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Saturday, September 16, 2006


oh god... i've now got a cough to add to my illness >_< no longer depressed about collage tho lol. if i get kicked out, screw it. who needs an a-level on art when i can just make my own shizzle up at home! and i'll be able to do a lot more fan art shizzle cuz i'll have, like, no homework. :O :O i just thought. i have a psychology essay to do for friday... and envirocrap schience homework to do... honestly... the gnome who teaches us for envirocrapness gives us too much to do... tho the lesson yesterday was cool cuz we got to destroy a display board...... anyway.... erm i am continuing to upload e-cards ^_^ taking me forever >_< oh and i have to babysit tonight *rolls eyes* should be fun - not. ack.... hmm... i'm well confused abnout my yahoo messenger cuz everyone has a yahoo address... but i dont... i have a btinternet address but can use yahoo messenger... hmm.... oh i cant think... hurts too much >_<

emma xx

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Friday, September 15, 2006


i am SOOOOOOOO ill.... i have an enormous headache, n my nose needs blowing every two seconds (not nice)... and i'm froze... but can you blame me? i'm ill, and my mum claims to be "too warm" so shes opened all the bloody windows and opened the back door and has the god-damn fan on!! >_< so i'm wearing my usually-very-warm green day hoodie. meh. and.... i have uploaded e-cards.... well, one... i uploaded another but it hasnt showed up yet. so gawd knows where that is...

Lil' Miss Dead xx

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   oh... shizzle....

now i really am depressed... and its because of 6th form/college.... but on monday i may not have a 6th form to go to... because i might be kicked out. i didnt get a grade C or above for art in GCSE, which means technically i shouldnt be doing A-Level... so i may kicked off the course... and if i dont pick another subject... i could be kicked out of 6th form all together. thing is, i dont want to do any other subjects other than the ones i've got. so i'm fucked. monday is judgement day. so if i am kicked out of 6th form.... i'll have more time to do stuff for this lol. oh well :( *slits wrists* only joking lol. i feel really down now :(

... em ...

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Thursday, September 14, 2006


'lo.... i'm unbelivably ill... my cold thing has just got worse... i might have tomorrow off... this is doing my head in... i cant breathe and we have no bloody vaporub *shakes fists angrily* so yeh.. i may have tomorrow off from 6th form.. i feel like crap... omg! and keyboard - with a spacebar that works! lmao

emma xx

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   yup... 6thus formus...

w00t I'm at 6th form at the moment lol. on the computers in the library. oooh bell just went. oh well. i have a free period now anyway lol. yes i'm in the library with my not-so-pirate friend sian. ujhjko indeed. it was sian. erm... she says *quote* "your mom" charming isnt she? argh my one nostril is blocked.... i have a cold... i'm ill.... erm... i'll upload some e-cards later as i have none at this very moment in time. (unless i make some right here...). ARGH this computer has a crap keyboard... the space bar doesnt work so i'm having to poke it incredibly hard after every word *shakes fists angrily* gonna stop writing now... *needs to blow nose*

emmah xx

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


wow! i found out that 6th form/school hasnt blocked out myotaku or lj!! myspace is a no-go, but thats being shitty with me anyway. it doesnt like me. erm... yeh. i've cheered up muchly. still a wee bit down... but the chinese lesson cheered me up immensley. my friend sian had a massive giggle fit in the middle of it. lmao! and she full-on forgot to go to her psychology lesson. the twit. lmao.


Zai Jian (chinese for goodbye)

emma xx

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


point made.

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Monday, September 11, 2006


oner more day at colege lie the past few have been, and i may just die. there's lots of jelly tots involved. and lots of "cillit bang" remixes involved. if you have no idea what i mean by the cillit bang remix thing... i suggest you go to youtube or maybe just google and type in "cillit bang remix" hilarious. a bit like the "they're taking the hobbits to isengard" video.. which justs happened to be on here... wether it works or not, i dunno. but its here.

erm... yes.... i shall continue uploading old e-cards as i have no other time to draw new pics etc. i have so much homework i may just scream. well... i cant be arsed to do anything more on here than upload an e-card (yes just the one, as otaku goes mad and doesnt upload any. i've tried upload about 3 at a time... and it went bananas and didnt put any up). soo.... au revoir

em x

p.s. if you just cant be bothered to look for cillit bang-ness... click here:


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Sunday, September 10, 2006


still uploading everything again. end of. nothing else to say really :S i may do some anime today. i may not. depends what mood i'm in. and atm, i'm in a "not drawing anime" mood. :)

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Saturday, September 9, 2006


i didnt update yesterday ?_< i was completely knackered after college (not that i did a lot there lol). so i slept for a while and then later on i only gots on the comp for about 20 mins. erm... i might go upload some more shizzle. like my old stuff. it all needs to be put back on. just to make me feel happier ^_^ its annoying cuz they're all just lying around >_< ("they're" being my e-cards, wallpapers, etc).

ergh. headache. at least i dont have my geog essay to do now. i dropped geoggers so i have more free periods now :) so as i have no homework (thats a lie actually.. :S) i shall attempt to alter that picture for my good friend janie :) oh and maybe do the front page of my art book for mr reid (who now thinks i am mental. i am mental, but i don't want him to know that lol). i might think about doing that envirocrap schience homework for mrs tarring... but not until tomorrow. too much to do today. well... no i lie... again. lol. ahh! headache-ness. *uploads everything*

em x

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