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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   Hi all! ^.^
I'm actually making a post on a weekday! wow! I must have free time. NOT
I have two math assienments to do, and my teacher said I should've done em tonight. but I couldn't, I was too sad ;-; but I'm better now ^.^ so don't you guys worry
We started on the Aztecs and Incas today in class. they're our last group of people to study, and we have this whimpy book to read. it's so short, but it looks kinda stupid -.-;;
I've started two more stories ^.^ did I tell you that already? ^^;; well, anyways, I did. and one is my first AU Inuyasha story *feels proud of self* I used to hate AUs, but I've been more into em lately ^.^
My stepdad and his sister had a fight tonight -.- I tried not to pay attention
Mom's working on my nun's costume ^.^ I can't wait! she's also working on the pardoner's costume. she wanted to do it ^.^ *hugs Mom* I love my Momma
Well, my break from homework is over. I have to finish my 4 questions and maybe I'll come back (or I'll read the odd book -.-)
Lot's of Love!

Answer to Question:
I wish... but I'll settle for romance stories and Kouga until I find my one true love ^.^

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   ^.^ Hi
sorry I didn't make a post last night, but I got home from sailing at Midnight XP
But sailing was SOOOOOOOO fun! ^.^
not much to say... umm..
*blush* thanks for...umm... telling me I was kind and stuff... that was so nice of you... *blushes*
wel ya, see ya guys later ^.~

Something to keep you busy:

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Harry ^.^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Chibi! ^o^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hotaru and Rini ^.^

Are you in love? (crushes to soulmates to anime characters)

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

   Hi everyone
I went to the Boardwalk today ^o^ twas fun. PM me if you wanna talk. I don't have time for much, but I do want to put up something

New Question:
Why do you keep coming to my site? What's so great about it? And what can I improve about it?

Have you ever heard of Outlaw Star? I might buy the box set ^o^ YaaaY

Lot's of Love!

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
hee hee! ^o^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
*drool* uber hottie XD

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   My week ^_^
Hi all ^_^ this week was PRETTY good, and here's what happened this week
o.o;; uummmmmm... not much... we started Softball in P.E. ^_^ that's cool
A new student came to our school. Her name's Jade, and she's really cool. ^_^ she like Inuyasha too! ^_^ hee hee. umm... what else? o.O O.o hee hee. I had spanish ^^ dat was cool. but I don't remember what we did o.O
P.E. again. more softball ^^;; and today won my "Bad Day of the Week" award. Don't ask why. You DON'T want to know. and the season finale of Lost was today. ^_^ hee hee. BUT THEY LEFT AT SUCH A CLIFF-HANGER!!! I CAN'T WAIT TIL THEY SHOW NEW EPPIES!!!! ^_^; PM me to talk about Lost
I found out I got a 9 out of 10 on my spanish postcard ^_^ I forgot it had to be in ink, and I spell some stuff wrong >> but this was overall not a good day ;-;
Late Start Day! YAY! we got to go in at 9:00 AM instead of 8:00 AM ^_^ hee hee, that was GREAT! and... umm... I'm happy. And we got to practice on the stage for our play ^_^ hee hee
Tomorrow I'm going to Daddy's house! YaY and we might go to the BoardWalk. and we're going sailing on Sunday ^_^ hee hee hee! YAAAAAAY! talk to you all later! ^_~

Lots of Love!

P.S. countdown: 14 days ^_^ hee hee

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   I'm so tiered... hee hee hee ^_^;; XD
anyways, I bought this new song, and now I'm drawing pictures of angels. I tried to get it to scan, but the stupid @$$ scanner wouldn't work >.< I'll do it when onii-chan comes over ^_^ hee hee
The song I was listening to was Concrete Angel and here are the lyrics:

She walks to school with a lunch she packed
Nobody knows what she's holdin' back
Wearin' the same dress she wore yesterday
She hides the bruises with linen and lace

The teacher wonders, but she doesn't ask
It's hard to see the pain behind the mask
Bearing the burden of a secret storm
Sometimes she wishes she was never born

Through the wind and the rain
She stands hard as a stone
In a world that she can't rise above
But her dreams give her wings
And she flies to a place where she's loved
Concrete angel

Somebody cries in the middle of the night
The neighbors hear, but they turn out the lights
A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate
When morning comes, it'll be too late

Repeat Chorus

A statue stands in a shaded place
An angel girl with an upturned face
A name is written on a polished rock
A broken heart that the world forgot

Repeat Chorus...

I love that song ^_^ hee hee hee
let's see... oh go- !!!!! OMGGGG!! THEY'RE SHOWING DESPIRATE HOUSEWIVES!!!!!! *runs off to watch Despirate Housewives*

Lots of Love!

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

   HA! hello ^_^;
I actually held my promise and changed the theme to Naruto (remember? anyone??)
Well. I'm gonna try to do a log of my week on weekends ^^ YaY
um.... o.o;; oh yeah! in Spanish, we worked on our postcards. You had to write a postcard to some imaginary person ^_^ and actually make the postcard. Awesome, ne? Oh! aqnd a quiz in Spanish happened that day ^_^
......... o.o um... oh yeah.... the bad day of the week award goes to Tuesday. I got into 3 FIGHTS! THREE! ;-; and I wanted to kill all my teachers (that's o.o! real odd fer me) and we had the mile run which actually wasn't bad. I made the healthy range ^_^ With 10 minutes 45 seconds(that's worse then in fifth grade though o.o)
Had Spanish again and worked on our postcards more. And I got my test back. I got all of em corect *blush* she said I was the only on in both classes *blushes more*and Lost was today. OOH! SCAAAAARYYYYYY!! *whimpers* The episode was really emotional, because Jin said that he still loved Sun. I was crying then. and Walt gave his dog Vincent to Shannon, saying she could talk to him about Boone's death ;-; then at the end, after the raft was in the water, Vincet tried to follow Walt. It was so sad, because Walt told Vincent to go back and Walt was crying ;-; but the season finale *shivers* looked so scary!
Had these tests in P.E. ONe was sit-ups, one push-ups and one the arch test thingy >>;; on the sit-up test, I did the maximum! 75 BABY! but I was really hurting afterwards. on the push-ups, I got 7 >> which ish the end of the healthy range ^^;; I'm bad at those. The arch test was where you looked at the ground and tried to get your chin up without lookin up ^^ I got 14, but the max ish 12+ ^_^ hee hee oh! and there was this SCARY season finale of CSI! OMG! I WAS SOOO SCARED! this guy kidnapped Nick and put him in a box thingy and burried him! but he had air and could survive and all. in the box were glowy sticks, a gun and a tape player/recorder. Then the guy sent a package to the CSI peoples and so that they could watch Nick. But what they didn't know was that the light in which they could watch him, ran off the same battery as the things that gave him air. Nick figured it out and shot the light, but the camera could still see Nick. then (so you know, the guy wanted a million) they gave the million to the guy, but the guy blew himself up! so they had no clue where Nick was. then Nick recorded something on the tape recorder and all these red ants came on to him! THAT WAS SOOOOO SCARYYYYY! they were all bitting him and stuff... the the main main CSI guy saw what kind of ant it was, so he looked up where they were! and they found him. But then there was this dream Nick had(after the saved him and didn't blow him up cuz there was a bomb under the box) this funny dream. The doctor and his dad was there. Nick was all cut open and the doctor picked up Nicks heart and said "Nick had a good heart" XD XD that was funny!! but the episode in general was soooo scary!
Nearly finished our postcards ^_^ YaY I took mine home to color it. then the VARAETY SHOW! w00t ^_^ it's like a talent show, but it ain't judged and not everyone has talent XD That line ish what my friend Petra said. my friend was in it. he was playing the piano. but the keys got messed up, so she faked over it, but it was great. there was like 3 or 4 singers, 3 or 4 dancing rotiunes, a magic act and my friend and her friend doing Tie Quan Doe or however you spell it >>

All week we were doing play practice, and on Tuesday, I went over the edge. I couldn't hear the line before mine, so the guy (who was playing the widow) who wanted my part(it's not my fault our teacher said I could be the nun... I still feel guilty) said my line. That just did it. I walked of crying. My friend Petra followed me. She halped me, but then it was her line and I told her to go back. she did. I sat, drying my tears for a while, until almost all the girls came up to me. They told me that I was a better nun and that one of the directors was being stupid. and they told me if she yelled at me, to tell her to shut up or they would. It was sooo nice, but I was still sad. so I went back up and did my lines, but I didn't put ANY feeling into it. I was real sad... I mean, IT'S NOT LIKE I WANTD TO STEAL YOUR PART FROM YOU! gosh... *sigh* it sucked...

Anyways ^_^ I think I might ask Daddy to take me to the play today or tomorrow(ANOTHER PLAY! duh)
well, today, I've been writing this and before that, playing Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland ^_^ but it's confusing @.@
PM me, I wanna talkie to someone (I may not reply right away, but still)

New Countdown:
19 days I believe. (but til what... DUN DUN DUN XD)

Lots of Love!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   wow, I'm actually making a post!
indeed ^_^
I should be doing my hw, but I don't care! I'ma talkin to onee-chan so yeah ^_^ I no wanna go! XD
um... anyways, I been real lonely lately! could people like PM me and stuff. I cheak daily! pleeeeeease?? *cute teary eyes* and feel free to IM me. do I still have two up there? well, if I do, now I only use Inufan56782

Answer to Question:
Apologize to all the people who hate me. Say goodbye to everyone I love. Write all my notes for stories down. and if I have time, try to finish a video game ^_^

Alright. Has anyone ever heard of the game Harvest Moon? any of em. darn, it's so addicting! that's mainly all I did on Sunday and Saturday ^_^ I have four of them:
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
Harvest Moon: (the one for GBA, I can't remember)
Harvest Moon 64

They are so awesome, but I can't find the one for GBA >> << I have to look for it (I've had an erge to marry Ellie XD)
I should go now, help my Momma ^_^

Lots of Love!

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

not much to say
probably won't be on all weekend
wish me luck on math and stuff

If you died tomorrow, what would you do today?

Lots of Love!

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Friday, May 13, 2005

well.... *has almost nothing to say*
have you guys missed me?
I've been gone a long time, but I checked EVERY DAY for PMs and GB entries. got one GB entry and two PMs.
Well, I've been soooo stressed out! that's why I haven't come on. most of the time at when I'm supposed to update, I'm either video chatting with Dad or half asleep or actually asleep >>;;
well, I'm PILLED with math (i'm such an idiot)
in P.E. on Tuesday, we're gonna do the mile run, I'll be training and doing my math hw ALL weekend, so don't expect me on. *sighs* I suck at running...
well, not much to say...
I feel like singing, but I hate the song stuck in my mind
-Hotaru =^_^=

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

   ^_^ heya!
Hiya everyone! ^_^
Today was sooooooo awesome! First, I got my nails done, and everyone there that Momma knew was wishing me a happy birthday ^_^ I got a cute little flower on my ring finger ^^ so cute
Then, Daddy and I went to the San Jose mall. Parking was so hard to find! ><
Then we went to the Apple store and Daddy bought me The Sim's party pack thingy ^_^; and I gots my iSight camera and he got one too! It's a camera that hooks up to your computer and you can SEE the person! provided they also have some sort of camera too!
Then we went to Suncoast and I got a Fruits Basket DVD (the second one) and Pockey ^__^ or however you spell it >>;;
then I got home and opened more presents. PM me if you want to know what else I got
Lots of Love!
P.S. I got a total of 8 birthday cards! Including real life ones ^_^ and Daddy said he'll make one too!

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