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Wednesday, October 4, 2006


so that one bloody e-card will NOT upload. so i've given up. i'm skipping it and uploading others. i bet you 10 it wont work >_< anyway. my loverly parents are attacking my room >_< they have actually trashed the entirety of my room just to redecorate. as much as my room needs redecorating, i would like to have a bed to sleep in tonight - which i dont. they have dumped everything on my bed. which means i will be snoozing on the sofa tonight. i dont mind doing that... because it means if i cant get to sleep i can scav my way onto comp whilst everyone else is asleep. and also it would be like, 3 in the morning here lmao. so... i shall alter that one naruto card now... just to make me happy if no one else lol. zai chian (chinese for good bye)

emma x

p.s. also, happy birthday to my cousin who is 4 today ^_^

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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

   it starts again....

i am of course, talking about the uploadtion of my e-cards.... my naruto ones... i can only upload one at a time tho.... cuz myO has a spaz and if i try to upload more than one.... it goes "no!" and then doesnt put any up >_<

that will be all


emma xx

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Monday, October 2, 2006


i have realised that i havent uploaded anything for quite a while, and i still have about 5 naruto e-cards left to actually upload... but if i remember correctly the one wouldnt upload so i gave up lol. oh well. i shall start the uploading process again tomorrow. >_< happy birthday to meeee!! omg my mum n dad bought me the most amazing thing - an easel!!! so i wont have to draw on the floor anymore and my cats wont walk over my work purposely to get it all muddy with their dirty paws >_<... i'm loving my pirate hat.... :D

emma xx

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   post number two


anyway, in skool library (again) just finsihed my essay, and then bell went for break. i HATE all the little year 9's and 8's. so full of themselves. i'd love to just slap them all into oblivion. they really are little shits!!

emma xx

p.s. i'm complaing shit loads today lol. but i'm allowed... its my bday :D

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as you can see, it is my b'day ^_^ i am 17 :D

luff ya all loads

emma xx

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Sunday, October 1, 2006


tis my dearest Father's birthday today ^_^ he is.. uh.... 36! yes i know young... but he rocks!! i luff my dad. i luff him even tho he has kicked me out of my room to play on our broken ps2 and has ordered me to tidy my room up later >_<

anyway. my new naruto e-card didnt upload. so like i said, i'm gonna have to edit it *thinks* ill upload another... possibly.. if i have time... i'm like on 3 wesbites at once tryna do 3 things at once - it doesnt work >_<

gonna go attack something now... 0:-)

Emma xx

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

   my final post of the day....

ok my e-card actually hasnt uploaded. so i shall have to edit that one and try again. sucks >_< i would upload another one, but at this time of night (all of 9.30 pm lol) i cant be btohered >_<

emma x

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   oh for goodness sake!

the uploading of the e-cards isnt going well >_< i uploaded one earlier (because if i do a few at a time, they never upload), and it usually comes on within a few hours. but it hasnt :( oh dear *will try again if it doesnt show up*

emmah x

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   omfg so weird...

righto, my friend tom has just made me download imvu.. and its a bit like the sims but like, msn... and its uber weird :S and i have all of 2 friends atm lol. erm.. soo.... why dont y'all download it then comment/mail me to ask to be friends as i actually am a loner lol. dont worry, tis totally free. but rather confusing



Emma xx


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Friday, September 29, 2006

   have i? no i havent...

sorry, the title is on about wether or not i've updated today. the answer is no >_< the e-cards are coming, the e-cards are coming, the e-cards are coming!!! :D ack.. school photos today.... i hate school photos.... i dread to think what my class photo is like, cuz i was sat next to Ginger (James) and he kept making me laugh.... oh well... wont find out for another couple of months or so lol.... ciao

emma xx

edit: righto... i uploaded a new e-card (get me!) and knowing my luck it probably wont upload T_T but i sshall find out tomorrow afternoon (well, half of you lot will find out today because you live in America, Japan etc, so have different time zone to moi T_T) not fair. you lot find out wether it uploaded for me or not T_T

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