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Friday, July 23, 2004

okay here is teh link to my story site. you guys will have to give me a break on this. I made it with front page in my spare time in internet and web design class. Yeah, I know it should look better, I mean, gez, even my Gundam Wing site looks better then this. But I really don't have time to work with it at the moment. The whole point is the read the story anyways, and that's all I really have up. Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you've read my posted story, you can start on chapter three. If you remember it that is *giggles*. http://www.geocities.com/duorocks17/
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Why is it when your having a good day, everything can turn around in an instant?
Okay, we're going to start off with FMA news, because, well, it makes me happy. The one-hour special is suppost to air on the 24th in Japan! I personally can't wait! I can tell the show is leading up the a very, very angsty, and awesome climax. And we finally get to see what happened to Roze! Although, from the ending of 39, she looked kinda wierd, or something. *shrugs* Here is the new opening, for your listening pleasure. Just click on the fma-op4 thing. You have to have Winrar to open it though, i think. http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/media/audio/

yeah, now that that's out of the way, *sighs* i just had a bad night. Well, I think it's pretty much because I had to make garlic bread. And what do we know about garlic bread?
*everyone in unison* That Nami hates to make it!
Nami: that's right! It takes too darn long! And then, I had to go watch a stupid 20 min video on customer service, which took even more of my precious time away from me. Then, some lady came up and asked me to write on her cake, only...I didn't have one of the frosting tubes ready. So I tried to figure out how to make one, only that didn't work. I couldn't get it right, when I finally gave up with what I had, I went to get the frosting, and low and behold, there where the frosting tubes. NOT WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOST TO BE! so yeah, after making an ass out of myself I wrote on the cake, but at least the lady was very understanding. She was very nice. So I finished the rest of my main duties just in time. I didn't even get a chance to put out bread, not that we really had any in the first place. And we ran out of coupons to put on the day-old doughnuts. *shurgs* oh well, people still bought them. Oh! and someone lost our bakery department's key to the trash compacktor, so I can't even use that! Yeah...today really sucked.

I'm trying to update my story site to chapter six so you guys can read at least that far. Also, my new drawing was uploaded so go check it out please! ^_^.

I'm trying to think up a new theme for Katie's/Artemis' site. I was thinking along the lines of Trowa, but I don't know. Got any ideas?
Have a great weekend all! *hugs everyone*

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

*throws confettii into air*
Nami-chan: Hey there everyone! How is your day going? Mine is going great so far! Last night was fun. I went over to my other families house, and watched Bambi with the little boys! We had pancakes for supper, and I gave Alex, who likes Zelda, that techno remix song you sent me Shanny! He loved it!
Duo: Yeah, that song is so cool, I love that desert theme, it makes me want to do a dance.
Nami-chan: Really.....*evil smile*
Duo: Hey, now! What are you doing?
Nami-chan: *giggles as she presses play button on song*
Duo: *starts to dance around* I can't control my legs! Nami!! Get back here! *duo tries to chase Nami*
Nami-chan: So, yeah *explaining while being chased* after that, Katie spent the night, and we watched some more episodes of Outlaw Star, played a Gundam video game (in which I was Duo *giggles*), and basically hung out. It was great fun!
Duo: It sure was! *still dancing* Why is this song to long?
Nami-chan: Because it's awesome! *giggles* We got some Krispy Kreme doughtnuts last night after Dillion's screwed us over.
Artemis: Yeah, they suck. *curses under breathe*
Nami-chan: Hey Heero?
Heero: Yeah....
Artemis: Can you destroy all the Dillion's stores for us? They really suck! They said I could return the movie at any location, and now they say they don't have it.
Duo: *still dancing* bastards.
Artemis: Exactly!!!
Heero: Sure, it'll give me something to do. This not blowing something up thing was getting old, and now that's she's out of the way *looks over to dead Relena* I don't have to worry getting yelled at.
Artemis: Yay! *hugs Heero* you are awesome!
Nami-chan: Hey Heero, while your at it, can you destroy the Target coorporation as well? They screwed me over.
Duo: Eh, why can't I do it?
Nami-chan: Cuz you're still dancing!
Duo: Oh....
Heero: Sure thing. *leaves*
*Artemis and Nami-chan give each other high-fives as the song ends*
Duo: I'm going to go help! It's my job to get revenge for you! *runs out the door*
Nami-chan: Now that things have settled down, I think it's about time to tell our listeners the winner of the contest!
Artemis: Winner...don't you mean winners?
Nami-chan: Nah, you don't really count since I was going to make you something anyways *smiles* But you did get them all right! And so did......chie!!! That's right folks! Chie is the winner of our contest! *throws massavive thing full of confettii*
Artemis in announcer voice: That's right chie! You've won! You blew out the comempetition, and espcially those who didn't even try! *giggles* You've won your own banner or avi of choice! Just let our good friend Duo here know, and she'll make it for you!
Nami-chan: BTW, a very very happy one-day-early birthday to you also! Everyone go wish Chie a happy birthday tomarrow! I think that's about enough random fun for now. I think I need to take a nap. Sorry about this post, let's just say I was tired and hyper the time i wrote it. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Have a great Thrusday!!
Ja ne!!

*EDIT* Gah...I'm so stupid. If i don't work I lose track of days *looks at top of post* Since today is the 22nd......HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIE!!!! go wish her a happy birthday today since today is her birthday! sorry, about that. *puts hand behind head and giggles*

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

*sighs* Why did I even bother to save this guy in the first place? He's ani-social, thinks he's Evil Kennivel, and hardly speaks!!!
Thanks for all your comments again guys! *hugs everyone* Today wasn't as bad as yesterday, it actually was kinda fun. the little kids where okay, and work wasn't to bad. Our prayers worked sis! I didn't have to make garlic bread! And we didn't have any more bread, since our truck doesn't come till today, so I didn't have to make it, or put it out. So, i had enough time, I thought up a fun game! Here it is:

The Twists of Fate quotes game!
Match the quotes to the characters who say them! The person with the most correct will get something made for them, be it banner or avi, from the mastermind of Duo!

Your choices: a). Karen- the so called "lost princess" of the country of Acetoria. The main character of the story.
b). Brian- Karen's childhood friend who has secretly been in love with her for awhile now, afraid to confess his feelings for her.
c). Sarah- Karen and Brian's band mate and best friend.
d). Drew- a philosophical kid with few friends.
e). Roi- first prince of the country that starts with a "Z" that i have yet to make a name for. Enganged to the "lost princess" of Acetoria.
f). Rei- the only person Karen feels she can truely trust. Second prince of the "Z" country and Roi's twin brother.

Here we go!
1). "This is my destiny. Standing in front of you, protecting you Karen. It's where I belong."
2). "Fight me now! Brother! I will not let my bride be taken from me so easily!"
3). "It's time I reclaimed my past. This is it. This war my be starting because of me, but I won't let anything happen to them. I won't let anyone die!"
4). "I feel...so helpless. All I can do is sit here and cry, while my two best friends fight in this war! I have to do something, I have to!"
5). "I'm not going to let anything happen to her! She means everything to me!"
6). "So this is how it worked out. I'm going to fight my own people to protect someone. To protect her...that is my reason. She's this country, no, the world's future. I can't let her die!"

There you go! Just give a guess if you don't know for sure. Oh, the subject quote is for you Katie, just the one you wanted! I love that quote! *sighs* Duo....
Duo: What's up?
Nami-chan: Wait a second...what are you doing here?
Duo: What, I can't see my girl anytime I want?
Nami-chan: *blushes*
Relena: Heero! I'm right here so come and kill me!!
Duo: *shrugs and pulls out gun* Okay.
*Duo shoots Relena*
Heero: Thanks, she was really getting annoying.
Duo: *hugs Nami* That's whay I'm hear for!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

You know, I don't think i ever thought it possible that I would actually be tired, and that tiredness wasn't from an overexposure to sleep. What can I say? I'm exhaused! And I need a hug. *sniff*

Thanks for all your comments guys. Here's some answers to your questions: Yes, I am feeling better, thank you for caring, I feel so loved now! ^_^. My sugar level is back to normal, and I'm watching myself pretty carefully now so that doesn't happen again. It should have never happened in the first place. Also, my cousin is in bed-rest. The baby is trying to come out too early. She has an IV going, and she has a doctor appointment tomarrow. She herself is going ok, it's just that the baby (which is going to be a girl btw) just wants to come visit us earlier then she should be. I don't want her to end up like me. I was an early baby, and I was stuck to a breatheing machine for a couple days. Katie knows that I still have a bit of a breathing problem. But don't worry! I'm ok!

Babysitting today wasn't that bad. Let's just say one of the little kids likes to talk, and you can barely understand what she's saying. The other one is 18 months old, but very smart for his age. He's soo cute too! They just take all the energy out of you though! I went shopping with my Aunt after she took Julia to her swim lesson, so I got a break from it. After that, I went home, had an hour to spare, and watched my favorite parts of "Endless Waltz". Oh what am I saying...I just watched the parts that had Duo in them. ^__^. *huggles Duo* I watched the most important scenes, and then I had to watch that part where they start to play "Last Impression", where Heero catchs Wing Zero is space. *sighs* I love that part! And the part at the end of the OVA where he walks to the beat of "White Reflection". Those are some of my favorite scenes, even if they don't have Duo in them.

I went to work, the person before didn't do their job...AGAIN! But I somehow ended up with some extra time. I must be getting faster at it or something. *shrugs* I wrote on two cakes today, and I think I'm getting the hang of it, I have to admit I'm getting pretty good!

I have to do the same thing tomarrow. Babysit in the morning, at 8 again, then work in the evening. I have a feeling work is going to suck because we ran out of garlic bread today, which means that I'll more than likely have to make some more tomarrow. *sighs* I hate doing that. Not to mention the fact that my body is tired from today. *sighs again* i think i really do need a hug.

Welcome to the FMA fan club......Spike Bebop 1991!!! *throws confettii in air* do to lack of space on my intro, I'm sorry, but I'll have to delay adding you until I get it fixed. As you can tell, I'm kinda pressed for time these couple of days, but I allow you all to hound me until I get it up, ok! Once again sorry I can't come to your sites. *passes around another place full of cookies* I shall make it up! I promise!!

Duo's quote of the day: "Quarte always blames himself for everything. Pretty soon he's gonna start saying that his lack of effort is the reason there's no air in outer space."

*sighs* I love that line. *hugs Duo* Night all!

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Monday, July 19, 2004

Hello everyone! It's around 11:30 p.m. here, and I figured i should post now, because I won't get a chance to tomarrow. I want to say sorry in advance, because I probably won't have enough time to visit your guys' sites. gomen.

Here's what happened Sunday. Well, I woke up and went to church. About half way through church, I felt myself getting dizzy, and sweating, #1 sign that your sugar level is dropping. (I have hypoglycemia) so I tried to stay to the end, but left around communion. I rushed home, and ate me a turkey sandwhich, drunk a pop, and ate a cookie. After all that, I forced myself to sit up, because I still felt like I was going to faint, but after a little while, my level went back to normal. After that, I watched Dectective Conan, and then got a call from Katie, so I went to her house. There we watched a couple episodes of "Outlaw Star" and watched "Time Bandits". We started watching it with Mark, but he got tired, and after the boys came home from the pool, they finished it with us. *hugs all the boys* I just love them all!

Then I get home and find out that my cousin, (who is preganant) isn't doing so good, and that I have to wake up at 7:00 a.m. to go watch her two little kids. Watching them isn't the hard part (little kids love me if you couldn't tell), it's the whole getting up at 7 a.m. when my body is not used to waking up till around noon. That, and I have to work 5-9 again that evening. *sighs*.

I'm once again truely sorry I can't stop by your sites, I shall try to make up for it somehow. *gives everyone plate of cookies* Oh! And BrokenWing! Here is teh code. Just stick it in your intro or whereever you want the banner to be, and I'm glad you liked the site. ^__^. < img src= http://img61.photobucket.com/albums/v186/Duorocks17/fmaf2.jpg>
You'll have to take out the spaces!

Ja ne!

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!
okay, it's not football season, but I thought the saying was appropriate! ^_~. Today was another day of no work, which means, (by accident this time) I slept in till around three p.m. I felt so terrible, not to mention really tired, when I woke up. I felt like I slept the entire day away! I finished my book, but I was a little disappointed. Why is it in anime series, the guy and girl never hardly end up together?!?! They always go their seperate ways and will always "think of each other"? why can't we just have a little more resolution? *sighs* I watched another episode of Naruto, which is turning out to be a really good show! The only thing I don't particularily like is the like 10 min. review of what happened in the last episode. Just get on with it already! I want to yell. I mean, this series has great contiunuitity and you want to see what happens next! I think I finally see what you mean Shanny when you say the fights take like 10 episodes. Don't get me wrong, they are good fights!

I got a late graduation card today, which contained a $25 check! Yay! More college money for Duo! and also I got to talk to my "brother" and play a game with him last night! I was so happy! *hugs Kayin* It was so much fun! And now, time to answer comments:
[demonboy]: Thanks! I'm glad you like them! Shanny made the first one, and I made the second one! And yes, Mystery Men is a good movie!
[Fallen]: *giggles* I try. And of course you don't have to wait to eat them! You could devower them all now if you like! ^_~! And I'm glad you had fun!
[Ryuusei]: Of course I don't mind if you make a banner! The more the merrier! And thanks for checking on my stuff!
[Shanny]: I like to read too, it's just that sometimes you can read to the point your eyes hurt. Yeah, that's what happened. The book was too interesting to put down really.
[Art]: *hugs* See! I told you the job would get better, now didn't I? you need to trust your sister more! *winks* I'm sure we can find something to do today. If you want to read those books, I can lend them to you now. Or we can go and see if they have anymore good ones, and rent some more stuff from the library! *giggles*
[BrokenWing]: I'll be glad to help ya with the banners, just tell me which one you want, and I'll help you with the code. I think the site I gave you should have some good ones under the group pics section. If not, I can find a different site for you, k?
[Purgatory]: yeah, it is pretty old, but I just found it from the library. It was really good too. And actually, I'm only 18. *giggles* my friend is going to college in Luisianna, so that's why she needs stuff. my college is pretty much not that far away, so I don't need anything. Hummm...i'd have to say my favorite J-Rock band is X-Japan. yeah, they are kinda old, but they rock! I'm also fond of some of these new bands, like L'Arc-en-Ciel. I'll have to check out your guys! ^__^!

oh guys! I hear the new FMA opening is to be done by Kung-Fu Generation!!! I can't wait for it! (even if it isn't till 42). Ja ne!

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Today was a pretty much slow day. I once again wake up to my cell phone, and once again hear that Lyndsey can't do anything this weekend, because "her mom is making her shop for dorm supplies". I can understand that she needs to shop, seeing as how she has a little less then one month left, I would just like to spend some time with her, before I lose her.

So instead of doing something with her, I sat around reading "Naursicaa, of the Valley of Wind". I love these books! It's such an interesting story line, and all of the characters are so lovable! I espicially love Asbel. He's so funny! *giggles*

I got a call later in the evening from Ann, and went out with her, Katie, and Erin. We walked about a mile, ate at Braum's, then went back to Erin's to watch "Mystery Men". Tis a good movie, it'd been so long since I'd seen it.

As you can see, I have our FMA banners up! Shanny made the first one, and I made the second one! Choose whichever one you want to put on your site! Also, my greeting and wallpaper where uploaded so go check them out also! Thank you SOO much for your votes and comments on my fan art. I feel so special! I'll be uploading the pic I'm working on soon, which is a different angel of Karen. I really like this drawing, and I hope you guys will too! I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!

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Friday, July 16, 2004

I had to take this from Ann.
Take the quiz: "What Harry Potter Character Are You?"

Albus Dumbledore
You are Albus Dumbledoe.The headmaster of Hogwarts. well respected and extreamly intellagent ,Yet you have a crazy side.

Humm...I don't know if this is quite true, well respected....*looks around* *gets cookies thrown at her* Hey!! Don't waste the cookies!!!

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You are never too old for Kool-Aid!
Well, today was another day at work. A very LONG day at work. Working 8 hours really got to me i think. I'm really tired right now. haha, I thought it was saturday earlier, and then I was like....umm...why am I at work? I hardly knew what I was doing the first half since it was only my second time doing that shift. I had to ask the lady I was working with (assistant manager/cake decorator)all kinds of questions, mostly what kinda of stuff I was packaging. I then had to put out stuff, and I hardly knew where stuff was. I knew general areas, but she finally came out and helped me. needless to say, the last part of my shift was stuff I was used to doing, so it was good. I counted today how many cookies i packaged. 60 packages. each package coantains 18 cookies. But I invented a new way of doing it that you package and label at teh same time. I think it went a little faster. I took about three cake orders, and saw this really cute guy!! *giggles* So yeah, I guess the day was worth it. *winks*

I'll probably just sleep in today, seeing as how it's friday. I want to do something, but I'm sure no one can. Actually I feel like swimming. *goes to check local weather* Damn it, why is it always when I want to swim, it's going to rain! *sighs* I swear it was around 103 today.

You know, you are never too old to drink Kool-Aid. I have a feeling I'll be drinking it when I'm an old crusty lady. Even my grandma drinks it. I have a fun story to go with the Kool-Aid, but this post is long and pointless enough as it is.

Welcome to the FMA fan club....BrokenWing!!! *throws confettii in air* Sorry about that. I guess I should say that if you want to join the club, and have already signed the GB, just tell me. Also, I'm (with the help of Sora-sama) working on some banners for us. Yay!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Also, some of my fan-art was just accepted so go check it out and vote please! and also leave comments! Thanks you guys! *hugs everyone* Bye!!!

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