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Friday, April 29, 2005

   This will kill me, I swear!
>< sorry, going insane from blowing my nose ten million times.
and If I'm healed by tomorrow, hell will freeze over
sorry for the language

Countdown: 9 days er something >>;;

*after awhile, Kouga comes back*
Kouga: they're out looking for herbs now
Hotaru: *looks around* everyone?
Kouga: yeah. Now it's just you and me
Hotaru: uhh... yeah *looks at her knees blushing*
Hotaru: INUYASHA?!
Kouga: *turns to look at Inuyasha with Tohru on his back* Oh, hey mutt face
Inuyasha: *puts Tohru down*
*the other come flying down on Nanashi*
girls: Hotaru!
Inuyasha: what did you do to her?
Tohru: *runs over to her* SISTER! *hugs her* hey, why are you holding your cheek?
Hotaru: uhh... it was an accident. One of the wolf demons accidentally slapped me!
Midori: accidentally?
Hotaru: yeah, it was an accident!
Kaza: I'm so glad you're okay
Chibi: Item #2 has been found! Inuyasha, no fighting with him! There's no reason to fight
Inuyasha: Feh
Chibi: and Kouga, don't start anything
Kouga: yeah, yeah, ya little farie thing
Chibi: > Hotaru: *smiles* we should stay here for the night! ^^
Inuyasha: It's barely the afternoon! we still have time to travel!
Chibi: YAY! REAL BEDS!!!
Kaza: or real enough beds ^^
Kouga: sure! you're welcome to stay!
Hotaru: thank you Kouga! ^^
Kouga: No problem babe
Hotaru: *blushes*
Kaza: *makes a gagging noise*
Hotaru: *glares at Kaza*
Chika: I agree with Kaza
Hotaru: ><
~**End Chapter One**~

Lots of Love! Wish me luck in getting well soon!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   May 9th?
Maybe I'm counting wrong... my b-day's May 7th. Look on the side *counts again* no, it's ten days @.@
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   ^_^ hello!
Today, I felt the happiest in a long time! ^_^ we had this meeting! omg, it was so awesome! the adult there, Cathy, she's sooooo nice! *huggles Cathy*
But when I got home, Chika nearly killed me o.o;; but I'll get back at her *laughs eveily* anyone except Chika who wants to know my evil plan can ask. Chika, you CAn press details, but my plan stays secret ^_^
another day of Star testing >< I hated it!
I just watched Lost ^___^ next week is a new eppie ^^ I love Lost!

~Evil things Hotaru has/will do/done~
break people's hearts (mainly in stories ^_^)
killed people (in stories o.o;;)

~Things that piss Hotaru off~
Answering stupid questions ><

More of my story:
*they all start walking*
Kaza: I want Shippo
Hotaru: *pulls Shippo plushie out of Kaza's backback* there ya go! ^^
Kaza: YAY! *huggles the plushie*
Tohru: *walks close to Inuyasha* Hi Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: ... o.o hi Tohru
Tohru: sorry about earlier. I over reacted when I saw you
Midori: I'll say
Tohru: >< shut up!
Midori: *walks on the other side of Inuyasha* ^^
Chibi: ^^ I like cheese
Hotaru: o.o;;
Chibi: o.o; just kidding! ^^ you do know who I am Hotaru?
Hotaru: ...?
Chibi: *whispers something to Hotaru*
Hotaru: O.O!!!
Chibi: I'm glad you remember ^^
Hotaru: yeah... wow. you're all......... small and farie like
Chibi: I wanted to be a demon >>
Hotaru: I'm glad you aren't ^^
Chibi: whatever... >>
*it's getting dark*
Tohru: we should stop soon
Midori: REALLY?
Tohru: >< yes. We should
Hotaru: I have a tent! ^^
Ami: will it fit us all?
Hotaru: o.o if we squeeze in maybe
Everyone except Inuyasha and Hotaru: ...baka
Hotaru: T-T not my fault. My Dad's was heavy
Inuyasha: whatever. Let's set up this "tent" thing
Chibi: *starts laughing* HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT A TENT IS!!
Hotaru: I find it funny too
Chibi: then why aren't you laughing?
Hotaru: ^^ I don't know. Maybe I have more self control or something
Chibi: >< Shut up. I'm older then you!
Hotaru: but you're smaller! ^^
Chibi: ><
Midori: I thought you said no fighting
Chibi and Hotaru: but this is fun!
Everyone else: -.-;;
*they stop for the night and Hotaru tries to set up the tent*
Hotaru: can someone help meeeeeee?
Tohru: I can! ^^
*together they set up the tent*
Hotaru: ^^ All done. Now we have to squeeze in, so... ME FIRST! ^^ *goes into the tent*
Chibi: *goes in next*
Midori: For once, I'm glad I'm shortest
Chibi: no you aren't I am!
Midori: you don't count *goes in tent*
Chibi: ><
Tohru: *goes in next*
Kaza: *goes in next*
Chika: *goes in after Kaza*
Ami: *goes in after Chika*
Inuyasha: *goes in last* Da__, it's small in here
Hotaru: >> shut it! Now. Put your backpacks in one corner!
*everyone who has a backpack puts it in the corner*
Midori: I say Hotaru sleeps by the door!
Hotaru: >< fine. Inuyasha sleeps furthest from the door
Tohru: I'll be next to him
Midori: I'll be next to her ^^
Ami: I'll be next to Midori
Chika: I'll be next to her
Kaza: and I'll sleep next to Hotaru! ^^ and Chika
*they all go to sleep*
*~*In the middle of the night*~*
person: *goes into the tent silently and grabs the person closest to the door and runs off with her*
Kaza: *wakes up* MORNING EVERYONE!!!
Inuyasha: SHUT UP!!
Kaza: we have to look for Kouga. Aren't you excited Hotaru? *turns to Hotaru, but she's not there* GUYS!!! SOMEONE KIDNAPPED HOTARU!!!
Tohru: NO! SIS!!
Chibi: NOO! I was supposed to guard her T-T
Midori: well, let's go look for her
Inuyasha: I smell wolfs...
Inuyasha: let's follow him
Tohru: wait, we have to take down this tent!
*everyone grabs their stuff and help Tohru take down the tent*
Tohru: I'll take Hotaru's stuff
Kaza: *gives Hotaru's backpack to Tohru*
*a demon similar to Kirara come up to them*
Demon: mew!
Kaza: AWWWWWWWW! hey, do you transform like Kirara?
Demon: mew!
Tohru: what shall we call it?
Midori: Nanashi
Kaza: okay! Nanashi, can you transform so we can find our friend?
Nanashi: *nods a little* Mew! *transforms*
Tohru: I ride with Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: -.-;; fine, whatever
Tohru: *gets on Inuyasha's back*
everyone besides them: *gets up on Nanashi's back*
Kaza: let's goooo!
*they all run off in the direction Inuyasha smelled the wolf going*
*~*With Kouga*~*
Hotaru: *wakes up* It's comfy. Did someone give me a blanket? *looks up* I'M IN THE WOLF DEN!!
Kouga: *walks up to her* so... you're awake?
Hotaru: K-Kouga!
Kouga: I suppose you've heard of me
Hotaru: Why did you bring me here?
Kouga: I thought you were Kagome.
Hotaru: o-oh... FORGET KAGOME!
Kouga: what?!
Hotaru: Kagome loves Inuyasha! She doesn't love you!
Kouga: *slaps Hotaru* shut up!
Hotaru: AHH! *holds her cheek with tears in her eyes* I-I'm sorry Kouga... but it's true. But I know who loves you...
Kouga: WHO?!
Hotaru: me...
Kouga: o.o?
Hotaru: *begins to cry a little*
Kouga: *kneels next to her* don't cry
Hotaru: huh?
Kouga: I was just thinking about how beautiful you were
Hotaru: *blushes*
Kouga: I'll get you something for where I slapped you *gets up and goes to one of the wolf demons*
Hotaru: *just stares after him*


Countdown: 10 days til my birthday ^_^

Lots of Love!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   YaY ^_^
I'm making cookies ^_^ yum!
anyways, first day of state testing wasnt TOO bad. I can imagine how it could be worse
Hotaru's imagination:
Imagination over

but i did get stuck on a few. I had no clue ;-;
enough of tests, we all hate em anyway don't we? ^_^
I'm so giddy right now ^_______^

~Things that piss Hotaru off~
Math she doesn't understand

Countdown: 11 days til... MY BIRTHDAY! good job everyone who got it right! give yourself a pat on the back ^___^
I started chappie 4 of my story! I'M SO HAPPY! and now I'll post some more ^_^

Midori: she was my favorite character first!
Hotaru: I know ^^
*the rest of the Inuyasha comes out of the bushes*
Kaza: *gasps* SHIPPO!!!!!!!! *runs over to Shippo and hugs him* SHIPPO! SHIPPO! SHIPPO!
Kagome: What are you doing to Shippo!?
Sango: Don't worry. They aren't a threat
Tohru: INUYASHA! ^^
Inuyasha: o.o; *backs away from her*
Tohru: I-
Hotaru: SHH!
Inuyasha: what?!
Kaza: *puts down Shippo* we support Kagome/Inuyasha relationships! ^^
Kagome and Inuyasha: *blush*
Chika: ^^ yes we do
Hotaru: ^^ you can be sexay... and cute!
Inuyasha: WTF?
Ami: ^__^ This is so awesome! We're with the Inu crew
Hotaru: INU-CHAN! YAY!
Inuyasha: DON'T CALL ME THAT!! *vein mark*
Kaza: forgive her. She loves to call you that. We should introduce ourselves! I'm Kaza and I love Shippo!
Tohru: I'm Tohru! I love Kyo, Yuki and Inuyasha! ^^
Midori: I'm Midori. My favorite character is Sango, but I don't love her.
Kaza: I would hope not
Chika: I'm Chika! I love Yami! ^^
Ami: My name's Ami! I love Shippo, but not as much as Kaza
Hotaru: And I'm Hotaru! I love a lot of people, but only one from this show. AND I'M NOT TELLING!! ><
Kaza: Who? Come on, you can tell meeeeeee!
Hotaru: But you'd start whacking me with manga!
Kaza: *puts manga in backpack* No I wouldn't
Hotaru: I'll tell you later
*A farie... like thing appears in front of them all*
Farie like thing: HELLO! My name is Chibi and I'm here to guide you and help out and stuff... >>
Hotaru: ^^ cool!
Chibi: yes, but now you guys have to pick 3 people in this group to go with you
Midori: why can't we bring them all?
Everyone else: o.o;;
Chibi: so which three?
Midori: Inuyasha, Sango and-
Ami and Kaza: SHIPPO!
Hotaru: what about Kagome? ><
Tohru: leave her >>
Hotaru: ><
Chibi: Did I say three? I meant two! I mean 1! I keep messing up! ><
Hotaru: It's a vote! Who wants Inuyasha?
*Chika and Tohru raise their hands*
Hotaru: who wants Shippo?
*Kaza and Ami raise their hands*
Hotaru: and who wants Sango?
*Hotaru and Midori raise their hands*
Hotaru: >< who's willing to go from someone to someone else?
*no one moves*
Hotaru: I move to Inuyasha!
Tohru: Inuyasha wins! ^^
Inuyasha: why do I have to go?
Chibi: Because everyone loves you
Inuyasha: ><
*the others disappear*
Chibi: they're safe, no worries! ^^
Hotaru: they better be!
Chibi: ^^ and now, I'm your guard... thing... farie >>
Midori: who's?
Chibi: Hotaru's! Meaning she's the leader! SO LISTEN TO HER! mkay?
Midori: >> sure whatever, we get it
Chibi: > Inuyasha: >> what now?
Chibi: we collect Item number one! good job girls! you chose right! ^^ You have collected item #1!
Girls: ...we did?
Chibi: on the list of items to collect, Inuyasha is the first!
Inuyasha: so... I'm an item?
Tohru: but a hot one at that!
Inuyasha: o.o I don't like you
Hotaru: *pulls out list* next item is... *starts drooling*
Kaza: KOUGA?! YOU LIKE THE BAKA KOUGA?!!?!??!?!?!?!?
Hotaru: *blush* uhh... yeah...
Inuyasha: as long as he stops flirting with Kagome, you can have him
Kaza: O.O!!!! Baka >>
Hotaru: least you aren't whacking me ^^
Chibi: LET'S FIND KOUGA!! even though I don't like him... >>
Everyone else: he's a baka
Hotaru: o.o ...... meanies ><
Inuyasha: and he flirts with Kagome
Hotaru: let's just go find Kouga... >>

Lots of Love!
-Hotaru ^__^

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

not much time (when do I ever? ><)
in like 10 minutes, I'm watchin TV with Mom ^_^
tomorrow's the first day of star testing ;-;I'm SOOOOO not ready, but at least it's the last two periods ^_^
I'm starting a countown! Can anyone guess why?
Countdown: 12 days

~Things that piss Hotaru off~
her sharpener when it doesn't sharpen and always breaks her pencil
when she trips and no one notices

Sorry guys, I haven't been able to visit your sites! I'll try tomorrow!

Lots of Love!

P.S. someone deleated someone's GB entry. If you did it on purpose, can you tell me why? if it was yours that was deleated, please put in another one. If it was an accident, ^_^ I just want it fixed! Thank you!!

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Monday, April 25, 2005

   nothing much...
Hi all! ^_^
I missed Inuyasha AND FMA last night ;-; I'm an idiot... I always miss at least Inuyasha...
Inuyasha: you dare to miss MY TV show?! how could you?! IDIOT!
me: ^_^ today Daddy and I went to a fossil and gem show! it was so awesome!! ^_^ we got some cool things. some gold *holds up bottle of gold and smirks*
Inuyasha: *steals gold* I bet it's not real...
me: >< anyways, ^_^ .............. -_-; nothing to say...

~Things that will tick Hotaru off~
when she asks you where you live, you answer Earth

Just one thing for today ^_^ and another? of course. a new list though!

~Things that will make Hotaru drool~
Sleeping with her mouth open
Shirtless Kouga

Lots of Love!
P.S. Read yesterdays post/posts

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

I just got 300 visits o.o;; did I do something for the 200th? I'll have to check.
To celabrate, I'll put up pics! and a beggining of a story I'm writing. The one where I asked for some items ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

*~*Story, Chapter 1*~*
Hotaru: Come on Tohru! Get up!! Please?
Tohru: -.-' sure. I'm up. Happy now?
Hotaru: No ^^
Tohru: why not?
Hotaru: Because today's the day
Tohru: and that's not exciting?
Hotaru: I'M NOT READY!!!!
Tohru: Oh...
Hotaru: >> yeah...
*someone knocks on the door*
Hotaru: *opens door* o.o is it time already?
Kaza: yup! ^^
Kaza: o.o sure
Hotaru: *closes door* What should I wear?
Tohru: *already dressed in her normal school uniform* School uniform. You have 4 anyways >>
Hotaru: ^^;; okay *gets dressed in school uniform*
Tohru: ^^ now we're ready *opens door* we ready now!
Kaza: finally >>
Hotaru: oh shut it
Kaza: OxO
Hotaru: that's better ^^
Tohru: we need to pick up the others to you know
Hotaru: I know
Tohru: okay then, let's pick them up
*they all go over to Ami's house*
Ami: Hello! Are we going now?
Hotaru: Midori's over here right?
Ami: yeah
Midori: - -;;;;; *looks half asleep* yo
Hotaru: o.o *starts laughing her head off*
Midori: Oh shut up
Hotaru: ^^ okay
Ami: ^^;;
Midori: are we going now?
Hotaru: sure, why not
Tohru: you said you weren't ready
Hotaru: ............I'm not T-T
Kaza: but...
Hotaru: but I love my friends! ^^
Tohru: YAY! ^^
Midori: are we going yet?
Hotaru: okay ^^
*they all walk out the door*
Hotaru: I feel dizzy
Tohru: I do too
*they all go to Hotaru's house since they're all dizzy*
Hotaru: Kaza?
Kaza: Yeah?
Hotaru: what did you wish for last night?
Kaza: that we could travel to the anime world and have an adventure
Everyone else: ?
*everyone suddenly passes out*
Hotaru: *wakes up first* Where... where am I? *notices the others are with her* Guys! errr... Girls! wake up! We're in a forest!
Kaza: *opens her eyes* MY WISH CAME TRUE!
Tohru: *wakes up* It did?
Ami: *also wakes up* o.o where are we?
Midori: *is the last to wake up* O.O!!!!!! Holy cr-
Hotaru: took the words right out of my mouth. This is a forest
Midori: -.-; no really?
Hotaru: we forgot someone!
Chika: you mean me? ^^
Everyone else: CHIKA!
Chika: I knew you would, so I followed you. I got all dizzy too
Kaza: I'M SORRY! *gets up and hugs Chika*
Chika: It's alright ^^
everyone besides them: *gets up*
Tohru: Now what?
Hotaru: we do our mission... thing here
Chika: yeah... as long as-
Midori: please don't get started
Chika: >< fine
Hotaru: NO fighting! At all! pwease
Midori: fine
*they all begin walking* *They walk for about an hour*
Tohru: I'm hungry
Kaza: I want Shippo
Hotaru: my feet hurt
Midori: I'm tiered of you guys complaining
Ami: Right! Let's think positive! Positive!
Midori and Hotaru: Don't do that
Chika: I agree with Ami! We can't give up yet!
Hotaru: >> I know... I just hate that line
Midori: whatever. Let's just do what we're supposed to do... what are we supposed to do again?
everyone else: *anime fall*
Hotaru: *pulls out a piece of paper from her backpack* It says here-
Kaza: *squeals* someone thinks we're demons!
Hotaru: that voice... it's-
Everyone: SANGO!
Sango: *comes out of the bushes* so you aren't demons?
Kaza: I'M A-
Hotaru: No, we aren't demons Sango-chan
Sango: How do you know my name?
Tohru: uhhh... coincidence?
Sango: *readys boomerang*
Hotaru: wait, we really aren't demons!
Sango: I know. DUCK!
All except Sango: *duck*
Kaza: GOOSE! ^^
Sango: *throws boomerang behind them and it destroys a demon*
Hotaru and Midori: OUR HERO!

If you all like that, I'll put up more ^_~
Lots of Love!

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Naruto won! and pic #2 also won! so my next theme will be Naruto!
I bought some manga today! *huggles Mom* oh how I love my mother. She bought me 2 mangas, while I bought one and the other one was free! I got:
Pita-Ten 8
Yu Yu Hakusho 5
Yu Yu Hakusho 6
Naruto 1

Haven't finished Naruto yet but *yawn* it'll keep me awake at night ^_^;;
Pita-Ten 8 was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD!!! ;-; OMG! IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE SIERES, READ IT! IT'S SO GOOD! BUT IT'S SOOOOOOOOOO SAD! the last three volumes are especially sad. And I thought of a fanfic ^_^ for Pita-Ten. Maybe I'll post it... when I write it ^_^;;;;;
Well... umm... eh heh heh... ^^;;;; today I spent practicly the whole day reading. AND NOW I'M READY!
Inuyasha: ready for what?
Me: to stay up late and wtach Inuyasha and FMA! ^.~
Inuyasha: o.o ..... end this post now before I kill Kouga
me: *glomps Kouga* okay Inuyasha. BYE EVERYONE!!! ^_^

Lots of Love!

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

   poll winner
twas a tie between Naruto and Yu Yu Hakusho, I'll put up another poll!

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   Hiya everyone!
not much to say, not much time anyways!

Quick Question:
What is your favorite pic of these?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Lots of Love!

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