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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

   Still stressed up
Yes guys... I am still stressed up you heard me.. lol... Anyway, TVXQ dvd here I come!!! I'm gonna get a part-time job during the holidays to come and then I'm gonna use part of the money to spend on their dvd joy oh joy!!! I just hope the dvd won't sell out so quickly because TVXQ is really hot here... If only their advertisement ahdn't appeared on television Jae Joong would still be mine, MINE I tell you... Okay, enough about the craziness.. The exams are ending in about 11 days time and I am really happy because the first thing I am gonna do is go straight home with a bunch of friends with me and scream my lungs out in the elevator to my house... 4 more exams to go 11 more days to the end AH!!!! I am practically going crazy as I speak, oh yes if anyone has noticed I have changed the background of my blog haha... No offence to anime lovers though... I'd thought I'd spice things up a bit since Christmas is coming... Oh well... what can we do with a maniac here?? Wahahaha...Okay I think I am getting mentally retarded as we speak I'd better end here before I actually go straight to a mental hospital. Tata guys!! :))
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