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I love this song ^_^ It's called Wind's Notcurne! It's so awesome!
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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hello, Hello, the Earth welcomes you!

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Hey everyone! I'm so tired.
Kaza and I went to the mall today. I bought her a birthday present(almost two months late >_>) against her wishes! It was an FMA calendar. She got Ed and Al pins and some FMA trading cards(her new obsession is FMA). We had some Japanese for lunch ^-^ It was gooooooood! Then I showed her the new Mac computer with a built in camera(must convert her to Mac XD). Then we went over to Suncoast and I got nee-chan a birthday present (nearly three months late >_>;) which was the first volume of Bleach and I bought myself Trigun Volume 1! I'm obsessing over Vash rright now, and I haven't even finished the manga yet! Kaza got an FMA wall scroll! She is obsessing, I swear XD After which, we went to her house and had leftovers and watched FMA(*snickers*)!
I had fun X3

Which manga/anime do you recomend besides the ones listed in my favorite's list and Trigun?

Well, I'm not going to put up any First Generation, and instead I'll put up yesterday's post below this one. So go read it, and you'll know what First Generation is!

Lot's of Love!
-Miss Hotaru

P.S. If you can't see my background, don't worry. I can't either. I'm trying to make a good one, but it's not working >< dang... oh well

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

*dances with happiness*

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Hello Everyone! It' been a while, ne?
I can't stay for long, but there is some stuff I want to tell you.

AU's been going great! I finished Chapters 12 and 13 and I'm now on 14! I'm 3/8 done with 14!! And AU has an official title now!
AU, book one, is now called:
First Generation: High School Book One

It's going to be the generation trilogy! I only need to name the last one >_>

Speaking of AU- er... First Generation(I have to get used to that)- Here's some from chapter 5!

First Generation:
*~*After School*~*

Kouga and Hotaru walked to Kouga's house. Hotaru's hand had already entangled itself in Kouga's and their eyes were locked in each otherís. They talked the whole way, about just random things, like school.
When they reached Kouga's house, Aiko greeted them. She was dressed in a warm looking sweater, pants and a scarf. She waved at them with her left hand. Kouga and Hotaru waved back with the hands that weren't in each otherís.
Hotaru and Kouga were in Kouga's room. Kouga had a pretty plain room, but Hotaru still smiled when she entered it. It was unusually clean for a guy's room. Hotaru sat on Kouga's lap while Kouga had his arms wrapped around her. They were still talking about anything and everything, until...
"I want to give you something," Kouga said.
"Me too..." Hotaru said nervously.
Hotaru got up, moving Kouga's arms, and grabbed her backpack.
"Who first?" she asked Kouga.
"You, since you've already got it," Kouga said with a smirk.
"Fine," Hotaru said in a mock angry voice.
She opened her backpack and pulled out a neatly wrapped package. She blushed and handed him the package.
"You can... open it now if you want..." Hotaru said.
Kouga smiled and unwrapped the present. Then he opened the box. His smile widened.
"Thanks Hotaru!" he said, pulling out a brown sweater.
Hotaru turned a deep shed of red. "I made it...Ē she whispered.
"Really? That's amazing!" Kouga exclaimed, pulling Hotaru into a hug.
Hotaru turned even redder. "You better wear that," she said with a laugh.
Kouga laughed too. "Don't worry, I will," he said softly.
After a few seconds, Hotaru pulled away and crossed her arms. "What about me?" she asked in mock annoyance.
Kouga laughed and opened his nightstand drawer. Inside, was a wrapped package. It was fairly small. Kouga picked it up, closed the door, and handed the package to Hotaru.
"Go ahead," he said with a smile as Hotaru took the package.
Hotaru nodded nervously. She opened the package and gasped. Inside, was a beautiful necklace. It was a flower sapphire pendent on a silver chain. There were diamonds in the middle of the flower. Hotaru took it out, with shaking hands. Kouga watched her.
"Thank you!" Hotaru squealed and hugged Kouga tightly.
Kouga laughed and hugged her back while saying, "You're welcome Hotaru."
*~*A Few Minutes Later*~*
Aiko came into Kouga's room and she once again eyed the position the two teens were in. Hotaru was once again on Kouga's lap. Both were wearing each other's Christmas presents.
"So I see she got the necklace," Aiko said with a slight smirk.
Hotaru blushed, only NOW noticing Aiko had entered the room. Kouga, however, simply nodded.
"Well, I have some bad news Hotaru," Aiko said with a sigh.
"What is it?" Hotaru asked.
"A snowstorm just rolled in," she said. "We can't get out of this house."
Well, there's the main thing that happens! And it will affect everyone! And that's what Kouga and Hotaru got for each other. Bet you weren't expecting that ^_~ I have a picture of what Kouga got Hotaru somewhere, but, like I said, I don't have much time.
How was everybody's Thanksgiving? I had fun ^-^ The kids threw tantrums though >_> All of em (Not MY kids, my neices and nephew)

Currently Listening To: Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects! I'm addicted to that song!!! ^_^
Currently Eating/Drinking: Hot Chocolate ^-^ yummy

Alright, I suppose I must go now. I have to start on the 4th 8th of chapter 14! It's a Miroku/Sango scene ^_~

Lot's of Love!
-Miss Hotaru, battling evil with the wrath of her brain!

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