreders(I wonder why o.o)
On Wendesday... nothing special
But today I got to chapter 23 of Harry Potter ^_^ YAAAAY! I forget what page though o.o and I can't check cause my kitty's on my lap. I think she wants to type too
oh, there she goes, now I can check ^_^
Page 482 ^_^ I'm like... over 2/3s done! W00T! ^____^
Well, I'm gonna go finish my breakfast ^^

Lots of Love!

P.S. I'm sorry about not visiting your sites! I'll do my best to do so when I get back, mkay?

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Monday, July 18, 2005

   I'm back again!
Yo all! It's been a while, ne? Well... I'm never on at the time Otaku hits Midnight, so I get lazy and don't put anything on. -_- yeeeeeah...
Anyways ^_^ I'm on tonight. Downloading some new AMVs. I thought I'd update you on my summer... from the beggining(DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN)
Saw Howl's Movie Castle
Went to nee-chan's house
Step bro came over and caused misery for a while(I COULDN'T SING! NOOOOOOOOO!)
Went on train to Boardwalk and saw Mari for the first time in a LOOOOOONG while
Then step bro left

July so far:
Got Harry Potter ^_^ YAY!!! hee hee hee. Chapter 11 ^^ wheeeeeee... or was it twelve
FINALLY getting out of writer's block on some stories
Went to L.A. and missed my niece's birthday. But Mom and I had fun counting tomato trucks. We got 100 full tomato trucks and 92 empty ones. ^^
Missed the fireworks(they didn't do em *grumble*)
Missed an A's game(todays or yesterday's, depending on your time zone)
Missing a sleepover(tomorrow or today)

Well, ^_^ yup. oh! and one more surprise.

*everyone is looking at Kouga and Hotaru, Hotaru is blushing from all the attention*
Kouga: as most of you know, I love Hotaru
almost everyone: yes, we know Kouga
Kouga: Okay. *looks at Hotaru* I really do love you, you know that
Me: yes, I do Kouga.
Hiei: *thinking: get ON with it already*
Kouga: *goes down on one knee, takes out a box, opens it to reveal a very pretty dimond ring* Hotaru, will you marry me?
*the whole room seems to go silent, waiting for Hotaru's answer*
me: *tears of happiness slip down my cheeks* Yes Kouga... I will marry you
*the whole room cheers as Kouga puts the ring on Hotaru's finger and kisses her*

Yes, that happened ^-^ hee hee
Kouga: you bet
me: he's just the best

Question for all DNAngel fans:
Is DNAngel good? I saw an AMV with it and read about it. But I want your opinion. Think I'd like it? (I like Action, Romance, Humor, Adventure, things like that)

Lot's of Love!

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