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Hey there!! Im pretty new here happened to stumble onto tis cute lil webby here so thought I'd make mi veri own otaku..... as u can see i really really like saiyuki especially son goku gosh...isnt he cool?? N also anyone whos interested in saiyuki can go to www.saiyuki.com they hv loads of information on saiyuki reload etc... aniwae ive submitted some fan art u can click the link below pls rate....:)
aniwae ive created some anime thought u guys would be interested: solar faeries, the 2 sisters, a girl named trouble, wings of your heart, alien invasion, beautiful sky, jelly bean, love puzzle, memory, Lost!!Fallin' Love, !Kimochi!, Bon Voyage(newest!!!)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

   Only 9 days left....
Yep 9 days more and I'll be free like the wind!!! YES!!! Just imagine the freedom on that day I will scream once I exit the examination hall..Oh joy oh joy... But I've got to find a part-time job for the holidays because I just got to lay my hans on that dvd I've been eyeing for the past few days arghh... It's just too tempting to resist, even though it's 109 dollars but I think it will be worth my effort..As they say, no pain no gain.... Oh yes, it seems as if nowadays, no one is reading my posts sob sob.. Are you guys that cruel?? Well, never mind, I guess it's time I did the reading and commenting on you guys posts so just wait for me yeah?? I will read when I have the time but as for the time being here are some GIFs I found on the net.. Enjoy!! :))

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

   Still stressed up
Yes guys... I am still stressed up you heard me.. lol... Anyway, TVXQ dvd here I come!!! I'm gonna get a part-time job during the holidays to come and then I'm gonna use part of the money to spend on their dvd joy oh joy!!! I just hope the dvd won't sell out so quickly because TVXQ is really hot here... If only their advertisement ahdn't appeared on television Jae Joong would still be mine, MINE I tell you... Okay, enough about the craziness.. The exams are ending in about 11 days time and I am really happy because the first thing I am gonna do is go straight home with a bunch of friends with me and scream my lungs out in the elevator to my house... 4 more exams to go 11 more days to the end AH!!!! I am practically going crazy as I speak, oh yes if anyone has noticed I have changed the background of my blog haha... No offence to anime lovers though... I'd thought I'd spice things up a bit since Christmas is coming... Oh well... what can we do with a maniac here?? Wahahaha...Okay I think I am getting mentally retarded as we speak I'd better end here before I actually go straight to a mental hospital. Tata guys!! :))
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   Exams ending in 2 week's time...
Boy!!! I haven't been coming here since september?!!! Ah!! I really need to relieve stress yes!! The O levels are here and it's ending soon the sad news is I Don't like Andy anymore yep... I don't know why but sad to say I think he has found a girlfriend oh well.... but never mind yes I am now officially a fan of TVXQ.. They are like the coolest band that has stepped into my life and I love them!! I collected every single album off the shelf haha.. Yes, and my next target is to get their DVD collection which costs 109 dollars yes, no kidding 109 dollars.. all of you must be thinking oh wow this girl is a maniac haha...nah I'm not... anyway during the holidays my friends and I are gonna form a band called Miracle, (much inspired from Super Junior's song, Miracle...)wish us luck!! I just uploaded one of TVXQ's single, Miss You, enjoy!!! :))
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Friday, September 15, 2006

   More bout TVXQ...
Hey guys, yes I'm back... Phew... I've gotten through some exams already but there are still a lot more to go for my prelims... It's really stressful but I can handle it... Sorry for now posting for a while, I was really busy hope you guys can forgive me...Anyway, I'm now officially really crazy about TVXQ, I think I might just make a new account on myotaku.com and dedicate it specially to them haha... but of course I'm not gonna do that.. I have six of their albums and all of that costs more than 100 dollars... I'm crazy, I know but Jae Joong is just too captivating gosh what do I do?? Anyway, Andy's birthday is coming in one month's time I think sigh... Lindsey's boyfriend told me not to give him anything on his birthday especially a sakura drawing I had just completed, because he would throw it away. I felt kinda hurt but I cheered up a bit because I knew what it was like to have a secret crush on someone oh well... Anyway as promised here is part 3 of dangerous love, enjoy... :))

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Sunday, September 3, 2006

   part 2......
Yes guys as promised part 2 is finally here!! Haha... I don't really feel like writing today because I've got tons of things to do after writing this. Though it's the holidays but I've gotta study really hard because right after this it will be my prelims that's why I gotta buck up. Enjoy!! :))

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yes... you guys, it's teachers' day today. Wishing all teachers out there a happy teachers' day!! Anyway, it's a holiday for us students too, so yeah, we get to enjoy. The september holidays are here!! Yes, and that means one week of break from school, excluding the fact that I have to go back to school for my mock practical exam. Other than that, everything's A ok. Yesterday, we celebrated teachers' day and it was a half day for us. Everyone got a good laugh from the performance put up by our students, for the teachers' day celebration. Even our teachers had to admit that it was good. Well, I think the funniest part of the performance was the part where the students imitated the teachers. Everyone laughed so hard because it was really hilarious. Andy was also looking pretty good, beacause it was ACES day on that day too and everyone had to wear either their class t shirt or their P.E t shirt. Andy wore his class t shirt, yes, I even remember the number on the back it's 39. It's sort of like a jersey, just that it has a collar. Anyway, to wrap up for today I'm gonna let you guys watch a video. It's part 1 and I'm gonna post more parts so enjoy! (The video is called dangerous love, acted by everyone's favourite band, DBSK. Haha...):))

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