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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

   Exams ending in 2 week's time...
Boy!!! I haven't been coming here since september?!!! Ah!! I really need to relieve stress yes!! The O levels are here and it's ending soon the sad news is I Don't like Andy anymore yep... I don't know why but sad to say I think he has found a girlfriend oh well.... but never mind yes I am now officially a fan of TVXQ.. They are like the coolest band that has stepped into my life and I love them!! I collected every single album off the shelf haha.. Yes, and my next target is to get their DVD collection which costs 109 dollars yes, no kidding 109 dollars.. all of you must be thinking oh wow this girl is a maniac haha...nah I'm not... anyway during the holidays my friends and I are gonna form a band called Miracle, (much inspired from Super Junior's song, Miracle...)wish us luck!! I just uploaded one of TVXQ's single, Miss You, enjoy!!! :))
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