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Friday, August 25, 2006

   Feeling unwell...
Hey guys...yes I'm back.. hmm.. well where do I start? Okay, today had quite a bad day because I felt quite unwell during my art lesson. Yes, I take art well... I wouldn't consider lysef as a really artsy person but hey, my teacher says I have talent. Ah well, I'm really good at drawing anime so I got to do anime as my o level topic. Isn't that cool? The o levels are like GCSEs as Americans put it. It's a final year exam for us secondary school students and it decides which junior college or polythecnic we will go to in the future. Anyway, when I was having fun with my friends, my stomach felt really bloated and it started to get worse. By the end of the day, i felt really nauseous and had a slight fever. Pretty dramatic huh? Yeah, I know. But after I burped out all the gas, I felt much better. Hmm... I bet you guys must be wondering what about me and Andy?? Well, for your information, nothing much happened between me and him today. It was just that when I was passing by his table today, I heard his friends and him talking and laughing when I passed by. Hmm... something is definitely up but I don't really know what. Any suggestions guys?? Drop me your comments, as for now tata!! :))
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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey guys... yes I'm back did ya miss me?? I know some of you did. Haha, anyway today's topic is on chemistry. Why you may ask?? Okay then, I'll tell you exactly what happened hmm let's see okay... During chemistry we were supposed to boil and acid along with a solution Y so here it goes: My friend was boiling the solution and she shaked it to ensure that the acid would not splurt out. So, after shaking it a bit, she decided to reboil it and guess what happened?? Yes, the solution shot out of the test tube and landed on my hands and head. Yow!! yes that's when I screamed and all my classmates' attention was on me. i guess you can say that it was pretty embarrassing but I was too focused on the pain to care about the others. In a hurry, my chemistry teacher told me to pour water on where the acid had landed and got some soap to neutralize it. Well, after that nothing much happened because I managed to neutralize the acid just in time. Talk about close calls... and Andy didn't come to school today WAHH!!!! I think I might be getting Pineapple illness oh well.... Another day another story gotta go tata... :))(P.s: Here's a video of DBSK and Super Junior singing Show Me Your love, enjoy!!)

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Hmmmm..... Hey guys, it's me yeah I just finished my o levels english oral exam. I guess, you can say it's okay but why am I puzzled? Well, the reason is simple: guys... I just don't get them, I mean today I was sitting opposite Andy. Yes, Andy aka pineapple. He kept staring at me and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I mean, I just don't get why he keeps staring at me. I know that he knows I like him but just what in the world is his problem??!! He talks to his friend and then looks at me, turns to talk to his friend again, looks at me and then laughs with his friend. Can anyone understand what it means?? My friend suggested that maybe he could be interested in me but I don't think so hmm... what do you guys think eh?? I've been pondering about it for the past few hours and I still can't think of the answer sigh...Well, I've gotta thank Rambutan for saving me I guess because he changed places with Andy... Hmm... anyway my friends told me that my feeling uncomfortable because of Andy was really obvious because I kept looking at the ground and not wanting to look up..... Sigh... anyway enough about this matter I bought DBSK's Tri-Angle album and their newly released japanese album, Heart, Mind And Soul... Yes I am officially crazy about them. I also have to get Super Junior's new album, U. Gosh, now I know how it's like to be a fan of your favourite band. Anyway, i shan't continue or else this post will sound really long-winded, so leave your comments yeah?? Gotta go now, tata...:))
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Sunday, August 13, 2006

   Stupid rambutan...
Yes, I'm back once again with more news.. Well, you see, the reason why I am writing this post is perhaps to curse and swear at Rambutan for making a fool out of himself and for EMBARRASSING THE HELL OUT OF ME!!! Yes, do not fret, my pals, I am not angry at you... Ok, I shall share with you the tragic tale of the Rambutan.. here goes... Well, as you all know it was a normal day and I was queuing up to buy food with four of my closest friends. Rambutan saw me and I knew he saw me because I caught his stare out of the corner of my eye... And then, the next thing you know, he was practically shouting not talking.... Oh, it makes my blood boil everytime, here is what he said: " Hey krystle and Andy bla bla bla...." I didn't catch the rest because I was so frustrated arrghh...ahh well... the rambutan sigh.. anyway here is a video of DBSK's song, Sky tata... :))

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

   Dong Bang Shin Ki aka DBSK or TVXQ
Hey guys, yes... I'm back.. Yep, you won't believe what has happened over the week ok ok, I'll explain. Firstly, I went to East Coast Park yesterday, it's a park i Singapore and we went rollerblading and then, made our way to Plaza Singapura. I'm sure you guys won't know where the place is unless you come here right?? Ok, in the arcade I had the most embarrassing moment of my life. Anyone here, experienced a time when you thought someone was your friend, but it turned out to be someone you don't know?? That was exactly what happened to me.. I was walking behind my friends and I laid my hands on who I thought was my friend but when I looked at the person she just stared right back at me. Ahh!!!Man it was so embarrassing!! Yes, and I shall not continue, anyway I just bought two of Dong Bang Shin Ki's album one is titled rising sun, and the other is The Gift From. Gosh, have you guys heard of the band before?? Hmm... I'm guessing some of you haven't but surely at least one of you knows... they're really hot in Japan and Korea now. I especially love HERO aka Joo Jaeng is that how you spell his name?? Hmm... anyway, my friend also gave me a CD. Yes, it's YUI!!! >.< I'm a huge fan of DBSK and YUI... Hope you guys have heard about both of them yes... Joo Jaeng is HOT!!!! XD Anyway, gotta sign off here before I go mad... (P.s, it's a holiday today since it's the day after national day yes, which means I won't get to see Andy today. But, it's ok I'll see him tomorrow!!! Wish me luck!!) :))
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Sunday, August 6, 2006

   pineapple's friends great....
Yes, the reason why I'm writing this is simple. The reason? Yes, it has something to do with pineapple's friends... Those from the class next to him.. Hmm... ok where should I start?? Ok ok, I got it... Lindsey Regina and I were at Queensway shopping for my friend, Kelly's present. Her birthday is on the 10th that's why we have to do early shopping.(By the way, did you know that Queensway is one of Singapore's largest sports centre?) Anyway, as I was saying we were wondering what to buy and suddenly we thought 'Why not buy her a trophy?' And so it was decided a trophy it was... After picking up our trophy we did a walk around the shopping centre once again and guess who we saw?? Yes, it was none other than pineapple's friends. Those friends who were from the class next to pineapple's. Anyway, we didn't do anything to attract their attention, because we didn't want them to suspect anything. We went to the bus stop to wait for the bus and then, when we boarded guess who we saw?? YES!!! It was none other than those guys again. ON THE SAME BUS!!! Yes, I am not kidding you, one of them saw me and then he went like 'Hey isn't that Krystle?' My friend happened to overhear and she told me. GAWD!!! I wish the ground would just swallow me then I mean, how the hell did they know who I was??!! Hmm... must have been that time when I blurted Andy's name by accident because I was telling my friends how cute Andy was. Sigh... I'm such a fool oh well... what's done is done I guess.. I can be famous like that hmm... Sometimes having a crush on someone can have its advantages but I dread to think what will happne on Monday. Oh Lord, have mercy on me sob sob.... I guess I better be ending here... tata... :))
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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

   wahhh.... just kidding
Okay guys, since it's the Speak Good English Week, I shall write this post fluently and perfectly. Yes, okay okay let's get this thing started already.... Hmm... where should I start?? Oh yes, HE DIDN'T COME TO SCHOOL TODAY!!! WAHHHHHH.......... haha okay I'm just kidding about the crying part, I don't cry that easily for your information. But seriously, he didn't and oh rambutan didn't do anything funny to me hmm... you know what guys?? Maybe I should consider making friends with rambutan. The more connections, the merrier don't you agree?? Hmm.. I must try my new plan out haha... I am using my dad's laptop to type this entry and boy, is it easy to type, much better than the normal computer keyboard. Oh yes, I am so doomed. Why you ask?? Well, apparently some idiot friend told Andy that I liked him!! YES!!! WHY???!!!! I am so dead now!! Ahhh!!!! Okay, I am acting up again haha... thanks for putting up with my lameness guys must go now. Take care and goodbye... :))
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

   more bout.....
hey guys yes sorry if i didnt rite 4 quite a while lol okok have i got big news for u he made eye contact with me on his own!!! oh gosh... im gonna faint okok yesterday was class photo taking day n he was there i was sitting wif all mi friends talking n stuff n then he looked at me i felt someone looking at me so i looked at him n yes... our eyes locked 4 a couple of seconds before i buried mi sorry head into mi friends lap lol... im not kidding u he really looked at me!!! n then... when i was taking the class photo wif mi classmates he looked at me again hmm.... is there smth going on?? i wonder aniwae today it happened again well... i saw him staring at me but i didnt look back cos mi friend was practically squashing me lol i looked at him n then when he looked at me i smiled yes... step 2 lol i didn noe if he caught it but hey at least i tried lol yes im friends wif onion now n tat stupid rambutan kept looking at me yesterday wad is his problem??!!! man.... all he does is unbutton his top button n he thinks hes cool tsss.... the stupidity of the rambutan aniwae thanks for hearing me go on n on bout andy lol yes mocks r here so id better work harder lol gambalimas!!! minna san dewa mata ne... :))
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

   mock exams stress n more...
hey guys yes... the mock exams r coming.. n all the pressure is on me yeah yeah lol sorry for not signing in for a really long time i come back from school at 7 everyday which explains y i cant go online often plus there r tuitions and lots of revisions to do yes does tat explain mi absence online now?? hope so.. aniwae yes lots of things have been happening between mi n andy firstly he came up from behind me to go to the canteen n i got a bit of shock mi eyes were enlarged for a while n he saw mi shocked expression gawd... im so dead... n it wasnt the first time i was feeling sad on one day n mi friends heard andys voice (i didnt noe it was his voice i swear..) n they all turned around n saw him.. then mi friend was asking hey hu didnt turn around to look?? mi other friend responded oh its krystle well... i didnt noe wad all the fuss was all bout so when i turned around to look there he was yes... talking to a girl hu was taller than me i was a little jealous i admit but i didnt admit it until one of mi friends asked me.. lol honestly i noe tat he wouldnt like tis sort of girl but hey i couldnt help but feel just a tiny bit jealous lol yes i also found out tat he was libra!!! ahhh!!!! y couldnt it be scorpio??!!1 yes i was cursing n swearing at him when i learned tat he was a libra n not a scorpio he shares the same horoscope as mi previous crush, kelvin hmm... ok now i just gotta guess when his birthday is... onion, lindseys bf told me he would help me yes... i hv so many connections lol aniwae gotta go for now... cya!! :))
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

   more updates...
yes... sorry for the long pause yepp been really busy in school yeah... n racial harmony day is next friday ahh tat means its 6 days away yikes!!! i dun wanna embarrass miself in front of andy oh yeah did i tell u guys bout the straw incident? hmmm.... ok if i told u sorry for repeating it again... ok here goes i was walking wif mi friends n we were heading towards one of the staircases in our school heres the funny part: i was holding a straw in mi hand cos i thought it was cute n i was pretending to lecture mi friends when guess wad?? tats rite andy n rambutan ran past me i was stuck in tat stupid teaching pose n mi n him locked eyes for a second be4 he ran away man was i embarrassed or wad?? he just saw me in the most awakward position EVER!!! okok.... so this wasnt the first time we locked eyes it was the second... the first tme it happened was ah yes... we were just outside the girls toilet n he walked past us... for a second our eyes locked n then we just glanced to different directions yes.... it was how do u put it?? weird... yeah mi friend told me tat just be4 he we went into the toilet he looked at me n paused in his tracks for a while be4 walking again i dunno if tats a good ting or a bad ting but hey i guess u can nvr tell huh?? lol sorry for being long winded again guys comments pls if u hv any thanks!!! :))
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