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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Ok...so I'm still up even though I should be getting ready to go to bed, so I can go to all the parties tomarrow but I was cleaning my room and found this. I honestly can't remember writting this, but Michelle says I wrote it last semester. >_<. We'll considering I only wrote only 1/4 a page...here it goes. Tell me what you think. (I personally think to myself "What was I on???")

Requiem for a Dream

The last ray of light fell down from the artificial sky on which the people of the city survived under. How they could consider this daylight, I would never be able to tell. The lights flashed once, and then went out. The city plunged into darkness. The screams of the crowd echoed loudly as the noise seemed to exuberate from the incilated walls that held it together. Thesre was soon no noise to be heard. Untter and complete darkness surrounded the abyss. There was nothing. The blackness of space soon over took the gentle felling that the suroundings forgave. I turned around and jumped into my ship, with the utmost feeling of dread. "Everything will end." A voice said to me, as I jumped inside. "Who's there?" I asked as my voice resounded in the darkness. "You'll soon see me" the voice said as it laughed. I could hear it inside my head, inside of myself. I opened the thrusters as the ship took off, and the small little colony, that had once been my home, disappeared into darkness........

Yea....don't get the wrong idea. THIS IS NOT MY BOOK! it's just something i found in my notebook i was cleaning out. haha...underneath it i had this quote "In the jungle you must wait till the dice read five or eight." Who can guess the quote? and what did you think of it?

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Friday, May 21, 2004

Okay...you know how we all got really pissed off when Shanny showed us that link and they had the second ending listed as the opening on CN.....well, I just went to a site that has all the toonami little promos, intros, and specials on it...and it had the original first song. This leads me to believe that a.) either this site sucks, or b.) they might actually do it the right way when showing it on CN. I couldn't listen to it because somehow the sound was messed up...but the intro movie was the same as the 1st opening song... What do you think?
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Guess who never has to enter her school again? Duo that's who! This is it. Only two more days...well one and a half actually did I get to walk across that stage and get my certificate (we have to go back the following week to actually get our diploma, how stupid is that). Today was our farewell mass at school, where it's a mass, and then they hand out all the awards. I got two awards! ^^ I got one for doing the Kansas Region stuff, and then guess what? I got a tassell, (or rope, whatever you want to call it) for taking Health Academy! That means, that I get to be special and wear it on Graduation, like all the honors people and their yellow ropes, only mines Green and yellow! Whoop!

After the mass we had our Senior slide show. It was pretty good, I was on there a bunch! ^^. Then I went out to eat with Lyndsey, Sarah, Brittney, Steph, and Tina. It was fun, we just kept taking pictures most of the time. and then I had this autograph book I was making them sign. After that we had graduation practice. Boring...and it seemed to take forever. It was great cuz me and Kourtney convinced Shamus to switch seats with her during the mass part so that way we could sit next to each other, and then when we actually graduate, they switch back. ^^ We confused the lady who was trying to tell us our spots. It was great! ^^

Tomarrow is a day filled with graduation parties, practicing for the Talent Show, and finding guys clothes that we can wear for the Talent Show. It's going to be one hell of a day.

And then, Sunday is the big day. I will finally be walking across that stage after all these years of hard procrasination, and sometimes not really giving that much. Through the laughter and the tears, I'm sure it will be one hell of a day. Besides, i get tons of free stuff afterwards at Project Graduation! See ya all on the flip side!

P.S. Thanks for all the support!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

3 More Hours!!
Yea! One final down! 6 more to go! Once again in IWD class, although I hate to say it...it's our last day here! *cries* I'm going to miss this class so much! Oh well...i guess I can do a bunch of nothing at college next year! *giggles* Next hour I have Gov't, followed by Apologetics *gag* and Christian Vocations.....this stinks...i hate CV...this final is going to be hard. I better go study, even though I don't want to...*cries* at least I have soccer after school...Lyndsey, you are so going down! *giggles*

(Lyndsey in the background laughing her head of..."Yeah right...")

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

hehe!! Fooled you!! Somehow now all of you think I'm valadictorian...Sara is the valadictorian! Not me! nooooo...there's no way I could be valadictorian...i would never take that many honors classes! Are you crazy! I'm not that smart! I do have a 3.75 though! ^^
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Our Senior Tribute...or not....
HEHE! Yet another boring day at school..but hey! Only one day left! First off, Congrats Niko! Your speach was awesome! I hope my validictorian speach is that good. I bet it will be though Sara is awesome as well.

Today is the Senior BBQ! We didn't have to wear our uniforms today, we got to wear jeans and our senior t-shirt! Actually, seeing as how it's only 4th hour..I'm still wearing my senior t-shirt and jeans. (You're glad I'm wearing clothes aren't you). I'm so hungry! Amy want hamburgers and cookies now!

Yeah...our senior tribute this year...well ok, it's not really out tribute, but I find this hilirious....our class let some dogs into the school! One was really pretty! I couldn't stop laughing...seeing this dog run down the hall! I love my class. I'll probably post again when I get home.

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Monday, May 17, 2004

What's This?!?!
HAHA! Red, I'm so stupid...the reason I couldn't see the Jokerman font was because my computer doesn't have it. *slaps head* I'm glad that you could though! Well, it's been another interesting weekend.

Friday....yeah I went to the river festival. And during one of the concerts some crazy shit happened. First off, during the Doors concert there was this black guy running through the crowd with a policeman chasing him. Then, as I was going to meet up with Lyndsey and Sarah, I see a huge mass group of people running away from something. I could have sworn I heard someone say "gun". And you know what...I come to find out in the paper on Sunday that there was a gun, and that's why all the people where running. Interesting...isn't it.

Saturday I really can't remember what I did. This weekend has been pretty much a blur. I think I pretty much just stayed home because I wasn't feeling well, and I didn't want to mess with the Riverfest stuff anymore. Sunday I worked on some stuff *giggles* that will be showing up here pretty soon. All in all it was an ok weekend.

Well...this is it. We're coming down to the final days of high school. Today I only did one productive thing, and that's this.. Isn't life grand? I had to take two stewardship tests today...pretty boring if you ask me. I also found out that I only need to get a 62% on some of my finals to keep a "B". You where right Shanny, there really is nothing to worry about.

Another interesting thing happened today, so I was going to buy a pop from the pop machine because I was too lazy this morning to walk down the stairs to get one, and all of a sudden my soccer coach comes up and asks if I'm going to the banquet. I reply that I don't know yet, cuz I'll have to see how mom is feeling and all. He says "You should have her come so she can see you get your varsity letter". Can you believe that??? I lettered in a Varsity sport!! I'm so happy! I've soared past my brother in yet another aspect of life! (You suck danny). So yeah...tell me what you think of the animation....it took me 30 mins to make it. It's suppost to look like the feathers are falling..but I think I kinda messed it up. Oh well...I can do something you can't! Ha!

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Yeah, Red, I don't like Ruben Studdard either, but I thought that my friends wanted to see him....apparently they just went to look for hot guys. So yeah, after we ate ice cream at the ice cream social, I met up with Katie, and we sat down for a good seat at "The Doors" concert! (It wasn't really the doors it was a cover band). These guys where awesome! Heh...it's fun to reminise from the 60's....surprising that I wasn't even born then. This is all dad's fault. He's been playing those oldies ever since I was little, and now I know all the words! Haha...i remember just the other day I got a compliment from a mother of a kid in my class saying how she remembered I knew all the songs on the "Name that Tune" game we played for 8th grade graduation. How wierd...

Yay!! Only three more days of high school left! I can't wait! I'm ready to get the hell out of there. I mean sure I'll miss my friends, but I definatly won't miss my school. I think there are only three finals I'm really worried about. Pre-Cal, Physics, and English. I have a "C" in Apologetics, but that's just because my teacher is a looney. Probably a "C" in enlish too. I was surprised yesterday when I went to look at my grade for Christian Vocations...and I had a B. It made me happy! Yay!

Thanks for the ideas Red. It makes me think....*ponders* Yes...yes...that's evil...yes...


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Friday, May 14, 2004

Duo Needs Help!
OK gang! I need some help here. For my final project in IWD class, I'm suppost to build a web page, but my problem is...i have no idea what to make it about! Please help!

I thought about making it for FMA..but I don't want to scare my teacher too much. I think he already thinks I'm wierd. >_<.

I don't know what I am going to do tonight...either go to a movie, or go to Riverfest...the Ruben Studdard concert is tonight, and I might go to that. So many things to do, so little time! I wish I had a better idea bout what to make it of...

I'll see ya later!

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Why should I do school work?
Yes, Shanny I am in school right now. But you know me, I never do anything. I'm a slacker. *giggles evily* But somehow I'm the only one who knows what's going on...*looks around confused* I forgot to pack my lunch this morning, so I'm stuck with crappy school food. At least the Dr. Pepper makes up for it.

OMG!! Sister Christian just came on the radio! *sings along* Motorist! What's your price for flight? In finding Mr. Right? We'll be alright tonight!
Wow...i think i have way to much time on my hands...oh look...Aaron and Erin are hitting each other again, and what are we doing? Watching flash videos. Just like the animation. I'm glad you liked it Shanny! *giggles* Well, maybe when I get home I can do something productive.

Yeah, so I watched those previews for FMA on Shanny's site, and it makes me want to cry. It's just not the same. I think I'm in the same boat, I'm used to the Japenese voices! And plus, the thing at the beginning, they got wrong! We're so used to hearing it one way...and they go and change it a little bit. *cries again* Well, I hope everyone else is having a great day.

Last night, the storm was so bad, trowing hail right at my window, that I had to go downstairs to sleep. Oh well, at lesat I got some good rest...but when I woke up I kept wondering to myself..."How did I get down here?"....yeah....
Well. now it's time for lunch. Yummy Dr. Pepper! Here I come!

Oh yeah! SG! The debate went well! I think I did a good job! I shot them down a couple of times! *giggles evily*

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