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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   awesome awesome awesome....

erm... i'm wearing make-up 0_o rosie and hayley kidnapped me today at lunch lol and dragged me to the toilets where i was forced to have make-up put on >_< i dont wear make up!!
and i saved a pigeon ^_^ it seemed to like me tho 0_o... and yes, janie, i talked to god ^_^ and god was a "she" and it was really stupid and pointless. and you can honestly have so much fun on the boobah website its unbelievable!! ok maybe thats just moi...

Emma xx

p.s. i will make some more ecards as soon as i've played on the boobah website lmao. oh anf the "tumbling lady" thing. mail me for links lol

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   here i am again.....

in the school library... with the dodgy keyboard... supposedly doing my "psychology essay"... but i'm not ^_^ i'm naughty. erm.... yes. i have decided that anybody is free to add me as a friend, as long as they say they're adding me so i can add them back 0_o oooh i might that on my intro.... anyway ... yes i must get back to my "essay" and editing myO page (as in, editing mine..). i'm thinking change of colours... possibly... suggestions?

luff y'all

emma xx

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


ok i have cheered up. i have found some naruto pictures that i think would be made into good e-cards (shame its me making them, so they wont be that good lol). oh well. i forgot to find some resources at school today. sozzles. i was very caught up in my depression and chinese >_<
so. erm... i still havent got to work on them e-cards 0_o i'll do those soon (hopefully). lol

emma xx

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   depression once more

again, i feel really down. maybe if i make some shizzle to put up here, i mgiht feel better. i doubt it'll help me feel better, but at least i can keep myO thing going a bit... if you know what i mean..

emma x


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

   oh dear

ok, now i have something to write about. i have officially ran out of e-cards and wallpapers. what the hell am i gonna do now?? :S i'd best get working tomorrow lol. i could attempt to do some at 6th *thinks* depends whether or not they've blocked paint by now >_< they seem to block everything else >_< erm... i'm stuck now. i'd actually best get some made, cuz otherwise i'm gonna be sitting here like a lemon (not that i'm not already lol). i know, during one of my many free lessons tomorrow, i'll print off some resources of anime so i can draw some shizzle ^_^ as i havent for quite a while. i have tried, but i just couldnt do it. dunno why :|

oh gawd that reminds me, i have art homework in for tomorrow first lesson >_< and i havent bloody done it! bugger. and i cant do it now cuz i have actually left my art book at skool in my locker >_< omg!!! i am such a clutz!! i'm gonna go and ponder now (as well as sort out my hair, and get my cat in from outside - which is harder than it looks as i have to chase her around the garden to catch her >_<)

emma xx

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   did i post today??

apparently not :S or have i? i cant tell *is rather confuzzled* no i havent... possibly... not. anyway. i have nothing to say anyway >_< so there is no point to this post... oh bothered!

Em xx

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Monday, September 25, 2006

   6thus formus

yes yes, i am at 6th form posting this (in the library again lmao). i am supposed to be doing my envirocrap schience work.. but my good friend sian has lost the results from the experiment we did last week... so i cant >_<
oh my goddy god. i've just realised that ia m actually running out of e-cards to upload at home. i only have about 4 or 5 left to upload now T_T i must get working on more lol.
*thinks* and i only have 1 more wallpaper to upload :O or maybe not... i dunno 0_o i think i may have ran out of wallpapers to upload. oh goddi god. i shall have to get working tonight >_<

oh my goddy god. i have actually lost the plot. i am apparently buying a Ewbank Lamivac from tesco.co.uk. 2 of them!! i really have gone mad... T_T i typed in clothes and i think its comes up with bloody vaccum cleaners.

emma xx

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

   oh god...

today has been so eventful... i'm not gonna bother writing here tho...


some interesting (not) stuff to keep u entertained...

emma xx ^_^

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ok erm... you know where it says if you have a popularity rank?? (well, i didnt have one, it just said "down again").. well mines full-on gone :| is anyone elses like that?? oh dear... i havent broken this again have i?

emma >_<

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god i'm in such a good mood :S ok my nintendo ds is called Pinky!!! thankies serenity rain!! awesome... tis charging atm... i was playing on it all night so i'm pretty tired >_< and i gotta go out at about 10.30 to walk down town to meet ppl *rolls eyes* i live on a bloody hill about a mile out of town and i have to walk!!! and its been raining!! so the goddamn road will be slippy and knowing what i'm like i'll probably fall flat on my arse *rolls eyes again* actually... i think i've done that before :s but i think it was icy at the time. oh well lol. so yes, i get to see the guy i "fancy" today :D awesomeness! and we're meeting outside co-op... (we being me, sam, rosie n sian). bleh. i should really be getting ready but i cant be arsed.... obivous what i'm gonna wear n i only need to take some money for sugar :D (sugar being, sweets and lollies etc... not an actual bag of sugar). ok i just found on of my cats whiskars on the keyboard :S what the hell!! ok i'm just boring you with random crap.... i'll leave now :D

emma xx

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