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Saturday, September 23, 2006


I GOTS ME MY NINTENDO DS!!! FINALLY!!! it's pink and its currently charging >_< i wanna play on it >_< its soooo pretty ^_^ it also needs a name. like my guitar. that needs a name. oooh names for my guitar/nDS would be appreciated ^_^ i know its kinda weird... but naming things makes me happy ^_^ i mean, you name your pets, right? you dont just buy a cat and call it "cat" do you?? so i think things like guitars etc need the same kinda love ^_^ or maybe i really am just weird...

anyway, yes. i tried drawing again last night >_< it sucked. i need to get back into the groove. lol. i'm uploading more naruto-ness wallpapers... yes they're white... but they have quotes ^_^ and pictures. and the one i uploaded last night has already been downloaded like 30-odd times 0_o i didnt think it would be that much tbh. oh well lol. i'm in a good mood ^_^. ciao!

emma xx

p.s. does ciao actually mean goodbye 0_o

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Friday, September 22, 2006

   bloody parents

my mum threw me off the comp last night before i got a chance to do my naruto wallpapers >_< so i'm gonna do them now. they're gonna be similar to my other ones, as i cant do all those special effects >_< so yes. i shall start those now. lol.

Emma xx

p.s. oh and the wallpapers are gonna have to be white. if i use a differnet colour for the background, the picture i use to go in a corner becomes all crappy. so what i'z gonna do is find some quotes from the programme...

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Thursday, September 21, 2006


i'm gonna do something amazing and make new wallpapers. and they're gonna be different and be naruto. i only have pokemon, beyblade n sailor moon atm lol. so i thought a change would be good and i'll do naruto ones (^_^)

emma xx

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what the hell do i have to do to get this one bloody e-card to re-upload >_< i've tried like, 3 times and it just won't upload. maybe i should kinda.... just delete it off my comp n be done with it.... oh well.
i shall carry on uploading the others and come back to the one that won't upload.

emma xx

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


today at 6th form has been very eventful. the best thing about today tho is that i'm allowed to carry on with my Art course ^_^ oh and i learned how to saw beef in chinese (the mandarin chinese.... not cantonese).

erm.... i'm having arguments uploading the e-cards >_< they wont upload *rolls eyes* i'll try again. have another avatar:

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i like that one. tis pretty.

emma xx

p.s. again, i didnt make the avatar, i just googled them all. i can only make e-cards - and they're not awesome lol.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


janie is kicked off the art course :( which means i'll be next :(
good news tho. i am almost rid of the cold. i only have a cough now lol.
erm.... so. i have actually lost all my stuff i use for my anime drawings. :S which is quite worrying as i swear they were in my room. so before i can draw a picture, it might help if i find my stuff >_< sooo... yush. that is all.

emma xx

p.s. have an avatar/icon. no i didnt make it. i'm just being generous ^_^

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Monday, September 18, 2006


so... i havent been kicked out of art or 6th form. thank god. but to be fair, no one's talked to me about it lol. oh well..

erm. i was thinking of drawing more tonight :S i dunno why. usually i cant be bothered. omg!! i'm really loving this song!! its called "Harmonia" by Toshiro Masuda from the Naruto Soundtrack 2 or something lol. it has a really catchy tune. *plays it again* lmao. erm... iam continuing with the exhausting re-uploadtion (thats not even a word, is it?) of my e-cards... you know what i mean.. re-uploading them lol. tis very tiring now. yes you may be lucky enough to get a picture in a night or two lol.

emma x

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

   i thought of summat...

ok... i need advice... next weekend i'm meeting up with a couple of my best friends and the guy i fancy (who i havent seen, for like, ages). and he doesnt know i like him (thankgod otherwise he'd be horrified). but my best friend rosie says she's gonna try n get me n him together... so i just wanna know what to do.... should i let her? or should i just not turn up to spare me the embarrasment? i mean, i dont generally ask a guy i like out, because every guy i've ever fancied has said no (which has got to say something). so i'm like... really happy that i'll be meeting up with him n ppl next weekend.... but kinda nervous in case he says something unbelievably nasty about me... *cries* i dunno what to do... :(

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i actually have nothing to write :S lol. i have, nothing. actually nothing.... omg! oh no!! what the hell am i gonna do for posts when i have nothing to write!! ack! erm.... i actually have no idea.... erm.... i dont know... i'll have to think of something.

em x

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Saturday, September 16, 2006


my day has just been made!!! nothing else matters now.... :D :D

omgomg... friends of mine on here? anyone have msn?? yahoo?? tho you'd have to let me add you on yahoo... cuz mine is awkward...


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