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Friday, September 15, 2006

   More bout TVXQ...
Hey guys, yes I'm back... Phew... I've gotten through some exams already but there are still a lot more to go for my prelims... It's really stressful but I can handle it... Sorry for now posting for a while, I was really busy hope you guys can forgive me...Anyway, I'm now officially really crazy about TVXQ, I think I might just make a new account on myotaku.com and dedicate it specially to them haha... but of course I'm not gonna do that.. I have six of their albums and all of that costs more than 100 dollars... I'm crazy, I know but Jae Joong is just too captivating gosh what do I do?? Anyway, Andy's birthday is coming in one month's time I think sigh... Lindsey's boyfriend told me not to give him anything on his birthday especially a sakura drawing I had just completed, because he would throw it away. I felt kinda hurt but I cheered up a bit because I knew what it was like to have a secret crush on someone oh well... Anyway as promised here is part 3 of dangerous love, enjoy... :))

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