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Sunday, November 5, 2006


i'm actually going down my aunties to watch some fireworks. ooh the excitement. not.

and i really do hate mcdonalds. it sucks major cock. and my sister has given me a load of Pucca stuff. So i'm planning on drawing a wee bit XD

I should really be doing some art homework, but honest to god, i really dont care anymore. and i should do my E.S. homework... but I cant be bothered. i'll just copy someone else tomorrow. problem solved. oh yeh then psychology homework... i have till tuesday for that. thankgod. bugger, i just remembered i gots an essay for that T_T but i've done the majority of it anyway.

look at me. lil' miss complaining person. do i ever shut up? no, i think not. lol. why am i always overloaded with homework? (oh god, off i go again, complaining). i know why, because i cant be arsed to do it when its set and then it never gets done T_T i should really learn to just do it shouldnt i? and i will!!! give me a week... and i should be up to date *couhg* yeh right *cough. might go draw some stuff.... to cheer me up y'know.

or go comment some fanart. havent done that for a while.

Emma xx

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

   lets not wait for the grass to grow

god i love that harry potter film. stan is uber funny.

so, what's on the agenda for you guys today?? for me, it shall be attacking the cake, and drawing and doing some homework *cough* yeh right *cough*

got msn? add meh


yush, by now, i am sure you will have found out that i am a very random person.

er... dunno what else to say. :S yes! \m/

Emma x

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Friday, November 3, 2006


seriously. thank god its friday. and now the weekend. i have been waiting for this ALL week!!

ahh dont care about grades. my E.S. teacher is such a moose anyway. and i'm working on art. *sighs*

i may think about drawing later. i'm in the mood for drawing strangely 0_o wich is good, considering i'm never usually in the mood lol.

could do with a new college tho.

anyway. soooo been up to much?? doing much for Guy Fawkes' Night?? i thought we were supposed to be going to a big display, but apparently not as i have accidentally stumbled across some fireworks in our larder on my way to attack the newly made chocolate cake. lol.

errrr.... hmm. yup.

Emma xx

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Thursday, November 2, 2006


b*llocks. so goddamn bored. supposed to be doing art shtuff, but i'm finding inspiration is hard to come by. cant do it at all. hmmm... i might start a drawing for here tonihgt or something.

is like, shopping for clothes really therapy???

cuz if it is, i'm gonna go spend some dosh lol.

already bought a coat tonight *rolls eyes* byt thats a necessity. its bloody frezzing over here and i have no coat. well, i do now lol.
surprisingly enough, i got my progress report today... oh my life... how bad it was... it made the whole "i want to leave college" situation worse. i shall post them up:

Environmental Science:
Target Grade: E
Current Grade: U
Effort: D
Cause for concern: Organisation

Target Grade: C
Current Grade: C
Effort: B
Cause for Concern: None

Target Grade: D
Current Grade: E
Effort: D
Cause for Concern: Commitment Deadlines

see how much i wanna leave?? i know i shouldnt really post my personal grades up, but i just wanna show you all how much i suck. lol.

the only thing i appear to be good at is psychology. environmental science... i'm currently getting a U. thats bad. U stands for ungraded. that is how much i am sucking.

sooo... back off to emmaland. which currently consists of coldness, depressions, emonosity, and trying to make everyone else happier whilst i slowly move down the "happyness scale" into the "seriously unhappy" part.

thats me all over. think of others too much and dont try to cheer myself up lol. oh well.

emma x

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

   bugger bums

my internet broke last night. wouldnt let me on anything so sorry for not trick or treating. i zip around quickly now and do it lol. bit late, but better late than never... i'm in 6th form atm... dunno whether my internet at home will work tonight or not... not really fussed tbf.


emma xx

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Monday, October 30, 2006

   good day -ish

so yesterday i was stressing out over homework and college and i've decided i dont want to be there anymore. but i'm gonna give it a few more weeks before i decide whether i'm gonna stay or not. but all is good. ish. i've done the majority of my homework, and both the art teachers were fine with me giving in homework next lesson. so, all is good mainly.

as for my anime life... its not happening lol. i made a couple of e-cards. the one new one wont upload. i made a piccolo one and thats up now lol. and i think i have an Ami from Sailor Moon to upload. i think. sure i do lol. i'll have a look andif i do i shall definately attempt to upload it.

so. over 300 visits now lol. which is good. i'm getting there. but i'd really like more friends and guestbook entries ^_^ cuz though i dont really draw myself, i do make odd occasional things and i do comment other people a fair bit. so, please just kinda, help me and reccomend me to other ppl lol.

so. i'm off to tesco to get my camera developed for art and to get some more plastic wallets for psychology. then when i come back i'm gonna need to do my environmental science homework T_T the stupid teacher had a go at me for not handing my homework in last term, but in all fairness i was ill and didnt even go to college that day!!! so she was like, "thats your excuse is it? you were ill?" so.. being the cheeky cow i am, i said "no, not an excuse, its the truth!!". lol

Emma xx

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

   shrek 2 ish awesome ^_^

god i love this film. i'm surprised the 'rents are letting us watch tv 0_o i was also a bit surprised the 'rents gave me a glass of vodka n lemonade 0_o that was weird. oh i just had to go on you tube last night to find dragonball z episodes. the english ones of course. god i really miss that programme. and sailor moon. :( i'll have to get my auntie to buy me some dvds off ebay 4 xmas. which reminds me, i have a digimon dvd 0_o like the first 5 episodes ever or something. and i found it the other day lol.

oh my homework is so hard T_T well, my psychology is anyway. the stupid teacher gave me the homework from the lesson i missed - so i have no idea what to do. i've written one line and thats it. oh well.

anywho, how do you like my site now?? its got a background lol. thankyou, Sk8erAlchemist, for helping me out with it ^_^ you're a star!!!

oh my life, i've just realised something, my posts are slowly becoming longer. well amazing 0_o. i never usually have anything to say lol.

oh on Halloween, i shal be coming around your sites and trick or treating lol. just something random i thought i'd do. and warn you about it before hand lol.

anywhoo. i must be off, i gots more homework to do T_T

Emma xx

p.s. oh my life. one more visit till i have 300 0_o but it was only a couple of weeks ago that i just had 200 visits 0_o wow. thankyou all!!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

   ahh... soo...

right, erm, i was gonna scan my hand in, then draw the little anime dude onto paper - copying it off the comp screen... but.. i forgot.. and er, forgot to wash it of my hand last night, and er, i obviously slept with my face on the back of my hand, and er... he's, like... now printed on my face :( didnt get up until half 2 this afternoon lol. and the anime dude is still on my face :( so, thats spoils that plan. i'm just gonna have to draw him again :S

Emma x

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Friday, October 27, 2006

   murder them dead

that is my quote of the day. "murder them dead". said by me (unsurprisngly). i was talking about a film i watched last night, and they werent even murdered. they were killed by traps in rooms. well, i only got 4 n a half hours of sleep last night, all because i stayed up watching that goddamn film. then went to bed at 1 T_T i know that seems quite early to go to bed to you lot, but i usually got to bed at about 11. and i had work today. and i needed to wash my hair. so i got up at half 5 T_T oh the film was "Cube Zero" if anybody was wondering. its quite gory, but not as gory as, say, saw or something. lol.

so, today. as i said i had work. my last day though. wasnt too bad. i had a doodlethon on my hand tho lol. i drew a "boyfriend" for Krysta. but he's worn off now and hes really faint. maybe if i re-draw him and scan my hand in... that'd be really random lol. its only a face tho, so i'd have to draw his entirety on a piece of paper in my spare time.... yeh i think i might do that... *finds black pen*

so i'll leave y'all now.

Emma xx

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Thursday, October 26, 2006


today has been... interesting. was at work, was getting the new computer system explained to me n Win by Peter (who looks like wormtail out of harry potter) when i discovered i couldnt even see what was on the screen with my glasses on. so i need to go buy new ones T_T

we have all discovered i work too fast. the majority of the time at work i sit around doing nothing. because i've finished everything for that moment. until something else crops up...

oh and its nearing the end of the week. which mean end of half-term. and the rush to complete all homework at the weekend is nearing... T_T

oh and someone was talking about their report card... which reminded me that we get ours monday or tuesday T_T

that should be fun to look at - not.

what else... made pizzas - pretty much from scratch ^_^they taste yummy *takes a bite* but are very hot T_T burnt my tongue T_T.

anyway, i'm starving and if i'm not careful this pizza will go cold. and i need to bitch about creepy dave to sian - its our favourite pasttime. here's the link to his myspace... but i warn you, hes weird. and called me thick.


he doesnt deserve the visits really. and if he's so passionate about music, why doesnt he have any on his myspace?? what a retard. lol. sorry. gonna go now. ciao

Emma xx

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