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Friday, April 22, 2005

   by the way!
I like/support:
Shippo/Kaji (okay, that's not an anime couple ^^;;)
Me/Kouga (^^;;;;;)
Naraku/Kikyo (do not ask o.o;;)
Others (can't think right now, plus I can't stay on too much longer)
Lots of Love!

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   ^_^ hi all!
can't say much today! put up the new theme ^_^ It's not so bad, I actually like the background, and I have a new poll ^_^ It won't come into affect for awhile, but I want to know things ahead of time ^^;;

Lots of Love!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

   ^^ hi all!
Well, FMA one the poll ^_^ so tomorrow, it will be my new theme ^^
I'm so happy! next week is a new Lost =^___^=
not much to say... umm... ^^;;
Inuyasha: -.-;; you need to say something or leave and do this "homework"
me: o.o;; sine when do you care about my grades?
Inuyasha: what are grades? o.o?
me: ^^;; nevermind...

What type of computer do you use?

I'm all Mac ^_^ yay for Macs!!

Another question(wow o.o):
What anime couples do you support?

I'll list the ones I like tomorrow ^_^

Lots of Love!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

   Poll and other things

^__^ hello all! I'm so tiered, but o.o! I need to work on hw, I'm so freakin lazy T-T
Not much to say. Hw's trying to do me in again... and state tests are coming up... I REALLY hope there is no Science test... that'd be stupid
can't say much *blows nose* stupid alergies!!!

Lots of Love!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   Nothing much...
I don't really have anything to say! thanks for your items! ^^ They'll help a whole lot ^^
I'm so tiered... >>;;
o.o;; odd words in the background. oh!!! *gulps* Law and Order: SVU is what is on. o.o *shakes head*
I love Kouga! ^^
Inuyasha: *whacks Hotaru over head*
Inuyasha: *faceplants*
Me: oowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *falls over* that was the dictionary *head starts bleeding*
Kagome: o.o!!! Hotaru!! *bandages her up*
Me: *falls asleep*
Kagome: *glares at Inuyasha*
Inuyasha: o.o eep
Kagome: SIT SIT SIT SIT SIT!!!!!
Inuyasha: *does all 5 sits*
Kagome: >< .......
Inuyasha: .........
Me: *wakes up* I'm hungry *goes off to find food*

Lots of Love!

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Monday, April 18, 2005

Today was sure a lot of fun! ^___^ *hugs Kaji* thanks for takin me to the Boardwalk! Love ya!
Nothing much has been happening lately... I didn't get to all your sites yesterday... T-T I'm sorry!!! *bows* sorry sorry sorry sorry *3 hours later* sorry SORRY!! *hugs you all* oh! I started a new story!
~The conversation I had with Kaji~
Me: I started new story!
Kaji: another one?
Me: but this one sounds good!
Kaji: lol ^^

It was something like that ^^ It was funny
For one of my stories I need 50 items! can you all help me. I have so far:
Tea cup #26
Dragon arm #38
Ramen #18
at least 8 jewel shards #50
Dagger #12
Piece of Naraku's baboon coat #28
singing a Japanese song in a forest #5
candy #34
sushi #43
Inuyasha #1
Kouga #2
cracker box #4
Yukiko #21
Miyuki #29
Bracelet #19

^__^ please help if you can! oh, they must be something you can find in Inuyasha's time!
Lots of Love!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

   Good and bad
Inuyasha: good first
Me: they had a buy 2 get one free for manga at the bookstore, so I got three mangas! ^^ *huggles Mom* thank you mom for getting them for meee! and today, Shippos1fan is takin me to the Boardwalk *huggles her too* I love them so much. and... o.o that was weird. Anyways, I would have got the rest of the Pita-Ten seires, but they only had 6 and 7, so I got them and Fruits Basket 3.
Kagome: Is that all the good news?
Me: yep ^^
Inuyasha: then let's hear what rediculus bad news you have for us today. Oh! I bet it's going to be like Locke died or something
Me: ><
Kagome: so what is the bad news?
Me: OMG! volume 6 and 7 of Pita-Ten are so saaaad!!! I nearly cried!! I won't tell anyone here what happen, I don't want to ruin it for them if they are reading it, but it's JUST SO SAD!!! T-T POOOOOOOR MISHA! POOOOR KOTAROU!!! POOOOOOR SHIA!!! POOOOOR um.... TEN-CHAN!!! AND POOOOOR um... I think his name is Kotaroh... but POOOOR HIM!! oh, AND.... LOCKE'S GONNA DIEEEEE! I SWEAR, I'M GONNA SCREAM WHEN IT HAPPENS! HE GETS SHOT IN THE STOMACH!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! then nobody will know about the hatch... o.o until I lead them to it *smirks*

My answser to yesterday's question:
I would hug him, probably cry and tell him how much I missed him and how much I love him.

No new question today!
Lots of Love!
P.S. sorry that I haven't visited your sites!! I'll try to do it today!!

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

I feel like I got into 3 fights yesterday... *sniffles* but, the good news is I'm going shopping today ^^ It's clothes shopping, but maybe I'll convince my Mom to buy me a manga. but which one... hmmm... I need to read 2 more by the end of the month.
Anyways... umm... I WOULD answer yesterday's question... but I don't know the answer ^^;; I haven't really thought about my wish yet. But I have a really complex question for you all. Not really, but It's just long... and you'll probably get bored of me.

You are 16, and it's almost the end of winter break. You are kinda sad, but you are also quite happy. You have your one true love and your enemies haven't attacked you for awhile. As you walk to lunch alone, one of your enemies pulls you into a room. She starts apologizing for killing your brother, aunt and the other people she killed. You don't believe her. You think she's trying to trick you. She commands you to listen to her, and you refuse. Bad choice. The curse has activated. She looks very sad now. A sword apears in her hand. She looks at it, very scared. Then she suddenly looks evil. She runs at you at stick the sword through your stomach. Then she pulls it back out and she suddenly looks affraid. She disapears, sword and all. You fall to the floor and lie there, waiting for death. You see your lover pass by and you try calling out to them. They hear you and run toward you. They are so sad and shed a few tears, but you tell them not to and to tell your friends not to either. Your last words were: "I've always loved you... and I always will..." Then you see yourself dead, and your soul flies up to heaven. You had also told your lover to go to the forest in 6 days. You would think of something...
Over the next few days, you bussied yourself with studying magic that everyone learned in heaven. You got your wings, which were blue. But then a human was sent to heaven. Now, in heaven, 1 hour was equal to 1 minute on Earth. Meaning you would have to spend a longer time away from your lover. You had decided to go see them, but now that a human was on heaven, things would take longer. In the days that passed, you stayed in your room, incredebly sad. You wanted to see your lover... soon.
Finally, it was time. You said goodbye to your family (who had died, and now you all lived in a heaven mansion) and made a portal to the human world. You wwaited in the hollow tree for your lover to come. Finally, they did. What is the first thing you would do/say?

-Hotaru =^^=

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Friday, April 15, 2005

I'm sooooo tiered. today we had open house! tas fun, but I'm so tiered now. we had this "Time travel" agency and I was Antient China ^^
to tiered to write much
Answer to yesterday's question:
shy, nice, can get hyper, a big writer, and... uhh... a somewhat good student >>;;

New: Question:
If you had one wish, what would it be?

Lots of love forever!
-Hotaru =^^=

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Today was my brother's 26 th b-day! ^_^ we had him, his wife and their kids over ^__^ It was fun, but I'm REALLY annoyed with the oldest one. She's six... >>;; I think...
Anyways, as soon as she gets to the house, she gives us all a hug. Now that part I love ^^ I love attention. Anyways, then RIGHT after that, she goes into the spare room and begins to play Mario Party 5 I believe. >< god, sooo annoying. she has a Gamecube at home, so why come over HERE and play it. Besides... she has the newest one. I ain't jealous, just annoyed. and she's old enough to know better! when I was six or seven, I was a poliet girl, but was fun to hang around. Kinda weird how much I changed. I used to love math and to help people. Now I only LIKE one of those.
Anyways... umm... >>;; nothing much to say I guess... I'm listening to Inu theme songs right now... that's fun ^^
Thank you all for cheering me up! It REALLY helped. I love you all! *huggles you all* ^^
now........ ummm.... new question I guess... as soon as I think of one ^^;;

New Question:
What's your personality?

In real life. I know I'm more hyper on the computer ^^ but what can I say... except... WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ^_^ hee hee.

Lots of love,
OH! P.S. guess what I'm thinking about? gving you a hint on my real name. sadly it isn't Hotaru *sniff* but ^^ I'll do more on that tomorrow ^__^

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